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  1. Derp, I finally remembered where the unique version of Bonebreaker is used. End of Sondra Costel's arc. Tested it, does not count for either badge. (The boss at the end of the Bonefire arc is named "Bonebreaker" but is just a renamed Bone Daddy and counts for both badges.)
  2. Anyone who wants to do a strict primary build, fine, your character, your rules. For my part, I'd rather have a teammate who knows how primary and secondary powers synergize. Take cold domination, for instance. It's all right by itself, def is handy, heat loss is nice, sleet is OP. But what about the other 90% of the fight when you're doing nothing? Throw in a blast set and you're so much more. Off-tanking in a pinch, or soft controlling for days, or soloing AVs when teaming gets slow. (Full disclosure, I own stock in Tenebrous Tentacles, and I want you to buy some too.)
  3. Expected result: Sonic Siphon logs a Hit Rolls message whether it hits or misses. Actual result: Sonic Siphon logs a Hit Rolls message only when it misses. No Hit Rolls message when it hits.
  4. There's a slash command to autocomplete a mission in Architect Test Mode. /architect_completemisison Note misspelling "misison". The command should be /architect_completemission.
  5. I noticed the same yesterday, and tested to confirm. Many of the new Issue 24 Skull types weren't added to the lists for badge credit. Asterisks below are the results that don't seem right. Evidence: Local SCoRE server test https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_KLHgeoVAQ Homecoming test https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=umj4ietw_TU Actual results: Old minions (chopper, slugger, brawler, slicer, slammer): Males count, females don't* New minions (striker, assailant): Males and females count Quantum minion: Doesn't count* Old LTs (buckshot, g
  6. Outleveling has nothing to do with the bug I've described. For these contacts, even if you complete every single mission they offer, you will not reach the max CXP.
  7. One caveat, exploration badge award coords can be different from the visible plaque coords. So far, I've only seen any differences in Praetorian zones: Ambitious, Citizen Cole, Guardians of Justice, Tiberian Overseer. In normal play, this doesn't matter. The visible plaque is within the award radius, just not at the center. But depending on the application, this might be something to keep in mind. Edit: Most extreme example, you don't get Citizen Cole badge where I'm standing. The badge award is centered on the pool, not the plaque.
  8. 1. Fareed Abdullah 2. Guy Denson 3. Mark Freeman 4. Tom Bowden These four contacts require 70 CXP to reach max relationship, but their missions award a total of 65 CXP. It is not possible to reach 70 CXP with these contacts, even with Ouro. Changing their relationship thresholds from 10/50/70 to (for example) 10/40/60 would make it possible to max their relationships. 5. Special Agent Jenni Adair This contact requires 40 CXP to reach max relationship, but her story arc awards a total of 30 CXP. Completing her arc, whether live or i
  9. I have Achilles Heel proc in Weaken Resolve. When it procs, I see "You reduce your targets damage resistance temporarily" 8 times per proc.
  10. Issue 27 patch notes included "some additional tweaks for the higher levels" of Vahzilok. Issue 27 appears to have unintentionally impacted low level Vahzilok as well. Before issue 27, cadavers, embalmed cadavers, abominations, diseased abominations, and embalmed abominations had: 30% smashing resist -30% lethal resist (vulnerability) 20% toxic resist Now they have:
  11. Does this mean someone had to write tips for 400+ explore badges in the game? Wow.
  12. Field Medic adds a 25% global boost to heals. This boosts Aid Self and the heal portion of Regeneration - Dull Pain as expected, but does not boost Regeneration - Reconstruction, at least not for Scrapper.
  13. How about a new enemy flag, where certain flagged targets are instantly defeated if their endurance goes to 0? It'd be a fun alternative for getting rid of e.g. force field doors, destructible glowies, and other targetable objects. It could even be a special thematic weakness on certain enemies. For instance, incorporeal enemies might dissipate, electronic enemies might shut down when out of energy. Wouldn't necessarily be overpowered, either, since the enemies would be unable to attack anyway. (Hat tip to Final Fantasy VI, which probably gave me this idea s
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