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  1. On 7/6/2020 at 7:33 AM, Derek Icelord said:

    For the Immortal badge line, here's what I've figured out for time required. This assumes +4/x1 and 0% damage resistance to type (fire for Lava and Lethal/Negative for CoT). Lava damage does vary by mission level.


    Farm Damage Interval (s) DPS Intervals Per Hour Hours to Badge Days to Badge
    CoT Guide 1128.04 11.0* 102.5 327.27 270.87 11.29
    Lava (no Rest) 38.89 0.5 77.8 7200.00 357.13 14.88
    Lava (Rest) 155.59 0.5 311.2 7200.00 89.27 3.72


    DPS is included so you can calculate how much regeneration / healing is required to survive the farm.

    The CoT Guide math assumes Rest is being used.

    *A Guide's Scimitar attack is assumed to have an 11s recharge time based on log files. There could be a decimal value that would slightly alter the math.

    I've been doing CoT lava farm AFK for the time being just because non AFK I'm doing the Mender AV mish for damage dealt (not flashback so didnt wanna waste it) since lava damage changes with level I should hurry up and get my damage dealt badge. Thanks for the info #necro on the thread lol

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