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  1. I never delete builds. If they aren't working I may move them or rename them, but I don't delete them. I had 30 builds that were broken until Zed found the issue and fixed it so I could load them again in As for your issue, I'm not having it with AVG with a that was updated via "Check for..." from a few days ago. Sounds like Bitdefender got a new virus definitions update and returned a - hopefully - false positive.
  2. Are you on I stopped having that issue with myself.
  3. I'm guessing that whatever Mids I was using in Sep to Nov 2019 was the culprit. Perhaps my Mids install was simply broken during that time. My 1st thought was that these were old Fitness-as-a-choice builds, but some of them were builds new to HC rather than rescued builds from I19 and I21 when I made a lot of my Mids builds in the olden days. Both of the builds I posted were new to HC. I can open builds from as far back as May 2011 (I19 I believe) in but I do have builds from 2008 to 2010 that throw repeated exceptions related to the Fitness pool. Thanks for looking int
  4. I'm stumped on this. Nothing really seems to be in common in the 30 builds I can't open. My memory says they were all originally created about the same time - Sep to Nov 2019 - but the save dates on them are all over the place. And I can open them in and save them and they still fail to open in
  5. I tried a few things that didn't work. Maybe someone else can try opening my builds on to help determine if it's a problem with the save or with my install. Here's a Blaster... https://www.midsreborn.com/builds/download.php?uc=1576&c=713&a=1426&f=HEX&dc=78DA6594CB4F135114C6EFD0A9404BA1A59442A1D0D24279F5A5EE4D54C46A4B1A59B832754A2730C9386DCA80B2F45F7021CAC357E2C28D1B7CFD31EE85181F7BC5F174CE479DD809F03BF3DD7BCEF9EE63283DB8DAF776F9E12521F9AEE8CAE666E532FD35D5664F69CB544CAD6E087ABC4BD56A2CB512BBA6D7EF77D37B04932AB714635DAD656E2BAD175B4C9E0DAD6E351AF
  6. Well, that didn't take long. I can open my broken Blaster save with version Now I just need to figure out why I can't open it in My 2nd broken Blaster works too. Let's try a few Brutes that wouldn't open then see if I can figure out what they have in common. Well, that's 5 that wouldn't open in the latest build (or previous one) but that will open in The only thing I see they have in common are Hasten and CJ. And I have a lot of builds with both that work fine. I updated MR to the current version using the "Check for..." and it can't open the build
  7. Even with a completely fresh install I don't have that path for the App, as the /app directory is missing. I think I'm going to uninstall and try older version now to see if I can get those broken saves open.
  8. I had to scrape my install and manually re-install for just me to get it to work. Trying to install the app as usable for everyone resulted in the app failing to launch. Anyway, the new version seems to have fixed the Afterburner type issues. I still have builds I can't open because they throw an exception though. I was hoping that was related to the other issue, but apparently not. When I get a chance I'll install older versions of MidsReborn and see how far back I have to go to load those builds. I thought it might be .NET, but I'm not sure why most builds are fine and some aren't. He
  9. "Check for Updates Now" is not seeing the new version at this time. I'll check back later to see if that's working before I re-install manually.
  10. I haven't found a way. I'm about to give up and use the work-around of using an older version of Mids, removing the power, saving the edited build, then going back to the current version of Mids and loading it.
  11. Any update on this? I have a bunch of broken builds and am contemplating installing an older version of Mids in an attempt to fix them. Some builds simply crash and won't load. Many of those that do load are broken from the point where a power that has been replaced - such as Afterburner - was taken. In any case... what version would you suggest installing to try to fix my issues? Or something even older? And do I need to try to get an older database too? Thanks.
  12. Praetorian Loyalist/Power line contact Reese, Rise to Power Part Three: A Spectacle for the Crowd. In paragraph 3 Reese says "Ahem. If you past Warrant, ..." It should read "Ahem. If you get past Warrant, ..." or "Ahem. If you make it past Warrant, ..."
  13. v3.0.5.6 broke my Peacebringer builds. They all have Quantum Acceleration in the power list, which I can't remove and replace with Quantum Maneuvers. In addition to not being able to edit the power choice, all powers listed after it are off by one in the order. That is, if I mouse-hover over the subsequent power it lists the info for the next power down the list. Is anyone else having this problem? I really don't want to have to completely redo all three builds. [Edit:] In a related note Infiltration properly replaced Invisibility without causing the same problem.
  14. How about Light Form for PBs? Should it get the small Psi Res and removal of the HP crash too?
  15. Do people actually use Granite Armor in PvP? In any case I'd rather see Minerals changed to work with Granite Armor. I should mention that I PvP very rarely though, so my opinion is based more on my conception of the set and its various powers than the effect of the change; Minerals would probably be a lot stronger in PvP than the small amount of Res and may be too strong if paired with Granite.
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