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  1. There have been quite a few people that have reported these kinds of issues. A little troubleshooting can help to narrow down the source of the problem. 1) If you are playing on any of the North American Shards, try running a character on Reunion ( Germany ), this can sidestep ISP issues between you and the Server. Sadly you may be on say, Spectrum for your Internet, but are passing through other services equipment to get to the servers. If you are on Reunion, try the American Shards and see what happens. 2) Try pumping the brakes on your wireless connection. If there i
  2. There is an odd corner on that map that you have to go around to get to the entrance to the room he is in, it is shaped like a baseball diamond and you enter as if you are at Home Plate. Wish I had more for you.
  3. Will work best when installed in a location not controlled by Windows such as a Games folder directly on your hard drive. Otherwise Windows will interfere in it's updates and operation, especially if it is in Program Files or the Desktop.
  4. Found this completely by accident but thought it might help if someone was looking for a name for a new Character. Superhero names (fantasynamegenerators.com) Played with it for a bit and it came up with a good one every once in a while.
  5. Make sure you are not using the 2X-XP Boost from PTW, as that will result in you earning 0 Influence. Only time I have ever seen this is from that, other than if you have Debt, you earn at a lower rate till the debt is cleared. Also what is the level of the mission in relation to your current level?
  6. Placate or Pacify sort of run contrary to working in a Tanker or Brutes Arsenal, both Fury and Gauntlet have a Taunt Aspect, with no way to turn them off. But it might be fun to watch a NPC waffle for hours between Kicking your Butt or Kissing it. I don't think anythings broke, just a doomed combo.
  7. Is there perhaps a way, that the same method that @brigg used to Create Cos-Play Villains from Player Costume Files for his $Comicon Farm Missions in AE, could accomplish this? He was able to create a Pool of potential NPCs to fill the mission from that list of Character Files and the Map/Mission randomly populates the Map with them. Just a thought.....
  8. Footstomp on Marine X ( Inv/SS Tank ). Nothing quite gets Introductions Made quite as efficiently for me, they all know I'm here, Mission Accomplished...and a fun animation too. Also cracks me up when the environmental side effects start piling up. On Briggs S/L Comicon City Map I love it If I get a HUGE crowd gathered under the trees along the street, after a while not just a few leaves but entire limbs start falling out of the trees onto the sidewalk, just get a kick out of that.
  9. Rescue Dr. Francois: 60 Minute Timed Location: Striga Island Contact: Stephanie Peebles Level: 21 Excelsior Shard The Last 3 times I have run Mission, Dr. Francois is just inside Cargo Ship at bottom of stairs in the first Mob you see. For a mission with this size of Map that seems to be odd, and as I said, This was the third time in a row he has been in the same location.
  10. Reward Merits are the easiest way to go. You will get various amounts for various tasks. Completing a story Arc will award Merits, As does collecting all the Exploration Badges in a Zone ( 5, I think ). Task Forces will reward more than almost anything except the Weekly Strike Target which rewards additional Merits above those the TF normally awards. Cashing these in for Boosters or Converters is quick and painless. Basically, 5 Reward Merits - 1 Enhancement Booster = 1,000,000 Influence Orange Salvage = between 400,000 and 500,000 Influence each Also,
  11. Ran a Praetorian Energy Melee / Regen Brute to level 50++++ and found that he could handle almost anything.... till I ended up on a 6 Person Dr. Kahn Taskforce at +4 x 8 as the Defacto Tank. I did get a start on finally earning the Debt Badges, lol. The Reichsman at that difficulty level just kicked Regen's Butt. Not sure if a Tanker version would be all that much better because with Tough, Weave, Manuevers, Combat Jumping and nearly Perma Moment of Glory, all well slotted, he and the AV summons could still chew through the Hit Points. We did finish it though. They just had to keep reviving me
  12. I like the way all of these Create an Overall Story by Completing Individual Arcs in the same Zone: The Hollows chain of Contacts/Arcs Croatoa " Faultline ( new ) " Striga Island " Dark Astoria ( new ) " Rikti War Zone " First Ward " Night Ward " also Maria Jenkins Tina Macintyre Eagle Eye
  13. Exactly, go to the "Account" tab at the top of this page while logged into the forums, and select "Game Account", you need to set the Username and Password for the Game there.
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