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  1. I currently have 175. About 65 of which will need it unlocked. I'll pay the 65M in a heartbeat rather than spend about 6 hrs doing nothing but laps of AP.
  2. It took me several play-throughs to realize that myself. The buff being applied is easy to miss when you're fighting a lot of bad guys, especially ones that are blowing up.
  3. I suggested that it be added to the P2W during testing, but wasn't sure what it should cost. 1M seemed too low to me so I didn't suggest that, but 10M seems too high, so I didn't suggest that either. In my opinion the idea that these sorts of things should be either 1M or 10M needs to be abandoned. 2.5M or perhaps 5M seemed more appropriate to me. Honestly though, I've found that with my toons that don't have it yet, it's often easier to just leg it to base portals than to take the time to get the LRTP. The reason being that those toons often don't have many locations that would be opened up by taking the time to explore a zone and would really need to then run around zones getting more zones added for it to really be worthwhile. So maybe 1M is the right price. Still, better to start with it too high than too low to avoid negative feedback if it changes.
  4. The last I checked Barrage was inappropriately counting the Fiery Embrace damage in its Detail Info calculations.
  5. I just ran the Pathogen mission on a level 29 MM (copied from Live, so decent slotting this time) I had parked before it. What a difference the reduced damage from the fires makes for an MM. The bombs and Pathogen's Lightning Rod/Whirling Hands combo is still a pain, but the rest of the mission is much more manageable. One odd thing though... when I told my pets to attack a Medical Research destructible in the final room, they attacked all four of them instead of just the one I had targeted. I chose the heroic path this time, and things proceeded as expected. The VC reappeared when I entered the finale. Cortex as a +1 EB is just plain hard. On this Demon/Thermal MM I didn't really need the blues (which I brought for once), what I needed was Slow Resistance. The stacked attacks from the Illusions turned me into a bystander. I had to use the elevators twice to buy time to resummon when my heals were turned into pinpoints and I was down to 1 or 2 pets. All the AoE in this arc is just not MM friendly. At least not on the two I used (Demon/Thermal and Necro/Elect). MMs with a way to prevent the Embalmed from exploding will do much better now that the fires in the Pathogen mission aren't murderous. The disease went away when I exited the last mission as expected. The great thing about this arc... it can teach even L20-29 to hate Vahz just like lowbies do.
  6. I finished a run I'd previously started in RC1. I used a test-server only toon. A level 24 SOed En/Nin Stalker. He was parked before the Pathogen mission. I followed the Vigilante path. I forgot this guy had Combat TP and TP. The Pathogen mission probably would have been a touch easier had I remembered and used those. The Pathoden mission was easier than before with the lessened fire damage and longer buffs. But it was still fairly hard to deal with Pathogen with the Cocktail. I had to run down the elevators to rest once. With slotting such as I had here even +0x1 with Bosses was a bit of work. It seemed a much more reasonable level of difficulty surviving. The disease disappeared when I took the hunt mission then reappeared when I entered the last mission. I then got the epilogue cure mission, though the disease was already gone as soon as I exited the Cortex finale. The Cortex mission remains hard. If I do it again on an SO only toon I'll probably turn Bosses off. I finally got tired of running off and killing left over spawns to try to get insps. So I let Cortex kill me so I could blood-port to the Hospital and get some blues. Once I did that it wasn't too hard. Having extra inspiration slots - even L25 instead of 24 - and taking the time to get blues (and perhaps purples) would make this mission less of a challenge. That Viral Cocktail is just brutal. This is definitely an arc where you want to do at least one of three things if you're not using an exemped L50: (1) Turn down the difficulty, (2) bring friends and/or (3) make sure to get a proper load of inspirations/buffs for the Pathogen and Cortex missions. Once you have that Viral Cocktail you're almost certainly going to need a few blue inspirations to deal with those two EBs.
  7. I've been getting this since they did the tweak to allow Pool and Secondary travel powers such as CJ and Shinobi to be on at the same time.
  8. The power customization options for Sonic Manipulation in RC2 are wrong. It lists Original, Show Floaters (this is actually Bright Sonic), Dark Sonic Attack (should it be Manipulation instead of Attack?) and Show Floaters (which is Bright Sonic with Floaters). There is no option for Dark customization with floaters.
  9. The Blaster secondary power Reaction Time from Martial Combat builds up to only half as much maximum total Absorption when you select either Show Floaters or Show Floaters Dark than it does when you select the other power customization options. (Image from Bopper below.)
  10. Not in general. Straight damage slotting won't make a difference, procs might. I only tested an Eradication damage proc in Cauterizing Aura. I didn't check other powers or procs to see if they broke stealth. All of the sustains with foe affecting powers have the latter suppressed when the enemies can't see you. There are some surprises with foes far below your level being hit without having been aggroed (36' of stealth seems to avoid that, while 35' typically does not), but versus on level stuff you basically have to aggro either by being seen or by attacking before the offensive components of the power take effect.
  11. That I know. It doesn't drop. That was specifically what I started testing - that the sustains all worked when mezzed.
  12. I forgot about that. I never turn the power off.
  13. All the auras that effect both the caster and enemies should probably have the same cap one way or another. The Detailed Info is pretty inconsistent too. Dynamo and Cauterizing Aura both list the self-affecting components. Frigid Protection lists nothing at all. Reaction Time's Detailed Info may be bugged. I didn't notice before, but it actually lists self buffs to movement and Recharge instead of foe debuffs.
  14. For me it will consistently push IO slotting from 22 to 27 with significantly more IO sets and less common IOs.
  15. I tested the Blaster sustains systematically again. There are now only a few things of note that I found. I didn't list sustains that are working as expected, just those where something caught my attention. Anything I consider to be a definite bug is in orange. Dark Manipulation / Touch of the Beyond: Seems to be working as intended now. The Terrorize Protection scales from 3.15 to 7.27. Kuji-In Toh's in Ninja Training scales from 3.6 to 8.3. The Stun Protection in Energy Mastery's Energize also scales from 3.6 to 8.3. Plant Manipulation's Wild Fortress grants the same 3.15 to 7.27 Mag scale for its Confuse Protection however. The Sleep Protection in Sonic Manipulation's Sound Barrier is 3.6 to 8.3. I'm not sure if there is a reason for the differences, they just caught my eye. (Part of being systematic.) Electricity Manipulation / Dynamo: The right-click context information only lists the old offensive components and makes no mention of the +Reg or +Rec. The "Info" and "Detailed Info" sections are correct, it's just the short help on the initial right-click that is wrong. The stealth suppression now appears to work as I'd expect. Dynamo's offensive abilities suppress when stealthed until you actually aggro. With on-level foes I was able to sneak up behind them with only 36' of stealth and didn't aggro until I moved to where they could see me. Very low level (-39 levels) foes wouldn't aggro at all until I dropped stealth entirely and the toggle hit them. (Previous builds had me aggroing as soon as I came within range at less than 55' of stealth.) Fire Manipulation / Cauterizing Aura: Has an 11 target cap. Dynamo has a 10 target cap. I assumed the latter was correct. In either case, they should probably hit the same number of targets. Cauterizing Aura would also hit -21s even at 36' of stealth while Dynamo wouldn't against -20s. Lastly, only an 8' radius on Cauterize Aura compared to 20' on Dynamo. Ice Manipulation / Frigid Protection: Has an 11 target cap. Will aggro -20s at 35' of stealth. 30' radius, but no damage, just debuff. Martial Combat / Reaction Time: The +Recovery is now working properly. 10 target cap, 30' radius, debuff only. Won't aggro -20s at 36' of stealth, but will at 30' of stealth. The absorb of Reaction Time seems lower than that of Frigid Protection, which appears to tick for the same amount but faster. Sonic Manipulation / Sound Barrier: The first "Show Floaters" option in the costume creator actually appears to be the "Bright Sonic Attack" option. The absorb in this power appears especially weak; even weaker than for Martial Combat's Reaction Time. I'm presuming this is because of the included Resistance. Temporal Manipulation / Temporal Mending: Now working properly.
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