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  1. Maybe, but then consider that we want people to feed the Market, and we want low level Unfunded Characters to be able to equip themselves through the Salvage and Influence they earn. If people can get 250Inf each for common salvage, 1000inf for uncommon, through any Store or Auto Doc, which are not feeding the Market, What is the Incentive to place it on the Market for 10-50Inf? Keeping buying and selling prices both fair is probably best for everyone, at least on the common and uncommon.
  2. This is where I'm at with the Market. I read in another post how on some of the other lower population servers, the Markets are like a Grocery Store the day before a Snow Storm, empty. If there is anything there, it is Insanely Expensive, but mostly, like Level 54 Hamis, nothing is even available. Our Market Economy on HC is Fantastic. I can consider Sets here that were mostly unattainable on Live, and fully deck out Character after Character with whatever I want, not having to worry about what I can afford. The Devs have done an amazing job of keeping the Market viable and I appreciate it. @GM Imperviumwas just playing with the market as a regular player, and we have guides here that explain how to become Wealthy that way, his method is just not one I recall reading about.
  3. I did something similar, sorta. My Fiery/Rad Brute ( Sonny Burns ) is not built exclusively for farming, I use him for other content which he does very well. In farms I just wanted +4 x 8 to be a little less hectic, so I logged in Marine X and used him as a follower, he has Tactics and Maneuvers on and then Footstomp on Auto. Great fun and have the difficulty cranked without major issues. Marine is so much more of an Aggro Magnet, it was actually surprisingly easy. I can get thru the map in about 30 minutes without really rushing, I know that's not real fast, but I still have work to do. Sonny's Farm Build ( build 1 ) and his mission build ( build 2 ), are quite different ( mission build is built with Exemplar in mind, sets that work at lower levels ( 17, 20, 24 ) so he can do about anything. Working now on making the Farm build more specific.
  4. Neck costume pieces: Necklaces Dog Tags Bandanas Scarves Amulets
  5. Since my Farmer was leveled normally then respeced he acquired most of them normally. His farm build works pretty well outside AE but I created a #2 build so I could solo all but Manticore of the taskforces for Task Force Commander Accolade. Cost about 200,000,000 Influence ( ouch ), but made Posi 1 at level 15 run pretty smoothly. It is easy to switch active builds and makes normal missions enjoyable. You can switch active builds at any trainer
  6. You may be able to at least view your Character List, and if you have any saved costume files, reload them in the Character Creator. Saving and Loading Issue 13 released a Save and Load option in the costume edit screen, both at character creation and at the tailor. These options allow players to save a character's costume into a Costume File and load it onto another character of the same body type. Restrictions Only costume options that are editable in the tailor screen can be loaded. Height changes and model changes are not allowed. The "load" option is unavailable when: Trying to load an off-model costume like male pieces to a female model. Trying to load a costume file that has illegal costume pieces, such as Statesman's unique faceplate, or typos. You would just need to do a little exploration on your old PC, then copy the files if they exist to your saved costumes folder on Homecoming. Has been a while since I've had a PC with the original game installed,so not much help there, my last one died about 2 years ago, but I was able to document the Character names before it did.
  7. I think the biggest "glitch" with Khalisti Wharf is the inability of Praetorians to go there. They can go to Pocket D so it may be possible. If it is to be used as a gathering place that will probably have to be addressed. It is already in the pool of potential mission locations as I have been assigned door missions there several times. Perhaps some existing contact that is not currently being used could be moved there and assign missions there, maybe something that was removed in a past update but still in the Database. Also, kickable BIG GIANT BALL in the harbor between the Blue and Red sides, perfect place and it has been on the Wishlist since early LIVE.
  8. There is a Instance of something along these lines already in CoH. When you fight to save the Burning Building in Steel Canyon using the Fire Extinguisher backpacks, and defeat X number of Hellion Arsonists. Perhaps the same mechanism could be repurposed for another event.
  9. The old Notoriety System: The difference was when it first came out I didn't realize what it did and failed to read the whole screen. So of course I chose for the City to see me as Invincible, as opposed to Tenacious or Heroic. Took a while before someone asked why I was running with the difficulty cranked up and getting face planted all the time. That explained why everyone was Purple, what a dumbxxx.
  10. Problem corrected itself I guess, Task Force complete, although I had to start the last mission over from the beginning. weird.
  11. Have restarted Launcher. Have rebooted PC. Can log a different Character on same account in and no issues. He ( Sonny Burns ) was soloing Posi 2 Taskforce when disconnected. Reunion Server for Characters that can and can't log in.
  12. Was doing Posi 2 last night and was at the end fighting Vaz and he jumped off the bridge, I followed. Bad Idea. landed in the middle of a Mob. Was so frustrated I just walked away. Got up this morning and went to Hospital, gathered some goodies and headed back to Mission when I got mapserved, I never get mapserved, and disconnected. Now when I log in, it says I am still logging out and kicks me?????????
  13. I have seen a few people I used to play with but not most of the ones I knew well. Used the Wayback Machine ( Web Archive ) to find and link to the Top Credibility Page from the GameAmp City of Heroes site. Lots of names I know there. We had a Supergroup on Triumph whose members are on the staff and members list on the page ( including me, ( marinex ) and my brother, Delphon, as well as fellow Ohioans Nasali and Deadman54 from Sandusky. Lord Xenophon and FiresprayUK were both on Homecoming at one time. Beyond that, if you see any of them, tell them " Hey! ". https://web.archive.org/web/20081222051735/http://cityofheroes.gameamp.com/core/showTopCredibility
  14. Well, they are Demons after all.... The Demons have a more complex graphics set than most of the other pets. Have you checked Memory and CPU activity compared to other sets? Anything you can do to free up Memory can't hurt. One thing a lot of people miss is that anything on your desktop that is not a shortcut ( other than recycle bin for instance ) are sitting in your active memory. if they can be moved to the main drive, then create a shortcut to them, it may help free some memory up, just a thought. PS ( Allocating some additional Virtual Memory may not be a bad idea as well )
  15. You might look at Curser options in the menu, perhaps if you enlarge it, it will become visible again.
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