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  1. The Manticore AV showing up after picking up bank loot was untargetable and (mostly) invisible, save for his bow. My Lore pets and the PPD jail prisoner could attack him just fine, and my PBAoE would hit as well. But I couldn't target him or see him. This wasn't a perception issue, I had double Tactics (dualboxing) and chomped on a bunch of yellow insps just to check.
  2. It's worth noting they're natural AVs, only downgraded to EBs if you have the "no AVs" solo setting. So if you're used to AVs on, or if you play on small teams, it's a significant step up. But more importantly, I have a strong suspicion most players have no idea about the specifics of Vanguard Captains -maxend power. Let alone that there is a temp to counter it. Players just suffer through it. Losing half of your maxend, ergo half of your recovery, and having your powers deal twice as much damage... is devastating to many builds. If you're at 3eps recovery and 2eps c
  3. Oh right, entirely fair point. This significantly lowers the net value of some builds. Hmm, then again, I kinda want to argue I never sell a boosted IO on the market if I'm stripping a character. I just pass it to another character who can use it. So the IO still holds its value in that said value doesn't need to be spent again. But, I think you're right ultimately. We can't count used boosters as wealth. Probably? (...I keep going back and forth in my head as I write this.)
  4. I don't mean that it is a standard everyone should abide to. Just that I know that on the characters I personally considered maxxed out, it's probably a good average. Almost every slot is worth about +8 millions than the slotted IO, because of enhancement boosters. Throw in purples (likely 3 to 5 sets), winter sets (likely a full set, if spread across several powers), ATOs (likely 1 full set, perhaps 2 sets, sometimes just 2 IOs admittedly). That's a solid 30-40 slots worth perhaps 20 millions each, once boosters on purples and catalysts on winter/ATOs are averaged out. You could s
  5. I believe there has to be at least one trillionaire, and most likely several. Let's say one fully IOed out character, sparing no expense, ++ IOs and everything, is 1 billion. Being a trillionaire is "only" 1000 maxxed out characters. I play on and off, more off than on lately. I've never been a high performer in either the market or farming. Yet I have at least 60-70 maxxed out alts, perhaps close to a hundred even. For that matter, if you're sitting on 4k Winter Packs... That's another 100B. We know there's people who accumulated significantly more than 4k Winter Pac
  6. All of your must-skip are must-play for me! I skip either missions in Black Scorpion like you mentioned, or random missions in incarnate arcs without rhyme or reason (gets me closer to the end of arc reward).
  7. It might be because I haven't used the power in a while, but the animation seems to root for much longer than it used to / should. If I try to time it with a stopwatch from activating start to the moment I can move again, I get ~3.5s more or less consistently (on a female character, haven't tried other genders). Am I crazy here?
  8. nihilii

    EM Performance

    EM/Bio is an absolute beast. Personally I'd rank it as #1 scrapper ST DPS for a couple reasons: - high damage-per-activation and damage-per-animation attacks get you great mileage in real gameplay. You hop left and right, and 1-shot lieuts, sometimes even 2-shot bosses. - most of the damage you deal is energy damage. - unlike just about every other contender (IIRC), EM deals its damage without -res procs. So on a team where someone else applies -res procs, your damage output skyrockets. Beyond that, the heal is indeed pretty nice. On a high level scrapper we have bas
  9. For what... what? 🤨 Your increasing brevity sounds increasingly trollish... coupled with deleting the post of yours where you quoted me, that I replied to but didn't quote. Jesus Christ, man. It's a video game forum. You don't need to be so upset about "losing the argument" you become more and more vague and succinct to the point you don't feel "trapped" when someone shows a statement of yours to not be fully accurate. There is no great forum PvP game here of being perfect and immaculate. Just two posts ago, *I* admitted I was completely unaware of the only one per build limi
  10. I don't believe origin pools shouldn't be balanced relative to each other. I don't believe stronger numbers in a vacuum demonstrate overpoweredness. Neither of these beliefs are mutually exclusive. All T5 origins could be buffed to 120s. All other T5 origins could be buffed to 120s, with RoP remaining at 90s. Or any other change upwards. Origin Pools can be 1) balanced between each other, and 2) balanced as a power pool pick. Not an either/or, but both. They can and arguably they SHOULD be. My opinion, shared by some, is that Origin Pools, RoP included
  11. Interesting! I don't know whether I should be thankful you just educated me, or sad that Origin Pools are so bad overall I've never been tempted to fit more than 1 into any of my builds. 😄
  12. I can't disagree with that, but I disagree with the premise these powers should be looked at in a vacuum. Even your quote is somewhat misleading: Rune is significantly better than *equivalent Origin power pool* options. It's not significantly better than the other options in terms of power picks (or at least the current numbers have not demonstrated that), the most obvious of which would be whatever your 4th power pool is. Say I become a dev tomorrow (and god save you all). I make 4 nihilii-themed power pools, named N1 to N4. As I am a very creative person,
  13. Thank you for the hard numbers. It does support the thesis many of us intuitively had, without access to data: RoP usage is minimal. But... it doesn't help the dev thesis we're hearing, that of RoP being overpowered. You'd expect the playerbase to gravitate towards overpowered picks, as they do in every other part of the game. RoP being "new" cannot explain away lack of popularity. People took but a few months, if not weeks, to start playing Titan Weapons and Rad/Fire brutes massively. It's very hard to see and trust the logic, without having at least an idea of the numbers that led t
  14. On that point specifically... Is anyone under the belief most people take Hasten because they have "speedster" as a theme? Combat Jumping because they're roleplaying an acrobat? Tough/Weave because they're a brawler? Maneuvers/Assault/Tactics because their character is a natural born leader? If a specific distinction is to be made between origin pools and generic power pools, where origin pools must be picked only for theme and generic power pools for any reason, then invariably origin pools will be second class citizens. The moment an origin pool is at le
  15. 1) ITF - solid medium difficulty content with good pacing and unique maps. Never gets old after all these years. Many other task forces come close, but I think the ITF hits the sweet spot between "so standard it's dull" and "too special to flow nicely for everyone". FLOW. That's perhaps the biggest thing about the ITF, it just works no matter how you approach the content. Speed, kill all, split the team, stick together, start with the AVs and work backwards, start with the minions and progress to the AVs. Snarky mentioned the LGTF. It is another good pick and at first I
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