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  1. ITF is next week (the thread has been updated to say this), we'll have a longer-term schedule available soonβ„’.
  2. Jimmy

    Bug hunter badge

    It is awarded. Generally not asking for it is one of the requirements πŸ™‚ @Kismetteis partially correct. It does not appear in the character info window, only to the player that owns it in their own badge list and does not count towards the badge total.
  3. Indeed. We're doing things in the way that we think is best (obviously, otherwise why would we be doing it this way? πŸ˜€), but that doesn't mean the other servers are doing it wrong. They're just doing things differently. We won't deride any player for wanting to play on another server because they want something different out of the game.
  4. The intention has always been to make the game and any future content feel like home (hence Homecoming), but we absolutely also do want to bring modern design sensibilities and technology to the game as well. The new story arcs are a good example of this. We're also definitely prepared to take a look at old systems, especially ones that were heavily tied to the business model of the game, but we've no solid plans in that regard just yet. Again, the intent is to keep it familiar whilst also modernising where it makes sense. Kinda a brief answer but I hope that sheds some light on our thoughts πŸ™‚
  5. Just had to delete some posts. As a reminder, this forum is not the place to discuss disciplinary actions taken on other servers. This thread has also veered wildly off topic. If anyone wishes to continue the original topic, please do so now, otherwise I'll probably lock the thread as the original question has now been answered and discussed at length.
  6. This isn't the place to discuss disciplinary actions on other servers.
  7. Absolutely not all servers were invited. You just exemplified why: This stance is very prevalent amongst the larger servers that were not invited. We want these talks to succeed, so it would be incredibly unwise for us to invite parties that strongly adhere to this belief to the table. It would only muddy the waters.
  8. Now, to answer to the OP! There's a few reasons for the apparent slowness. Some others have touched on the reasons but I'll provide a bit more detail. We've been focusing a lot on underlying technology before content. There's been massive behind-the-scenes changes whilst we get ready to start working on new stuff - the 64-bit client is the most obvious public-facing example. Attention is taken up by things not directly related to development. Yes, the talks are one of those things, but we're also having to manage, maintain and moderate a far larger and more complex infrastructure. These things, and others, take up time and energy. The team contains several professional game developers and software developers and as such our quality bar is very high, and we're matching the quality existing content as closely as we can. There's plenty of new stuff in the pipeline, we just want to put more time into it before we're happy to push it out for wider testing. The team is still small. We absolutely will be recruiting people and growing the team in the future (we've had many, many, many people express interest), but it's not quite time for that just yet. We're focusing on tools and infrastructure first. Hope that all makes sense.
  9. Had to rush off to a meeting before. Got a bit more time now... I did specifically call out things that were factual inaccuracies, from my perspective at least. Most of the other points are opinions, and I'm not going to debate opinions because we obviously disagree πŸ™‚ I've not looked up the incident, but based on your description I'm not sure what the issue there is. A mistake was made and promptly corrected? Keep in mind that the focused feedback threads are pruned more regularly to ensure they stay on topic, otherwise they stop being useful. For example I can see an entire tangent about a certain blue tights wearing hero was removed recently! Please report these posts, several of our GMs actively moderate the forum every day but we still rely heavily on user reports in order to see problematic posts. Plenty of people have had their posts actioned for defending us too aggressively. thatsnothowanyofthisworks.png πŸ˜‰ It's specifically a User Agreement, not a EULA (End User License Agreement), there's no license involved, and we aren't claiming any ownership of the game. The User Agreement deals with matters of conduct and the enforcement of other laws. Just because the ownership of the game and IP are legally dubious, that doesn't mean other laws should be ignored. To the best of my knowledge Titan was never involved in any of the previous rounds of talks. Those that were simply posted on their forums. What I can tell you in absolute certainty is that this is a completely fresh conversation that began in April.
  10. I've not seen anyone else discuss ongoing talks with NCSoft. Ours have not. We've been engaged in discussions with them since April of this year. This is also false. Posts that break the Code of Conduct are actioned. Feedback and criticism is not. The very fact your post is being left up - despite the many, many inaccuracies - is proof of that. Not sure what you mean by this. We're incredibly open to feedback, especially about balance updates. Serious changes spend months on the test server. As for the legal stuff, we've explained every step of the way what's happening and why it's happening. We are working with other servers. I've not go time to pick through your entire post, but please don't claim you are here to halt the spread of misinformation whilst also spreading your own.
  11. Of course. We'll give a good amount of notice, won't commit to an exact timeframe though πŸ™‚
  12. It's more "not yet" rather than "never". It'll happen at some point, it's just not an urgent priority. The main reason we wanted to communicate it early was to ensure it wasn't a surprise.
  13. This is because you had one costume drop twice in the first 10, etc.
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