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  1. Not sure about Mid's, but Bopper has an ongoing project that details the powers in each powerset in spreadsheet form. An updated spreadsheet with numbers from Beta (which include Sonic Manipulation) was posted over the weekend.
  2. As Jimmy said, Nerva isn't bad. I also think the area around the Cap Au Diable north ferry terminal is a good area. Within 250 yds of each other are a base portal, university, ferry terminal, tunnel portal, black market, and the Vanguard outpost. The Midnighter's Club is just outside that 250 yd radius. The only thing keeping this spot from being an ideal hub is that the Ouro portal drops you off about 500 yds away. If the Ouro portal dropoff could be moved closer to this area, then I think this would be the kind of go-to hub that Talos is in Paragon City. That area of Cap is also fairly low level (tops out around 20ish) so it would be relatively safe for all.
  3. The old freebies pop menu thread was closed, but I took the liberty of building on r0y's last version by adding a menu in the 'Badges/Unlocks' section for the zone exploration accolades. There are sections for the Paragon City, Rogue Isles, and Praetoria exploration accolades. At the top of each of these three sections is an option to grant all accolades for that section, or each zone accolade can be granted individually. There are instructions in the first post of that freebies pop menu thread for installing the menu. I've attached the menu file (in zipped format) here, so download it here, unzip it, and place it according to those instructions. The instructions don't mention creating a keybind for that menu, but that can be done with the following command: /bind <your_key> "popmenu freebies" Hopefully similar commands can eventually be added to the built-in menu, but in the meantime perhaps this will help. freebies.zip
  4. Glad you got the bike working again! Regarding the spider, twenty years or so ago I was hanging out with my ex-girlfriend and her family at her folks' house. I needed to shower and ended up using the quite seldom-used shower in their basement. I was washing my face/hair (thus my eyes were closed) and felt a tickle on my foot. When I rinsed enough to be able to open my eyes I looked down and saw a wolf spider of equal proportion to the one you saw, perched atop my foot. It had apparently crawled up out of the drain. I am not overly bothered by spiders so I didn't freak out too badly. Still, it's a particularly vivid and not overly pleasant memory. I won't go into details but it ended up going back down the drain from whence it originated.
  5. My dedicated villain character has all the Halloween badges that I want except those for the banner event. I've tried to drum up interest in doing the event when it pops up on redside and/or in Kallisti Wharf, without a lot of luck. Granted, I am not the most charismatic or effective leader, so that probably doesn't help. But I thought I would put out some feelers for interest here. The banner event seems to come around roughly every couple of hours, so my thought was to put together a team (or league, depending on the amount of interest) and just do Halloween event stuff like trick or treating, running the Halloween tip mission, running Dr. Kane's, or even just running some redside missions or the like until the banner event rolls around to redside. Then we'd switch gears to complete the banner event then go back to whatever we were doing before the banner event started. I play just about every night from about 9 PM eastern to midnight. If anyone else would be interested in something like this during this timeframe, please drop me a line in this thread or via PM, or you can contact me in-game as well (my global is also AboveTheChemist). I am also open to other ideas if anyone has any better suggestions (aside from a trip to Null to change alignment!). If there is enough interest, great, and if not I'll keep trying in-game and/or just wait for Halloween stuff to roll around again next year. Thanks!
  6. I like this suggestion, and used to have the same anxiety about accidentally changing the badge title (which I ended up doing countless times). In the meantime, I made a keybind for my favorite title using the /settitle command along with the appropriate ID number that looks like: /bind <key_name> "settitle <ID number>". There is a list of all settitle IDs on the wiki. Now if I accidentally change it, I can restore it with a keypress.
  7. A couple of the badges listed above show up in-game under slightly different names: The badge listed as 'Winged Nuisance' appears in-game as 'Flying Nuisance' The badge listed as 'The Uncivil War' appears in-game as 'Uncivil Warrior' Also the new story arc badges listed above appear under 'Accomplishments' if anyone was curious. I'm not sure if anyone would find this useful but I've listed the /settitle IDs and badge tag IDs (for use with the /badge_grant command on the Beta servers) below, spoilered because I think some of the badge tags might be spoilery. Once i27p1 goes live I'll propogate this information to the appropriate places like the Badger site, the wiki settitle listing, my badge ID master list, my badge popmenu, and anywhere else I can think of.
  8. I have not done much testing on Beta but this is how I think it'll work out for me as well. Since I heard the slash command was going away, I've avoided using it in all but the most dire situations, and my general go-to is Ouro > Talos > Destination. So I think the LRTP to Talos will supplement this nicely. I'll admit to being a bit old-fashioned though in that I like mixing in tradtional travel (run/flight/jump) with my teleports, and I eschew the P2W teleports.
  9. The "old" version is visible on this page: https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Paragon_City I can't speak for the other HC wiki contributors, but unless something clearly needs changing immediately I'll probably hold off adding anything from i27p1 to the wiki until it is out of beta and onto the live servers.
  10. Looks like it. You can too! /em smartphone or /em text (two different emotes). I think the latter is what you see there but I am not 100% sure.
  11. Edit to say that the simplest way to install this would be to use the CoH Modder tool. My badge menu is in there for sure, but I am not sure about the other menus mentioned in this thread. If you want to install one of the badge menus manually, then Janrith's post from the first page covers it: In my case the folder is C:\Games\HC\data\texts\English\menus. If you don't have the data folder, or any of its subfolders, it should be fine to create them. Place the .mnu file in the last subfolder 'menus'. There are at least two way to access the menu, via a macro or via a bind. I use a bind that looks like this: /bind F4 "popmenu BadgeSetList" And when I press my F4 key, the popmenu opens. Any key will work, it need not be F4. Creating a macro would look something like this (copied from earlier in the thread): /macro BADGELIST popmenu BadgeSetList This would create a button named 'BADGELIST' that, when clicked, would open the popmenu. Feel free to name it something else if you wish. There may be other ways, or more creative means of using one of these two methods, but I wanted to make it as simple as possible. Note that the 'BadgeSetList' at the end of the above bind and macro commands refers to MY menu file and will only work for the menu I made available above. If you are using ROBOKiTTYs menu file, use 'BadgeList', and if you are using Wingman's menu file, use 'SetTitle'.
  12. I am not sure to whom this is addressed by my version has been in the modder tool since almost the beginning. I am not sure if ROBOKiTTY's is in there as I don't use the tool myself, but as far as I know their version is finished as well. I'll check this evening and post some information about where the menu goes, both for the old installer and the new HC installer.
  13. I posted a more lengthy response in your previous request for this item (linked below), but /showfps 2 or /showfps 3 will both provide a display of your current map coordinates.
  14. I checked everything I could think to check and posted a fairly comprehensive summary of the work I did in the original Unofficial Homecoming Wiki thread to let the community know (in case they can't see this thread for whatever reason).
  15. For the better part of a couple of months now I have been working to comprehensively update each enhancement set page, along with the pages for each enhancement within each set. I have completed that effort and double-checked my work as best I can. I certainly make no guarantees that everything is 100% correct now, but those pages should be substantially more accurate than they were previously. I've spoilered the details of my efforts below for any that are curious. A couple of trickle-down benefits to related, dynamically-generated pages include: The invention sets category pages (for example: Category:Sets that improve Cold Defense) now properly display all applicable enhancements The individual invention salvage pages (for example: Unearthed Relic Salvage) now accurately reflect the enhancements and level ranges for which the piece of salvage is used The invention sets category pages mentioned in the first bullet allow the user to compare sets that improve a common aspect (like cold defense) and make informed choices about which sets to slot. Back in July, before any of these updates were made, I created a set bonus comparison table page to similarly assist in choosing set bonuses. I plan to leave that page in place as an alternate resource and companion page to the invention sets category pages.
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