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  1. I think this is actually a main factor. Doctor Doom, Lex Luthor, Magneto, Darkseid, Monstrous villains.. they were all born level 54 villains? Where should a level 1 start the works for lots of different player types?
  2. oops hit submit before expanding on my list: Turn the villain ATs off for heroes While this will be a hated idea, it would have the desired result. Side effect could be more scrappers are created on heroes. Maybe just until level 30 or 40, then they can switch. Add a some of additional content (strike forces or mini arcs) Villain side does not have as many city maps (a good thing), trial zones, or hazard zones. Same with strike forces and story lines. Can we give villains direct access to more hazard zones? Delete Atlas Park. It coddles new characters. It is better optimized for new character creation than new Mercy. It's not close to apples to apples. How many enemy groups between Ms Liberty and the train? Mercy is different. Does a player take an elevator to the train? Mercy is different. Where does the train go? Mercy is different. Atlas has access to Vanguard and Recluses victory. Mercy is different. A rotating bump in the rewards department for red, yellow and blue. (low levels) Maybe the easiest to impliment I used to regularly broadcast "start up capital for new villains". Maybe move or add the the Paragon City Tunnel to more relevant locations.
  3. Well, well, well.. look at the turn redside into blueside comments. We'll get to that in a bit. If the question is "How to increase villain population?" Turn the villain ATs off for heroes. Add a some of additional content (strike forces or mini arcs). Delete Atlas Park. A rotating bump in the rewards department for red, yellow and blue. (low levels) Does the villain population need to increase or did villains already take over and the heroes just couldn't be bothered to notice?
  4. @leeowensoas some can, others by the seat of their pants, most can't. Experience at pushing the envelope is a big factor. I don't solo +4/8 except specific enemy types and particular missions/arcs. Of those that can +4/8 level 50 content, fewer are doing lower level content that way. That said there are some truly exceptional players. Can you? Absolutely with the right build and practice, yes.
  5. Troo

    Psi/Regen Stalker

    Shadow Meld and Moment of Glory both only last 15 sec and we can flip between them situationally. Maybe I do it wrong by prioritizing Dull Pain and Instant Healing. Might shoot to shuffle this around a little. Example: with Hide we can get an additional 2.6-2.9 defense. The slots could be further refined but you get the idea. 175 Max HP and Regeneration that can push 1700 for 90 second bursts. Once we start getting into more expensive enhancement sets and dialing in a build, somethings may be much less used and potentially dropped from a build.
  6. Troo

    Psi/Regen Stalker

    Recharge, recharge, recharge, heals. Don't forget accolades.
  7. That's great you got yours working. I really didn't have any problems with setup on PC or Mac... PM me if you figure out a simpler private server setup. = )
  8. oops I meant Nerf Regen!! .. wait.. no, please don't
  9. Also, the bids can get hung up. I've seen it ignore valid bids until it gets unstuck by doing something different like selling some common salvage.
  10. Totally viable human only. It just doesn't have the same level of utility. Seems to have decent status resistance.
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