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  1. I think there's potentially an underlying implication in such statements we fight infinitely against a static target. Personally, in standard fights I hold onto my T1 until I need the damage, say on a boss. Minions and lieutenants can die to AoEs for the most part. At high level, it meshes well with the ~25s cooldown on mininukes. You use your Opportunity on the boss, you also shoot lieutenants while it's up, and you wipe out any stragglers in 1 or 2 hits out of Opportunity. Some of the Opportunity downtime is also spent traveling from group to group, so the effective uptime ends up above 50%. To put it another way, if we had just 2 attacks, Famine and Feast, Famine dealing 100 damage and Feast 200; and if we ever fought only 2 enemies, Mynx and BAB, with Mynx having 80 hp and BAB 180 hp. Then everything would work well, one hit kill for each enemy. But if we buffed the AT by 10%, removing Famine and Feast, to instead have 2 attacks dealing 165 damage each. We'd still kill Mynx in one shot, but BAB would be left with a sliver of health. Requiring an extra attack. This is a gross oversimplification. Nonetheless, I feel it somewhat reflects how Sentinels play, at least for me. Not all targets are created equal, and overkill damage isn't extra damage. I don't mean to suggest everything is awesome and nothing needs to change. Rather, I only hope the above is taken in consideration so the buff doesn't put us at a weaker spot than where we started. Tangentially, I feel there's something lost in the often seen suggestions to replace Opportunity with, say, crits. Opportunity is deterministic. The bar grows at a stable rate for the most part, and you get to choose when you activate it. Replacing that determinism - that ability to pick and choose - with the randomness of crits may not be a change for the better, in terms of feel. If the inherent is thrown out, I hope that, in spirit, what we get is closer to Fury than crits. Even though I love crits!
  2. For anyone who wants +7/+8 mobs, I recommend this: - remove your Alpha slot entirely - start an Apex or Tin Mage task force, solo Once you enter a mission, you will be now levelshifted to 46 due to lacking an alpha, and fighting level 54s Go fight the first group with your uberest of uber builds. See how long it takes you. Then please do me a favor, do YOURSELF a favor more than me: don't just come back here and report you love the challenge. Keep going! Fight, say, the first 3 groups in the Apex TF. Or clear the outdoor part in the Tin Mage TF. Then, do get in the Sewers and fight the Rikti Pylons. Or enter the warehouse and trade punches with Director 11. I can't speak for you. But for me, trying this was my vaccine shot against extreme +con suggestions. "But what about teams? Maybe it'd be fine for teams." Remember -RES is decimated by the purple patch. So you're not going to look at the x3, x4, x5 multiplier you might expect even against +4s (functionally +3s due to Alpha). Most likely, you are looking at best at a x2 from solo performance (picture an average of ~250% damage buffing solo, then push it to for example the 500% damage cap through damage buffs, that's x2). Extreme purple patch isn't much fun no matter how you slice it, IMHO.
  3. I don't think this has been done. I think it would be interesting to see. In my own "testing", my Sents outpace my non-Fire Blasters and break even with my Fire Blasters. Quotes because said testing is too haphazard to draw sure conclusions, even for just me specifically. I hope you go on with your project so I can find motivation to be more structured with mine. 🙂
  4. You can do them solo. You don't need to be overleveled, but you should be at least at the default max level of the task force, because (for example) signature task forces will always spawn enemies at the default max level for the Task Force. In layman's terms: in Positron mobs will always be minimum lvl 15. If you start the TF as a level 11, you'll fight +4s all the way. Worse still, even if you level up during the TF you'll be "stuck" (exemplared) as a level 11. Signature Task Forces (Positron, Synapse, Penelope, Citadel...) are fairly easy, they're standard mission with 1 or 2 AVs at the end. You can generally defeat an AV on any character by using a mix of luck inspirations (fill up your tray at a vendor if need be) and Envenomed Daggers (you can buy 300 charges at the Pay2Win vendor in Atlas). Level 50 TFs and newer TFs tend to be harder. Still doable solo, but you'll likely need a minmaxed build.
  5. Tanker - AoEs are much more fun to use thanks to increased radius. Great base survivability + juicy ATOs let you build for max damage. With procs especially you can go surprisingly far. Coupled with no reliance on Fury or any special mechanics, and with the convenience of strong aggro keeping things nice and tight, you end up with a character that is extremely easy to play. Brute - Fury is still a great boon early on. Brutes will still deal more damage than Tankers as a general rule. Won't ever touch Tanker survivability, but many would argue Brute survivability is still enough to handle whatever you'll face.
  6. nihilii


    You may have just ruined Staff for me. Or made it better. Jury is out.
  7. It's not talked about much, but Consume actually does provide 50% end drain resistance for 2 minutes. With a 3 minutes base recharge, this means having just Hasten (or just 2 recharge SOs) make that resistance perma.
  8. Worth considering you also get absorption through Instant Regeneration. I don't recall the exact numbers off the top of my head, but it adds up to significant "hp/s". Second Wind is also a heal, even though it is pretty awful as such.
  9. That's what your double wants you to believe. They were really, really peeved about you not sending them a card for your birthday.
  10. I use OBS, but "easy to use" and "older rig friendly" is not how I'd describe it. A few years in, I still haven't found a way to get clear footage with a 1680x1050 resolution, and performance struggles on an i5. Not for lack of looking for guides or tweaking with the settings either. Closed source and paid for programs tend to be much more limited in their options and output, but many of them allowed for 1 hotkey recording out of the box on that same rig. Would still recommend OBS - because it might work for you, and if it does, why look anywhere else?
  11. Urge to reroll ice/something/caltrops rising... I don't even care about efficiency, I just want to ice storm - caltrops things into nothingness and laugh at the piddly remaining damage.
  12. nihilii

    Sell me Taunt.

    War Walkers EBs and Battle Maiden in Apex both have special AI rules. They're set to aggressively chase a team member once they spawn. If a team member is outside the battle area (i.e. still in the sewers or at mission entrance, or by the chopper in the second mission), then they might get stuck trying to chase that person and ignore other threats. I think dead bodies can mess with their AI too. That might be why you're experiencing such weird behavior. I could be wrong, but I'd wager blue patch damage is more likely to be tied to Battle Maiden's health checkpoints than blue swords. Beginning of the fight, kill as many blue swords as you want, and if you're not lowering Battle Maiden's life, the blue patch will hit for ~50 unresistable damage per tick. Near the end of the fight, when she's below 25%, it might deal ~170. There seems to be some randomness as well, i.e. you can still get a patch dealing 50 damage per tick by the end of the fight, right after you took a patch dealing 170 damage per tick. Other theory: there's several completely different entities for blue patches. The blue patch you get when she hits you (the only one that exists in her first phase) deals 50 or 90 damage per tick. The blue patches that trigger every few seconds starting in the ambush phase deal 120 or 170 damage per tick. I never bothered to test this conclusively, I just do a lot of solo, duo and multibox Apex. Could be talking out of my ass. Blue patches stack. So if you have 3-4 teammates in melee with you, you're going to have a bad time no matter what. But if you're the sole meleer, it's conceivable for a Tanker to take on BM and survive the early blue patches. Heck, I've found it doable to survive these early patches on Scrappers, even Stalkers and Sentinels. There are even Tanker builds that can take second phase blue patches, at least up to a point.
  13. Sentinels epics are filled with spammable AoE immobilizes if that's your jam.
  14. All Fire IOs, with delicious damage procs? Yes please! I'd kill for a purple super pack, too...
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