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  1. I've had some fun with a EM/Regen brute. Dull Pain + IH + Barrier + MoG makes for dramatic burst survivability, between the high HP cap and the high resistance cap of Brutes. Using EM specifically, because EM has excellent endurance consumption, so coupled with Quick Recovery you can make a top tier attack chain using the Vigor Alpha. This Alpha choice is yet another area where being a Brute benefits you over a Scrapper or a Tanker, relatively, because Brutes get less out of Musculature as their damage relies on Fury. And Brute Regen has a taunt aura, which is always nice. But... all of this together is basically the best case scenario for Regen. It requires active work, and it still underperforms overall compared to Bio. Regen really needs a bone, IMHO.
  2. Additionally, the first phase blue patches and the second phase blue patches are distinct entities. FP patches are caused by Battle Maiden hitting you, relatively low damage. SP patches are triggered at regular intervals on everyone, scales inversely with BM's health (I think?). FP patches can happen even during the second phase, so it's easy to think "huh. I can actually tank this..." then the timed patch wave comes and you go splat. I've soloed Battle Maiden on a stone tank. It would have been more efficient to use just about any other primary, but Combat Teleport really does work wonders.
  3. I'm with @SeraphimKensai and @golstat2003, this feels like pure power creep. Which I'm 100% cool with, but what I'm cool with is not necessarily good for the game. 😉 Make this happen and basically every attack I have becomes one generic purple damage and 5 damage procs, every resistance/defense/healing power becomes a single slot res/def/heal, and I use the extra slots to cram yet another +10% recharge bonus or two from a set somewhere.
  4. AVs get stunned a lot during the down part of their purple triangles. They have only boss level resistance to mez during that part, so it's easy. Native EBs (without purple triangles) might be stunned with constant attacking.
  5. Indeed it does. OG means TF is a guaranteed boss stun.
  6. EM is great fun, every attack stunning coupled with OG and ET's -health being irrelevant with Dark Regeneration. It's actually so powerful it gets annoying, as everything is permastunned and waddles out of range of your AoEs. If only Cloak of Fear was mag3 rather than mag2. Then it would be worth running for a pseudo-immobilize.
  7. IMHO Get the bang-for-your-buck options: Shield Wall +5% res, Reactive Defenses +3% res. Tough and Weave. (Also get Panacea hp/end, Steadfast +3 def, Gladiatior +3 def, Unbreakable Guard +7.5% hp, Kismet +6 tohit while you're at it.) Then either chase maximum damage through procs and a solid attack chain; or softcapped defense to one type, ranged or melee. Add as much global recharge as you can. Even getting ~33% ranged defense will do a whole lot more for survival than going from 60% S/L res to 75% S/L res. Personally, I would go damage. /rad is pretty decent natively. Stack luck insps, team buffs, or incarnates on it (vorpal, barrier), it gets quite sturdy.
  8. Ludicrous is in the eye of the beholder, but I quite enjoy using Vorpal from a fair distance and watch an entire spread of enemies fall down on the floor at once. Being an extremely long cone, it gets ridiculously wide at maximum range. In my quest to maximize this effect, I sometimes overestimate range and kick nothing but air. That feels pretty ludicrous too, in a dumb way.
  9. God, this is painful. Thanks for running this. I default to Sleet and wanted to explore Charged Armor with new doms as of late, it's worth knowing the tradeoffs in advance to avoid comparative disappointment in thinking a combo is significantly worse than another when it would really be Sleet that would make most of the difference.
  10. I like (some) PPs having the old MoG for the reasons Sakura lists. But I also understand where people who disagree are coming from. It is almost two sides of the same coin. Yes, old MoG is frustrating at times; and yet sometimes a little frustration makes the game all the sweeter, for it captures your attention in dealing with the source of that annoyance efficiently.
  11. This might be slightly offtopic, but I've noticed the exact same thing on a Scrapper using (Dark Melee) Siphon Life. The occurence is thankfully much lower than 10% of the time, rather somewhere in the 0.1% to 1% range. There's a slight difference in that the animation plays, but no audio FX. But everything else checks out - no combat roll, seemingly random, happens on any kind of mob.
  12. Feral Charge takes melee sets like Hecatomb. Perhaps your Pines is outdated. It's hard to keep track of which version is newest.
  13. That makes 3 of us, heh. Mine has been 50 for a while. No great native answer to the AV problem, but I chug luck insps so it doesn't bother me. It is great fun being able to spam savage attacks and nothing but savage attacks, with the confusion auras making enough of a mess most of the time. Sometimes it feels as if World of Confusion is almost redundant. I've turned it off for a while because the GFX gets overbearing, and AA by itself seems like it confuses bosses often enough. But maybe I don't pay enough attention. I like /psi for the convenience of Indomatible Will, anyway. Going AFK and not worrying about keeping up perma Dom.
  14. Has anyone ever had that happen? I logged out my level 34 villain Scrapper in Nerva yesterday, at the door of a newspaper mission. Today I find him at the sub near Lord MayhemMission in the north of Port Oakes. Nobody else has my account, nor would they have any reason to randomly go to that spot in Port Oakes. Nothing else is changed about the character.
  15. Going to second both the good choice of AT for the purpose at hand, and Water/SR or Water/Inv for a fun primary with a solid low maintenance secondary. The Sentinel version of SR is greatly improved, with passive mez protection built into the toggles - pick Master Brawler rather than Practiced Brawler. Master Brawler also doubles as an absorb shield, essentially giving SR the "heal" it always needed. Sentinel SR also gets a Quick Recovery clone, so you're set on end too.
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