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  1. I had a SJ/Shield scrapper that I might reroll at some point. Interesting to look at the FotM data for level 50s. SJ and /shield are #2 for primary and secondary for stalkers and yet #32 as a combo.
  2. If I want /elec or /wp, I would go Brute. If I want SJ, I would go Stalker with something like /ea, /shield, or some other defense based set. /elec and /wp benefit more from Brutes higher HP and resist cap. SJ is best on a stalker although it isn't bad on a Brute. I even made a SJ/invul Brute based on a concept, and it has been fun although like level 20. FYI, I went SJ/ea and it is one of the only builds I know I will play after hitting 50. SJ is just fun as hell and in the running for favorite melee set with Claws which I went Claws/wp Brute.
  3. Without_Pause

    AE Farm

    Psi isn't really a top contender. Rad is. You also don't have to farm to make money. You can make money off of the market.
  4. Then fix Incarnate content. A global containment buff for everyone all the time is a shortsighted fix.
  5. Until I get more experience with other secondaries Ice/temp is my default answer. You get two holds among other goodies. /fire would likely be #2.
  6. Blasters don't need containment. Level 50 +4 content can be made enough of a joke as is.
  7. While Storm is better on a def, Ice is definitely better on a corr due to scourge and the rain powers.
  8. I'll gladly take end reduction over recharge during early levels.
  9. You don't need to farm. Get on teams doing level 50 +4 missions and have 2x XP on. That's how I got my two level 50s in their final stretch so far. I also found focusing on a melee, DPS, and support build and getting them to 50 helped curbed altism a bit. This way there is a bit of rotation and change in playstyles. Once that group gets to 50, grab another. It also helps to figure out which builds once they hit 50 are still going to get played and invested in and focus on those. I had a list of like 16 guys. I'm down to 9-10 I care about to get to 50. I can see 5 being played post level 50 and one is a farmer so that's a default. I accept the fact I'm not going to pimp out all 10 characters, so I focus on the ones I want to. I play the others as a way to take break as needed.
  10. Curious to know how that was built.
  11. I must be missing something for people saying Ice is among the fastest. Water feels faster. Fire's T1 is near auto fire worthy.
  12. Until you can get reasonable common IOs slotted, I wouldn't read too much into anything. Defense based sets are all or nothing, and you don't have a heal in your secondary until later.
  13. I'm also down for playing what is fun. If you enjoy a build, that's what matters. WP powers are good though 28, so I would at least get up to that. 32 might be the ideal place to evaluate the build.
  14. Do a search for "Bad." There are a couple, but I prefer the space one. Mobs are a single +1 inept boss. Being level 11 would be an easy level per run with 2x XP. You are perma exempted at level 1, so no matter your leveling, you can't out level the content even doing 2x XP. It is my preferred why to kick start a new character outside of pure AE farming.
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