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  1. Nyarlahotep

    War Mace?

    I have a WM/WP brute (Sheanderthal on Excelsior) and am loving playing her, but does anyone have a good IO build for the set?
  2. I use /bind w "+forward$$powexectoggleon hover$$powexecname fly”. This allows me to fly forward when I push w and go into hover when I release
  3. I grabbed ExpressVPN and it works! Thank you so much for your help and patience 😊. Happy Hunting!
  4. Apparition, what VPN do you use?
  5. Any advice on a VPN that works with Tequila/SCORE, a brief search of the forum reveals that some VPNs work better than others but no names were mentioned
  6. I have tried everything in your guide Silk and still not able to connect to the login server. I reinstalled SCORE and still nothing. I use internet through a University so I am beginning to think they may have the IP flagged or blocked, I am not sure how to approach the IT folk about trying to play on an unofficial game server though
  7. Ok, neither the tequila.xml I had nor the one I downloaded from the Fifth Horseman (the forum post in your post) have a SCORE line as near as I can tell but I'm a cheese person not a programmer. I found a Paragon Chat line (which used all the same parameters but in a different order) and a Titan Network Forum line but no SCORE line, regardless I am very confused now, can you clarify for me what the SCORE line would look like?
  8. First off let me say, WOW and Thank You for bringing me home! :) However since the patch on Tuesday I have been unable to login to SCORE. Before the patch it might take a few tries (usually 3-5) before I could get to the server selection screen, but now I've been trying for hours and only getting the "The game client is unable to the login server. ..." message. I have been lurking other posts both here and on the Discord and trying things that have been suggested to others (whitelisting the Tequila folder, turning off my AV/Firewall, deleting the HKEY) but so far nothing has worked. So I'm reaching out to the forums to see if anyone has any ideas
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