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  1. My best friend, Tufa-Detritus, died last year in January. He -loved- this game. He was originally Hefty Smurf on Live, but lost his name and became Tufa-Detritus instead. He had an odd character design, he was highly dependent on blue 'paint chips' (inspirations) - but my character, Sable Dream wasn't, so I would feed them to him as we played. Fun! I lost him while I was visiting family over Christmas, the first time in literally decades I didn't get a chance to visit him. His passing was a blow. I remember on Live he set up two versions of Tufa-Detritus with different spellings and he wo
  2. When I activate cloak of darkness, my weapon is concealed, and stays concealed even when used (unlike other objects like blackwand, nemesis staff...) - however, if I do a CCE to change costumes while stealthed, the weapon will be revealed (when used) as expected from that time until I am forced to re-establish stealth. This does not seem to work when the costumes are substantially identical (rats!).
  3. So sad - still - I guess it could be done in the future. Here's hoping!
  4. Do we have this costume piece? Wanted to do a sonic 'minstrel'...
  5. Ha! I figured it out! Apparently, mission selected or not, the game was checking a single mission I had from before changing alignment. If you are using mission transporter, and changed alignment, make sure all previous missions are cleaned up and you are good to go!
  6. Whoops - mission I verified it on was not a normal door mission, it was a monorail mission. I'll try and verify it again when I get a normal 'door' mission.
  7. 95% of the time. It will not transport to door missions, saying "You cannot teleport to the map this mission is on." (*JUST* verified, on a timed mission). Rarely, it will work - I originally thought it had been nerfed somehow - but I was advised that it was most likely a bug. OK - now to go back and do the timed mission, lol.
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