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Need GM help with IP violation


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Our supergroup was based around an existing Intellectual Property, and with the new Code of Conduct, we would like to bring it into alignment.


Only a GM can rename a supergroup, so we'd really like the help. We'd hate to lose our playerbase AND our rather ridiculous base.


Please reach out, my global is @kaleiope. Thank you!! -K

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  • Retired Game Master

In order for us to easiest handle this type of request please submit a support request in-game on the character that is the leader for the SG. You can do this with the petition command (IE: /petition Rename SG) - make sure to fill out all fields of the form and include the new name you would like in the ticket.


Because we require the leader of the SG to be the one making the request, this is the easiest way for the team to validate that and does not require you to be online when a GM works the request.



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