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  1. A W E S O M E ! ! ! ! shoot me a passcode already!
  2. I've always like the idea that there is a support team somewhere back at a base.
  3. Awesome bases. Is there a list of bases we can tour?
  4. Troo

    Nerf That!

    This is a safe space, just let it out.
  5. Always enjoy seeing characters use costume pieces I would never have picked. Great job folks! It is a tribute to the the costume creator (best part of COX in my opinion).
  6. This is interesting. A buff or debuff triggered on an objective. Anyone seen something like that in a AE mission?
  7. +1 Maybes, debatable. This is great. ------- seriousness below -------- If the community is unable to curb a toxic growing activity, someone will. Those trusted with developing and moderating the game will. No need to question whether volunteers invested in this project will protect what they've built. That word 'toxic' will trigger some folks. Why? Do they feel they are doing something wrong? Globally advertising a paid service.. That's a line in concrete not sand. If some buddies want to work something out that's not my business. It is less likely to expose players to exploit and as policy, if it not endorsed, it's on the player if the get burned. 50M may not be much to me but it is to some and especially new folks. It's a game, have fun. Stop trying to take advantage of folks desperate to level up.
  8. That is fair. I'm just not likely to take whatever is done with that spot regardless. It would have to be pretty epic to change my mind and I don't see room for something epic. Agreed the disorient effect stun is part of what made Energy Melee fun and effective. FYI all attacks for brutes, tanks and stalkers have disorient built in (assassin strike being the exception?).
  9. I do see what you are writing. Honestly, two items do discount your view. One is the quote above, the other is that I don't think scrappers don't get energy melee. The crits you mention could be a reason it's not a scrapper power set. Now folks who did play it, and do remember, the majority of them are clearly saying Just Change It Back. Look at the poll at the top of the thread (as limited as it may be). Many who are asking to change it back are not asking to make it the best set. It is understood that it is not likely to eclipse the current AoE machines but it will be playable, fun and effective in it's own way. Folks will start to play it more simply by changing it back. I for one do not want to see it homogenized with the other power sets. If it gets changed back and Stun gets swapped for something, okay fine. I do not feel that is necessary. There are gonna be powers that are skipped no matter what. Few will fight for the power Stun.
  10. Thanks. Quick question (maybe I missed it) - Why the Release Candidate 1 and Release Candidate 2?
  11. I remember Dark Miasma's heal being faster. Used to be my favorite secondary. Could slow, fear was awesome and the -tohits were very effective. Loved playing a with a rad/dark. I can see fire working well. You'd probably love Ice/Dark.
  12. Isn't there a too much accuracy bug that where if we have too much accuracy we actually miss. I have some stalkers that would swear to this.
  13. Well that sounds like a loophole that'll get addressed. Kudos for selling things cheaply to help folks.
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