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  1. Ah, my bad. If you have mids, highlight the entire text section and copy. In Mids use the import/export > Import from forum post. Looks like I used some pvp numbers so I'll update accordingly.
  2. Congrats @Megawatt/ @Darkneblade / @Tyrannical / @Zepp / @discord Mainframe.. and thank you! I'll be back with some Corruptor comments. (really they are pretty good with maybe a couple outliers) Corruptor secondary T9 list
  3. here's a tank that does good with the resists and regen. I'll get back with a brute. Adding -res and knockdown to lightning field can help (this can add damage and mitigation) The defense +res unique enhancements from Reactive Defenses and Shield Will provide a nice boost. I'd also try to add Char and load it up with the procs you can afford. That'll add some quick good damage. Air Superiority can also be a nice add to get effectively Bone Smashers. (if there is room and you don't need Hasten) @Jaymac93 Below should provided enough hints and still be flexible enough to make your own. (leaves 24 slots for attacks) It nears S/L/F/C/E resistance caps. Increase Psi with a couple Impervium Psi Resists. Once adding attack sets you might wanna move some slots out of tactics. Happy hunting
  4. Recently pop culture Storm Breaker.. Actually I do think Thor had an axe before a hammer, maybe it was an axe-hammer. Regardless the point was that Battle Axe could be the "most basic" tank set.
  5. debut of Superman in 1938? the Phantom 1936? Heroes have been around much, much longer. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_mythological_objects#Axes but I digress.. Axe could be considered "is the most basic,"
  6. No Rage crash to deal with.
  7. Can you feel it? It's almost that time again.
  8. More at the link about (Will cross link this thread there)
  9. Sadly the above quote discounts the rest of your post.. just fyi "literally everyone" does not equal "in my opinion" Willpower could be considered more basic than Invulnerability. Battle Ax could be considered more basic than Super Strength.
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