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  1. I mean, I designed Nyx back in 2004, on the pre-beta forums, maxed her out as an Incarnate on live servers, and then remade her again on the Homecoming server, and brought her all the way back up to 50 again, so I may be biased in the realms of loyalty to old characters... But, like... you get HOW many character slots? Do both. Do whatever you want. And if you don't make it onto these next few pages as a cameo, there will be plenty more opportunities.
  2. Those'll work just fine! And thank you for giving me some (reasonable, sane) ideas for what they're up to. No one wants me to get creative. (I mean, unless you do.) And @Seen2BeGreen , if you would like Captain Yarrrr, drop me a screenshot or some art in here, and let me know what their business in City Hall is.
  3. Yeah... it's a terrible apartment in a terrible neighborhood, but Nyx is broke, and lives pretty sparsely anyway. Soon, when she's moved in and more comfortable with where everything is in her apartment, she won't even use the door -- she'll teleport in. In regards to the next page, it'll be the next day, and Nyx returns to City Hall to talk to Antonio Nash. Since I hate drawing generic background characters (because it means I have to come up with details and make them distinct and interesting, and still draw everything else), I'm opening this to everyone who reads this comic: I need people milling around in the background. Anyone want a character cameo? If so, I need the following: 1. A screenshot or artwork of the character you want (they have to be someone who can legit be IN City hall, so villains are probably out...) 2. Some idea of what they're *doing* there. (Talking to a contact? Taking care of business at the counter? Chatting with another hero/civilian? Clinging to the ceiling and having a nervous breakdown? I will get creative if you don't give me some ideas. That's a threat.) I'd like to start this page in a day or two at the latest, so ideally I'd like these ideas by Tuesday. I'm flexible as long as the page is still in pencil form, but once it's inked, you're going to have to wait for the next page or two.
  4. Surprise! A page!
  5. And if folks would like a longer Nyx comic (which is also unfinished, sorry....) there's this one: Blindsided. https://www.deviantart.com/pointy-eared-fiend/gallery/45916058/blindsided-comic Although I will warn everyone, it was created around the time the game officially shut down, so there are some..... Feels. I always felt so guilty for not finishing it, or even resolving the scene I stopped on, but I just couldn't anymore. It is LOADED with cameos, though. Almost every character in there belongs to an actual player.
  6. Got it inked last night! Just need to do colors and the Photoshop finishing work now. I'm also coloring another project (which I can't show off yet) at the same time, but it'll probably be done in a few days.
  7. I'm penciling the new page today, guys. Wish me luck!
  8. I love all of you, and was genuinely thrilled to pop into the thread today and see all of this dialogue and speculation. It's very validating as an artist/storyteller. Some definitive answers to some of the questions I've seen thus far: 1. No, Nyx's cloak clasp hasn't changed, I just... had some issues with the markers this time around. (I AM terrible with maintaining continuity details, though, as anyone who's been keeping an eye on that graffiti'd red S has noticed.) Thank you for noticing and being delighted by the cast shadow from the fence-- people noticing little details like that makes doing elaborate backgrounds bearable. 2. Black Marrow is my invention, yes. I looked at the game Wiki to make sure I wasn't using any existing names, because I have a story arc idea that has nothing to do with any of the canon arcs in the game (that I know of). And Nyx is using a neutral 'them' because she's been gone for three years and doesn't know if this is a man or a woman she's looking for. (It's totally going to be a woman, though, because I think a female Skull boss will be cool.) 3. Yes, I am personally female. And, as a bonus, I've tried to cosplay Nyx a couple of times, with varying levels of success. I'd like to try again someday, but her costume is HARD.
  9. Got one more panel to color, but it's a detailed one. I'll see if I can get it done tonight.
  10. Bwahahaha. Guess who got a bunch of marker refills yesterday. Guess who's coloring something today. Should be up in a few days at the latest.
  11. Some good news: I did some digging and found a random scrapbooking site I'd never come across before, and they actually had a decent number of the colors I was looking for! Not all of them, but over half. So I put in an order, and we'll see when that arrives. I'm still looking for five colors, but according to my usual source, Copic is just having a rough time keeping up with demand, since they stopped production of the old refills in 2019, and then 2020 happened... and now they're trying to catch up with the HUGE demand, so basically everyone is buying what they can get, when they can get it. The colors I'm still looking for are: E70 Ash Rose E77 Maroon E47 Dark Brown YG13 Chartreuse, and YG41 Pale Cobalt Green The good news is that of those five colors, only three are related to the Nyx comic, and I can work around them fairly easily. (The other two are related to a different project.) Hopefully they'll get here soon; in the meantime, I'm going to start drawing the next page!
  12. @Darth Delicious Yes, these are Copic colors. They're great markers right up until you can't refill them. : \ I'd feel really bad about people trying to find them for me, especially shipping from other countries, though! (I'm in the USA, fwiw.) This mess has been making me ask some tough questions about my process, and it's really stressing me out. I've put decades of work and thousands of dollars into my marker art, and I DO NOT want to be forced to do digital art (I've done it, it was such a pain), but I'm sort of starting to worry how feasible being a marker specialist is for the long term.
  13. So, limited good news on the marker colors front. I DID actually just find a source for E51, the skin color I *desperately* need. (Amazon had 2. I got one!) It's currently in shipping (to my correct address!), and should be here by the 11th, hopefully. I still haven't found any of the other colors (a few of them are available on Amazon, but they're asking $18 for them, when regular price is $7, so EFF THAT...), but with the skin tone, I can fudge everything else a bit. In the meantime, here's that page I was sitting on.
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