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  1. It used to be somewhat hard to justify scrappers over brutes. With the new IOs (and the sum of all IOs), the game has changed. Critical Strikes and Gaussian BU give scrappers incredible burst damage ability. Shield Wall, Reactive Defense and brute ATO set bonuses give brutes a good shot at making use of their resistance caps (as previously mentioned, it's a significant increase of survivability - 2.5x rather than 1.5x, even, as if you have 75% res you take 1/4 of the damage, while at 90% res you take 1/10 of it). I really like where both ATs sit right now. It's only a little bothersome some scrapper secondaries get taunt auras and some don't - especially as the top performance secondary comes with a taunt aura. There's more variance in performance between individual scrapper choices, whereas brutes are probably better balanced as a whole.
  2. I've always liked the art direction in CoH. Blackbird put it well: it's minimalistic and genre-appropriate. Cel-shading breaks that feel for me. It's cool we have both options for different people to enjoy the game, though! I'm not overly fond of the "every game must have a highly stylized art direction" trend we've seen since Crysis melted everyone's computer and also made it obvious the arm's race for photorealism was over (at least in terms of 10x gains you could use as marketing). Sometimes something more steeped in realism can be more appropriate. It's rather interesting video games inversely mirrored the evolution of the web, where everyone abandoned flash and flamboyance to become minimalistic in an attempt to ape Apple. 2007 was a weird year.
  3. Hmm. You can prioritize the mobs with the strongest debuffs, pull mobs instead of jumping into the pack, focus and flee, KB mobs, switch aggro between teammates, split aggro between teammates. Night Ward mobs are actually good difficulty design for me, in that they force you to rethink the zerg rush approach. It's strange to me you claim this is a number vs number thing after advocating for LGTF Hami, which uses extreme numbers to nullify powersets and force specific approaches. In LGTF Hami there is one intended way to beat the fight plus a couple hacks you can resort to, the breadth and depth of strategies are limited. Night Ward mobs play by the rules and leave you your entire toolbox. They're just better at countering players who whittled down their own toolbox to one hammer and one screwdriver (which is understandable, given that 99% of the game doesn't ask anything more than a hammer and a screwdriver). Granted, you can STILL sleepwalk through Night Ward if you bring a big enough hammer - which perhaps is the root of your point, as opposed to LGTF Hami being so restrictive you have to do something different from zerg rush no matter how strong your build? Personally, I can enjoy both types of content but I much prefer stronger mobs behaving by the rules (which lets me try unorthodox ways to tackle them) over encounters straight out breaking the rules (which has a tendency to become about following the One Right Way To Beat This Encounter, especially because rulebreaking stuff happens most often in large team content). If the former is artificial difficulty, then give me the fake stuff. ๐Ÿ™‚
  4. You can actually take down green mitos without holds, provided your team is very heavy on damage and great at coordination. LGTF mitos have about 800hp and (I believe) 90% res while unheld, so "all" you need is the ability to spike ~8000 damage in a couple seconds (so other mitos don't have the time to heal them). Assuming a full team, most DPS characters can reach that level of damage in burst (500 per character), popping rages. To be fair, that's such a high level of effort compared to simply holding the damn things, my post is almost pedantic. ๐Ÿ˜› Hamidon is poo poo and breaks all the rules.
  5. This is starting to be the universal argument from defensive people all over the forums, and at this point it's hard not to see it as low-effort trolling, when other participants go through the effort of posting detailed number breakdowns like Hopeling did. Perhaps there should be one simple rule for balance changes: the second someone says "if you're going to balance it based on pylon times", nerf the damn thing. Even if it's ice melee. Edit: and for people who mean the argument earnestly, take a moment to consider the following: how many "nerf Storm" topics have you seen? Storm tops the Pylon charts. Edit 2: also apparently it has to be specified I'm not seriously advocating for game balance to be done flippantly based on forum posts. Jesus Christ, people, take a chill pill about your beloved overpowered toons.
  6. Couldn't you reject and queue again immediately? If there's no team during the minutes you were searching for one, it's unlikely there would be a team forming and launching and skipping you within the 5 seconds or so that would take you.
  7. Is that so? Every time I forget to set the "lock the event for your group" option, the game takes several minutes to give me a trial window - suggesting to me it's in fact looking for a group to join.
  8. If you're not enjoying a powerset in its current form, I feel the rational answer is to reroll, rather than to suggest the powerset many other people enjoy should be radically changed to lose unique properties they enjoy. The problem with SS lies in SS being iconic... Perhaps it wouldn't be a bad investment to have a SECOND super strength existing next to the former super strength, with Build Up instead of Rage and slightly buffed numbers as needed. (But then, people might be disappointed by the result, because the idea SS underperforms heavily without Rage isn't supported well by the numbers)
  9. Seconded wholeheartedly! I think we have tentative evidence lowering minimum players doesn't negatively affect task forces and trials, as people are still eager to form full teams as the default for these tasks. Players like to team up for these tasks and don't need to be coerced into it.
  10. Sadface. Completely understandable, though. Still a great buff.
  11. All oldschool T9s can't actually be permaed and share a base recharge of 1000s - meaning 200s at the recharge cap, with a 180s duration, leaving a 20s gap (90% uptime). Newer T9s can't be permaed either. You've got Willpower with a 120s duration and a FIXED recharge of 300s, so you will always have 3 minutes of downtime (40% uptime). Shield has a 120s duration and a fixed recharge of 360s too, so 4 minutes of downtime (33.33% uptime). Radiation's T9 is affected by recharge buffs, but at 60s duration and 480s recharge, the best you'll get is 20s of downtime at the recharge gap. (75% uptime). That's it for "real", defensive T9s - although it's worth noting none of the "different" T9s are permaable either. Short version: Unstoppable is already the closest you can get to perma T9.
  12. Coup de grรขce. Unless you're hitting him with your belly. ๐Ÿ˜› I can understand where you're coming from, but I think it's also plain as day modest overinvested himself into incorrect theories, and now there's cognitive dissonance being protected. I made (make?) my share of questionable posts due to being too committed to my position, so I can relate with modest... and I can also relate with Obitus, because I must have lost a couple hours of my life writing and deleting long posts to "call out" modest since the beginning of this thread, in full XKCD someone-is-wrong-on-the-internet fashion... Look at me, relating with everyone. I'm such a people's person. But seriously, we all make mistakes. No big deal, and no reason to let it get between good conversations and good data.
  13. After giving several tankers a go on Pineapple, I hope we keep the AoE radius changes no matter what (and keeping target caps would be nice too). Couldn't care less about damage scale, damage cap or maximum endurance... It'd be cool to have these buffs, but if broots start having panic attacks over the idea of not being the supreme farming choice, we wouldn't want to cause such anguish. ๐Ÿ˜› Hitting a lot of stuff from far away is the fun part, and it does make you better at tanking by virtue of having to spend less effort to grab targets and applying more CC/damage to them.
  14. There is no worse blind man than the one who doesn't want to see. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I think you'll find there's no shortage of people who think /bio is top dog by a wide margin (especially on scrappers, due to combining an aggro aura with a damage aura and a -res aura). As for theme arguments, I think it's pretty cool 277 players made the concept of having a badass weapon while covered in gunk work for them (that's the number of titan/bio scrapper taken to lvl 50). Kinda strange it's more popular than Wolverine (108 claws/regen scrappers), or indeed any other scrapper combo save for Elec/Shield by a factor of two, but what do you know. I'm no comic book expert. ๐Ÿ˜›
  15. It just so happens the current speed record for a solo apex TF is held by a TW/bio scrapper.
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