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  1. Glad that you were able to put it to good use! It is definitely possible to load the settitle bind file using relative paths (as you demonstrated), BUT the relative path can differ depending on the launcher one is using. Using absolute paths should theoretically be launcher-independent (and thus simplify the instructions) but I don't know if it was tested on a Mac. I didn't write the parser or the instructions so my knowledge is a bit limited. Regardless, I am glad you were able to find a method that worked and I'll keep that in mind if there are Mac users in the future that run in
  2. Even back when I did drink, I almost never drank while gaming because I just didn't find the experiences particularly compatible. I quit drinking a while back, though.
  3. EDIT: Several of my characters on Everlasting have the halloween tip mission, and both my characters on Torchbearer have it too.
  4. If folks need something Homecoming-related to do during the downtime, now would be a good time to update vidiotmaps (click this link for the latest update) if you haven't done so recently.
  5. The Rosetta stone spreadsheet says it is a combo of these 4 sounds (although to my recollection the first and third sounds stand out the most):
  6. I've been checking day job locations over the last week or so and have noticed this occurring intermittently. It seems to happen more often if I am in an area with several nearby day jobs (like the area near the base portal in Mercy Island) and I go from one day job area to the next in succession. Often after doing so, I would notice that a day job icon that should be appearing, wasn't. I seemed to be able to reliably fix it by exiting all nearby day job areas for perhaps 15-20 seconds, and then returning, but I only knew to do this because I knew there should be a day job available there.
  7. The most recent updates are available at this link: Click here for updated maps General update details are available in the spoilered section below:
  8. In order to make finding current and future updates easier, I am going to consolidate all updates into this post. For future updates, I will link back to this post. Please refer to the general and zone-specific update logs, located in the spoilered sections at the bottom of this post, for more specific update information. The current and most up-to-date version of VidiotMaps is available via the CoH Modder tool as VidiotMaps I26 (v10). This is the recommended installation method. For those that prefer manual installation, these maps are also available via zip file on Go
  9. There are three construction sites. One in the Royal Refinery neighborhood, one in the Aqueduct neighborhood, and one in the Industrial Avenue neighborhood. There is a map on the Paladin Construction wiki page showing the location of each of these spawn sites, and vidiotmaps has been updated to reflect this information as well. The site you note in High Park is the destination point to which the newly-constructed Paladin runs, and not a construction site. You'll need to search the three sites I mentioned above to find the active construction site.
  10. Found a small break in the geometry in St Martial, in the northern end of the bayou area in the Fortune's Wheel neighborhood. Coordinates are [-883.1 14.5 -1757.3]. (And no this isn't an old screenshot, the Everlasting TFs channel just shows a really old MOTD when on Brainstorm)
  11. The best I can offer is this set of maps and this popmenu, both of which follow the shortest path for collecting all badges/plaques in a zone.
  12. When using the bind commands (in any form, including silent) directly from the popmenu, you have to, at a minimum, change zones before they take effect. You could restart the client too, but zoning works. The only workaround I have found if zoning is not a practical option is to use 'beginchat /bind' (or 'beginchat /bind_load_file' if you are loading a bind file) followed by the bind you want to use. That will populate the chat bar with the command, and you have to press 'Enter' twice to send the command to make it work. But, the binds will start working immediately. It's not idea
  13. Michiyo posted at 2:15 eastern on Discord that the HC wiki would be down "for a bit" while some hardware was being installed on the server.
  14. Thank you for the info, Voltor. I'll add that an updated vidiotmap was published on June 2 (the day the patch went live), so users in need of a replacement for their in-game Kings Row vidiotmap (along with several other maps that have been recently updated) can click that link. The HC wiki page for the Paladin Construction event has also been thoroughly updated to reflect the best currently available information for the event.
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