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  1. To be fair, one might want to factor in /fire brutes. The top 3 builds for brutes are known farmers and make up for roughly half of brutes. #4 is Elec/sd which again can farm. #5 and #6 are again /fire brutes. Factor in a team might only "need" one tank, but can benefit from multiple defenders and defenders still have lower numbers.
  2. A SJ stalker fired the scrapper AT for me more than any brute has, and brutes have been my favorite AT for some time.
  3. For me I can go do some farming and wait and see what pops up for teams if anything. I mostly do 1-2 runs and then switch. I did a number of them early on as a way to level up to get to a certain point with the build. I am also working on a character for more regular content but S/L farming as I really don't want to take the effort to make Spines/fire for farming and regular content. I also had plans to dual box, but honestly haven't gotten around to doing so much. For other builds, the "Bad" space map works wonders. Again, vastly for early levels to get a build up and running.
  4. There's only one toggle at 10. The next one is at 20 and can be put off until 22 while taking the Fly type travel power. This is essentially what I did. I had no real issues with end. I got on teams with it. 2x XP can get you to 22 rather quick. Even soloing, one can go to AE and do the "Bad" missions. I prefer the space one. At 10 with 2x XP running, you can gain a level per every run. An almost default for me is to run a new hero through it until like 18 and then go team. Early TFs would also be good. People run Posi I feel like all the time.
  5. Zoning seems fine. I was very much looking to post about getting a new graphic's card when this issue popped up as the game can be still pictures at times. I have not gone through those steps yet. I got on a Tina arc team and dinged 50 for my first hero on HC going from 46 to 50. I did three Posi 1 TFs today and had considered the issue maybe over until it happened when I clicked to exit the final mission of the last Posi TF I had done. RAM for the game was 1.2 GB at the time of the issue.
  6. I Goggled the model and Amazon showed one with a NVIDA Quadro NVS 3100M.
  7. Resistance on a controller is less needed than defense and defense stacks nicely for what Dark does. Mez protection can come from being Incarnate, and to be honest, I don't get mezzed much. With "2.5" pets already and one coming from Incarnates, I don't see so much benefit from adding another. I concede Power Boost is awesome, but I can't really complain about any of the Ice powers and two AoE attacks is mighty nice for a build lacking in firepower compared to others. I debated Psi and Ice. I might change, but I got to 50 last night and need to go back and fill in my slots. From what I got playing it last night, I'll be more than happy in the end. FYI, I started at 46 last night so I had some of the ice powers already.
  8. Currently dealing with a graphics issue which started to happen after the last patch which forces a reboot about 20% of the time I enter or exit a mission. I will get back to it once that's figured out.
  9. I don't know when the load screens all happen, but entering and exiting missions is when mine definitely happen. I don' think it has ever happened dealing with the base.
  10. Fullscreen and it still happened. I did some crafting and going to my base fine. Ran an AE mission and crashed on the exit. Note this happens outside of AE. Laptop specs: https://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c05165205
  11. I just wonder if I can tolerate it long enough to see it bloom and if it does in a way which works for me. It feel like more than ever I need to wait until a build is 50 to decide if it is worth keeping versus 20-30. I'll do some more teams if I can get a current graphic issue fixed. My Claws/wp doing the same content was far smoother at that level. I have yet to roll a Invul through 60+ characters on live and HC. I literally forget it is there. I have thought of various heroes to make and have a look down, but don't roll them since I forget Invul is an option. Outside of the hype for /bio, I have just been wanting to try a brute with a damage aura that isn't /fire. A couple /elec ones keep being deleted.
  12. Played around with my TW/bio brute and I know it is still early in the life cycle of the build, level 28, but it just feels more fiddly than what I want out of a build. I see the potential, but I feel like I'm fighting the build and that's not fun. I would roll a TW/wp brute in a heartbeat if I didn't already have a /wp brute.
  13. I'll try to stop being annoying with every time it happens, but it happened twice more tonight. There was a variation on the theme with a long load happening and getting a mapServer message, but the second time was back to normal. Note, if there is going to be an issue, it is very early on during the load page. I see a small amount of the load bar, and then it just sits there until the load happens. I don't know what percentage of the time it happens, but it is enough to where being on teams is going to be difficult if I have to exit the program and then log back in and get a reinvite once every lets say 6 load screens. Should be obvious how annoying this would be for TFs. I don't know if I could even complete one.
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