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Vice City opening this Friday, September 20th! - Everlasting Server!


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Are you a vigilante or Rogue looking for a place to call home? Or perhaps you're a homeless bum living on the streets? Are you a hero looking for a challenge to wipe out crime and keep ordinary folks safe? Have we got the place for you!

Vice City is officially opening Friday September 20th and everyone is welcome! Come see our beautiful (*coughslookslikedetroitonfirecoughs*) city district and consider staying a while. With several businesses already operational and more looking for owners to take charge, Vice City is a thriving new roleplay community where you can live out your dreams in relative obscurity or make a splash and become a crime lord or even, head of the district police department! Come roll a bum in an alley (yes we have hobo's who live in the Hobo Hotel) or jump in to rescue that bum and take him to Phat Wang's for a bowl of noodles! Got a hot date? Take them to our very own Bamboo Kats Theater or the King Pin Bowling Alley and if your evening has you lingering late into the night, come dance at Afterhours, our waterfront club and restaurant open late every night! You can even stay over for a nice romantic evening in the Raven Hotel, our fully functioning AI operated hotel (for all you altered carbon fans!).

For more information on how you can become a part of this great new piece of crap city on the verge of collap.. I mean, this amazingly picturesque pinnacle of desperation, join our discord today!

Vice City code: Vice-7008

Discord: https://discord.gg/cbea53A(edited)


Businesses currently owned:


Afterhours - Warden Mal (Sacrilege)

Omega Medical and Cybernetics - Omega Industries

Phat Wang House of Noodle - Phat Wang

Lights Out Gym - Johnny Incinerator

Wolfe P.I. - Merrick Wolfe

The Chantry - Creedence Clearwater

The Library - Gravedigger Dan

The Hobo Hotel - Harry Kane (and any other hobo who shows up)


Businesses built and looking for owners:


The Raven Hotel

Helping Hands Sperm Bank (I have no words)

Vice City Police Department

Vice City District Court

Surefire Electric The

11/Seven Convenience Store

Power Donuts Shop

Tattoo Shop

Bada Bing Bail Bonds

Bamboo Kats Theater

Vice City Bank

The Fishing Shack

A Gun/weapons Shop

2 Large warehouses


Area's still under construction:


The Prison

Caves and Crypts for Creepy People

14 empty shops and or apartments on the waterfront

Several larger building lots are still available


By the way, we've only used less than 1/2 of our item allotments so come join us and claim a building!!


Vice City code:  Vice-7008

Discord: https://discord.gg/cbea53A 

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