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  1. Nothing wrong with Fire/Rad. Give it a try. You should have a good idea if it's for you by level 35ish. AoE toggles can be aggro magnets, too much so for me. Just be prepared. Also, /rad may be better on other archetypes..
  2. Fire or Ice are great first ranged primaries. Paired with Dark these provide a great experience with nice control, debuffs and a solid heal,
  3. This makes sense, but you're not judging an archetype by it's solo capability at 4/8?
  4. @Galaxy Brain Yes, IOs are widely used and there are few reasons to ignore this fact. Q: Should the game be balanced around IOs? A: Sure why not. At one point we had Training Origin, Dual Origin, and Single Origin enhancements. Then enhancements were diversified and player crafting... things evolved to allow for more variety. Players were rewarded for participating in that variety with some easily attainable benefits. Yes, folks figure out ideal bonuses and setups while variety fades just a little. Would balancing around IOs have an impact? Sure. Maybe that's a good thing. Removing the Rule of 5 might also allow more specialization and variety.. maybe that would be a good thing as well. Identifying areas to address while avoiding the pitfalls of power-creep is challenging stuff. Please don't base these thing on the whims of a heavily manipulated market system. 🙂
  5. We used to say I could walk all night, and we could and we did Down that gravel road, to that tiny town, and the door always opened Now we say I could walk all night. It's not true We can't walk all night, no, because we don't want to We want a bed and a blanket, some light breakfast, sometime tomorrow We want a bed and a blanket, some light breakfast, sometime tomorrow And I sing it now, hey hey, hey hey, who woulda thunk it Hey hey, hey hey, who woulda thunk it.. just sayin
  6. 16 Playing at 2/8 should have impact much more so 4/8. Mistakes should have consequences. Tanks could be using taunt on harder targets rather than relying on inherents or punchvokes. Support characters could learn how agro caps work and what spillover means as well as how to manage it. Controllers & Dominators have a place where holds and immobilizes have an impact. I mean seriously, how dumb do mobs have to be? "Let's just keep attacking the big guy we can't hurt while their teammates pick us off" This is just my opinion and may not reflect the wider player base.
  7. Troo

    Battle Ax?

    Foul! FOUL!!!
  8. Troo


    Hello @Nerio72, appreciated. 😉
  9. It's totally a gaseous aura which works well with Energy Melee
  10. Honored. That's pretty awesome sir!!
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