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  1. hahaha, maybe on your character. In my opinion, Hover+Combat Jumping+Siphon Speed = glorious combat movement. (that's right, I run both hover and CJ) @Razor Cure, me thinks you may have your answer. To summarize: Fly is loved. Super Jump is often used. Super speed needs combat jumping. Teleport is fast but very needy.
  2. That's fair. As I said, balance while avoiding power creep and without making everything generic, there's a learning curve. Better on test than on live.
  3. It was slower, but only started to get annoying by the third or forth time through. By then, we'd figured it out and how to go faster. Soon it was super groups & new friends. 8-man teams dragging a couple lowbies, PL's and I remember egg missions. Good times. We did have to earn things and it seemed to make them more appreciated. I kinda miss unlocks (I think). As Billz points out, taking the fitness pool on every build got repetitive. Travel powers at 14. Capes. Unlocking archetypes. There was a whole game level 40 and below. Did it suck - Not at all. It was successful and very re-playable. It's just a different game now.
  4. What would you demand of volunteers for your free game? I believe they are learning quite a bit about the challenges of trying to take on balance issues while trying avoid over all power creep and being transparent about it.
  5. No you haven't. You may (if you wish) want to edit much of your post. Opinions are important and we're all entitled to them. Presenting opinions as facts may tend to run into resistance. Regen is great for some ATs and not so great for others. I personally don't see a problem with that. I would totally try and create a Regen Tank build if I could..
  6. Is this really the math? Is it possible this is an over simplification?
  7. Streak breakers exist. If a 'high level' character is only building defense and no resistance, well.. you get what you get. It's part of using those power sets. The game should have some challenges, shouldn't it? In my opinion, it is awesome the variety of strengths and weaknesses in the game.
  8. Gotta keep an eye on the outlier or new fotm. That said, the whole 'make all power sets even' approach has mostly been at the cost of variety.
  9. But if the set doesn't do well at AoE it should at least be the same or slightly better at single target.. shouldn't it?
  10. @eknudson@MrSnottyPants I agree with both. Putting in cheap bids and crafting along the way are both reasonable for new players.
  11. If I didn't post to this thread already. *holdtorch* Currently the Tier 8 & Tier 9 are throwaways for anything but when solo. In a team setting, they simply waste endurance as the targets are almost always defeated by the time these hit. As I have said, maybe at one point Energy Transfer was overpowered on some archetypes. I'm not sure it was overpowered on tanks. Maybe give the old ET just to tanks. No brutes, no stalkers. I would take it and say thank you. -Troo
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