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  1. Hello, I was just wondering what comic podcasts you like to listen to. I have a few I listen to regularly. Everyone Loves The Drake The Fire and Water Network Justice League International BWAHAHA Podcast Batman Universe Comic Podcast
  2. Again still no result. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  3. I tried emailing some influence from my main to my alt. I made sure there was a subject header, influence amount and something in the body of the email. Nothing was sent. I logged on as my alt and emailed my main to at least I'd have an email my Baum can reply to. I got back on as my main and replied back to the email again filling in a subject, influence amount and sometime in the body of the email.
  4. Sorry to hear neural. I've only had this for about 9 days. When I played this off Tequila in my old PC I hadn't experienced disconnects like the way I am now. My disconnects them were due to the age of my PC and its components. Until now I thought I was the onmy[ftp]only one with the disconnects I have experienced. It doesn't make it any better, I don't like that others such as yourself are suffering from this issue as well.
  5. Update goblin. I have been playing for about 2 hours now and I might Jinx myself by saying this but I have yet to disconnect. It's ironic because I'm recording this under wire share as we speak. The team is just taking a break so I'm chilling right now
  6. Disregard my pm, reread your post, I will let you know how big the file is.
  7. Gobin, I'm doing a test now, I will not be playing COH for a few more hours I hit save on a sample test run of Wireshark. I'm in the PM but can't locate the option to add a file.
  8. Well as I mentioned I did delete everything labeled as score or Tequila. After deletion I downloaded Tequila again from this site again. After downloading the game again, I played the game for almost an hour and disconnected again. Exactly the same way as before
  9. Well after deleting all files related to Score and Tequila, and after installing Tequila from the forums here "getting started". I played for about 45 minutes on the Everlasting Server, in the middle of a timed mish, I disconnected. No message, just suddenly dropped to the desktop.
  10. I just went into my PC and deleted all files pertaining to Tequila and Score, right the download seems to be progressing, I'll know when I play the game after the download. I will keep you posted if the issues I mentioned earlier continue. sorry about my confusion, I just don't know much about computers, except basic things, and of course how to use computers.
  11. Remember I'm a PC novice. I've added and removed programs for years. I went to add/remove programs but I couldn't find score or tequila to uninstall. I'm not sure where to go to uninstall tequila
  12. I played for about an hour this morning on the EU server. I played without incident. But keep in mind, that is a small sample size. I'd be on Everlasting for a few hours then I'd experience my disconnects. One thing I did fail to mention was when I set up this new PC, I took the Tequila, Score file off my external hard drive which I transferred from my old PC to this new PC. Could that be the cause of my issues perhaps?
  13. I installed wireshark but dont know what to do with it. I've manually checked for driver updates none found. I am about to try to play on a different server. I'll post any uodates
  14. Sunday would be great. But I'm concerned about disrupting your weekend just to help me.
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