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  1. Depending on your video cards capability, you should look at trying out some of the " Experimental Graphics " settings. There is a Cell Shader and some other setting that will make CoH look more like CO. Not really my thing because it removes some of the costume details in the process, but you may like it. I have played both, and I felt like you did starting out in CoH when I played CO. Just could not get used to all the open world missions and often could not decide how to build a Characters Powers without an Archetype guiding me. I don't think I was ever on a team, and gave up at about 25. I went back a few times, but just couldn't find my groove there. Don't be afraid to indulge some Alt-Itis, it is normal when you can have SO many Characters per Shard. Be sure to Post which Shard or Shards you play on, teaming here is a lot of fun, and it's pretty easy to find one, if you want. I play on Reunion and Everlasting Mostly, early mornings weekdays and a little more on weekends. Old Days on Virtue.
  2. My Band "Tone-X" ( Named after a knob on Vox Westminster or Buckingham Amps that did absolutely Nothing ), umm, 29 Years ago, ahem, doing one of our 50+ original songs for the 1991 Rehab Telethon, we were the only Band live performance, everyone else Lip Synced, except a choir. I'm the drummer with the Flu, we did it in one take. It's weird to see myself with Hair, have been shaving my head since not long after this, We were formed in 1986, and retired in 2001, with Reunion shows in 2005 and 2015.
  3. Not hard to tell which one is the farmer, and it's not Marine.
  4. Comment - "When I launch the game, I only see a black screen." Response -"Sounds like you've swapped to a resolution your monitor doesn't support." Found this on a different games support site, Do you recall the resolution that you had the game set to? Is it too legacy to be supported by a brand new Machine, perhaps? If you have a friend with a Win7 PC that would let you load it on their PC, you could then view and adjust the settings if this is the case
  5. The only other thing I can recall that causes a Black Screen is if openGL is out of date but that seems unlikely. Have you tried turning off Dual Screens?, then load it and then if it launches, re-enable, it. That would at least eliminate that being the source of the issue. I seem to remember being told that dual displays took some finesse back in the day, maybe it still does.
  6. You may be at the point where there are not drivers available for the internal graphics, if it was a desktop I would say shop for a used video card that has drivers to match your operating system, but most Laptops are not upgradeable. I looked in all the driver dungeons I know of and had no luck.
  7. Did you install the ,net Framework 3.5? It will not run without it. A description of where it fails would also be helpful.
  8. This is a side effect of "TF2 Soldier, fighting naked and covered in Honey Syndrome", but the character creator will not cooperate with me. https://www.teamfortress.com/tf06_thenakedandthedead/ Quick click through it to page 131.
  9. His AT is B R I T I S H. Some consider this a Super Power unto itself, I however am from Ohio, and believe it to be an AT as it effects many aspects of the Bearer.
  10. I must wear clothes at all times in missions, even if it would be to my advantage to shuck them off. Just not fair, but it is a burden I must carry.
  11. All of the Signature Heroes and Villains were built outside the AT structure to insure their unique abilities could not be recreated in the Character Creator. They took a little of this and a little of that, which is why they are hard to categorize. Most of them had abilities not normally available to any single AT and I believe that was by Design, and to keep them Unique.
  12. Try Looking through this.....
  13. Marine X

    The New Name

    Well, with Chief Wahoo Retired some time ago it is finally upon The Cleveland Indians to change their name. Even though Indians is a misnomer that explorers looking to find the East Indies slapped on the Native Peoples they discovered in the New World, it has apparently got to go. I gave it some careful thought and have a few suggestions listed below. The Cleveland Cannibals It would strike fear in the hearts of their opponents and grim consequences if they stranded a runner on 2nd base. Tailgating would also be scrutinized a great deal more, but everything is better barbequed, right? Hey, where's Timmy? The Cleveland Clowns This is already in use as a derogatory nickname for the Cleveland Browns, so why not make it an Official Team Name. Wearing of Big Red Noses and Giant Shoes would probably be Career ending, but they could definitely take the field all packed into a Tiny Car and emerge to the sound of 10,000 Bicycle Horns honking. The Cleveland Cocks What?.....You know, Roosters...you just had to go there didn't you. I know there are some "Me Too" problems with a Male of a species that runs around having sex with a whole bunch of Females whether they want it or not, but I love eggs and lots of stuff that are made with them so I am willing to let this one slide. Plus we could, after a Cocks Homerun, have a Rooster Crowing over the PA, you know, a wake up call. The Cleveland Cannabis Since Progressive Field is just down wind from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this seems a natural choice. It's actually amazing how much a Buckeye Leaf looks like Cannabis. We would sell T-Shirts, hats and Jerseys like there was no tomorrow. Back to the Tailgaters, they probably sneak the stuff into as many brownies and cookies as they can, and it makes a fine garnish for a Medium Rare T-Bone. The Cleveland Mad Cows Let me remind you that when WNCI Columbus held a Contest to name the new Columbus NHL Hockey Franchise The Mad Cows was the landslide winner, then the team management walked away from the winner and chose the Columbus Bluejackets, a blue bee with an attitude, very weak, it's a winter sport, bees are dead or asleep in the winter, very very weak. Just Imagine the stands filled with Holstien Pattern Hats and Jerseys, beautiful, simply awe inspiring. Well let me know what you think, It'll probably end up being decided to go with the Pre-Indians Team name the Cleveland Spiders, but I like my ideas better.
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