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  1. AE on live servers had no 2xp bonus either.... So its all par
  2. They both taking turns looking like there up! But on selection of server boom JK...
  3. Well I was checking midnight till 130 and was down then I wake up at 7 still down and nothing to say on it. Just a little communication would go a long way.
  4. Honestly they should just run game normal and not do 2xp.. Having issue running normal. We all happy just having game to play
  5. So seems servers down around midnight east and still down now? Any update on when might be up. They sometimes show on but on load DC.....
  6. Is the Double XP going to be like old days disabled in AE?
  7. Ok been checking to see forum back up. Does this mean game also up? If so we need to create account again? The account I used before does not let me log in? And create account link tells me not logged into forums all thought I am.
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