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  1. This should probably state that the Ranged modifier was increased to match the Melee modifier, and what that modifier is (0.75).
  2. Ever? I find that hard to believe unless you never play at low levels and also never play BS, DB, Elect, Energy, Katana, Spines or Titan Weapons. All of which have decent T1s. Or Ice Melee, which has a hard time building an attack chain below level 28 without using Frozen Fists. Anyway... The hit in performance is at levels 1-15. Or perhaps more pertinently, the first one or two play sessions for a new player on a Tanker. Many people give up on Tankers as they are now within that time frame. And this patch will make them a bit worse at those levels. As I stated, it's more a matter of principal than practicality, but I think having Tankers get worse at one of the things they are already bad at is an unfortunately side effect of the form these buffs have morphed into.
  3. Actually, they do. The DS doesn't kick in enough to offset the loss of Bruising until level 15. The AT modifiers scale in over the first 20 levels, so the Tanker DS increase from 0.8 to 0.95 is muted at low levels. At level 1, for example, the base damage is only 3% higher, and you've lost Bruising, so you are doing about 13% less damage (based on testing) on Pineapple than Live. Even at level 10 you are still doing about 10% less single target damage than on Live. So, it can take noticeably longer to level a Tanker by actually playing solo out of the box. Say, by running the David Wincott Hollows arc with its two early "Defeat All" missions. Or even by running an AE arc such as "Tunnel Witches". Mostly just a theoretical concern, except for the possibility of putting off newbs. And I hope that the devs want lots of new players to come play the game.
  4. I mentioned similar issues in the last thread and CP responded. Apparently all but a few Tanker taunt auras are now handled by Gauntlet.
  5. You're right that Tankers solo as well or better than most Controllers at low levels. But to me that just means Controllers need some sort of low level buff as well. Maybe Brawl simply needs to be improved for everyone so that those who are short on attacks can slot it out as an attack without completely wasting slots. I wonder if it would be OP, given that it costs no END, if it observed the DS as a function of Recharge time rule? Maybe lower its Recharge to 1.5s if so. Excellent news. I, and I believe many others, were laboring under a misperception. I don't know if Dark Regen is an issue or not; I haven't tested it in months. There were some Pool powers I had tested that weren't getting the buff before, but are now (Whirlwind and Takeoff). Hopefully you've got everything with the exception of the weirdness of pseudo-pets and such. I don't see a single Pool power that is marked as ignoring the buff. Nor a single Epic. So, Tanker Leadership is a 90' radius? Provoke 22.5'? Fire Ball, Dark Obliteration, etc at 22.5'? Darkest Night a massive 37.5'? As an aside: These are really hard to test. Spring Attack doesn't even give me combat spam, so it's useless testing it on the dummies.
  6. Is there any concern over the hit to low level solo play that this patch entails? Due to the DS increase not completely factoring in until level 20, the loss of Bruising results in reduced ST damage for Tankers below level 15 or so. In my opinion the solo leveling experience of Tankers is actually worse on Pineapple until about level 20. Basically, until you have enough defenses and END to really benefit from the AoE buff. And, of course, you need to actually have AoE. So some sets see no benefit until substantially later. Meaning that they don't make up for the slower low level experience for some time. Stone Melee, for example, probably doesn't match the Live solo experience until around level 30. Of course, so many people don't actually play at low levels that it is probably only an issue for true newbies. Still, it bothers me as a game design issue that you are actually making one of the problems with Tankers worse with this patch.
  7. Kinetic Melee benefits greatly from the buffs due to the massive area of Repulsing Torrent (it has the second largest area of any power affected by the buff, behind only Wall of Force, and more than 30% larger than the next closest). Burst having a 12' radius instead of 8' is pretty substantial as well.
  8. This appears to be true only of those powers that are exceptions to the general rules. For example: Dark Regeneration doesn't say it isn't buffed. It's a 20' radius sphere, so it shouldn't be buffed, but where does the information regarding that fact reside? The "Inherents" definition in the Enhancement Screen is still blank, and there doesn't appear to be anywhere during the Character Creation process where the information on the buff is available at all. The only place I see that is under "Info" in the context menu when you right-click on the Inherent icon in your status tray. And it doesn't say anything about the arc and radius exceptions, and what it does say is in code-speak. There remains a very large hole in the documentation of the area buff.
  9. How about the other pseudo pets? Do Lightning Rod, Savage Leap and Spring Attack get radius buffs? I'm assuming, based upon the Burn info, that they do not. (None are tagged as Area Effect attacks, despite taking AoE enhancements.) If they aren't buffed by the Tanker inherent, then it should say so in their descriptions. It would also be nice if there was definitive information *somewhere* on every AoE Tankers can get. Preferably right there in the power description for all powers that don't get the buff. I'd really like people to be able to know such things as whether the burst from hitting a Contaminated foe with single-target Radiation Melee attacks is buffed or not without having to test it or rely on word of mouth.
  10. Many do, many don't. Unfortunately, the documentation is still less than ideal for this. The rules are: Sphere AoE powers with a radius larger than 10' will ignore the inherent area buff. Cone powers with an arc greater than 90 degree will ignore the inherent area buff. Powers marked as doing so in their description will ignore the inherent area buff. There are still some powers that seem to ignore the buff despite none of the above being true (Whirlwind and Takeoff are the only two I've found so far). Target caps are listed in the power data. To see if they're being raised you have to compare between live and Pineapple. Specifically, Dark Consumption gets both radius (8' buffed to 12' by the inherent) and target cap increases (10 to 16) while Dark Regeneration gets neither (20' radius, 10 target cap).
  11. Does Rad Melee's Contaminated burst AoE get its radius buffed?
  12. All those except Spring Attack and those powers with radii large than 10' or arcs greater than 90 degrees should be buffed. The latter categories catch most such powers I'm afraid. I haven't tested much yet though. Flurry isn't an AoE (or at least the data says it's not), despite the animation matching Shadow Maul and Sands of Mu. Here's my list of should/shouldn't (I'll change these to yes or no after testing myself or someone reporting that they tested it): Concealment / Misdirection - shouldn't Fighting / Cross Punch - YES Flight / Group Fly - shouldn't Force of Will / Might Leap / Takeoff - NO (it should be buffed based on its stats, but doesn't appear to be) Force of Will / Wall of Force - YES Leadership / all powers - shouldn't Leaping / Spring Attack - shouldn't (it's a pseudo-pet, and I don't think they inherit the buff) Presence / Provoke - shouldn't Presence / Invoke Panic - shouldn't Sorcery / Enflame - ???? (I think this is a pseudo-pet) Speed / Whirlwind - NO (it should be buffed based on its stats, but doesn't appear to be) Teleportation / Team Teleport - shouldn't Arctic Mastery / Shiver - shouldn't Arctic Mastery / Ice Storm - shouldn't Earth Mastery / Salt Crystals - shouldn't Earth Mastery / Quicksand - shouldn't Earth Mastery / Stalagmites - shouldn't Energy Mastery / Energy Torrent - YES Leviathan Mastery / School of Sharks - YES Leviathan Mastery / Arctic Breath - YES Leviathan Mastery / Bile Spray - YES Mace Mastery / Web Envelope - shouldn't Mace Mastery / Disruptor Blast - shouldn't Mu Mastery / Electric Fences - SHOULD Mu Mastery / Ball Lightning - shouldn't Mu Mastery / Static Discharge - SHOULD Pyre Mastery / Melt Armor - SHOULD Pyre Mastery / Fire Ball - shouldn't Soul Mastery / Soul Tentacles - SHOULD Soul Mastery / Darkest Night - shouldn't Soul Mastery / Dark Obliteration - shouldn't
  13. The only question is whether or not the punch-voke Taunt is as strong as that removed (Mag 4, 13.6s duration). Based upon the sub-text of Capt P's comments, I assume it is.
  14. That's due to the ATO proc, in case anyone is wondering why.
  15. One significant issue with this analysis is that it doesn't take into account the frequency with which you are being attacked or are doing damage. In general, you will be doing the latter more often than the former unless you're tanking (which includes running at high team size settings on small teams without a true tank). Still, I agree that the +Dam set bonuses should be improved.
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