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  1. Once $Comic Con Fire Farm$ hits 999+ 5 Star ratings, an S&L Inf Farm is the next Farm Map I plan on making.
  2. @Cheydrazaar This was indeed a lot of fun! It was a pleasure to be a part of. Thank you to you and your group for putting this together. I got a lot of great ideas from this event that I've been slowly adding into the Comic Con Farm. I also loved the way you guys did your judging. Great idea!
  3. Nice post, @Warlawk Thanks for the shout out. I've never considered taking Carnies, but I think you have me sold. I'm going to try it out. Keep up the good work!
  4. Well, he's in the first mission, so it shouldn't take long lol.
  5. Added Mysterio, Spider-Man 2099, and Malcom (Jurassic Park)
  6. Is this why Server Transfers aren't working? It's saying I don't have any Transfer Tokens - which I would have bought into had I used any transfers. But I have not. And I wasn't aware there was a limit to begin with.
  7. Just added She-Ra: Princess of Power!
  8. Some great options! I've been meaning to put in Dr. Fate for a while. I'll work on adding some of these.
  9. Small differences. Oh, and mine is older. 😉 I had the Comic Con farm published on Live simply called ComiCon Riots but with only 30 costumes. It's actually how several people found me. The found my farm and new I was on Homecoming.
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