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  1. Unfortunately, Story Descriptions will show up enhanced in preview but not in the actual search window. Not sure why. They'll work in the contact window however.
  2. The arbitration has been going on for years now about if it's legal for a company to shut down a game that people have paid for a retail box. Who knows if we'll ever see the light at the end of that tunnel.
  3. That would also be included as an enforceable offense. I guess I can no longer put up videos or livestream my Comic Con farms either. That's very unfortunate.
  4. Yup. Too many quotation marks can get fuzzy sometimes. From a different angle, some of the powers actually have the underscore in their name, but that's mostly when you're using the power file name.
  5. Perfect! You're on the right path then!
  6. ITF is some serious XP. With a 2XP boost, I went from 42-50 in a Kill All ITF. Dare I say it was faster than my Comic Con Farms.
  7. or /buildsavefile <filename> if you don't like using underscores. Underscores are just spaces to help the reader see what the command says, but mean nothing in the code. C_o_d_e is the same as Code. It can get addicting once it starts to fall into place. I find myself just making builds in Mids just for the fun of it. Utilize the Search options when looking for specific sets. And keep in mind, just because you're using a specific set doesn't mean you're locked into that set for any specific power. You can have two partial IO sets in 1 power. If the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th set do you no good, but you need more out of that power, add a 2nd set that boosts something else.
  8. I realize you're asking about a Brute or a Scrapper, but all I can say is my rad/rad tank is a beast. Brute's won't have as much inherent resistance, but I'm sure it's very good too. My rad/rad scrapper was fun, but it felt so much like a tanky build that I just rolled the tank - which is now my go-to TF/Raid/Trial character. These are my Rad/Rad Tank stats:
  9. Have they actually denied it or just denied the option? I think it came down to a few things. One: Giving people an unfair advantage when the server was first launched. Of course, now that wouldn't be an issue. Two: The code being a mess as Matt Miller once said, locating it is not just a click away. With a handful of parameters, it's possible to locate, but then you'd have to assign a whole team of handling that much more work for everyone on the server. That in itself is a big undertaking. The easiest solution would be to just not make that option available. Three: And this is a personal opinion. The fresh start is much more fun. I'm thankful for what we have. Good enough for me.
  10. Yeah yeah. I know. But one extra click? Who's got time for that!? LOL, but you're right. I fixed it. 😄
  11. Oh here's a fun one. MAJOR SPOILER ALERT WARNING if you don't want to know about the Steven Sheridan Story Arc in Brickstown.
  12. These days, I usually run my Outdoor Influence Fire arc. Lots of mobs and even Elite Bosses. Some days, I'll get 2 purples in one run, and some I get none. I don't grind for purples though. That would be insanely frustrating. They're a nice bonus reward. I have friends who will grind grind grind for purples all day long. There are days they'll get 6 in a day! That's just way too much work lol. My brain would melt. Yes, the creator of the Comic Con farms gets bored of farming too sometimes. 😛
  13. In this case, you're dealing with quantity, not quality. It's not the bosses, it's the fact that you're going through so many baddies so quickly. More chances, more opportunities, in less the amount of time. And even then, it's not a bag full of purples just spilling out all over the ground for you to snatch up. It's still very rare, and that's the beauty of it. It's still exciting to get. Increasing the rate lessens the fun of getting those precious jewels. Most of, if not all, of my builds need purples. The fact that they're so hard to come by naturally makes it a challenge I enjoy. But that's me.
  14. I've never understood why people have a problem with things like AE. If it's not for them, and they don't use it, what's the problem? You can't tell me it's taking away from them, because if they exist, then others do too who share the same interests. Those individuals are available to run the same content they do. So where's the issue? And you can't tell me people farming AE are getting more rewards, because if I want rewards such as merits, I do Story Arcs or Group content. We're all different. Different views, different methods, different upbringings. It's sad that we've come to a point in life that where if someone who doesn't agree with you, you have to dismiss them entirely. Is that the fault of the Facebook era? Someone says something you don't agree with, and you drop them as a friend? Our differences are what make us unique. Some people like the journey. Others like the destination. Neither is wrong. Just different. There's nothing wrong with different. If the OP enjoys leveling up, then yes, AE is perfect for that individual. But as stated, if OP thinks AE is boring, there's always something different to do as a balance. They would just have to find what works for them. For me, I enjoy PL'ing in AE - because I want to hurry up and play my character as I intended to. The grind isn't fun for me. That goes for real life. I love going to the beach or the amusement park or even the mall to shop, but I absolutely hate the drive. For some, the drive is fun. I'm not the type to just go for a drive. That doesn't mean I don't like those people or think their way is wrong - just different.
  15. That's just the luck of the draw. If it was increased, how long before someone is asking for it to be increased again? There's a fine balance. For me personally, I feel like the balance we have is more than adequate.
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