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  1. I'll add to the chorus of people who can find their melee character in doing less than meaningful damage to a mob due to having to get into melee range. Not always, but in certain situations. I do tend to solo my melee characters a lot more.
  2. The favoritism towards capping def over capping resist is a good tell what the player base thinks is the one to focus on. But yes, a steady stream of damage can be easier to deal with than an occasional oh crap amount of damage. I wouldn't mind trying a resist set on a stalker, but those sets work so much better on the sturdier melee types, I pick those instead.
  3. Take two builds. One is resist based and the other is defense based. They both over time average out taking in 40 points of damage/sec. Which one is better? The defensive one is. The reason is even though the resist one is taking in small amounts of damage over that time frame, it is also taking in more of those hits. Also, more end drain. More slows. More -recharge. A defensive based set is taking in less of them and gives the player more time to recover from said attacks. Now, if the resist based set has some sort of advantage to help mitigate further damage, then that would help. The proble
  4. Taking Maneuvers can mean less deaths all around. Plus, the +recharge IO.
  5. I do believe until EM's rework StJ was the pylon king for Stalkers. Note, I'm not saying that measurement is the end all be all because it isn't, but it is still noteworthy.
  6. If you are crafting the IOs, a level 35 is cheaper to craft in terms of currency than a level 50.
  7. Agreed. I think the listings are quite close to what I would pick outside I might have minor quibbles, I'm not sure anything gets moved to a lower ranking. EM would feel better if it kept WH. No attack set needs that many ST attacks, IMO. More so when end game builds trend towards using three ST attacks. I still get confused on the design decisions for stalkers and AoE. Hopefully the dev behind Claws not having Spin isn't in game development anymore.
  8. Storm is great for debuffs. I saw a video all an almost all Corr Water ITF and there were a number of /storm sets used.
  9. Currently running a Dark/savage tank and enjoining it. I see no reason for the brute version to not be solid as well. ST damage could be better, but if Hemo ever got fixed, Savage might be my favorite attack set.
  10. Recently played my Water/time blaster on a Posi 1 and got reminded I had access to 3 AoEs even at that level.
  11. Think of a teenager who thinks they know all the things.
  12. That's Savage. Took Claws to 50 twice, and /ea to 50 once. Partly why I couldn't stick with Claws/ea was due to how familiar it felt even though it felt great. One of the few scrapper builds I would think of doing if starting over.
  13. So you are "totally engaged" as a MM at level 27 while only having Transfusion and Siphon Power? You don't even have a staple Kin powers Speed Boost or Siphon Speed. What are you doing instead, using MM attacks? (chuckles) As someone who has taken Kin to 50 more than once with one being my main for years and a MM to 50, I got a headshaking chuckle out of this. I mean, how the hell a /kin at 27 gets thanks for being dedicated while not having one of the two signature powers is beyond me. (dedicated butt kicker, lfxp)
  14. Stalker: StJ/ea. A bit early on my Elec/sd, but I like /ea better. Scrapper: Rad/sd. I was doing this instead of Dark/sd even though that build has a strong fan base. Having gotten them to 39-40, I lean towards Rad. Against All Odds fueling a damage aura and more AoEs. Season with -res procs. Brute: Claws, StJ or Kat with WP. Savage/rad is early, but Savage fuels /rad. Fury adds to Savage's damage. Savage could use a rework on Hemo though. I will die on the hill Savage is what Claws should have been. TBD, SS/elec. It feels like it has potential in my head. I need to twe
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