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  1. Thank you so much DougGraves. Your comments are a huge help! Yukiko Fox did not fight to help me. I'm not sure if she was supposed to. She just followed. In this first mission Yukiko Fox does not have her bow or quiver. This is why she does not help you fight. She does help fight on mission 3. (Her custom reflects this in the later mission) As for the game mechanics the main reason she is in this mission is to provide a waypoint for the secret passage next to the fireplace. The powered armor with crystals doesn't feel Crey to me. I like the elemental robots t
  2. Hello Kyksie! Thank you so much for playing and reviewing my little Story Arc. I’ve always enjoyed your walk throughs. It was motivating to hear such positive comments about my story. As for my sbelling and Grammer? Ya… I would like to say English is my second language, but alas I just really, really suck at English. I have already started going through the text and fixing what I notice. I don’t have a Super Group or furries to help, so I’ll just ask here. If anyone happens to play Youth for Eternity Arc ID #39817 and notice poor spelling and grammar, PLEASE let me know. I was tr
  3. [Heroic] [40-54] Youth for Eternity (part 1) - Arc ID: 39817 Word on the street is Crey Industry has started a new Magic Division. Combine that with a Crey Security Agent looking for help and it adds up to something worth looking into. Just how much can you trust this Agent Amaya Fox? Bash people's faces in while playing detective. (Magic and Science themed) Only warning I'll give is it's pretty much all custom enemies. Looking to get some feedback. Good or bad. It's 3 maps long so it should not take anyone to long to play through. If I could get how hard/easy the enemi
  4. Having the same issue. Just did it to me again when I tried to use the Subway to Zone from AP3 to Steel Canyon. I get the COH splash page but it never switches to the Steel Canyon loading screen. After about 30 sec or so it dumps be back at the subway in AP3 I belive with no UI, no characters, nothing. At that point I have to kill the process and re-launch the game.
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