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  1. On Live I remember the Over population of Illusion / Kinetic or Illusion / Empathy Controllers, especially before Masterminds became a thing. Illusionists in comics are actually a pretty common thing and from all backgrounds: Loki, Mysterio, Dr. Strange, Mastermind, Mirage, Enchantress and on and on.
  2. Matt Miller mentions this in one of the Lore AMAs: Were there actual plans for a moonbase? MM: I approved art dailies from it on the last day of the studio. 😞 Issue 28. RG: The funny thing is, our database had a value called MOONBASE that basically represented a build that didn’t exist in the system yet. It was a running gag that we would always be planning a moonbase, but it would never actually come to fruition. The plan for Issues 25-28 were the moment we hunkered down and said, “We’re actually going to do it this time!” We were... wrong.
  3. I got curious this morning, so in a moment of post Doughnut / Peanut Butter Cookie contemplation, decided to do some calculations. I wondered what would have happened had the game never shut down. I was on Automatic Payments and had no plans to stop, one of my failings is that once I find something I like I tend to stick with it. Did not want to go Free to Play and loose my Vet Rewards. So to date I would have paid $1465.10 in subscription Renewals. I figure by the rate that Issues were coming out we would be in about Issue 48. We would have had a Moonbase for Years at this point. The Coming Storm would have Came, and Went. I would have a 16th Anniversary Badge, and the Vet Rewards that went with it. Possibly have a Level 50 Shapeshifter. Probably a Few other, ahem, OK, dozens of Characters I haven't even thought of yet, I can't recall what the "Live" limits were. OR, we would be playing COH2, with upgraded Graphics, and lot's of new Cheese. Anybody else have any thoughts?
  4. Sad news, condolences to his family and friends, his contributions here are truly a legacy to the person he was.
  5. I didn't read every post in the article you linked, but I didn't see any mention of History Plaque Progress being detailed. I know the plaque data is stored somewhere or it wouldn't know when to award the badge upon completion, which is what I'm looking for to know which plaque was missed.
  6. Has anyone ever found a way to check your progress on History Badges?, I know you can see where you are in "Closest to Completion" badge Tab ( 2 of 8 and such ) but is there a way to see what you are missing. Was doing Headjuiced in Praetoria, 20 Graffiti to read, ugh, took 2 passes through all zones and Underground to actually get them all, should have written them down as I got them. Also, it is really weird that "Going Rouge" is an Exploration Badge, but not included in the ones needed for the Zone Accolade, huh. So I gotta go back for that to get "Viva Praetoria".
  7. This actually works, GM Crumpet spawned Kings Row 2 for myself and a Giant Monster team I was on so we could fight Paladin, it was great to be able to have such interaction and quick results from the Devs.
  8. I guess I didn't properly convey what the product was I was trying to describe,my wife has several of these she has had forever and loves them.
  9. 1) A great Idea as long as the product is of good quality and the responsibly sustainable " materials " are able to handle actual use. 2&3) Heirloom quality to me could be Denim Jackets, Defunct/Fake Sports Jerseys/ Shirts, or even course woven products ( Hoodies, Panchos ).
  10. If you are using a Wireless Internet connection, get a patch cord and try using a wired connection off of your modem, router or switch, it almost always gives you a stronger connection and should improve game play measurably.
  11. My Peacebringer is Crimson Cage: Kheldian "Krymsun" is a fairly young Peacebringer and his energy matrix was damaged shortly after he was born, preventing a successful merging with a human host. To save his life, a group of sympathetic scientists created " K.A.G.E. ( Kheldian Artificial Genetic Enclosure ) to allow him to Exist and Interact with others. This containment vessel has an Internal A.I. but is unable to truly help Krymsun to understand Humanity as he would with a Human Host. My Warshade was Hawkstar: Kheldian " Staharr" joined with Colonel J.T. Hawk, a seasoned Air Force officer, Hawk was at the front lines of the Rikti War, and after retirement wanted to continue to protect the world. ( rerolled here on Homecoming as a Fire/Inv Sentinal whose powers were awakened by a Military project to trigger Latent Mutant D.N.A. From an alternate Timeline/Dimension, and unable to return there, he chose to protect his new home )
  12. One thing that might help narrow down the issue would be to create a Character on Reunion. It is in Germany, all the other shards are in Montreal. If you get a solid connection there it will point you toward the culprit. There has been an issue with ISPs that are passed through in the Detroit area causing issues with connections to the servers. If you can find a way ( VPN etc. ) to bypass that, you may find a solution. There is really nothing Homecoming can do to avoid this but some players have been able to work around it.
  13. I will send out a $50,000,000 Donation Email to @VileTerrorover the coming weekend, was thinking we need to do something positive for the Devs for quite some time.
  14. I found this to be the case when my Wireless Keyboard pushed up Daisies and I hooked up the keyboard that came with the PC, Same issue with Fly and Superjump.
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