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    I feel your pain re: only active person in your SG! A friend of mine started an SG (Nova Star), which I joined because yay, friends! She even had a kinda cool base. And then she stopped playing, and made me the SG leader. And... I'm the only one who plays regularly. Good thing I'm good at soloing.
  2. "Speaking of things to deal with," said Nikeiva, watching the other two for a moment, "Since I've been gone a while, I was wondering: Anything new I should be aware of? New villain groups on the scene? Current crises to watch out for?"
  3. If there's a canon reason, I don't know it. My personal theory is that it's kind of like the bright colors some poisonous animals have-- it's a warning to anything looking at them and thinking of tangling with them: "Hey. I'm dangerous. Mess with me at your own risk." Hero, villain, or random Joe on the street can reasonably assume that the outlandishly dressed person wearing spandex and a cape probably has superpowers, and that might make that person a potential ally, adversary/problem/not a good target for a purse-snatching, or a potential rescuer/safe person to turn to for help, respectively. I mean, think about it. Would those Skulls still have tried to shake Nyx down for money if she'd answered the door wearing THAT? They're dumb, but they're not that dumb. Although that makes one wonder: is it considered at best unwise and at worst deceptive and dangerous for *normal civilians* to wear superhero outfits for fun? Like, is cosplay a terrible, awful, dangerous idea in Paragon? What if you're coming home from a convention or a costume party and a villain picks a fight with you because beating up a hero will give him street cred? You're a normal shlub, you don't have a medi-porter, to say nothing of superpowers... So many questions...
  4. Costume! Costume! Costume!!
  5. Working on the next page already, and I'm looking forward to it (and the next few) because we finally get to see some cape and mask action!
  6. "Warning duly noted. I'm sorry that happened, but at least you did get things cleared. I guess the damage was done, though. I hope Paragon treats you better." She swirled the ice in her glass, then smirked. "I hope both our lives improve."
  7. Pizza! (I tried something new with the word bubbles, and while the small top ones look a little wonky, the bottom, larger ones look pretty good, actually!)
  8. "Oh yeah? What happened?" Nikeiva asked. "I'm guessing it has something to do with why you're in Paragon and not still in Belfast..."
  9. "I'll toast to that. This is so much better than the dive bar that used to be near my place." Nikeiva raised her glass in salute to Paul and his establishment. "And anything is better than Dark Astoria..." She followed this statement with a shudder and another deep sip of her drink.
  10. "Yes it does. Never a dull moment here. Can't even go to the laundromat without having to stop some half-wit wannabe super-villain trying to steal everyone's quarters." Nikeiva picked the cherry from her drink and ate it, then asked Libra, "What are you working on right now? I'm dealing with a gang of Skulls dealing drugs on the literal doorstep of my apartment building, but it shouldn't take me long to clean that up."
  11. ToxinFox

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    Gosh, I don't even have a copy of that art anymore! I probably owe you an updated version, by now. XD My art has...... changed since the early days.
  12. Yeah, if I can figure out how to do that and make it look good, that might be the best course of action. Thanks!
  13. Playing with doing my text bubbles digitally. Thoughts? (Background is an old screenshot, character is marker art as usual.)
  14. ToxinFox

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    Oh my god, names I actually recognize! *waves at SK and One Hit Wonder* Edit: Hi, it's Nyx!
  15. The enemy's mind is a wonderful thing to waste.
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