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  1. What type of Internet Connection is Virgin using, is it a DSL or Cable Broadband? DSL will usually work well if the bandwidth is high enough but on Cable you can predict when you are going to have issues by when everyone gets out of work and school and comes home and jumps on the Internet. It's actually funny but Cable Companies typically use and Old Token ring Topology for their network. This creates problems. You pay for X amount of Bandwidth, so they set the Max on Your Modem to allow you up to and sometimes slightly more than your plan. However you are on a ring, say your neighborhood, that has this much bandwidth for everyone there. When no one is home life is good, but when you get a bunch of users on, the available Bandwidth to exit the ring to the Internet begins shrinking. Try running a speed test during the day, then run one when you are having issues and compare them to the Bandwidth you are paying for, and you may just need more than you have. CoH has no capacity to mitigate latency or missing packets like a Streaming buffer or Browser can, so you may never notice it there. but in CoH things have to happen in real time or you get Freezes and Map Serves. Good Luck.
  2. I would have to make a Ben Stein knock-off for this, too bad you couldn't actually hear it, that would be hillarious, droning on endlessly....
  3. Then on top of all the other issues with the old TF remember that the Rail Services were split at the time they were written, there was green line that went to some zones and yellow line that went to others. Station Stop Old Yellow Line Old Green Line Atlas Park X Kings Row X Steel Canyon South X Steel Canyon North X Skyway City North X Skyway City South X Talos Island X Independence Port X Croatoa X Brickstown X Founders' Falls X Had to always go from Indy Port to Steel or Skyway, go to the opposite end of the zone to other Station in order to get to Talos, arghh! ( I believe the Smuggler's Ship was added with Striga Island in Issue 3 )
  4. True, run into this trying to diagnose issues with VOIP Phones and SIP Trunking, I can usually track down which hop is causing the issue, but getting it fixed is really difficult. Your connection may be from Frontier, but it may "hop" through several other carriers equipment and services on it's way to the endpoint. If you have a Dynamic IP Account sometimes ( not very often though ) cycling the Modem will cause it to pull a fresh address, and perhaps find an alternate route when you try to connect. Probably running through " Bob's Internet Service and VCR Repair " on its way to Homecoming. Uhhh..
  5. Marine X

    Ski Slope Badges

    I have been stranded on the Bunny Slope since they added the Ski Chalet, and I was a Ski Instructor at a local Ski Resort when I was in School. Embarrassing.
  6. Just thought I would toss this in here for those having Map Server or connection issues. It is a free open sourced Network Analyzer available for download at the following link. https://www.wireshark.org/ Have found it very useful both at work and at home for tracking down issues. The site has lots of info on how to set up a scan, just takes a little reading.
  7. Something I've used several times at work to isolate connection issues that might help is called "Wireshark", it is a free open sourced network tool and does a very good job of monitoring and isolating issues. It will take a little poking around in the "Frequently asked Questions" to get the scan set up, but it will tell you everything going on with your network. Worth a try and could point a finger at the culprit.
  8. Just to put it out there, there are sometimes issues reported with Tequilla/Homecoming being miss Identified as an issue with Windows Defender and some Anti-Virus programs because of the type of connection and Traffic it generates. It may not help but worth making sure it is allowed past each of those, a normal update to them may have changed it's status.
  9. Wondered about that too, they used to be Premium Only and weren't openly available, SCoRE must have never got to updating the emote menu, but did unlock them.
  10. They are not part of the emote menu but can be used by typing: /e swoon /e collapse I just tried it and both work, and to my knowledge I never did anything to "Unlock" them. You can bind them to a key if you want a quicker activation.
  11. I've found if you go through the available sets in each "Type", you can build a great toon with lots of set Bonuses. One of my favorites is Scirrocco's Dervish ( PBAoE Damage ) even if you only 4 slot it, it gives you 10% regeneration, 2.25% Pos/Neg Resistance, 3.75% Mez Protection and a 9% Accuracy Bonus, It is no where close to Purple Pricing at about 3-5Million per. Some others are Entropic Chaos (Ranged Damage) and Crushing Impact ( Melee Damage ), both give good bonuses without being Pricey. Also don't forget to look at the Merit Vendor, it usually works out cheaper to buy Archetype Sets from them with Merits, and fill in blanks with Influence, than do the whole thing through Wentworth's.
  12. I faceplanted Bubba Burns ( rad melee/ fiery aura brute ) this morning in the Malaise / Rickti Mission from Maria Jenkins. Rounded a corner and there were about a dozen Seers etc, some on the floor, some on the catwalks, and not in melee range. Got De-Toggled and Pantsed basically. On the return from the Hospital I came up with a tactic to nail one corner of the group with a fireball and herd them away from the rest, rinse repeat, easy pickings from there. Malaise went down like a sack of potatoes.
  13. Be sure to check out the P2W vendor with your Newby Toons, many of the old Veteran Rewards and Prestige Powers are available there for little or no cost. Some examples are custom XP rates, Sands Of Mu, Ghost Slaying Axe, Nemesis Staff, Buff Pets, Custom Enhancements, Reveal Power for Maps, Travel Powers, and much more. She is just to the left of the Atlas Statue Platform in AP.
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