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  1. Yeah, Nyx and Seth have history. Not romantic history-- neither of them thinks of the other that way-- but origin-story-related trauma history. They know each other's dirty secrets, basically. The conversation will go there starting next page. Meanwhile, I'm going to try making a 'cover' for this issue. My thoughts were to have a picture of Nyx, either in costume or civilian wear, having a cup of coffee on the roof of city hall (or on top of Atlas), with the view of the cityscape in the background, but I'm open to other ideas, too.
  2. New art!! You remember that Seth guy she was avoiding? Yeah.... about that... (I wanted to have this piece up several days ago, but in the span of the past month, my car, phone, and scanner all horked themselves, so I've been dealing with replacing and reconfiguring a new scanner! Seems okay so far.)
  3. I've been calling the CoH comic just 'Homecoming', personally, although it has occurred to me now that I never really stated that was its formal title. And yeah, I figured the community here would be more invested in a CoH comic that's been running longer and is familiar and relevant to their niche interest (AND has cameos of folks in it!) than a random fantasy comic that's 1.5 pages in so far. But yeah, no worries. Still going with this. I have cool ideas for both the main plot and a few character sub-plots, and I like where it's going. I have the next page thumbnailed, I just ha
  4. Wanderer's Song is the actual chapter title -- the other phrase is more author's commentary about what the chapter is actually *about*. Basically, I didn't know what to put in the 'Description' box when I posted the cover art. It'll make more sense as the comic goes. As far as drawing two comics? I'm only publicly posting Renegade Legends on a regular weekly cycle. Homecoming is more informal, and posted here and on my DA page, whenever I can. I'm putting more of my effort into the story I have full creative ownership of, rather than into the fan comic for an IP whose owner is...
  5. Yeah... that's been a recurring problem. That link seemed to work when I sent it to a friend via a chat messenger, but apparently not on a forum. I've tried a few links from Webtoon, signed in OR out, and have had mixed results. If all else fails, it's easily searched for on site, but... I'll work on getting a functional link. This one works for me, if I log out of Webtoon and copy-paste it into another window. Lemme know if it works for you. https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/renegade-legends/list?title_no=628461 (First actual comic page will be up on Saturday, so
  6. Whoops! XD Although, I'll admit freely, the previous page isn't my best. It's too crowded, and evidently neither the art nor the text came out quite right. I like the most recent page a lot better. AND, the next page is page 22, which is usually the last page in a single-issue comic, so I'm going to have to come up with a little bit of an end-of-issue cliffhanger, and maybe an issue 'cover'. (No, I'm not stopping the comic after the next page. Yes, I have an idea I'm working my way towards/through.) Also... awww, thanks @DJ1 and @Christopher Robin for say
  7. *GASP* A page! And as an added bonus: Hey guys, I started a webcomic called Renegade Legends! ALSO involving a pointy-eared protagonist. This one's fantasy instead of superheroes, though, and so far I've only put up the Chapter 1 cover, but I have a 30-page buffer I've been working on since October, so there IS more. I have it up in a few places, if anyone wants to take a look. https://tapas.io/series/Renegade-Legends https://renegadelegends.tumblr.com/ https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/renegade-legends/list
  8. The page exists! There's a lot I could say about it, but I'm just going to leave this here for now. Sorry for the delay-- I'd have had it up a few days ago, but my birthday was on Monday, and I spent all goddamn day making an epic cake.
  9. I would adore this. A temporary, summonable monkey in a tutu, with a gun. Also, next page is inked, I just need to find the time to color it. My other project has been taking up all of my art time, but I hope to get back to this soon.
  10. Oh it was definitely just easier to draw. The space those symbols take up is less than 1/4 inch wide on my page, and I was working from this screenshot: It was one of the last things I added to that panel, too. So I took one look at that pattern, rolled my eyes, and fudged it a bit.
  11. That is an option! I'd like some sort of running gag, but I've gotta find the right thing.
  12. I will not make Ming trying to catch a monkey a running gag.... I WILL not make Ming trying to catch a monkey a running gag.... I WILL NOT make Ming trying to catch a monkey a running gag....
  13. Glad you like it, folks! This was a fun page to do. I enjoy putting in cameos, partly because it delights people, and partly because it means I don't have to make up convincing background characters. It's the same reason my backgrounds are so detailed, actually: I'm working from actual screenshots most of the time. A few things: The full name of the coffee Nyx is drinking is 'Power-Up Coffee', which, much like Flying Pie, is a fictional brand I'm going to be putting in the comic. You'll see the full logo later if/when she spends any time at a coffee shop. I spent an un
  14. Let's just say only *one* figure on this page is wearing a tutu, instead of two. btw, I have the page partially colored. I'd have been farther by now, but my other project was taking longer than usual, and it's on a deadline, so I get to this comic when I can. But progress is being made!
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