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  1. Honestly I couldn't say... x8/+4 teams are so chaotic and hard to keep track of...
  2. I actually did some teaming yesterday. Full team of x8/+4. She performed beautifully. Damage output was good, chaos reigned supreme, and with the KB->KD the brutes we’re still able to do their thing. Lots of fun and felt like I was more than just a contributor... apart from the Scrapper on team with Incarnate abilities that occasionally one-shotted entire mobs, I felt pretty well up to snuff. I’m usually a Brute guy, but this build is kind of quickly rising the ranks to my favorite toon. She tanks (PA), controls, deals out the damage, and has multiple means of staying alive. Think I’ll pursue accolades and incarnate stuff with her for sure.
  3. Yeah, I’m trying some of the changes like getting FF slotted in as well as re-slotting Tornado (And freezing rain) as a whole. That way I’ll get a feel for how things work out as I’m saving up.
  4. Holy Hell that build looks expensive but fun. I'll definitely keep this build in mind and work for the funds, heh. I like the idea of converting KB to KD... didn't even know those existed. Awesome idea on the Force Feedback proc... it's been so long!
  5. Well, mobs do die quick, but not compared to say... a brute. I mean, I never thought a controller would be able to solo EBs, especially given how difficult the grind was to get to 50 (on live). 😃 But yeah... this build is all about fun... and she is a BLAST.
  6. Ok, I know this combination isn’t the most popular or recommended, but it’s a friggin’ blast! As a controller, she’s not good at keeping crowds bunched up... quite the opposite... but it’s all hilarious and awesome chaos! My build is perma-hasten and perma-PA without incarnate. I come up to a mob, drop spectral terror, run into the middle, thunder clap, drop freezing rain, and some lightning storms while my phantom army goes at it. What’s really fun is my lightning storm recharges in 20s, so I have multiple clouds up. If in a hallway, it’s fun to place some in front of a boss and then another behind the boss... and watch him get volley’d between them, haha. There are a number of things I do in different situations (Hybernate is VERY useful!), but the gist is to let your PA do its thing without fear since they can’t be killed and they’re permanently available. Ok, so she doesn’t kill stuff super fast, but I run missions at +1/x2 with Bosses. I solo’d a few Elite Bosses (Silver Mantis, etc.) without breaking a sweat! Actually, I didn’t even realize Silver Mantis was in the fray... but I took care of her handily. Even with her lackeys’ help, she went down without a problem! Seriously, the chaos is so awesome and you really feel godly with all the thunderous effects and rumbling sounds on constant blast! What do you guys think? This build is exactly what I have on my character and it’s working wonderfully. Just unlocked Musculature, but my experience with the incarnate system is pretty limited. Comments/Suggestions welcome! | Copy & Paste this data into Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer to view the build | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |MxDz;1472;675;1350;HEX;| |78DA65945B4F134114C767DAADA5375AE47EA7142C975EA3CF9A8862306048F8005| |0DB059A6C77EBB64DF049D10F61BC246A541031465F8CFA39D4982820BE0B08BED7| |D3FD1F686327697EDDFF9CFF993367667766E592F7CD95D50B420626B454A1303F6| |1E845D3D034D5745E4B154B664A13343C93A9D28A6EE454DDD09DF41CAA861D3B62| |539A562A640DFD58E8AF89B9585A5C8CCD150D33373F57CAE50C3DAB2F09CFAC41B| |6492DBBB45C745BFFE7F2AA9AF141AEA814E5B79EA6D55446350BCBD97CE0723E9B| |8E4DA5D5F99954A1A89A373BA89C61FA3D9682475911F7086145D8EE83CA03B0E12| |1D8F1085CA87A84E8222415F18434C865BBFC6C13A297F27C0195AF60C337D043BD| |B0B3DF1E82FF29991D5C8763CD6E69A7D6991BA0F71518D90407298FD35AB46C738| |E234FE37F4CD3BC0B310E975B5A9ADBCBF480DE46B0C30F8EB5822ECAEF81577858| |93A4F9B84EDF02D6085E0747D360240346553043563F7BFCEBC81378C9DC007B36C| |1BED7E00B42133C8EA67D9BA59D3E641E816D7FC12EDE6B9CA992B799CFA2F93D62| |5A3E80C18F60F41368A7FDB4F259B4B64B9C1769EDDCB3F63DF4BA6F1F1C3A00C37| |FC0D143307A04AE91AF93F7DAF91D7BE9FAC17BDB0243DBDCE71D7091D0CD9EEE5B| |DC8FDB6070151CBAC39EBBE0B34AA95C772F9F4DA5B5FDDCB3FE2DDCB5816DE60EF| |32718DA0523BFC025F20E720D833AFA10CA83E11BE0A809C60D7059E21DAA788623| |E8E7992833C68C83E104D844BD1DE1BA47B8EEB7D4BA71D6C6F90CDF9116C319283| |1BEB771BEAF491F93EF6D92EFED734282F32438778F52FFAEF656B5F258ED7C9986| |48D429C93AE56C9D72AE4E99AE558258795639F94A08C93B75054EBE06E5DF6E9AE| |7374E4631BF5FD5A43C8FCE0F5D95D69768AF367E04F10755CD2607A0B530DB98FF| |008A8EDD84| |-------------------------------------------------------------------|
  7. Ah, updating now has Mid’s stats matching up with game stats, thanks!
  8. Here're some screen shots. Yes, she's a Brute... Just a screen of Combat Jumping in-game with a 50 Defense enhancement and Mid's with an empty slot.
  9. I wasn't sure where to ask this... sorry if it's the wrong thread or forum. Is it me or is Mid's data inaccurate/not up to date with Homecoming? I got my Spines/Fire farmer up to 50 and largely IO'd out for defenses and resistance. The numbers in-game are not matching up with the numbers in Mid's Reborn... an example being my total Fire def should be 46.14% and Fire Res should be 90%+... in-game I'm a 43.16% Def and 74.89% Res. I've deactivated all toggles and compared my "Temperature Protection" auto-power in-game and how it is in Mid's. Off-hand, it looks like my power is not benefiting in-game from any IO's resistance boosts because in Mid's, if I empty all slots, the numbers are closer together (Game: 35.45% from "TP", Mid's: 30%), though still a notable difference! My Defense boosts from IOs seems to match up correctly with all toggles off, but when all defense toggles are on, the difference mentioned above shows up. So I looked at my "Combat Jumping" ability and in-game it says it has a base of 2.35% to all Defenses, but Mid's says it has a base of 2.5%... and so I'm here wondering what's up or if I'm missing an update on Mid's Reborn? I'm playing in Homecoming Server: Indomitable.
  10. Awesome, thanks for the replies, everyone! I’m working on a SS/SR build and was wondering if it was worth it because I pretty easily got up to 50+% on all positional defenses and perma rage and practiced brawler. I don't even need some toggles on, either. Relatively cheap build, too, especially since I already have 4 LotG Recharge IOs sitting in my emails. 😃 I love brutes, but I’m also a bit of an altaholic... so I want this one to be my main farmer so I can work on other builds. 😃
  11. Regardless of difficulty to do so, is it better to soft-cap all damage types to 45%? Or all positional types? Not sure how it works... does Positional cover all damage types, so soft-capping those would be far more beneficial? Also, a side question, there's no way to change your power sets, right? I have a pretty high level Brute that I wish I chose a different secondary power for, lol.
  12. Gotcha. I didn’t know what those blank IOs on Mid’s Reborn were... new IO sets are a great idea. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how she pans out. Thanks for the input! I’m also thinking what I saw on YT included incarnate abilities to show maximum everything... another reason I like to see things at base rather than fully buffed; only toggles, no build ups, no incarnate.
  13. Thanks for the macro, very useful! I’ll definitely check out the new IOs. So should I IO for soft cap defense? Or go for damage? What kind of numbers should I be aiming for if not soft cap def (recharge, dam, acc, etc)? I’ve seen some water damage on Mid’s that’s literally triple mine on YT... the guy had more damage output on Geyser than Water Jet. Thoughts?
  14. Thanks! It’s great to be back! 😃
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