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  1. if only it was worth a shit to the devs/GMs
  2. I guess that's cool. 😉
  3. @AboveTheChemistthanks so much for such an amazing tool, is there currently a way to employ this with the file setup of the new HC launcher? I have it setup on my old PC through Tequila
  4. Love this tool so much on my badger, i bought a new laptop and trying to set this up on the new launcher, any advice or anyones thats done it?
  5. I've been doing CoT lava farm AFK for the time being just because non AFK I'm doing the Mender AV mish for damage dealt (not flashback so didnt wanna waste it) since lava damage changes with level I should hurry up and get my damage dealt badge. Thanks for the info #necro on the thread lol
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