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Rescue Jason and Kenneth from TPN is bugged.


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  • 2 years later

I  also recently ran this mission.  Ran out of mobs to beat on, pulled up the map, ran to the spot where Jason was supposed to be and there was nothing there.   I reset the mission and beat everything down, ran to the spot indicated on the map, and again, no Jason, nothing to click on.  Sent in a petition.  


Tried a third time...same problem...just went to the contact and completed the mission .  :P

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I reran this mission on another character through Ouroboros and was able to complete it successfully both times (each on a different server).  I did not end up with two red arrows on the map appearing as happened originally, but did have 1 red arrow indicating where the defeated boss was and two green arrows.  Both times, Jason was marked by a green arrow and near the entrance to the map which is something I could have entirely missed with my newer character.  :P

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  • 4 weeks later

Just ran this mission this morning, there is a red arrow pointing to the ground next to 2 PPD in the first room you see from Mission Entrance, found Jason on the floor behind them near a Furniture Grouping after defeating them. You need to speak with him and acquire his Password or the other mission objectives would not be available. Mission completed with no issues, so either the Devs fixed it or it was a case of not being able to spot him laying on the floor, he did not stand out very well.

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