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  1. If what's going on with some of the other sites or services I frequent is any indication, there's a lot of spotty internet problems right now. Historical high usage compounded by something or other is causing problems for some hosting services. Just take a deep breath and find something else for a bit. I know we're all extra sensitive about CoH but it's not going anywhere.
  2. Well, on the one hand, all keybinds still reset when I zone On the other, I realized that the save options and save keybinds are two different buttons. So I can just reload every time. Less annoying than redoing all the binds. Kind of wonder how that's gonna work with multiple characters though.
  3. When in game I have a few things moved around and it keeps it that way but have you tried changing your settings then after hitting apply hitting the "save option to file" button? I use that too. It creates a options.txt which should keep all your chosen changes? If it worked there will be a message in the top chat windows saying savedin c/games/coh or cityofheroes etc Yeah, I'm quite familiar with the save options button, I even saw feedback about the saved file, which was why it was so annoying when it didn't work, the controls would revert as soon as I changed zones and loading from the file did nothing. I'm in the middle of trying something right now, should know by morning if it worked. Rather hope it does, I spent years playing with my chosen control scheme and would hate to go back to the default.
  4. Downloaded everything, jumped into the game, it works great. But nothing I do will let me save a custom control configuration. As soon as I enter or leave an instance, back to default. Same with logging out. Np surprise, the GOH folder is read only. No matter what I do, the second I close the folder it goes back to read only. I've edited owners, permission, all that stuff and no joy. I gotta have my custom control scheme. :P
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