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$Comic Con S&L$ Influence Farms are here!


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Hey gang!


I was able to publish a Smashing & Lethal Influence farm with the Atta Cave Map and an Outdoor Map.

Check my Signature for the ArcID's or search "Brigg" in AE to find them.


Remember, these are designed for Influence. If you are powerleveling a friend using these, they'll get less XP than normal. That's the trade off for boosted Influence - Less XP. Or NO XP if you're already Level 50. You'll need to decide if the Boosted Influence is worth it to you to lose XP going towards your Vet Levels.




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ArcID #125 Bloody Rainbow: Comic Con Fire Farm;  ArcID #2551 Comic Con Fire Farm: Cave Edition

ArcID #133 Comic Con S&L Farm;  ArcID #9911 Comic Con S&L Outdoor Edition

ArcID #2915 $Comic Con Fire Farm$ArcID #11612 $Comic Con Fire Farm Outdoor Map$

ArcID #16607 $Comic Con S&L Caves$ArcID #16610 $Comic Con S&L Outdoor$
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