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  1. Got obsessed with ATOs and did a super pack experiment: 10 Heroes & Villains packs for 100million. I had to cobble the influence from several alts, largely by turning reward merits into enhancement converters and thence into influence (I have a main but he is not swimming in billions of inf -- my toons mostly pay their own way). This is a relatively low sample size, but the results feel consistent with my overall experience with super packs. From a cost perspective, you'd obviously like to get at least 10 million influence worth of value from a super pack. Based on current AH prices,
  2. Thread necro here ... The best, usable powers in Traps are Caltrops, Triage Beacon*, Acid Mortar, Poison Trap, FFG, and Seeker Drones*. Web Grenade is not consistently helpful except when soloing and the trip mine / time bomb very hard to pull off in team play. Again, these are solo powers. All of the good powers except FFG have relatively long recharge timers, especially Triage Beacon. With SOs you can get it down to where you can do Caltrops every fight, alternate Poison Trap and Acid Mortar between fights, and do Triage Beacon every 3rd or 4th fight. Seeker Drones is ba
  3. Assessing interest in a RP, "hardcore" superteam for Excelsior. The concept is as follows: 1. We don't use P2W. 2. We don't use the AH. 3. We don't trade influence with third parties or our alts. We DO pool salvage and trade recipes with each other via email or at the base. 4. We don't rerun content with the same characters. 5. If we run in PuGs, we only do so for specific TFs, trials, etc., and turn off experience for such events. If we participate in zone events (i.e., Rikti invasions, zombies, etc.) we try to have our own team as part of the league where possible.
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