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  1. I seem to remember a Rash of weird Kronos Titan Spawns back on Live, once 1 even spawned in Cherry Hills ( the Hollows ), that was a Train Wreck. I guess I thought it was a Bug that was taken care of.
  2. Well, for me the 6th Grade was in about 1975, so some of my dated references may ruin the humor intended, sorry. lol.
  3. They are stuck trying to decide on the exact shade of Red and Diameter for the Giant Red Ball in Kallisti Wharfs Harbor, and whether the tier 3 power choice for Carp Melee should cause target to Egress lunch, breakfast, last nights dinner, "Milk Duds" eaten in the sixth grade and things never intended to be egressed or just have knockback. Tough choices.
  4. You will want to remember that you have a Password for your Forum account, and a totally different one for Game Login. they are not typically the same. Since this is the first I've heard of this particular problem, ( Usually people try using their forum account to enter the game ), I suggest verifying both the forum and game accounts and passwords, if this is not the problem my apologies in advance.
  5. Yes, New Years Day on Homecoming, Baby New Year was on me like Glue and the little tike just refused to give up. It was very sad to team with others with the same issue as you ended up with a pile of temporarily Dead Babies outside the mission door, who would reappear when you exited mission. Very Creepy, Very Strange, and thankfully short lived.
  6. Marine X was my Main on Live and now on Homecoming. He is an Invulnerability / Super Strength Tanker. and was my first 50. I just identify with him more than any other character that I have and playing him is effortless. I soloed thru the Dark Astoria Storyline @ +4X6 and never died, granted it was slow going at times, especially the one with all the groups of Cyclops and the like but I got thru it, and got the Lone Wolf Badge. 2nd place would go to the Twins, Bubba ( Reunion ) and Sonny ( Everlasting ) Burns, ( Mutant Sons of Enos and Ophelia Burns of Rural Croatoa ) my Fire Armor/ Radiation Melee Brute Rednecks just because they get a lot of long stares, ( Not even the least bit Metro-Males ) and even though they weren't built for farming they do okay and are fun to play. They just aren't as Tough and comfortable for me as Marine is. My Main Marine came from Maine mainly. I do have other Toons I have brought back from the Abyss; Livingston ( Stone/Fire Tank ), A.C. Volt ( Electric/Electric Tank ), Warhorse ( Shield/War Mace Tank ), Gold fever ( Illusion/Kinetic Controller ), and Crimson Cage ( Peacebringer ). I also have some new ones such as Major Meson ( Radiation/Radiation Tank ), Hawkstar ( Fire/Invulnerability Sentinel ), and Grimmwolf ( Bio Armor/Savage Melee Tank ) Still Play Marine More.
  7. This would be an opportunity to allow Hero Characters who really don't want to change alignment to acquire badges for those groups. My thought for spawns would be to give some groups that have a very limited presence the Majority of the Space, I would have to say the Tsoo, and maybe Warriors could use some more Real Estate. I was also thinking that since Kallisti sits at the mouth of the same river that leads to Perez Park it would follow that the southern river banks would be occupied by Hydra, perhaps even occasionally spawning Kraken. As far as a zone event, I was thinking that we have seen nothing of all the Praetorian Clockwork Groups ( other than in their story arcs) since the fall of Praetoria. I think they could make a great Zone event. Use a base White Hole as spawn point and have the Combined Forces of the Clockwork attempt to invade Kallisi Wharf as their new Home by creating a Beachhead on the Island between the Red and Blue Sides of the Map. This would Culminate with the arrival of the SPECTRA Robots and Nightstar. Plenty of under seen assets here: Neuron Clockwork Anti-Matter Clockwork Anti-Matter SPECTRA Electrode Nuon Spectra series l Circuit Meson Spectra series ll Inhibitor Baryon Spectra series lll 9 Volt ( Boss ) Cold Fusion ( Boss ) Meg Snap ( Boss ) Radio Active ( Boss ) Nightstar ( Arch Villain ) Sizzle ( Boss ) Valence ( Boss ) Actually forgot: The Harbor is Home to Sally's Sister Kalli, earning the " Beyond Belief " badge
  8. I haven't seen any less Corona Beer Commercials since this started. I doubt Toyota will retroactively rename a Car they made for 40+ years. I imagine there were a lot of people with the first name Adolph back in the 1940s that considered changing their name. I'm sure Adolph Coors III felt he was defined by his actions and life more than by someone else who shared his first name. It seems to me that he created the Toon before this was an Issue and that should be taken into consideration.
  9. The Hollows was, back in the day, a Hazard Zone. It was the easiest way to get from 5-12 or so available, and the Taxi-Bot Services were a time saver, but it was a Hazard Zone you couldn't enter till level 5, it no longer is. There used to be 2 Rail Lines, Green and Yellow, with level restrictions on each and different destinations, which kept low level Toons from even going to a zone where they could be Power leveled. You used to not be able to include a Cape in your Costume until you did the Cape Mission at what, level 20? Architect Entertainment did not always exist, really, it didn't. Old School play still has an appeal to me, and some of the shortcuts that have developed have caused some Zones to be barely used. If you think about when level 14 was when you got Travel Powers, you would have already pretty much out leveled starting contacts in Atlas, Kings Row, Steel Canyon, Skyway City, Galaxy City, Perez Park, the Hollows, Boomtown and Faultline by the time you got there. You earned the first dozen levels and there were no easy ways to get around that. You learned to use your powers or found a team to help you, there was not a lot of content you could solo easily. Faultline was a lot like the Hollows before it's Makeover, and I agree with what they did with it, I think it is now one of the best low level zones in the game. I miss being able to start a toon in Galaxy City because there was an entirely different set of contacts and missions if you started there. Peacebringers started in Atlas, Warshades in Galaxy ( after you got a Toon to 50 as a Prerequisite ). You used to actually have to figure out how to navigate Perez Park back in the day, when you would be given missions in a cave way back in the deepest darkest parts of the Woods. You would also have to go to Boomtown for more than to Destroy Council Giant Robots. I like the convenience of some of the new features, but really, I am logging on here as recreation and the last thing I want to do is rush through content, or skip it altogether in favor of another shiny new level 20 I'll end up abandoning because I have very little invested in it. I waited a long time to have my City back, I am planning on enjoying it.
  10. Corona = The outermost event surface of a star = An imported Beer that apparently requires a lime to be palatable = An Alias used by the Eternal Thena (Marvel ), soon to be played by Angelina Jolie Voight = City of Corona, CA = The Projecting part of a Classic Cornice, ( Architecture ) = Something suggesting a Crown = An appendage or series of appendages on the inner side of the Corolla of some Flowers = A long Cigar with the sides straight to the end to be lit and roundly blunt at the other end = Garland worn on the Head as a mark of Honor or emblem of Majesty = An Automobile manufactured by Toyota Corporation from 1957 - 2001 I don't think any of these are going away any time soon, nor should they. A character named CoVID whatever should be Renamed, and should never have been named, but banning the word "Corona" itself is questionable.
  11. Probably one option would be to utilize Boomtown and the diagonal area between Indy Port and Croatoa for the airport ( Basically expand Boomtown to include the new Airport with the Terminal at it's existing South East Side). It would be adjacent to an available Rail Line with Air Traffic landing from the Southwest just above the Rikti War Zone and ending up facing toward the coast North of Boomtown. The existing rail would utilize a tunnel beneath the airport to get to Croatoa. That would be a neat place for some new Unsavory group to loiter around in and plot mischief.
  12. I got a little taste of Old School the other day. As much as I have almost every useful Accolade on Marine that's available hero side, I don't have Task Force Commander. Being on Reunion, Playing at odd hours, often right before work, I just don't get a lot of time where I can do Task Forces. In my Genius I decided to get up at 3;00am and run Citadel Solo. I guess I really didn't remember it being so REPETITIVE. This inspired my Magazine Spoof in Arts and Multimedia, all the Council Bases seemed to lack style and variety. Got thru the endless missions and was in the last one and got to Vandal. He's an Arch-Villain, and I'm exem to 30 ( from 50 + 65 Vet Levels and pretty well IOed ). Watching Paint dry would have been thrilling compared to this fight. Almost 30 minutes later he finally goes down. This reminded me of when I first started playing and found out how Tough but Damage Output Challenged Tanks were, but it was also very satisfying. I know someone will chime in about how they could have done this in 10 minutes for the whole Taskforce with one arm tied behind their back, good for you, I was taught to clean my plate. I like to do the missions, not stealth to the objectives, or Cheat to make it go Faster. I could Sacrifice some of my Tank's toughness for damage output, or just create another Brute, but that's really not the roll I like to play. This is supposed to be FUN, Recreation, something to enjoy, not doing 55 in a 35 zone on the way to work and believing that makes you Superior. I still have Posi 2, Synapse and Penny to do, and if I can't find a team, I'll try soloing again, but bring more Inspirations, lol. I avoid DFB and DIB and stick to missions from contacts as much as I can, It couldn't possibly be as boring as running DFB 4 times in a row on every toon you make, and there are lot's of great content options at the lower levels. Time to watch the paint dry.
  13. Seems to be catching on...
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