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  1. There's a new badge for visiting the Omega Team Memorial three times. I know you visit once during the cape mission and once during the Reichsman TF. Is there a third mission that takes you there? Or do you just need to do one of these two missions twice? -Epee Bill
  2. This just happened to me last night, too. I was had only defeated one spawn of enemies before the mission failed event occurred, so I don't think I triggered the spy leaving yet. I was still within 100 feet of the door.
  3. Having problems with the new Island Rum on my Mac. There was an update to Island Rum and after downloading the update, Island Rum can't start the game anymore. The main Island Rum screen opens, does the scan and then if I try to launch Homecoming, Island Rum quits. If I try to Launch Homecoming 64-bit, I get a message saying the launcher may not work properly, Launch Anyway/Cancel. If I hit Launch Anyway, Island Rum quits. If I rescan, it gets through all the files without comment.
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