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  1. Having followed this thread fairly closely since its inception, I got the sense from a few posters that they might be reluctant to choose a name if they knew it came from an inactive account. This popup would simply inform them of that fact, and anyone indifferent to this information could simply dismiss/disable it. Perhaps I read too much into those posts, though. If the overwhelming majority of players don't care, then no, this would not be necessary. From my own perspective, a popup like this would make me reconsider a name, because I am not sure I would want to deal with the potential drama from a player trying to reclaim their name. At the least I would try to find a different/better name that wasn't already taken.
  2. I had thought long about, and actually typed up a suggestion for, a forum-based tool (like the Beta character copy tool) to reset the last played date, but I think this is a simpler and overall better approach that achieves the same objective. An unrelated idea would be to add a confirmation popup when choosing a name held by an inactive account. Something like "You have chosen a name currently held by an inactive account. Should that account holder return to CoH, they may contact you to request the name be returned. Continue Y/N?". Certainly some folks would ignore that warning, and there should be an option to disable it. But for those that would otherwise be hesitant to "poach" a name, it provides the info they need to either take the name knowing they may be contacted in the future, or choose a new name.
  3. I found the /window_resetall command, assuming you have not already tried that. Not sure if that will completely solve it but it might at least be a start.
  4. Every 10 levels is correct, and there are other badges (besides the level-related badges) that award respecs and tailor coupons. Based on some testing I did on beta with /badge_grant, I think there are a total of 11 respecs and 13 tailor sessions available from badges. I did not make note of which badges, exactly, but that info is probably in my logs.
  5. After some testing I found that the sound is comprised of at least 4 individual sounds looped together. Three of them are: sound/Ogg/V_base/compAmb2_loop.ogg sound/Ogg/V_base/computerx7_loop.ogg sound/Ogg/V_base/electricityhum4_loop.ogg I've been able to silence each of them individually, so I know for sure those 3 are valid. But when I silence all three, the collector still emanates a rhythmic humming plus a faint electrical crackle. I don't know if that sound is one sound, or two (or more) additional sounds looped together. I searched and searched for that last sound but could not find it, and it did not sound familiar. The remaining sound it makes is much less obnoxious though, so perhaps silencing the three I mentioned will be enough. I've embedded the three sounds below. sound/Ogg/V_base/compAmb2_loop.ogg: compAmb2_loop.ogg sound/Ogg/V_base/computerx7_loop.ogg: computerx7_loop.ogg sound/Ogg/V_base/electricityhum4_loop.ogg: electricityhum4_loop.ogg
  6. The /getglobalname <character name> command will tell you the person's global handle.
  7. Oddly enough I did an analysis of those drop rates a while back, too! Not that that is much comfort for the cruelty the RNG inflicted on you.
  8. Perhaps, and you and Apparition make fair points, but no one knows for sure until it happens. I hope you are right, though!
  9. The /getglobalname <character_name> command will tell you the global handle of the player that has the name you are after, which in turn allows you to reach out to them via in-game email. Some of the server-specific forums here have 'name exchange' threads that might provide some options and/or inspiration. My main takeaway from the previous incarnations of this discussion is that the name purge(s) on Live only released a small percentage of names. I tried unsuccessfully to find the post that mentioned the specifics, but it didn't leave a lot of room for hope.
  10. I just saw posted elsewhere that the /citytime command will give in-game time, and I can confirm that it works.
  11. For my numbers, one run is all five missions of Briggs' fire farm.
  12. Yes, the RNG gods smiled upon that run. Looks like your XP/INF numbers are much more in line with mine with that 4x8 run.
  13. Just to be clear, the left-hand column of numbers in my table are from a single run before the changes (it was from Sept 2019). The right-hand column is a series of 7 runs I have completed in the past week. Based on my numbers, I see no evidence to suggest an alteration of any drop rates. I think all your salvage, recipe, and enhancement counts are in general agreement with the numbers I posted. Even that 52 invention recipes in your first run is probably nothing more than an outlier due to a generous RNG. Your XP and INF numbers are puzzling, though. Are you running at 4x8 with bosses on? If I deduct the xp/inf from bosses from my numbers, I get around 4 million XP and 8.5 million INF, which are closer to your numbers (although I would need to run it with bosses off to get more representative numbers). I suggest you double-check your settings, because during my recent testing I have found that farm to be quite consistent in generating right at 12 million XP and 27.5 million INF when set to 4x8 with bosses.
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