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  1. v3.0.5.6 broke my Peacebringer builds. They all have Quantum Acceleration in the power list, which I can't remove and replace with Quantum Maneuvers. In addition to not being able to edit the power choice, all powers listed after it are off by one in the order. That is, if I mouse-hover over the subsequent power it lists the info for the next power down the list. Is anyone else having this problem? I really don't want to have to completely redo all three builds. [Edit:] In a related note Infiltration properly replaced Invisibility without causing the same problem.
  2. How about Light Form for PBs? Should it get the small Psi Res and removal of the HP crash too?
  3. Do people actually use Granite Armor in PvP? In any case I'd rather see Minerals changed to work with Granite Armor. I should mention that I PvP very rarely though, so my opinion is based more on my conception of the set and its various powers than the effect of the change; Minerals would probably be a lot stronger in PvP than the small amount of Res and may be too strong if paired with Granite.
  4. The Arcane Power feature of Arcane Bolt no longer seems to work. I tested it using a level 35 Illusion/Thermal Controller. During regular play in Tip missions I never had a circle, quick recharge or any extra damage. I then sat and put Warmth on auto-fire and never got a circle around Arcane Bolt.
  5. The faster tick rate for the passive Resists would be nice for PvE.
  6. The Faultline manholes can't be clicked while open at either end (entrance or exit). All other entrances and exits - including the SM and FF entrances and Nova Praetoria entrance and exit via manhole - can be clicked while open (though the NP entrance manhole seems to be harder to click than the others). Just to be thorough I tested the 4 red zones, 5 blue zones, 2 gold zones and Echo Plaza for each Primal alignment. There were no anomalies save the FL entrance/exit: I was denied blue-side as a Villain and red-side as a Hero and was able to zone otherwise. I got the normal warn
  7. My issue with it is actually the flip-side: It renders KR's entrance pretty much useless. So why not lose it instead?
  8. Add me to the list of those not happy with the Pocket D entrance changes. My two cents: I rarely use the KR one except at very low level, so moving it to AP wouldn't bother me, but the FF one actually has value. Red-side I use all of them some, but Sharkhead the most. Losing SM for Mercy would be a net plus to me. And losing the PO one near the ferry would hurt. So I'm not crazy about swapping the loss of SM for PO, but it would be slightly preferable to me simply because moving the low-level entrance seems more consistent. Adding a 4th entrance via manhole red-side
  9. Necro bumping this due to irritation. I just dusted off my level 41 (now 43) PB for 27.2 and ran quite a few missions: All of Serpent Drummer's missions, a flashback of Wheel of Destruction, and six non-arc missions from Tina MacIntyre. (I also ran Posi 1, but used a 2nd tri-form build without the proc for that.) I have the proc in Incandescent Strike. It didn't fire once in all that time.
  10. The error is probably in the list of sets it takes, since I don't think that pet does any KB. Let's see... looking on CoD2 I don't see any powers on that pet that do KB.
  11. I typed too fast; I meant the attribute not the pool. The point is that it's generally not a good idea to use the same name for two things.
  12. I'd go with Invisibility just because the pool attribute name is Stealth; eliminates a possible confusion between the pool attribute and the power.
  13. I'm pretty sure CPH only looked at powers with 3+ second cast times. The power colloquially known as "Orbiting Debt" only has a 2.03s cast. What hurts with OD is that it's the longest cast in a sequence to re-toggle that takes a total of about 7 seconds just for the 6 WS toggles. As a temporary buff for Khelds, changing all their toggles to cast very quickly would certainly help.
  14. OK, subjective feedback on those two EBs in Freakish Lab. I think they're both fine as is. With the ambushes they are roughly on par with the Longbow Ballista and his two snipers. The Kraken is relatively weak, but that room is tough enough as is. The special Rikti bosses, those annoying bees and that pile o' hit points Pylon are challenging enough as is. Though the last two are mostly just annoyances unless you've blown it and get the bee -Recharge while in a real fight.
  15. OK, I finished testing the various different EB versions (and one AV version) of Vandal and Hopkins. All were at level 30 and even with my test toon (an Elect/Rad Tanker) on Cryptic. The ones in Freakish Lab are freakishly weak. I think their lack of offense is masked by the fact that both trigger waves of ambushes. Hopkins The AE version of Hopkins uses 5 attacks. In order of frequency they are Barrage, Whirling Hands, Energy Punch, Bone Smasher and Total Focus. As a level 30 EB against an even level foe with no Resistance they do 221.8, 326.3, 424.2, 535.3 and 65
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