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  1. Back when I was married, two combos the pretty much got my ex-wife and I all the way to 50 (and well beyond): Fire/Fire Blaster and Invul/Axe Tank. That's really just an iteration of the classic blaster/tank pairing (the sets aren't all that important). We were literally designed to be complete compliments to each other - it was literally her job to burn everything down (very VERY fast) and mine to keep whatever she was setting on fire from touching her. Heck, what got oddly fun is when she'd deliberately rush up to a large spawn, aggro them, and run away just to see if I could
  2. I don't quite have Haten to perma, but its only about 28 seconds of clear headedness every two minutes before the hatin' begins again. Fortunately there always seem to be "crooks" around to hate on.
  3. Yep. Overall it does look better. More specifically: About two thirds of the time they at least fall more "naturally" (variation as expected, but mostly sort of tip over ... kind of limp but not to the 'all joints turned instantly to teflon and gained 360 degrees of movement' from before). About one third of the time their "spine snaps off at their pelvis" and they twist pretty wildly around their waist. Still, gotta admit - it looks better overall. Nice!
  4. I hope this information will help. Think of it as a "mini-guide" to how endurance works (applies to players too, but here I'm talking about mobs). The Basics: How Endurance Comes Back Basically, every three seconds you get a "tick" of 5 endurance back. Actually, the "tick" is 5% of your endurance, so if you've got accolades or set bonuses (or are not a minion if "you" are an AI controlled mob and a bad guy), it'll be a more than 5 per tick. But if you have the normal 100 endurance, then it's 5 per tick. Like regeneration and your health, recovery ("regen" for your endurance)
  5. As Shinobu pointed out - the missions I'm most likely to straight up fail are the ones where you have to "keep someone from getting away." At some point (I'm not sure when) the mechanics on those changed... it used to be they'd stay put until you engaged them, then at a certain point they'd try to run and you had to have some way to stop them before they got out (hold, massive takedown damage, or whatever...). Now once you get within a certain "activation" range (regardless of whether or not the mob has actual line of sight) they just run. If you don't anticipate which corridor/room the
  6. I can't definitively say the answer is 'no' - but having been tweaking customs for some of my arcs I have noticed that so far I've only seen primary and secondary power sets available (with a few modifications, such as melee sets having at least one ranged power - often from another set - added in so a designer can fulfill the "mob needs to have a ranged attack to be full XP"). It *is* possible a few pool powers are mixed into the primary and secondary sets available, but if they are, I haven't spotted any yet (including Arcane Bolt).
  7. It's definitely NOT a case of "bosses are broken in MA." It's actually only one power (and, to your credit, you did mention that power) in (as near as I can tell) one set. It's Savage Leap. Although it says it is typed lethal and AoE, it totally ignores one or both types of defense. I have no idea if that is just the version ported into MA, or if the actual player version of the power has that little bug as well. Literally every other attack power the mobs had possessed exactly the to hit chance I would have expected based on enemy rank and level relative to me. I didn't even see
  8. I decided to take a look. First, since you're doing this at +4, you're dealing with the purple patch. Even with totally softcapped defense, that means that every single attack from a boss (and at x8 there'll be a lot of those) has about a 10% chance to hit you regardless. To make matters worse, the designer gave those bosses their version of "build up" - which will grant a to hit bonus and full stacks of blood fury. To make matters even worse, one of the powers debuffs defense, one of them debuffs damage resistance. If they hit blood frenzy, even with 50% defense, that chance to them
  9. That suggests the bosses then must have some sort of amazing self buffing abilities. I'm inclined to think if the combat monitor showed you basically softcapped defense and hardcapped resistance, then the only way to get 95% to hit and 700+ damage is if the bosses were running some spectacular +ToHit and +Damage buffs (well, above what the purple patch gives them, which is already pretty substantial). If you were running x8/+4, then if whatever was buffing them was AoE, you could easily have had a whole lot of them stacking. *Why* whoever wrote the arc would set them up that way is
  10. I don't really know the details of those bosses, but a few observations: A boss would normally only have a 65% base chance to hit. If the power has a 95% chance to hit, your actual defense (purples plus powers) must have been debuffed into the toilet! OR the mob has a massive to hit boost. (In other words, it sounds like it isn't so much that "bosses are broken" as "this boss has been giving some serious buff or debuff powers that it is using on you"). Hitting for more than 700+ damage sort of suggests a similar scenario. Not only is your damage resistance debuffed enough to canc
  11. This is one of the missions in the "Lost and Found" pseudo-arc from Timothy Raymond - a bunch of randomly ordered missions including one badge mission that have a story-arc style title in the mission descriptions, and award merits when they are all completed, but don't give a souvenir. But that's not the bug... The mission itself is Defeat Thornbird and his Guards. It's in Primeva (well, that's the mission map - the entrance was actually pretty close to the Nerva entrance). Once you enter, it warns you not to let Thornbird escape. Nothing unusual so far... When you approach Thorn
  12. I gotta say, PW, if you actually ended up having to fight him as a real set of three bosses (at full boss level) several times, you are a saint for giving the arc the rating you did! Obviously, that particular issue is fixed. Although it may be obvious to most everyone here already, I'll post what I discovered so anyone who doesn't know won't make this mistake: The issue was caused by a "custom" group (Skulls) existing that had only the end boss and a single minion type in it in the actual story file versus a "master" custom group (that existed outside the story file) also called th
  13. I remember this one also being a very good one. The fact that you somehow managed to snag the arc ID that spells out 'leet' has struck me all morning as a seriously funny (if completely coincidental) in joke...
  14. Me too. I'm extremely happy to see this one back in the mix!
  15. Or just a mutually exclusive tag: farm/story for both arcs and the search function. One *has* to be selected, and you only see missions with the same flag selected. You'll never remove people who downvote out of sheer spite (although the anonymity of the internet helps contribute to this - I've always been a proponent of 'if you want to rate, you have to be willing to go on record as what your rating is' ... that's a side effect of my job, where I literally rate people for a living, but that's tempered by the fact that those ratings are NOT anonymous)... ...but a system like that wi
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