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  1. Stalker - Martial Arts - Dark Armor.mxdStalker - Fiery Melee - Shield Defense.mxdStalker - Energy Melee - Bio Armor.mxdDefender - Storm Summoning - Electrical Blast.mxdDefender - Cold Domination - Ice Blast.mxdBrute - Energy Melee - Electric Armor.mxdBlaster - Dark Blast - Devices.mxdArachnos Bane Spider Soldier.mxd
  2. It means that the power only works once per buff., just buff pets once with each one. IF they die, you'll have to re-do it. But the power is a PBAOE buff off the one you target, thus buffing all pets with upgrades that do not have the one you tossed, etc..
  3. Brute - Energy Melee - Electric Armor.mxd
  4. Tanker - Bio Armor - Dark Melee.mxdScrapper - Staff Fighting - Invulnerability.mxdScrapper - Spines - Radiation Armor.mxdScrapper - Ice Melee - Bio Armor.mxdDominator - Plant Control - Psionic Assault.mxdDominator - Mind Control - Icy Assault.mxdDominator - Ice Control - Psionic Assault.mxdDominator - Gravity Control - Dark Assault.mxdDefender - Poison - Energy Blast.mxdController - Darkness Control - Kinetics.mxdBrute - Stone Melee - Radiation Armor.mxdBlaster - Water Blast - Mental Manipulation.mxdBlaster - Sonic Attack - Devices.mxdBlaster - Energy Blast - Plant Manipulation.mxdArachnos For
  5. Spirit Ward is nice via solo for pets or for your team. In case you miss or between a heal. As for Cloud Senses It's constant,(It's not bam bam bam, but every 10 secs) when he's out. Cardiac is always a Mastermind's best friend. That set in Spirit Ward is just a flat out nice set. Proc in it will always have a chance is say Naw, you didn't take that dmg, etc..
  6. You 50 yet? If so contact @JJDrakken in game. We'll discuss your build cost. If not 50, what times do you normally play(Timezone/days)
  7. Those numbers are from Mids, so your saying they are lying? 😛
  8. Sentinel Base Regen after Recipes: 658.67% Scrappers: 627.33 Now Scrapper doesn't have Instant Healing on or has turned on Dull Pain. So when you turn those on: 1622.31. Which is for a limited time. Overall they could port it and spice up the regen a little bit in Instant Healing and Intergration some. You don't have to deal with Dull Pain clicking/management. I still feel Sentinel's regen ported over to Melee's would be far better option.
  9. Well that's new to me. Back in day, I recall it being opposite. Minus Arachnos who all have toxic resist or also anything robotic. I see, he used Council as his test board, thus all various Robots will have higher Resist to Toxic. That should be tested more on stuff that has no bots in it.
  10. So you don't want Instant Regeneration as a Toggle or Dismiss Pain as a Passive, thus constant increase of HP?
  11. Earth anything to be honest. Earth was one first sets they worked back in development. You can tell, that thing is the Control set of Control sets.
  12. Disruption as others said no. But Acid Arrow, if you can spare the slots for it, yes. Especially if your using Scorpion Shield and you are trying Softcap S/L
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