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  1. Just a little reminder that Tonight is Chillin' with Villains starting at 7:30pm Eastern. See you on the Red side!
  2. Just a reminder that the Christrmas-themed costume contest is today at 4:00pm Eastern on the majestic slopes of Pocket D!
  3. We are having a special event ALL MASTERMIND MSR on Saturday, December 28th at 9:00pm Eastern. You must be level 35+ and a Mastermind to participate. See you and your buddies there!
  4. Thanks to everyone who joined Villains night today. 😄 It was awesome connecting with some new and old faces.
  5. See you all tomorrow on redside for Chillin' with Villains night at 7:30pm Eastern!
  6. The Cool Kids? has established a Discord server. To join, please use the invitation code below. I will add this information to the first post of this thread. After you join the Discord server, please head over to the #discord-rules-and-info text channel to read the pinned post containing "Rules & Regulations". Should you have any questions, please send a direct message to any administrator colored purple and listed at the top right of the member list on the right hand side of the discord. On a more casual note, we expect that the Discord will primarily serve as a semi-private voice chat for nightly Rikti Mothership Raids (MSRs). Secondarily, we hope to keep members and non-members alike who use Discord as a preferred venue to stay plugged in to the timing of our upcoming events.
  7. We will conclude the year with the December costume contest (details below and in the first post of this thread). Dust off your red and white finery and otherwise wintry wear because the theme will be "Christmas!" Date: Saturday 12/28 at 4:00pm Eastern Prize: First Place 100,000,000 influence, Second Place 50,000,000 influence, Third Place 25,000,000 influence Zone: the majestic ski slopes of Pocket D Judge: @Eda Theme: Christmas!
  8. It has come to my attention that there may or may not have been some shenanigans relating to scantily clad heroes and villains running around the warzone this past Saturday, November 9th. For the record, The Cool Kids? does not condone streaking, bare or hairy chested flexing, neon green strapped body suits, or any other such risque costumes as part of our official events. 🤥 ...We also do not actively discourage them. In less seriousness though, congratulations to Animal as the honored winner of 69 influence as a result of this impromptu fiasco.
  9. Apologies for the delay, but here is the exceptionally accurate and adorable Marvin the Martian costume submitted for a prior contest: Amazing and accurate in my opinion!
  10. It was our first time hosting in Khallisti Wharf, so thank you to everyone who came out to the new venue for the monthly costume contest. ❤️ The grand prize winner for November was Robo-Pilgrim with a non-conventional concept, creative backstory, and delicious pets. Congratulations Robo-Pilgrim! Our second place winner was Order of the Claw representing the 'other side' of the table: Finally, our third place victor was Ameliorator, representing a wholesome American Thanksgiving: Congratulations again to all our winners!
  11. Hey all, as far as I have been told, costume contest is on tonight. Gobble gobble see you there!
  12. That would be awesome if you would help run a team on the next one Trauma Train. 😄 Random update: the judge has a new conflict and has asked to move the Thanksgiving costume contest a week from tomorrow. I will update the first post with this information!
  13. Thanks TraumaTrain! ❤️ Chillin' with VIllains will be canceled tonight as our usual host has gotten eaten by the Real Life Monster. Oh noes! 😧 We will be back on schedule next month.
  14. Here is the detailed info! The Cool Kids? November 2019 Costume Contest Date: Friday 11/15 at 7:00pm Eastern Prize: First Place 100,000,000 influence, Second Place 50,000,000 influence, Third Place 25,000,000 influence Zone: Khallisti Wharf Judge: @Torcel Theme: American Thanksgiving
  15. Hi everyone, we took a little hiatus for October with the costume contests, but our current plans for the next competition are November 15th with 100,000,000 influence for first prize, 50,000,000 influence for second prize, and 25,000,000 for third prize. Once the judge has confirmed the details, I will update the first post here so you're in the loop!
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