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  1. Something that's incredibly important to point out is that you do not see warnings issued to other users. Another person being an asshole does not excuse your behaviour. If you stoop to their level, both of you will get actioned - you just won't see the warning the other user gets. As a matter of policy, we do not discuss disciplinary actions involving individual users unless they decide to discuss it publicly. If you have a concern about a specific incident, please raise a support ticket and we'll investigate.
  2. I've hidden a bunch of posts that quoted an email address - please be careful about posting your personal info!
  3. Sorry, this would conflict with the upcoming Tropical Fruit Control powerset.
  4. Well, this is a rollercoaster of confusion. I don't think I understand most of what you're asking, but yes, we do play the game 🙂
  5. Keep it civil please 🙂 Someone else violating the Code of Conduct is not an acceptable reason to be rude to them. Just report and move on.
  6. We're One Year Old! It’s April 24th - exactly one year since Torchbearer, the first Homecoming shard, came online for the very first time - and conveniently, also only a few days shy of the 16th anniversary of City of Heroes’ retail launch. Looking back, those first few weeks were both immensely exciting and extremely chaotic for our community. It’s been a very long year for all of us, and we’ve come a long way - 5 shards, nearly 170 thousand accounts, over 1.3 million characters created and 5 major updates - with more to come! None of this would’ve been possible without the incredible support of our GM team, so we would also like to take this opportunity to extend a special thank you to all of our Game Master volunteers - both past and present - for your time and dedication over the past year. We wouldn’t be able to do this without you. And now… some festivities! 16th Anniversary Badge: Resurgent Following the vote earlier this month, Resurgent has been chosen as the name for the anniversary badge this year. Any character that logs in during the month of May will automatically receive this badge. Resurgent During the month of May all previous anniversary badges are also available to purchase from Luna in Ouroboros for 100 Reward Merits each. Invasion! Starting… now, Rikti invasions will be taking place all over Paragon City and the Rogue Isles. They’ll be here for two and a half weeks - until server maintenance finally defeats them once and for all on Tuesday the 12th of May. Anniversary Contests @GM Miss is hosting two contests to help celebrate the anniversary! Anniversary Screenshot Contest: Starting today and running until May 1st, we’re asking you to submit your favourite screenshot from the past year. Anniversary Costume Contest: On May 2nd we’ll be hosting an anniversary costume contest! Many prizes will be up for grabs, including permanent costume powers. And that’s all for today. Thank you for joining us on this amazing journey - this is only the beginning. - The Homecoming Team
  7. We've no intention of touching power levelling directly, but we are intending to make other ways of levelling up more appealing (see the upcoming changes to low level enhancements as an example). AFK farming on the other hand probably will get looked at eventually, but we'll need to be very careful about how we fix in order to ensure there's little-to-no impact on anything that isn't AFK farming. Right now the wider economic impact mirrors that of normal farming (ie: it introduces tons of goods and influence) so there's no immediate economy-related concern, but... This, pretty much.
  8. We do have a somewhat automated system, but it just executes various actions for automatically for GMs so they doesn't need to be completed manually. No action is ever taken without a human* GM instigating it. If any action is taken on your account the automated system will send you a global tell informing you of what's happened. It will also automatically open a support ticket with the full details - you can then respond to the ticket if you want, and it'll then be added into the support queue for us to review and respond to. *we cannot guarantee that all GMs are completely human
  9. We never generic solely based on reports. We always verify by checking the actual character before taking any action (and we have tools to easily do this without needing to be in-game).
  10. I think you’ve misunderstood the relationship that cats have with fleas.
  11. While the rule itself has been discussed at length already, there is one point I wanted to provide some clarity on: While this is in theory a good idea and in an ideal world I would support it, unfortunately it's simply not practical right now. All of our GMs are volunteers, and dealing with copyright issues is only one of many responsibilities that they have. This would at least double the amount of time it takes to deal with each individual incident, and that's time that would be taken away from helping players with other issues, such as stuck missions.
  12. @FnaX Absolutely not. We'll have a look at the logs here and take any necessary action. In the future please report any behaviour like that and we'll deal with it.
  13. I made a mistake with the date and we didn't realise until today! The 15th is most certainly not a Tuesday, so we're leaving it active until tomorrow, Wednesday the 15th 🙂
  14. Just hidden some posts to prevent that being necessary. Keep it civil folks.
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