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  1. There's been no further changes since then.
  2. I think this was a communication error on my part. Fixing the Patrol XP bug helped with income inequality, as that bug primarily took effect in level 49 farms, so that did specifically hurt the value of farming. The double inf change wasn’t targeted at farming specifically, but I suppose it felt like it hurt farming the most due to the effect of the inf change and the bug fix combined. Looking back, it may have been better for us to fix the bug and then make the inf change later, so each step was clearer - but hindsight is 20/20.
  3. The poster I replied to deleted their post, so I hid mine as it contained quotes from the deleted post.
  4. Not sure where you're getting your information, but: As far as I'm aware we didn't have any complaints about false positives which weren't either resolved or retracted (and it's possible I'm mis-remembering as it was 10 months ago, but I think there was only one complaint, and it was quickly retracted) Accounts that bought influence were only banned for 2 weeks, not permanently Beyond that we generally don't discuss actions related to individual accounts publicly. As always, if you have any concerns about actions on your accounts please submit a support ticket. That's why it's not happened yet - there's no simple way to do this that doesn't also screw up normal gameplay. It's also why teleport macros still exist. We don't want to remove it until the legitimate uses have an alternative.
  5. It starts with a very simple question and you should be able to figure the rest out on your own: How do you know if someone is actually doing useful testing? Keeping asking how? for every answer. You'll get the idea.
  6. At the end of the day, marketeers don't negatively impact the experience of other players so we don't really see it as a problem that needs solving. You can be upset that someone has the patience to work the market and amass wealth - but really, what impact does it actually have on you (or other players)? In order to make money on the market they need to produce goods that others want to buy. If nobody did that, then you'd either have to make (craft / convert) them yourself (which you can still do!), or pay very high prices due to those goods being scarce on the market. You are effectively paying the marketeers to craft and convert for you. All of this is only true because of how obscure and unintuitive / difficult to work with the crafting systems are. If they were simple and easy then there wouldn't be a reason to pay others for it and everyone would it themselves. So in reality... the market isn't the problem here, crafting is. If we want to democratise this, then we need to make crafting and converting easier to use and understand.
  7. Even that's not really practical because of converters. I think the only thing you could really do that with would be Hami-Os (because they can't be converted), but sustaining that kind of manipulation would be incredibly expensive, and it wouldn't last long after you stopped because Hami-Os just aren't that much better than the alternatives in most cases.
  8. It's been thought about, but simply put it just wouldn't be worth the time it would take to develop - the issues you've already mentioned are just the tip of the iceberg. That's why we try to drum up excitement when we think public testing will be worthwhile. It's also why this post was written - we wanted to communicate that testing is just as valuable as donating money. We are incredibly grateful to everyone that contributes - be it time, money, or both. We just don't always have the time to post in every bug report or feedback thread (as that's a lot more time consuming that just reading them). We also do sometimes award the Bug Hunter badge to those that put serious work into reporting bugs, but that's an informal / discretionary process - generally it's awarded when a developer feels that an individual has gone above and beyond in helping us resolve an issue.
  9. You're correct. Reducing the total amount of influence entering the economy (without reducing drops) means there's less money available to pay for the same amount of assets. This results in prices going down (as we have now seen). Generally the more expensive items are now more accessible to those with less money - meaning normal players playing normal content have less of a need to engage in farming (which is a good thing, because not everyone finds farming fun). We don't want to kill farming due to some inherent hatred for it*, we just don't want it (or any other type of gameplay) to be necessary - and of course that means that the relative value of farming compared to other activities will need to shift until there's a more equitable balance. *This does not extend to AFK farming. Expect that to be mercilessly destroyed when we have the time. If this upsets you, please direct your complaints to someone who cares. I'm just talking for myself here, but I don't perceive the market (or game economy / progression) to be perfect (or even close to it) right now. It's certainly better than it was, but there's still plenty of room for improvement. Just the usual problem of our time and resources being very limited.
  10. You can play and test, but I'm not giving you any cake.
  11. Yep. This isn't an Ubisoft marketing ‘beta’. It’s highly unfinished work that needs serious testing. However, public testing is also really important, and it's vital that everyone engages in the testing process when patches hit the public beta server - and I'll explain why! If we went straight to public testing then there would be a wave of interest (and testing) immediately - which may seem useful - but in actual fact it would be mostly wasted as everyone would be encountering the really obvious showstopping issues. All of the smaller, harder-to-find (but still important) issues would be eclipsed by the obvious ones. Finding those smaller issues generally requires a much larger amount of time (and therefore players), which is why we don't want to waste that large wave testing wave on the obvious problems. Splitting the testing phases up allows us to 'save' that large testing wave to be used when it'll be the most effective. This isn't a marketing exercise designed to generate interest or engagement - and as cynical as it may seem, it's not about making testers happy. It's about helping the development team produce the best work possible for the live servers. I know it's been said a lot, but it bears repeating: This is a volunteer operation. We're professionals operating in a decidedly unprofessional environment with zero resources and zero in-house testers, so this is about as atypical as it gets - and therefore not something you can compare to most other testing experiences you may have had. With that in mind, we're quite happy with how it's worked so far. To date only been two serious issues that have slipped through the testing net: Brute taunt auras not working in farms - this was on Homecoming's test server for months, but the players it affected didn't engage in testing, so the issue wasn't found A really bad mapserver crashed caused by character transfers - Resurgence has only one shard, and our Beta server also only had one shard at the time, so it simply wasn't possible for this to be found #1 tells us how important it is that players engage in testing every step of the way, and how important it is for us to focus public testing at the time it will do the most good. #2 tells us we should have two beta shards set up so we can test character transfers (which we now do 🙂).
  12. Simply put, the decisions about what gets tested where and when are entirely dictated by the needs of the development team. Some of Page 6 (mainly the balance stuff) is being tested on Resurgence (aka Closed Beta), primarily because the last time early experimental powers changes were tested on our public test server there was a large amount of upset when changes got scrapped or altered (which is par for the course when it comes to live game balance), and this severely reduced the efficacy of the testing process. I refer to this as 'internal testing' because this (unfinished stuff that's nowhere near ready for prime time) would traditionally be tested internally if we actually had, y'know, a paid QA team - but obviously we don't, so this is the next best thing. Many Homecoming players who have provided constructive feedback during the last few rounds of powers testing are also taking part in this test. Once we're more confident in the changes then they'll hit the public beta server for more rigorous testing. This is the kind of crazy conspiracy theorizing I'm used to seeing from other CoH communities, not this one 🙂 Players on that server donate to keep it running because they want to play there, and they've been doing that for far longer than Page 6 has been in testing for. I'm sure they'll continue to do so once Page 6 is on the public test server.
  13. We're meant to be nerfing Regen, not buffing it.
  14. This is correct. Some people just don't understand the difference between PvPing and being an asshat. It's a PvP zone, not an asshat zone.
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