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  1. Per Faultline's request, I modified the 'Set Level' menu to 'Train / Set Level' and added a 'Train' option to it, which issues the /train 0 command to open a training interface as if one were speaking to a trainer. I have not had a chance to test it, or to take a screenshot of the modified menu.
  2. It is, you can see details about the updated maps, including screenshots and proper save locations, in my original post from April. I have updated that post with the corrected maps that PsiBug posted.
  3. I got the NVIDIA standalone texture tool loaded and I tinkered with some exports but I have not been able to get anything to work yet that isn't garbled at the lower world texture quality settings. I plan to do a little more testing but my hopes are not high. Speaking of PAINT.net, I found a different thread that mentioned it would handle the A8R8G8B8 format so it was next on my list of things to try. Since it is free I probably will give it a go just to exhaust all options before turning to PhotoShop. That thread you linked seems to be active and the OP seems quite knowledgeable s
  4. Thanks for looking into the Photoshop options, PsiBug! And my sincere thanks in general for all your help in working the bugs out of the map creation process. I will purchase a copy of Photoshop (or maybe not, see edit below) and use that going forward with my map projects. With your permission, and with appropriate credit attribution, I would like to replace the problematic files I originally included in this post with the updated files you posted above. Thanks again, I owe you a beverage of your choice should we ever meet in person! Edit: I wonder if the N
  5. I would also like to remind everyone of the excellent tool for easily importing Mid's builds onto the Beta servers, as detailed in this post by America's Angel. I was asked to look into incorporating that tool into the freebies menu. After considering how that tool works, and given that the tool utilizes data that is dynamically generated by the player, I didn't see a good way of incorporating the tool beyond the aspects of that tool (namely auto-leveling to 50 and granting patron pool access and accolade powers) that already exist as options in the freebies menu.
  6. I have completed a beta version of the freebies menu that includes all the updates detailed in the top post. I also added a 'Custom Level' granting option that utilizes the /beginchat command to allow the player to grant a single enhancement or set of enhancements (where applicable) at a level of the player's choosing. Here's how it works: Edit: Per Faultline's request, I added a /train 0 command which opens the training interface as if one were speaking to a trainer. I changed the 'Set Level' menu option to 'Train / Set Level' and added the new command as the
  7. Regarding the numbers in the XML file, the ImageFileLength value seems to be the file size of the corresponding DDS file, in bytes (see screenshot). At least, for the handful of DDS/XML file pairs I have checked, which has included both VidiotMap and stock game maps, these numbers have always matched. I noticed that for the handful of my modified maps that I exported with mipmaps (except Warburg), the file size is 1 byte off from what I would expect. For example, both the stock and VidiotMap map for King's Row (the stock version is shown in the screenshot) have a file size (and ImageFileLength
  8. I agree. I feel better now that at least we are on the same page, even if the problem isn't fully solved. I'll probably take a few minutes to collate my notes/thoughts and post a brief summary of my observations shortly, if that would be of help. Edit: My first inclination is to try mipmap settings other than 'Default' but I'm still compiling my thoughts, then I'll start testing different mipmap settings. Further edit (1:30 PM eastern): I tried all the different mipmap filters (using Default wrap mode), as well as all the different wrap mode (using Default filter), with
  9. I wouldn't describe it as happy, but it was thorough. Unfortunately, despite all the iterations I tried, my best result wasn't quite a full success. I did a couple of control tests, one with the stock in-game map (i.e., no modified map in my data folder) and one with the original VidiotMap, and confirmed that both those maps display 100% clearly at all world texture quality options. I tested both Warburg and King's Row with the same result. The best results I was able to achieve with my modified Warburg and King's Row maps was after I followed your instructions as laid
  10. Thanks for all the investigative work, PsiBug! I had a couple of observations and a question. I checked on my system and as you can probably guess, my maps were blank and/or scrambled at any world texture setting other than 'High' or 'Very High'. You asked previously about my GIMP export settings, and they are identical to what you showed EXCEPT the mipmaps settings (I didn't use mipmaps on mine). My questions is: Did any of the '100% working' XML files you examined come from the original VidiotMap files that Blondeshell posted? I used the origin
  11. Thanks for the kind words, Pouncy. It's been a big learning process but these projects would not have come to fruition if I didn't at least try! Interesting. The header data that I use in my modified maps has been transplanted right from the original VidiotMap textures, so it should be good. Unless those two numerical values you found are actually in the dds part of the data and not the header data. If so, perhaps those values are tied to the mipmaps? Or, perhaps I should use header data from the original in-game maps?
  12. My world texture quality is set to very high, but I have not tested any of my maps at any lower settings. I have not been including mipmaps during the export process (because they didn't previously seem necessary), but I am happy to export a test map using them to see if that is part of the issue.
  13. Assuming that I am the individual to whom you refer, I didn't alter the resolution (in relation to the original in-game map) of any of the maps I updated. I also didn't compress any of the maps I updated, because I found that any time I used the available compression methods, the image quality was degraded compared to the original. I am not sure if the originals were compressed or not, but my best results were achieved when I used no compression. From what I can tell, at least some of the original maps use RGBA format, and I initially used that format as well, but I found that some
  14. I do use GIMP to convert my image files to DDS before replacing the header info to turn them back into .texture files. I suspect that the VidiotMap folks may have used other software to either convert the image files to DDS, or to manipulate the DDS files directly, before turning them back into .texture files. I don't otherwise have much (if any) need for image manipulation software, so GIMP was the best option for me. But it is entirely possible that the issue is related to the software.
  15. Last summer I put together some farming inf numbers in this post, in an attempt to quantify the impact of the then-recent farming nerf. My approach included some opportunistic marketing so I think those numbers might be relevant to this discussion. I didn't get into inf/time in that post, but I mentioned my times a few posts down.
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