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  1. Nothing wrong with that Logic, if you like having teeth of course, lol
  2. I think I'm going to go ahead and make the Mayor's Office Bases now and get them up and running as it may take a bit. Like I said they will include TP, crafting and an Auto-Doc. I think I may also include an Icon Branch Office for Private Make-overs and a City Pool. Once up and running I will post the access codes in each shards Forum and in the roleplaying forum..
  3. The lore mentions previous Mayors of Paragon City. I think we should have a Character for Mayor Election where players create a Character to be a Mayoral Candidate, Run a Campaign in game and in forums, and then post a ballot and hold an Election ( Poll ) to determine the new Mayor, this could be an annual Event. Was thinking we could also make this a complete reality if they actually served at community functions and had a Mayoral Office, ( a base with all amenities with a Public Access code with T.P. to all zones, Crafting, Auto-Doc, etc. for use by players who have no base access. There would have to be a winner for each Shard so that the base access Portion would be functional. Any thoughts? Smart Remarks? Nemesis Rhymes?
  4. Updates that would probably be relatively easy would be billboards with more contemporary fictional Tech products and services. Also if any kind of deal could be reached with NCSoft, some real life products on billboards would make it seem more realistic and could provide an additional source of operating revenue for the non-profit. Some more urban renewal, parts of say Boomtown and maybe some more progress in Faultline. I think it would be cool to add an airport but that would require a bunch of coding. Could we have a few kids please, otherwise it seems more like the City of Clones if everyone here are adults, which makes me wonder about Penelope Yin.
  5. She probably needs a break. She's the COH version of Barney Fife, just swimming around with her 1 hit point in her front pocket and WHAM!
  6. Great Solution, it may also solve some others. The Zombie Apocalypse Boss and Elite Boss Badges are eluding me due to it running in Multiple Zones at the same time. It's making it hard to get the Huge Zombie Spawn necessary to get the Bosses and Elite Bosses to Spawn. I keep trying to get it going on Zombie Hill next to the Train Station on Talos Island, because that was always where I remember doing it on Live, and it's easy for almost anyone any level to get there. Just can't get it cranked up with it running in 8 zones at the same time, and I play at an odd time, between 4:00am GMT+5 ( EST ) to 6:00am daily before work. Want those badges dammit, have all the rest of them.
  7. Just a walk on the Cool Eve he sought, now you can guess what he has caught, off to the Doctor to get the right shot, a Cure for the Cascading Nemesis Snot.
  8. These posts seem to have taken a great deal of thought, So I'm sure they aren't being generated by a Nemesis Bot.
  9. Still seeing a lot of new people here and in the help channel that are true first time players, and that is good to see. Think we lost some people over the Policy changes but I'm not surprised. Seems people don't like being told there are going to be rules even on a rogue server. It'll all work out.
  10. Once again had to manually update, had to drag and drop a couple of the updated ones into the folder, but now working fine. Am running 64 bit. Man the underground ones in Warburg are a bit of a Death Wish, lol, haven't seen that much purple since last time I watched Purple Rain.
  11. I usually don't add more than 3 slots to any of the Leadership Powers, and usually just use the Workbench IOs, a Reduce Endurance and whatever is appropriate for the Power as I've found them to be endurance hogs. I suppose you could use them as a Mule for a set if you wanted, The more set bonuses the merrier. Luck of the Gambler comes to mind for the Team Defense power, at 3 the bonuses would be Regen +10%, Health +1.13%, if you went 4 you'd get Accuracy +9%. Not bad.
  12. I believe this is it, I also had only 29 and got credit for 50 Costumes. I think the badge ticker counts duplicates which would track with the results. I'm sure it's all done by the RNG which is why everyone doesn't get the same costumes in the same order. I'm actually still occasionally getting ones I didn't have after reaching the 50 for the badge. Public Safety Notice: The Zombie's are not fooled or amused by Halloween Costumes, they will still eat your Brains.....Have a Nice Day!
  13. With PVP Zones you are automatically Exemplared to the Level of the Zone for the duration of your time there. I don't think there would be a way to outlevel badges there. As a matter of fact there are new exploration badges recently added to Bloody Bay and Siren's Call. As far as Combat badges, they should all still award. Good Hunting.
  14. Like an Intergalactic Uber Ship? I can see that. I'll have to see if there is an App for that at the Apple Store.
  15. I wonder if you went to the Chalet if you could fly to them and become a Bug on their windshield, that'd teach them, yeah...
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