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  1. Thanks for fielding that, Christopher Robin! As an update: I have had zero luck getting my package (it has been a frustrating ordeal...), so I may be out the $55, and the almost-month I've been waiting for those supplies. I'll probably have to re-order, which hurts on multiple levels. Worst part about this whole mess is that it's technically *my* fault that the order got sent to the wrong address to start with! Augh. I swear the next page WILL happen eventually!
  2. So, guess whose package got sent to the wrong address. Tracking it down is... going well.
  3. GOOD NEWS!! After MONTHS of waiting, getting a few colors here and there as they become available, and working on a writing side project to keep me busy, I have FINALLY placed an order for the last handful of critical marker colors I need to be able to continue the comic. (I have a few more colors I'm low on/need to refill, but none of them are critical colors.) Assuming all goes well, the colors should reach me in a week or two, and then I can FINALLY COLOR THE NEXT PAGE, which I've been sitting on, WAITING, since June. You know, 40 billion years ago.
  4. Sorry it's hard to see... Doesn't help that it's a small image on purpose (to be forum-friendly and minimize the likelihood of art theft from my various platforms...). That paper is Canson 150lb Illustration board. It has a light texture to it-- more than the marker paper I usually use-- but you often get a 'grainy' look from colored pencils, just due to the way they work. That whole image was a balancing act between embracing the natural texture of paper + colored pencils, vs trying to hide the texture entirely. For any paper nerds, I do my marker stuff on Strathmore's 500 series 2-ply smooth Bristol board. (Yes, I am THAT particular about my paper.)
  5. Hey folks. I know it's been a while since I posted, so I have two updates today. The first is a picture! With the comic on hiatus, this is what I've been working on: The original is 14 x 17 inches, and colored pencil on top of a flat (non-shaded) base of markers. This is a technique I used to do a lot... over a decade ago. Ever since I started really getting good with exclusively markers, though, I stopped using colored pencils in a meaningful way, so it has been a LONG time since I've done something like this. (I forgot how long it takes!) Anyway, these two characters are DnD/roleplay characters belonging to my husband and me-- Koreal the elf wizard, and Saenathra the elf rogue/ranger. We have a few character pairs that are couples in various games, but these two are really kind of our 'power couple'. In other news: marker update! Copic has finally released the new refills, and I actually managed to get my hands on a bunch of them! Yay! .... But availability is super-spotty right now, so I'm still missing six colors that I really, really need. (3 of them are skin tones I rely on heavily. So, yeah. NEED.) So it's progress. I've got some of them, and I'm checking sites for the other colors I still need. I'm roughing out the pencils for the next page so it's ready when I DO have the colors I need, too. I haven't forgotten about this, I promise.
  6. Ooo, good point! I forgot about that. For those who just can't wait to find out what's under the mask:
  7. Oh I have no intentions of *stopping* drawing. I don't think I could if I tried. I've been drawing since I was 3, got a degree in fine art, have taught summer art classes, and worked for six years at an art store. It's a vital part of my identity and mental health. As far as other projects to pursue and post here? I don't have a lot of other characters with back stories I feel confident telling. I won't say I have no alts, because that's patently false, but... most of them don't have a lot in the way of back stories. (I mean, Coldy Locks is literally just there for the pun.) Other things I could do are share old City of Heroes art (Including an old, unfinished comic that I did around the time the game got shut down, but I'm afraid that might be a bit emotional for folks), or if no one minds me posting non-CoH-related art here, I could just start throwing in the other stuff I do, too. Because, uh... *checks* I have almost 780 pieces on my Deviantart account, and only a fraction of them are CoH-related. Thoughts? (And do people want to know what's under the mask, or do we want to wait for the reveal? I *might* be able to do one more page with the supplies I have...)
  8. I really, really hate to say this, but I might have to put my comic pages on hiatus for a month or more. Why? Because one of the marker companies I rely on heavily is Copic, which makes refillable markers. This is a great feature, because large, high-demand projects like comic pages require a lot of ink, and being able to refill my pens makes that demand manageable. I have to special-order the refill ink, because no one carries more than black and the colorless blender in stores, but that's not usually a problem, other than shipping times occasionally being a few weeks long. So imagine my surprise and irritation when I went to place an order for *over a dozen colors* that I rely on heavily in general (and some for this project in specific)... and discovered that there are no refills to be found. EVERYONE is out of stock of damn near every color, including Amazon. Why? Because Copic is redesigning the packaging on the refill tubes, and those won't be released until 'early summer/late June', according to a few different sources. And then the new refills have to get to distributors, and then I'll be fighting with everyone ELSE who needs to refill their markers... ...I'm frustrated, you might say. And it impacts more than just this comic-- 99.9% of the art I do is marker-based, so this will eventually hinder almost everything I draw. I've considered turning to other brands in the interim to temporarily replace the colors I need (I also heavily use Prismacolor markers, for example), but there are a lot of reasons that I won't bore you with why that's not the solution I'd like it to be. So my main options are: A) Try to keep the comic going using alternate colors, which will result in some of the pages not quite matching the others, B) Try to keep the comic going using alternate media entirely (aka colored pencil, watercolor, or digital), which will result in some pages looking ENTIRELY different from the others C) Or leave the comic on ice until I can resume it with the right materials. ...I know which one I lean toward. Sorry guys. 😔
  9. Next page! Not gonna lie, I'm looking forward to drawing the next one.
  10. Nikeiva peered over Libra's shoulder, trying not to be too rude about it. She made a flicking gesture at the photo, frowned a bit when she remembered she couldn't levitate it to her, then sighed and asked, "May I see it? My neighborhood is just crawling with Skulls. I'm working on that, but I've only been back around a week. I can keep an eye out, though maybe 'ask around', if you know what I mean." The wicked little half-grin that flickered across her face a moment implied that the local Skulls were unlikely to enjoy the way she did her asking.
  11. Well, after more delay than necessary (my household started a new Minecraft server... *sigh*...), here's the next page! I'll need to order more of my fancy paper soon, too, cuz I'm running out. I'm looking forward to the next page though, for a few reasons!
  12. Nikeiva waved away any hint that she was bothered by the power dampers. "I completely understand, and don't mind at all," she replied to Paul. "I'm just glad I noticed before I tried to set my drink down in mid-air like an astronaut. I'm telekinetic, so it's something I do a lot at home. I'll... just have to pay attention to what I'm doing, here, I guess." Sipping at her own drink, she watched as Paul handled the newcomers. He had a point about making a move versus never knowing how something would turn out, and while she hadn't left any lost loves behind in Paragon, there were plenty of friends and teammates who might still be around.
  13. "I appreciate the offer, Libra, and I might even take you up on it," Nikeiva replied. "I should check up on any old friends first, and see if they're still in the area, and still fighting the cape-and-mask fight, though, you know? I know some of them have bowed out of the hero life, but some of them might not have, and I owe it to them to check in on them first." She sipped at her glass, making an awkward, cringing expression. "I'd like to claim I've been too busy getting moved in and back to the fight to do that... but truth is I've been too chicken."
  14. Nikeiva chuckled. "Giant tigers. Not known for being wishy-washy, that's for sure." She indulged in a long sip of her refill, then sighed. "Yeah, you're both right. I miss my old team -- part of the reason I left is that they had just disbanded, and I didn't know what to do with myself anymore. I should find a new team. Having people to mutually watch each other's backs, and prop up each other's sanity, is worth its weight in gold. I hope you both have that-- or find it soon." She stared at the cherry in her glass, her thoughts far away for a moment, and then smiled lopsidedly. "...and if I go solo much longer, Crey is going to catch up to me again. That... didn't go so well for me the first time. Backup might make the difference between whether that's my misfortune... or Crey's." After a prolonged moment of staring at the cherry in her glass, Nikeiva's brows furrowed in confusion, and then she looked up at Paul. "Oh. Does your bar have power dampers? I just realized I can't levitate the cherry out of my drink."
  15. Realized I had NO good, recent, simple full-body costume shots of Nyx. I had to remedy that. Next page is in progress. In the meantime, have a bit of character art instead.
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