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  1. Yeah I saw them enemies and since beginning this have a newfound respect for the volunteer devs and mods, the coding in coh is wild so all their recent work is just breathtaking. Either way either we or they will crack these, but making a ui is way beyond me
  2. Was it just a matter of matching with something compatible or did you have to swap something else too?
  3. I’m grateful for the list even with gaps, still looking through sounds on and off for provoke, cross punch and 6 shot burst and a couple of them might share names with animations that prove difficult to pin down. Tacked it onto the op in resources for others starting. Was a real slap to the taint to learn I’d tried dozens under my botched pathing, then got all the anims I needed within 10m soon as sai cleared me up. Still kinda butthurt Trying to crack spawning objects in hand and locate hench models now (afraid they and their appearances are scattered all around in chunks)
  4. Wonder if it could be a clash with fx from stage1 then
  5. I did see ninja runs with generic _weapon and specific _dualpistol etc but I don’t know if normal sprints have one
  6. Sure as shit that’s it, I can reproduce! Cross punch is brawling_sweep_cross Provoke is combat_comehere Storm kick wasn’t roundhouse, windmill, launch or any of the leap/jump/spin/kicks I tried. Maybe it’s broken into parts for the jump and an air for the attack but something should’ve shown some kinda change if any of them were right
  7. Would you post a pic of your directory so I can check my path? Are you extracting folders from the pigg viewer then dragging the replacement .anim into your directory location and renaming them the file to be replaced?
  8. I’ll welcome clear and direct guides on modding, tools to see pathing or making it a game feature, all I need are cute unded bebbies and pewpew to be happy wdit: and booze edit edit: and meat
  9. I’ll give that a whack for now, not having any luck with anims I gotta be messing something fundamental up
  10. Oh hell yeah good on you! I’ll try them with the one you got to stick
  11. I feel you, been doing the same for provoke and cross punch but some of the .anims don’t use the same name, since dragon kicks in the martial arts pool though i think all of them should be prefaced with MA_ like MA_sweepkick, MA_shadowkick, MA_stunkick, MA_ironkick or MA_kick But there could be other parts of the animation using different names or something else getting in the way of it showing even if we happen to get the right one Also be careful to use the right male, fem or huge versions
  12. You absolute angel! Being able to see anything they’re using will be a huge help! I don’t know the first thing about coding but if there’s anything I can do just let me know And no worries Bopp that’s perfectly on-topic
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