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Any sort of new to Homecoming FAQ?


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This is wonderful.  You guys have made my year.  Decade.  Perhaps even century.


Now please...


Is there any sort of FAQ anywhere here that can possibly answer all of these burning questions I have now that I get to be "in" on this that I don't want to spam the forums with?




Is there any way to access my original account and my stable of characters?  Yeah, I'm guessing I just have to start from scratch, and I'm so beyond fine with that.  But if there's a way to get my old characters back as they were, I want to know about it!


Same question, but supergroup base?  Or even the supergroup and its members (which kind of implies the character info implied in #1 is stored somewhere on these servers)?


And plenty more questions anybody who JUST found this place might want to ask??


Way to just start my own local server (perhaps as a way to have all of the names of said original stable of characters - or the only way I'd be allowed to instantly re-create them?)


How to get the game to "see" the vast number of costumes I scrambled to save as the original servers went down in 2012, so I don't have to try to recreate all of my characters' looks from scratch?


(I'll post more as I think of them ... but really if there's already a place that answers all of this stuff, that's all I'm looking for...)

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