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  1. I'm using these powersets on my blaster as well and have been having a pretty good time with it. Overall your build looks pretty good, but I can see a couple places where you might want to make some tweaks. Firstly, I'd consider dropping charged shot or single shot - maybe not while leveling but certainly once you're at 50. Of the two , I prefer single shot since it's a much faster animation and many have said it does more damage per animation than charged. The reason I say choose one or the other is you'll have better attacks and hopefully enough haste at higher levels that you'll only really need one to fill the very occasional gap in your rotation. For example, when I'm doing single target rotations my highest damage single target ability, Penetrating Ray, is up often enough that I can fire it off every third, sometimes every second shot. The next best single target ability is Lancer Shot. So on an AV or other single target encounter I'll typically open with melt armour(I'm using the epic fire pool, replace with appropriate debuff as you see fit), disintegrate, chronos, aim, Penetrating Ray, Lancer, and then go into a rotation from there (*Filler, Pen Ray, Lancer) *Filler is just whatever is needed at the time, reapplying melt armour or disintegrate as needed, aim/chronos, bonfire if you use it, piercing shot / single shot depending if there's any secondary targets, any other debuff you might need to reapply. For AoE I've honestly never had anything weaker than a +4 boss survive an overcharge with Aim and Chronos (and build up) buffing. I'll sometimes use End of Time to hover in and clean up any survivors; if you have space to work that into your build it's a fairly decent PBAoE. Otherwise, disintegrate, lancer for spread, and cutting beam are 'okay' for AoE rotation, but single target is where Beam Rifle does it's best work. On that note, I'd suggest moving the buildup proc from gaussians into Aim or Chronos - with the PPM thing you'll have the Build Up proc go off almost every time you activate them and it's a LOT easier to maximize the damage potential of build up when you have some control over when you get it, versus having it proc randomly in tactics - but some prefer the hands off approach so that's ultimately up to you; I just find it easier to get those mega-damaging overcharge shots off or big number snipes when I can reliably have build up proc with my opening volley. Ultimately, I've not found much use for Time Shift or Future Pain, an AoE hold is great, but I'm also using Bonfire with a Knockback to Knockdown enhancement so you may get more mileage out of that. And time stop has worked well as a single target hold without my needing to get into melee. If you want a look at my build I've attached an older version (I don't have the most recent one with me atm but the changes are mostly minor shifts of one or two enhancement slots and changes to a couple of the sets) It's not a defense/res capped build, but I'm usually flying with a group anyway so my defenses are usually well buffed from other people anyway. Hope that helped, have fun lasering things! Blaster - Beam Rifle - Temporal Manipulation.mxd
  2. Actually I just noticed that by disabling autofov it made a FOV slider appear in the graphics settings in game so I was able to get it up as high as 75 before the textures went wonky
  3. I went to 85, just tried again with 70 though and that seems to be working. It's certainly better than the default 55!
  4. Apologies! I figured out my foolishness. It wasn't the resolution that messed it up, it was the field of view. I set it back to auto and all my textures are back and I'm full screen with ultrawide settings! I guess I won't play with the FOV, thank you for your help!
  5. Yeah, the textures are all broken even after switching back to windowed mode. I'm not sure what happened.
  6. Thanks! I gave this a try and with a little fidgeting I managed to get full screen at 2560x1080 but it broke most of the textures and the game (and prompted a warning from the game that 2560x1080 is not supported). Now the problem I'm having seems to be that I can't undo it O.O
  7. Hello! I'm actually entirely new to CoH and I'm loving it so far, but I do have one minor nagging issue. I have an ultrawide monitor and in order to play the game at a 2560x1080 resolution I have to play it in windowed mode - which is mostly full screen except the window bar thing is visible at the top and the start menu is visible at the bottom. This hasn't been too much of a problem for me until I started playing with base building, and now as I try to move objects around I frequently accidently drag my mouse outside the playable game area and that causes all kinds of goofiness. Any time I go into full screen mode the game seems to switch to 1920x1080 and stretches to the full size of my monitor. I try switching to 2560x1080 (desktop) in the graphics menu but it just switches right back to 1920x1080. I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to either get the game working in full screen mode on an ultrawide without it stretching or if there was a full screen windowed mode that I haven't seen in the options anywhere yet. And maybe also adjust the FOV. Maybe there's a configuration file I can edit or something? It's nothing major or gamebreaking, but any help would be appreciated!
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