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  1. Core also gives Healing and Mez buffs. So it's +4% Pet Defense versus +2% Defense for others and the 30' extra radius. Still not balanced, but then Incarnate abilities aren't well balanced in general,
  2. This particular patch went live on April 21st. It's the Beta patch from April 5th that hasn't gone live (or even to staging) yet. I think the last two posts before mine were both meant for that thread. And this thread should probably be closed.
  3. Apparently, procs don't work in Traps/Seeker Drones (at least on MMs). I tried Bombardment, Positron's Blast and Clouded Senses. None of them fired even once in basic testing. According to the Recharge on the pet power, all should have max proc chance.
  4. Changing things in a way that doesn't make them clearly better is not a good idea. However, I think what's currently on Beta is clearly better than what is currently on Live. Most of the "improvements" suggested beyond the current Beta set either require significant additional work or aren't really a significant improvement, IMO. I'm curious as to what the dev discussions have been for the last month, and whether or not some of that significant work is being done or contemplated. As of now, I'd suggest that if significant additional work hasn't already been put into the upgrades, what's on Beta should go Live as is and any additions or improvements should be shelved for a later date.
  5. Alternatively, they could simply lower the cost to craft higher level IOs. If they were attuned people would simply start crafting them at level 7 and not need anything but Common IOs until they started to slot sets.
  6. Thanks for looking into that. I suspected it had something to do with the DB I used to build it, but was hoping there was a fix for that. I wonder how the heck Stalker Experimental Injection became an inherent, since it didn't even exist in any builds until recently and the only two MRBU builds I've used have been the 3/26 release build and the latest cutting edge build. I've heard the DB can be corrupted easily, but I hadn't opened it until after the problem arose (not since the olden days anyway, and I have separate installs for Mid's, Pine's and Mid's Reborn. Ironically, none of my old Mid's builds are broken, as none have Origin Pools to cause a problem. Anyway, thanks again.
  7. I currently have 29 at 19- parked for the update (and 3 others parked as name holders who might be jump-started by the update). It's probably time to lower the parking level to 16.
  8. Only two? All of my level 19- toons (at least 20 of them) are parked at the moment. I've been awaiting the next patch notes, but am about to give up on it and play a couple of lowbies current style (explores and arcs to get INF and go DO to IO).
  9. Regarding the busted Stalker builds with Force of Will and Sorcery. It occurs in both the release version and the cutting edge version (20.2605). Here is a data chunk and a link to an mxd file for one of the troubled builds. With these saved builds nothing I do will make it see the T1/T2 powers in Force of Will or Sorcery appear valid at any level. But with new builds they are fine. I can fix the issue by starting from scratch and making the same build, but haven't found any other way to make the builds behave. It's a rather narrow issue: Stalkers with FoW or Sorc pools only. All of those, and none of anything else. | Copy & Paste this data into Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer to view the build | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |MxDz;1556;723;1446;HEX;| |78DA6594496F525114C7EF65104B69993AD181966A85527885B47B135B35A643AA2| |C6A9C5E9F7029D8171E7980B60E0BBF820BFD049AB8F10B1887EACA5DADFA1D34A6| |6AE2C6C4012FEFFC292434697E9773CFF03FE71E58D95EF43C3B7BFF24E33D0BBA5| |6A9A899AAA66F09D3B5AA556BA6A6DB1963DE0B355D336BB5686562C114A2EC92B6| |10FCD415A10BA19C320D2DA7666E19662EDCBC59147951AA082553280A3DD7FCE83| |F572A085394AA4AF3E05E330C5DC99485C805ACE319C3CC0AD5C8ABEB455DF758A6| |65A1958BA5CD6EBAD78B9B856AE874B998559AC532464D5757B44A55983B4352DF8| |CFC7FEE65F8AB3BD9B683B1B483D976C0DB44C71DF02EF1C83DE2E5A80CE356AC8D| |FDB4D3DD12F1683FB7F8C20B17999FFFB6D1DD1FA2FB2FF88FE8A9838C72A832BF9| |DF23BED3ECAE7EB2306903F9022F6CD8373C497B2AE13B1CE3DCA37F01EDC270E7D| |003F12873F115FC9581769B6B91E93A6E127C4D1A7C46B525B17F2777DA6B8D12FC| |4F057109AC2D03891264ECAE4DD14CBBB1B8FD0B803AFC8BC3D7467EF41CF13E839| |1204D1FB55E94BCF57E75EC447C05D79E1E7DCD2E7CF93EDD82658008BC4E337C02| |DE286CC1BA458168C90EDB5CCD74FB5583F6A54638C0DC23608BF37D22F84F70E6D| |20AF463C910573A0204677E54C830EA6C9BA23E87D04BD47D17314339846EF15597| |B0CBD8FEDD19B4CEF13DF4A0DE3D0308E9D9BC6CEC5B17371EC5C1C3B97C0CE5D97| |1A26113B89D8046213884D223689D824626F4A4D53146B9FF293CE59E89F85FE59C| |C6E40EE408C7A6531F4948DD277B2D1D34C82FCD26063C514CC5A7947B65F1EC652| |D8D314EAA551278DBA238EC3EF777DB4756E7CACD759BCC392EAB0A43B2C731D96F| |90ECB728765CD71F84BC0B865E9F2B1C6E42C6D076E798B79F024F5F7BD65E33C42| |33EE3D207E6BF78F91FF8F96CDC61FD0DBF43E24FA1E1157E372EEA879DE6DA9B3C| |E97DACE17DBCEEB6DE7A5786B96FF01EEFB053B| |-------------------------------------------------------------------| Rularuu's Creep (BS SD Soul Stalker).mxd
  10. ALL of my Stalker builds that use Force of Will or Sorcery have this same problem. They have the first two powers chosen as invalid due to level and trying to change the order has no effect. If you try to replace the pool with Experimentation it colors Experimental Injection green and tells you that you cannot remove inherent powers so that the pool is stuck in your build.
  11. Opp Gloom, Cloak of Fear and Burn on Brutes and Tankers were changed in Page 4 to take regular Taunt enhancements, but not sets.
  12. I had an interesting bug occur with the latest release (3/26 11:20pm). I opened a Stalker build (Fire/Rad/Soul) and it had Mystic Flight and Spirit Ward as both improperly placed (though neither was). I tried swapping things around, but there was no combination that I could find to make it recognize them as legal. In the process I removed the powers and put in Experimentation as a pool. It showed Experimental Injection as being selected immediately despite the power being nowhere to be seen in the build. I could not remove either the power or the pool. I tried reinstalling the patch over the top of my existing setup but it made no difference. Oh, and as an aside... the power order for Stalker Radiation Armor is still wrong, with Fallout Shelter being listed as available at level 10 when it isn't actually available until 16.
  13. It's actually misspelled inside the game itself as well.
  14. All stores except Base NPC Quartermasters; based both on the patch notes and testing. They still drop.
  15. I'd agree with that. However, the sooner you learn the Reward Merit system the better off you are going to be. Honestly, the biggest boon I think they could add for new players is the simple direct Reward Merit -> Influence option. Perhaps with a Merit Vendor tutorial that gives you 1 or 2 RM.
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