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  1. Sounds about right, day job badges require 100 logged-out hours.
  2. If it matters, I'd say 98% of the runs that my data represents were on -1 or at most 0 level difference, with team size of 1, no bosses. I didn't want the runs to take any longer than necessary so I never cranked them up above 'normal' settings.
  3. It is still accessible via Pocket D. See the post below, which will show you where the entrance is in Pocket D.
  4. There is not, but I created a suggestion thread for that idea a while back. Feel free to support the idea there. Your popmenu idea is in the same vein as the rolling keybind idea I mentioned in the OP (third spoilered section down), which would require the /thumbtack command to work. Ultimately I think that would be the best way to implement this idea, but I don't want to get my hopes up too much. Still, I've made provisions in my scripts to be able to take my output and turn it into a popmenu/keybinds without a great deal of effort, if the /thumbtack command does ever come about. As far as the project goes, I am more or less done with the maps, and am finally happy with them. I ended up revisiting a few of them several times before I felt that they were complete, and of course I tested and retested to make sure they made sense. So, the in-game maps are done, and I am in the process of converting the BMPs to PNGs and cropping them for use in the offline viewer. I hope to finish that up over the weekend, and if that goes smoothly I hope to be able to post a finished product next week.
  5. It's a popmenu so technically it's available at all times (even prior to earning any of the associated teleport powers) using the /popmenu command or by binding it to a keybind or macro. As to when the macro button is granted 'naturally' in-game, I don't know with 100% certainty but one could hop on the beta server and /badge_grant some of the likely candidate badges (i.e. Passport, the day job accolades, Entrusted With The Secret) and note if/when the Fast Travel macro button becomes available.
  6. Fair enough, I suspected that was the list to which you were referring but I wasn't sure (I can think of a few others), and I didn't want to try to explain without knowing for sure. There's a slightly more complex explanation for what you see in that list, but if you are happy with the answer you have then I won't bother with it. I will say that that particular list is, per Jimmy, the 'best available' solution but that a better solution is sought.
  7. If I knew the exact beacon list to which you are referring, I might be able to explain the phenomenon you see. As noted, a screenshot would be the most useful.
  8. Where exactly are you seeing the "active" zone entries on these alts? A screenshot would be most helpful, or at least the name/description of the particular window.
  9. It is not, Pocket D must be enabled by either earning the Pocket D VIP Gold Club Member badge, or by earning the LRT power another way then collecting one of the two exploration badges in Pocket D. If you want to save yourself some time you could always 'earn' some of the badges in question using the /badge_grant command (the badge tags for the various badges are listed here) on the beta server.
  10. I dug around in some of the spreadsheets and found this data, which worked for me on beta just now. Here is the syntax for DOs and SOs (using an Accuracy enhancement at level 6 as an example): SO: /boost Magic_Accuracy Magic_Accuracy 6 DO: /boost Mutation_Magic_Accuracy Mutation_Magic_Accuracy 6 I've attached a text file containing the enhancement names I found. I can't say if this list is exhaustive or not, but it should be a good start. so_do_names.txt
  11. The closest thing I could find in the freebies menu is the auto enhance feature. It looks like the command '/auto_enhance' will grant single-origin enhancements, but I have never used it so I am not totally clear on how it works. It looks like the boost command will work for hydra, titan, and hamidon origin enhancements so if there was a way to determine the internal name for single origin (or dual or training if you wanted those) enhancements then it might work. Aside from that you might just need to grant yourself some inf and hit the store (assuming what you need is available there).
  12. Take a look at my last post in the Extor's Emotes Popmenu thread. The easiest install method is to use the CoH Modder tool, and there are some more details in my linked post. The other method is to manually install it by downloading the .mnu file in my linked post and placing it in the folder structure mentioned there. There are instructions for deploying it in-game there as well. It is certainly possible the in-game menu might be expanded, but I have no idea how likely that might be. This thread might provide a nudge in that direction but aside from that I am not sure what else might be done to encourage the updating of the in-game menu.
  13. I honestly thought the same thing, but looking back at a screenshot from 14-Oct-2019 (attached) shows that it has been toward the bottom of defeats since at least then. It's certainly possible that War Machine and the other badges I mentioned have always been there, and that the order shown on Badger has been incorrect this whole time.
  14. War Machine and War Torn use the same icon. Assuming that is War Torn on the top row of the defeat badges icons (to the left of the arrow), I see the same icon on the bottom row of the defeat badges icons, third from the left. Is that it? If not, try /settitle 2333 and see what is reported in chat. If you have the badge it should tell you that War Machine is selected as the new title. Edit: Taking a closer look at the defeat icons in your screenshot, and comparing them to the list on Badger (which are/were in the correct in-game order as far as I am aware), it looks like they might have reordered some of the defeat badges to group all the GM kill badges together. Along with War Machine, it looks like Surging (for Deathsurge) and Hell Bane (for Caleb) were moved as well, based on the icons I see at the end of the third row and beginning of the fourth row of defeat badges.
  15. The built-in emote menu does not contain a complete list of emotes, which is why I linked Extor's popmenu. Regarding the wiki emotes page, I agree that it could be organized more efficiently, but I've focused more on making it complete/accurate and less on overhauling the whole page. A page overhaul would take more time than I have at the moment but it is on my radar if someone else doesn't get to it first. In the meantime I recommend using one or both of the wiki page's table of contents or your browser's find function (CTRL + F on Chrome) to make finding emotes a bit easier.
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