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  1. StJ can put up numbers. It certainly can for stalkers.
  2. I wonder if Rad's own secondary trigger is overwriting the crit text or adds to it so it might get lost in all of the text. Been ages since I played my Rad/shield so I can't recall.
  3. https://www.newegg.com/cyberpowerpc-gamer-ultra-2054-gaming-entertainment/p/N82E16883229194?Item=N82E16883229194 What can I push this too for RAM, and how easy would it be to switch in a SSD drive as my old hard drive died on it? Mostly reviving this to run Linux on and hopefully CoH. I can run it on other computers, but those have Intel which can be an issue with certain maps. I'm fine if this only is used for Linux though.
  4. I like the sound of the set, but the eye beam attack still isn't one I like. The original version just grates on me.
  5. Savage with /ea or /sr would be my picks for a faster scrapper since Claws isn't an option. /ea has a smoother curve for end issues. I would use more resist based builds for brutes and tanks.
  6. Earth/storm just utterly and completely wrecks things. You can be on a team which goes after multiple mobs. You can be the star on a Prevent 30 Fir Blog from escaping or whatever they are called mission.
  7. I didn't mind my StJ brute for as long as I had them. My primary experience though is via a stalker. Add in ATOs and it is my 2nd favorite set.
  8. Rage fixes has made the set worse in the eyes of many.
  9. I have one character already redside and can easily move another there as they were kind of already in between. The con is I somewhat recently moved and I'm still in the long process of setting things up so my playtime is minimal.
  10. O.o. Slot it up for damage and the heal factor is small. The heal aspect certainly doesn't make fights 2-3 times longer. I've soloed +4 on common IOs and pre-50.
  11. I went Rad/bio as a change from the standard fire farmer.
  12. Due to the current state of SS, I would be tempted to go Savage even if thematically, SS works better.
  13. Play at a lower level than your character currently is.
  14. I vastly exempt down due to TFs. I don't really worry too much about how the build deals with it as I figure common IOs with a build having more slots than usual for that level range will be fine.
  15. A complete code rewrite. The original devs said the code base was a mess, which is really something for the devs themselves to admit to. A complete rebuild from the ground up should make the code base vastly easier to deal with moving forward thus saving time and dev sanity. It would shore up just how poorly this game runs on Intel. I have zero issues in far more modern games. The game in caves and sewers can be a series of screenshots. I don't want to get a PC simply for CoH but some days...
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