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  1. I don't understand why people are discussing SR and its changes on a thread about IH but... shrugs. Anyway, my point about IH is that not only is Regen a bit weak (compared to the current landscape on Homecoming) but also it has way too many clickies and it's not fun to play. Regen was suposed to Regen, Not absorb, not Res damage nor debuffs, its defense was Regen or die. And it's not as much fun to play currently as it used to be. Mostly because IH is a clickie instead of a toggle. Again, I'd change on the BETA server (and only there for now) back
  2. THank you everyone. Since I am a moron, I went ahead and tried nothing you suggested. First a Staff/Elec, which while fun (love the animations!), it lacked in damage and the sounds were "off". Then I tried Claws/Elec, again, not bad although I expected more from Claws. Finally, I decided to stop being a moron and go with your advice. I started a Savage Melee/Bio. I had never used Savage Melee before... it seems very good, especially in the lower levels (only 20ish now) but I can see the potential there even at higher levels. And Bio, is well, Bio. I am more into Bi
  3. Which version? The toggle version. It should be a toggle like it was before Statesman nerfed it into the ground. Probably couldn't be used with MOG, obviously. And I'd start cautiously, keeping the 600% non-enhanceable, only 200% enh. And then tweak as needed.
  4. Thank you all. That was most helpful. I never realized the Diabolique iTrial was AFTER DA...
  5. Well, if you're using the argument that on teams with full buffs Regen is good at least say how much BETTER are the other sets, also fully buffed. Common.... The argument being made isn't whether Regen is good or not (I say it underperforms, but that's not the point). The point is this: in the current day and age of CoH, IH being changed back into a toggle won't be more powerful or gamebreaking than a lot of stuff we already do in game. And IH as a toggle is a lot more fun to play with, as it was on launch and life before it got obliterated. Why not try it and
  6. Hello guys. I've been trying to find the story order of the arcs and iTrials of the "endgame". I remember Apex being the first Incarnate TF, then Tinmage, but after that, the "regular" story arcs and iTrials get all confusing. Does anyone know what stories/arcs/TF/iTrials should be done in the "correct" order, story-wise at least?
  7. Well, I think Regen is a lot more fun with IH as a toggle than a very loooong recharging clickie. Why not change it back to a toggle and then, tweak the values as needed? It won't be more game breaking than the stuff we already do anyway. And even if it were the case, the Devs can tweak the numbers of the enhanceable part. Again, IH as a toggle is a lot more fun to play with.
  8. I think some of you are remembering IH as it was on launch not as it was before being transformed into a clickie. On launch, it gave roughly 1200% regen, then it was nerfed to 800%, then it was nerfed that only half of those 800% were enhanceable. Then it was changed to only 200% being enhanceable... ...then it was changed into a clickie. This was back when Statesman was in charge and the game, under Positron, has long since evolved with IOs, Incarnates and stuff. Things that were broken back then, aren't anymore compared to the new stuff. Peo
  9. I don't think you really know or remember what happened back in the day, for Instant Healing to have been one of the greatest injustices done during live. Quick recap (skipping some juicy details for the sake of being brief): After 2-3 nerfs in a row, plus GDN+ED, Statesman yet again says they are concerned with Regen and famously says "Small concern=Small tweak, don't worry Regeners" (quoting verbatim). They propose a brutal nerf to Regen, players react poorly asking "Why such a big nerf?" and Statesman replies that Regeners are Tanking 10-12 mobs +12lvls above them, at
  10. That's how it was on live. And there's also constant healings like Rise to the Challenge, IO procs, etc..
  11. Again, I am not saying IH could not have its numbers tweaked. That's not what I mean. What I mean is: in the current state of the game, which has a lot more "broken stuff" than IH, why hasn't IH been reverted back to a toggle and THEN, if too OP, tweak its numbers? (Kinda like they did with Titan Weapons). I mean, it is not like IH is more broken than half of the current builds and powers (looking at you , Novas every 30scds or less). And if we "judge" a power because of the existance of IO and sets, well....then almost every power would be nerfed to the gro
  12. Yeah, but why not on a scrapper? What's wrong with IH ? What's "more wrong" with IH than so many other OP powers currently ingame?
  13. I know this has probably been asked before but I couldn't find anywhere so apologies in advance. Instant Healing nerf was one of THE greatest injustices done during the live version of the game. But most especially now, with IOs and the regular OPness of lots of builds, Regen is lacking in power. Even with IH up, at the Incarnate level and the amount of alphas flying left and right, it wouldn't keep you alive regardless. So, considering that there are currently a lot more OP builds and powers, why hasn't IH been reverted to a toggle already? Probably would have to be
  14. My idea was to have aroundish 50% res, and have capped S/L defenses. And obviously covering the Psy hole with some imperviums. All in all, easier said than done. Btw, is moonbeam that good?
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