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  1. I don’t know how many people remember the old pylon damage test that was used to get a raw damage output for classes. It originally started with Scrappers, but eventually other classes got involved. You are only allowed to use attack and buff powers from you own power sets. No temp powers or outside assistance. External survivability buffs can be used, but only if explicitly stated and can ONLY affect survivability or mez resistance. i.e. No Fortitude because it buffs damage, no recovery aura because it alters attack chain sustainability, no Adrenalin Boost because it alters recharge, etc. The idea is that you fight a Rikti Pylon in RWZ and time how long it takes you to defeat it. You then plug the time into the equation below to get you raw DPS. ((HP+(Regen*Time))/Time)/(1-Resistance) = Raw DPS The numbers I have in my archives for the pylons are below, though I would appreciate some secondary confirmation that they are still accurate. HP=30677.15 Regen=102.26 HP/s Resistance=20% Final equation would be: ((30677.15+(102.26*Time))/Time)/(1-0.20)) Post your AT, power sets, time, and DPS number below.
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