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  1. I got a wierd question, could you biuld me an Energy Blast/Energy Aura Sentinel build?
  2. LordRayken doesn't get that NCSOFT can and will bring the hammer down because they own the IP, and if they want to vocally wave the IP around on a flag saying "Can't touch this" They have every right to. Or he WANTS This to fail, I'm going with the latter HE wants this to fail, he WANTS NCSOFT to do more then DMCA takedowns, to bring down the law like Blizzard did on Nostalrius. Because they will, they can, and they have that right if your accepting public donations I don't care if you "Disagree." The law says otherwise, RAyken. The law is more important then opinions. And always wil
  3. @Lord Rayken Sounds like you WANT NCSOFT to just up and shut down every server being worked on, and bring lawsuits down on all of you. Okay cool. I get it. your into that kind of thing This server isn't into that kind of thing and wants to play it safe, and they have the right to play it safe.
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