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  1. Does anyone have a comprehensive How to for Costume Piece Design and editing, and a list of Tools you'll need to do it? CoH Modder can load them to the Client side, but how to make the actual edits is what I'm asking. Have tried a few approaches that yielded nothing useful. When I load the initial piece it is not something visually recognizable. Just curious, thanks.
  2. ....I decided to see what Malta Sappers are really made of. I know that they are an automatic, gotta go first in a crowd of Malta but have never engaged them in a Solo fight like other NPC types. So I cleared an entire Malta Mission Map except for a Sapper and a Tactical Operative guarding the last rescue. Then used black wand and bow & arrow to take out the TO from Range. Came up to the Sapper and let him do his thing, This was with a Regen Brute, and a couple shots and he had my Endurance Gone, Toggles off, but was barely even noticeable if he was affecting Health. Gave it a full 2
  3. Have just got my EM/Regen Brute Battlestrike to level 49. Ran him through Gold 1-20, then left for a short tour in blue that related to his back story, then back for First Ward. Then more character tie in stuff then Night Ward. Then Croatoa which factors into his back story. Then onto the Devouring Earth Content ( Blue ) and Praetorian Content ( Blue ). Haven't really teamed with others much but definitely have enjoyed going through all the related content. I often felt like the missions, even though not written as a Giant Arc, became one for me. It was a long time since I had done the Mission
  4. Well if you haven't filed a support ticket that would be a good next step. It concerns me that in your initial post you mentioned clicking the COH icon, unless you created that, it should simply be Tequila or the Homecoming Launcher. The old client from when the game was live will not work. Also the launchers from other Private servers will not work as far as I've seen. Titan Icon from the Titan Network worked as you describe, it was a self hosted single player environment with no gameplay. Paragon Chat was a multi-player non-combat Roleplay Environment that was self hosted with an XXMP Server
  5. The Best kind are of course the Space Variety... The Ice Pirates 1984 herpes scene - YouTube
  6. Sorry but it almost sounds like you are using Paragon Chat or Titan Icon. After you create a Forum Account you need to go to "Account" at the top of this page and create a game account. Then download the Homecoming Launcher, be sure to install it to a folder directly on your main drive, not in a Windows controlled location like Program Files. The Launcher will then download the Game Client. All you should have on your desktop is the Launcher, not sure what you were logging into but you should see the 4 North American Shards and Reunion (EU). Then you can create or recreate your Chara
  7. Good to know, have no way to contact any of the old group directly, but will keep an eye out for them and more, Thanks @FiresprayUK
  8. Make sure that what you are using for the "account name" to log in matches what is in the light blue band on the game account screen, it is case sensitive.
  9. There are some things that you can open up in your router that might help. Below are the ports CoH uses to communicate: Game Ports The game client is somewhat Firewall and NAT friendly. However any issues can be resolved by ensuring the following ports are open: TCP 2104 TCP 2106 TCP 443 UDP 7000-7200 Hope this is some help.
  10. Anything is possible, was trying to help a guy last week and it turned out having Google Chrome open while he was playing was causing Map Server Disconnects. I guess not shocking considering how spooky it is that ads on every web site tune themselves to where you have been recently, and that requires a lot of Bot jibber jabber to pull off. Try looking at your Task Manager and see if something is running at high priority, that requires internet, that isn't essential, and dial it back to low. Also set CoH and the Launcher to High. If you look at them in Task Manager they may still say normal aft
  11. Found a Few recently, would look to see if they have been reported, but egad!, there are 30 Pages to read through. This one from Maria Jenkins: " he brough here " should be " he brought here" And this one from the Introduction to Harvey Maylor probably was supposed to be " he is hot on the trail ".
  12. This is exactly when it becomes crystal clear that all the time and effort the Homecoming Team spends on extremely Unsexy Infrastructure updates is SO Important. I have a Windows Server, ( no hard drive or OS ), sitting at my house that I got from work after our recent upgrade. I really plan to build it up and use it as a COH Local Client on my home Network for posterity, but have never got moving on it. HC IS SPOILING ME, LOL. Sorry to hear about the other servers demise, but thanks to the Homecoming Team for all that you do to keep us running and oblivious.
  13. There is a possibility that it is a Pathway issue. These can be hard to resolve but we may be able to find a starting point. You say you are on Reunion, if you log into one of the four NA Shards do you have the same performance issues? If so, that means the problem is somewhere closer to you, perhaps your ISP, modem or Router. If not, that suggests the problem is something between you and the server in Germany. There is a program called WireShark that you can download for free that can show you all the hops that your connection takes to get from point A to poi
  14. You might read through this, if you haven't, as it covers what does and doesn't work with COH pretty thoroughly. Laptops and COH: A Modern Guide - Help & Support - Homecoming (homecomingservers.com)
  15. Below is some ideas from @Tahquitz from a different topic. BTW, as it still works, you might try a separate install of Tequila to see if you get a different result. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Network communications appear to stop with the game immediately after login. This has happened on Paragon Chat a bit back in the day for the same reason. Three things: 1.) Secure communications is time-dependent. C
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