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  1. Hyperstrike Members 290 943 posts Report post Posted July 4, 2019 Ice is great for Defense. But if you crack the Defense, it can eggshell nastily. So, while you should build towards soft-cap, always look at Resistance buffage too. Here's an example. It's kinda ridiculously uber-buff (Incarnate soft-cap to S/L and standard Soft-Cap to everything else. And, even though it doesn't REALLY need it, it's got multiple Recovery options (Energy Absorption, Conserve Power). https://tinyurl.com/IceRadTank And here's a Common IO build (plus the "must have" special IOs that you want to aim for). https://tinyurl.com/IceRadTank-CommonIO-Plus Credit the Master, Hyperstrike, always has a Plan.
  2. One option might be to create a gmail email address for your Character and use it to create a Facebook page where you could post photos, videos, bios etc for free
  3. For a Tank/Brute guy, It took this for me to mothball my crew for a while and get a Controller to 50, lol.
  4. I wonder if you did 2 completely separate installs, 1 for each account if that would solve the issue. Like a COH1 folder, then a COH2 folder both on the C drive, with their own separate Tequila shortcuts ( also notated as 1 and 2 perhaps ).
  5. A discussion came up on the Titan Network Forums a year or so ago. If we could have City of Heroes back, even if it was Issue 1, before all the added zones, before City of Villains, before Going Rogue, before Incarnates, before Wentworths and Crafting, before Capes even ( lol ) would you still want it back? The answer was pretty unanimously YES. So the new things we have here are light years beyond what we were willing to settle for and there is a trickle of new shiny thrown in to boot. I'm just happy with what's right in front of me and keeping it is more important to me than tricking it out with newness.
  6. Here you go...Hyperstrike responds to post with a build and is a Tank Build Master.
  7. From ParagonWiki Unrelenting You channel your inner confidence to become a relentless opponent, gaining significant boosts to your damage, recovery and attack speed for a short while. Additionally, you will be able to fight though the pain caused by opponents, healing continuously over time. You can also use this power to fight your way back to the living after defeat - if you are defeated when you use this power, you will be revived with 50% health. You must be level 14 and have trained any two other Presence pool powers before you can train Unrelenting. Recharge Very Long Minimum Level 14 Effects Self, Heal over Time, +DMG(All), +Rech, +Rec, Self Resurrect (Special) Enhancements Enhance Heal Increase Attack Rate Enhance Endurance Modification Set Categories Healing/Absorb Endurance Modification
  8. Actually made a character based around a Costume Bug. If you selected " Flack Jacket " for upper body, then hit the left button for selections it turned your torso transparent. I used this for Crimson Cage, ( Krymsun ) my Peacebringer, Who was Unable to properly bond with a Human, so survived by being sealed in an energy field generating armor. Won a few costume contests with that one.
  9. Was playing Grimmwolf for a bit before work Yesterday and while farming Deer ( Tuatha Steaks, mmm.. ) to get to 30 so I can do the Kelly Nemmers Arc I ran into an old friend. Jack in Irons and his entire Entourage of Red Caps were heading North out of the Woods, he seemed to really be having issues though. He kept stopping, turning around, then take a step and turn back around again, I've seen him a Hundred Times on his March, but not quite like this. He seemed broken. He headed up to Kelly Nemmers and seemed stuck going back and forth on the shore of the pond. I put out a Call to see if anyone was interested ( No, @5:15am GMT+5 on Reunion ) and I went back to farming. I came back about 10 till 6:00am and Jack was Gone, but his Entourage were all standing in the middle of the Pond, so I ate defeated them. as I headed South I spotted Jack, Stuck, going back and forth between some Tree roots. I logged out. I get home from work @3:30pm GMT+5, Log on, and Jack's still stuck in the same place...I felt sorry for him so I got a Humanitarian Team together and Humanely Euthanized him ( and got a badge and merits! ). It was sad, ahem, then we went looking for Eochai who we found was extremely Distraught and Rampaging west of the train station, so we Humanely Euthanized him as well, sniff...( and got a badge and merits! ). Anyway, I remember from live that Jack would leave his woods and Eochai would start his trek and if not disturbed, they would meet up and fight each other. The Vidiotsmaps Version of their course within the zone shows them never coming anywhere near each other, Was this Changed and I missed it? Anyway, it seems like the grid may be corrupted. If I recall how it was explained to me, there is an "under map grid" that say cars or NPC use that provides them their path, but it seemed like it had gaps or bad info because Jack spent 8+ hours stuck between a couple roots and his posse became a light snack went swimming. Just thought I would document it. Have a Great Day.
  10. Somewhat simpler than using a VPN would be to Change your connection speed. If your Nid on your computer is set to 1000base ( GiG ) and you are running over Cat5 Cable or Wireless you can experience some weird connection issues if your Router/ Switch is GiG. The card sees the R/S and sets itself to GiG, only the cable is not capable of supporting GiG, so the undocumented packet loss causes all sort of problems. To test this as a possibility, Manually lock your connection speed to 100base, then try running it, it should run more smoothly. If you are on wireless this may also help. Upgrading to Cat6 or installing a wired connection instead of wireless can have a huge impact on gaming connectivity. Just a thought. There is a very small number of people having these issues, so the culprit is probably something relatively unique to your install or network. It's just a matter of isolating it. PS ( A steaming file such as Music or Video are not going to help diagnose the issue as they are Buffered, or loaded ahead of viewing and can request missing data. CoX requires a consistent Real Time connection to function properly )
  11. Tanks: Marine X is Inv/SS. ( 50+37vet HC/50+Max on Live ) Livingston is Stone/Fire Melee. ( 14 HC/50+Max on Live ) Warhorse is Shield/Mace. ( 23 HC/50+Max on Live ) AC Volt is Electric/Electric. ( 21 HC/50+ ? on Live ) Brutes: Bubba Burns is Fire/Rad Melee ( 50+9vet HC only ) And guess what, I love all my recreated toons, and Bubba is a blast, but the easiest to play and toughest toon ( for his level ) I have at this point: Grimmwolf is BioArmor/Savage Melee. ( 24 HC only ) I can take on +2 or higher WarWolves and Vampyri and not have to worry much, can't wait to see how he is at higher levels, but very Scrapper like Damage and great Defense/Resistance, Anyone have an Incarnate with these Sets to give me a projection?
  12. Only thing I could find was this page on Paragon Wiki, if I find more I will post it. It lists only 1 badge for the Zone and one History Plaque. https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Rikti_Crash_Site
  13. Oh and forgot about Striga Island and how much it has an Old World ( France or Belgium ) Coastal look unlike Talos and Peregine Island which seem more like New England.
  14. This is probably a key to making this Feasible. Faultline for instance already has Yin's Market and lots of unused space, just a thought. Being that the Family is protrayed as "Italian", some parts of Indy Port would be perfect, maybe just some renaming of neighborhoods may work. For roleplay purposes anything is possible. Founder's Falls is all but Venice already. Brickstown and Kings Row have a very central European Look to them. Croatoa is all based around Irish Lore. We already have a bit of Cultural Variety, maybe just nudge it a bit from there.
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