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  1. I came to post this. Several other tracks vie for 2nd (including the more chill version that is the Aeon City music) but this piece of music is definitely #1. It's the first place I went when I created a character (as soon as it was relatively safe).
  2. The existing VidiotMaps still have some useful info, even if portions of them are outdated, so I didn't want to just overwrite them. The VidiotMaps are also printer-friendly whereas the updated MoreMaps4U maps (for which I started the Category:MoreMaps4U) are simply PNG versions of the in-game textures, so I thought it would be best to keep them as separate entities. I added an if clause in the Zone template for passing a MoreMaps4U map name. Initially this was causing a 'blank' line to appear in the zone infobox under the VidiotMap link, so I set up the if clause to show 'No updated MoreMaps4U map available' if no MoreMaps4U map name was passed. If there is a better way to get rid of this blank line, let me know and I can modify the template.
  3. I tinkered with my Python script and got it to work in reverse to take a DDS file and repack it into a texture file. At least, it worked for the badge icon replacement I made. If you want to try it, or if you want me to try to convert some of your files, just shoot me a PM. On an unrelated note, does anyone know anything about the 'Zone' Infobox template that is used to summarize zone info on the individual zone pages? I've attached an example from Atlas Park. I'd like to upload images of the new MoreMaps4U maps for the zones that have been updated and make them available in this infobox. Ideally I'd put the link below the VidiotMap link at the bottom, but I can't find where that template is to add the code to show it, and I had no luck trying to add it manually. I'll keep looking but if anyone knows anything about that template I am all ears.
  4. The version of Piglet I have will export as .dds. It requires right-clicking the texture preview image and exporting it from there, rather than exporting from the file list below. I just found out about that today when I was checking OuroDev but it seems to work fine. I don't know how to check the version number on my piglet, though. If you can't get that to work, I wrote a little Python to script to convert the textures into DDS, and then I found another little executable to turn them in to PNGs. I am happy to share either, or both. I haven't done anything with importing into piggs so I can't help there.
  5. Have you tried Piglet? I don't often need a pigg viewer but I've used Piglet several times and have never had any problems with it.
  6. There is still time to join us for this evening's outing, either with an existing character or a newly minted one. Send me a PM if you want to join us!
  7. If you are not locked into doing it on one character, and if you have a level 25ish+ character that hasn't done the first chapter of the 'Who Will Die' SSA, you could run that twice (since you get a freebie run for your first time) for 40 merits plus a Smoke and Mirrors for 12, then buy a Hero Merit for 50 merits and send it to yourself. That would give you 50 merits in about 30 minutes of easy solo work, and perhaps the different powerset would be a nice diversion. Don't forget that the WST changes at midnight GMT Sunday night so assuming your 4-day weekend extends to Monday, the chance to run 2 WSTs is there.
  8. For anyone interested in focusing on badges from i25/i26, I added a table to the discussion page for the main Badges page that contains every badge I could find that was updated or added in i25/i26. It's not necessarily comprehensive but hopefully it's a good start. Also I just figured out how to sign my discussion text (with the four tildes ~~~~) so please forgive any previous comments I made on the wiki that were unsigned. I'm still working my way up the wiki editing learning curve!
  9. I definitely misunderstood you, and offer my apologies. I was mulling it over this morning (before I saw your post) and I realized the error I had made. I considered deleting that post and just putting in an 'I'm an idiot and totally misunderstood you" but it kinda says that already using a few more words. The point about the 'other bits of data' on Badger is still relevant, however. The notes, badge text, and other info have been vetted as best as possible but I wouldn't assume it is 100% accurate for wiki updating purposes. The phrase 'trust but verify' comes to mind, and I've been double checking as much info as I can for the wiki badges that I have updated so far.
  10. I thoroughly checked all in-game badge names for spelling, settitle ID, and badge tag (which isn't tracked on Badger), and there are a few whose names are slightly different on Homecoming compared to how the name appears on the wiki. Of course there's always the chance that something slipped by, but given the amount of checking and re-checking I've done of the Badger data over the past several months, I have the highest confidence that what is on there is correct. Edit to clarify that I'm referring specifically to badge names and settitle IDs. Other bits of data on Badger (acquisition notes, in-game badge text, etc.) was verified as best as possible when we created the database, and we've continued to update it as folks have submitted issues and/or we notice things internally, but I have yet to find a straightforward way to verify those pieces of data like I have the badge names and settitles. I also certainly don't want to discourage anyone from double-checking any of the data on Badger, so check away! Edited a second time for brevity, and to say thanks for the note you left on the wiki. I think I have the hang of moving pages now (and I've been able to clean up any double-redirects) so I'll focus on moving the pages for the badges whose names changed on Homecoming. One nice side-effect of the update I made to the settitle list is that missing badges show up clearly in red!
  11. I finished a couple of wiki update projects I thought I'd mention. I checked the recipe page for each set IO against the recipe components dataset I put together not long ago, and updated any pages with erroneous recipe components I used the Badger site database along with the settitle/badge tag dataset I put together to update the settitle ID listing on the wiki There are several badges whose names have changed slightly on Homecoming, and I'd like to update those badge pages on the wiki but I am not sure how to do that the most efficiently. If anyone can point me to any guidance, I'd be grateful. I posed that question on the wiki as well but I am not sure I put it in a place that would be readily noticed. My gratitude to the many other folks that are continuing to update the wiki!
  12. This data has now been incorporated into the (unofficial) Homecoming wiki here: https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Settitle_(Slash_Command)/listing
  13. It is actually a separate badge, but that one in particular is a special case. There are 53 badges, mostly represented by the Primal (hero and villain) and Praetorian achievement badges, that exist as separate badges (with unique settitle IDs) for Primal and Praetorian characters and are mutually exclusive. In the Badger database, most of these were kept together as one badge and were simply updated to show both the Primal and Praetorian settitle ID, but Praetoria's Son/Daughter was split off from VIP/Destined One because it was causing ordering display issues for Praetorian characters. I wasn't involved in the split so I can't really speak beyond what is noted in the Badger github, but that's why that particular badge shows up in two different places.
  14. An ongoing themed Saturday night static team that I am a part of has lost a few members and I wanted to extend an invitation to the server for anyone that might like to join our group. We meet every Saturday night at 10 PM Eastern (9 Central/7 Pacific) and usually play for about an hour and a half. The powers theme is loosely elemental-based, with matching primary/secondary powers (where possible). We are currently in the mid 20's to 30ish, and have: Ice/Ice Dominator (Arctic Ant, my character) Dark/Dark Stalker (Wild Ranger) Fire/Fire Scrapper (Reheat, who alternately plays a Fire/Fire Corrupter named Scorchette) Energy/Energy Brute (Surge Magnitude) Ideally any newcomers would fit that general pattern, in an unused 'elemental' set (like earth, water, plant, electricity, etc.) but if the character you want to bring overlaps an existing powerset, that is not a deal-breaker. Level does not matter much. We are a bit light on support types, otherwise bring whichever AT you see fit. The group/costume theme is loosely based on the 5-man band trope. I've attached a screenshot of our costumes when we formed the team to give you a visual, with the red arrows indicating the remaining members. Basically we match in patterns for chest and legs (with individualized emblems on the chest that relate to our elemental power), and have a unique color according to power (red for fire, light blue for ice, etc.). The other costume pieces are up to the individual. A costume file can be provided as a starting point if you like. We started as heroes but are flexible in the content we run. The tentative plan for this weekend (May 23) is to run the Silver Mantis strike force (which is a WST) but we usually don't set anything in stone until we are in-game. We typically don't RP but if you would like to bring RP elements to the group, please feel welcome to do so. We have a utilitarian SG base as well. Please PM me if you have questions and/or if you would like our Discord channel info. Thanks for reading!
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