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  1. Cautiously excited for the “near future improvements to Energy Melee”! Hoping the ST abilities really get to shine still. Right now on my EM stalker it’s just no comparison to my StJ stalker. 1) total focus and energy transfer - both have very long animations and either get no crit or a reduced crit 2) the new Assassin Strike mechanics greatly favor building up the guaranteed crit with faster/weaker attacks. (Again pushing me away from using TF and ET) 3) the stalker ATOs also proc more frequently on AoE of which energy melee has none https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/22534-game-balance-the-endgame/
  2. I still remember soloing as an energy melee stalker. My attack chain was build-up Assassin Strike target 1 (dead!) Energy Transfer target 2 (dead!) Total Focus target 3 (stunned or dead!) It would bring me great happiness to see a split-second Energy Transfer again. Hoping to re-live that glory outside of my dreams someday..
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