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Fire/Devices Build.


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My build is probably weird and not something most people should follow, but here goes. 🙂

Edit: for some reason, the forum software absolutely refuses to let me post long exports. Here's the build code, in case you get Mids working.


| Copy & Paste this data into Mids' Hero Designer to view the build |


Edit: so basically, staple powers: Blaze, Blazing Bolt, Taser, Targeting Drone, Aim, Field Operative, Inferno, Char.

Since the rework, /dev is unique amongst blaster primaries in having an Energy Punch level attack that deal its damage at range, Taser. Well, that range is only 20 feet, but that's a step up from 7 feet.

Many other secondaries get ranged ST holds doing decent ST damage, but with /dev we can get both by picking epic Char and proccing it out.

So that was the goal here, dealing high ST DPS at range, running Blaze -> Taser -> Blazing Bolt -> Blaze -> Taser -> Char. To sustain that endurance drain, Ageless is a must.

On the mitigation side, this character is meant for tough solo stuff (Apex, TinM, LRSF), so softcapped defenses alone can't cut it. The build hits ~29% to all which becomes ~34% with amplifiers, then one small luck is enough to softcap. On top of that, we can't get Clarion seeing as we've got Ageless. So I went Rune of Protection and Melee Hybrid, alternating the two gives at least 35% res to any damage type (again, with amplifiers).

A more generic build, better suited for overall play, would likely go Clarion + Assault, slotting for endurance (reduction and recovery), shooting for the ranged softcap and picking Bonfire which is amazing mitigation with a KB-to-KD IO.

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