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  1. Even Stone at 49% DEF and 40-60% DDR struggles to survive large packs of buffed cimerorans with 90% RES. The exact numbers are probably upthread, but if I had to guess and remember, "buffed" gives them a 1.5x accuracy and damage multiplier? So that's 2.25x as much damage, *in a hypothetical scenario without debuffs*. Once defense debuffs are involved, the 1.5x accuracy modifier translates into more hits, more debuffs stacking fast, even more damage. So a buffed ITF might do as much as 3x or 4x more damage than a regular ITF, for sets without capped DDR. Rad and Fire would likely get obliterated, on passive mitigation numbers alone. Now this doesn't mean you can't do it with Rad or Fire. Just that your strategy would involve active mitigation like AoE knockdowns, kiting, using Barrier. Overpowering enemies with sheer damage also helps but I believe it wouldn't be enough on its own. There is truly a world of pain between a regular +4/x8 MoITF and a buffed one.
  2. Woah. It's mindblowing to reflect on the possibilities now compared to then. We went from just barely above a hundred choices (which was already pretty damn nice) to thousands of different combos.
  3. Invul/TW gets my vote as well. Nowadays it is simple to use: Momentum activates even on a miss, and you get primary-friendly No Redraw. It still deals great ST/AoE damage, gets tons of knockdown, has Defensive Sweep to overbuff against melee/lethal. Energy Melee is great but wouldn't be my pick for "AoE" or "sturdy". It has capable AoE now, don't get me wrong, but it's not a star in that area. And Energy Transfer hurts your health, so the opposite of sturdy (even if Tankers can handle it). EM is for fantastic ST damage and great endurance efficiency.
  4. Like Vanden said, nothing changed when it comes to damage, endurance or recharge. The only thing that happened is it suddenly could hit several targets when previously it could hit none. I put my own MA scrapper in controlled ST tests, fighting Pylons and recording data compared to Live. The POSITIVE damage change was obvious. It's a no brainer: the change let you slot Arma and Fury procs. It was a strong buff against single targets and a huge buff against groups. I can think of 2 valid reasons to dislike the change: - roleplay reasons - wanting to slot Heca in EC and Arma in Dragon's Tail That second one wasn't a performance hit either, it just required a few moments of thinking to adjust slotting choices. Frustrating to think people who lobbied against such a great change may have done so because of their factually incorrect perceptions... This quote is doubly frustrating because currently, Scrapper/Brute/Tanker EC is NOT an useful power. It deals worse DPA than CAK, CK, CS and SK, even after its special bonuses are accounted for. On Live, we pick and use EC because it looks awesome, not because it's efficient. The change finally made EC useful. So to have someone who got their way in reversing change, stroll in here and assert their bizarro world logic... That grates on me to no end.
  5. Pretty close, to the point it is more than perma with the buff from Ageless.
  6. EM/Bio/Soul Scrapper T4 Musc, T4 Degen Core, T4 Ageless Core, T4 Assault Radial TF -> ET -> BS -> Moonbeam -> EP -> BS If TF crits and gives a double stack, ET replaces the second BS, then the ET -> BS order is inverted to BS -> ET on the next rotation. This also works if ET misses (and keeps its stack). Hybrid ON 1:21 = 601 DPS 1:00 = 766 DPS 1:14 = 646 DPS 1:07 = 700 DPS Hybrid OFF 1:17 = 625 DPS 1;26 = 573 DPS 1:24 = 584 DPS New EM is so much fun. Doesn't seem to reach old TW levels of ST damage (which is good, god that was broken), but it's definitely up there with War Mace. Also with a less resisted damage type, and less reliance on -RES procs as well. You really see the potential come together when on a team with someone who has a way to apply Achilles' and Fury consistently, and then your damage output skyrockets relative to other meleers. I like the DPE efficiency, too - with ET costing 0 end. That 766 DPS run was a result of not having to use Ageless, because I was still under the last 30 seconds or so of the previous Ageless when I engaged the Pylon. Perhaps this messes up with the validity of that run, but on the other hand, my other meleers in the 600+ DPS range NEED a fully recharged Ageless at the beginning of a fight, and can run out of end in protacted fights without additional help such as Recovery Serum and so on; whereas EM is infinitely sustainable out of the box. So in a sense, this run reflects a meaningful reality for actual gameplay - and if you added ~3 seconds to the time to account for a hypothetical Ageless cast, we'd still be looking at 736 DPS anyhow. Why not run TF -> ET -> BS -> Moonbeam -> slow ET? - BS and EP have DPAs fairly similar to slow ET when procced out - sticking to faster animations gives me more mobility and room to react in real fights - the damage taken from ET is not insignificant on a scrapper build geared for damage. With my chain, I get a Critical Strikes proc from TF 90% of the time, and more often than not ET crits; instead of losing HP or even evening it out between fast ET crit and slow ET later, we end up HP positive with this setup I was on the fence on introducing combos to EM, and still am nonplussed by it as a matter of principle. But on a personal level, I'm having a blast. The chains flow smoothly, and the minigame of managing your stacks with ET, and of handling double stacks or recovering from misses, gives an enjoyable layer to the character yet doesn't commandeer your playstyle either (which was my pet peeve with TW). Build:
  7. Joining the gang!! No insps/temps/amps, buffed enemies, player debuffed +4/x8 MoITF on Stone/EM/Soul Tanker. 1:52 Combat Teleport singlehandedly saves Stone Armor. There were interesting bits tied to this challenge I wasn't expecting: - my build is heavily reliant on procs and has just enough accuracy to hit +4s in normal conditions. This gets wrecked by the player debuff. My EP and BS had a 60% chance to hit cimerorans out of Build Up. After M2, I quickly swapped the Mako Dam/End in both powers for a Mako Acc/Dam. - in turn, this caused end problems as this character doesn't have any accolades yet. - ET's 0 end cost is truly invaluable to keep some pressure even during an end crunch. - Stone feels the damage debuff especially, stacked on Granite. - M1 was surprisingly hard. Packs of cimerorans in general, with at least 1 boss, would eventually force me to run - well, teleport. 60% DDR just doesn't cut it if you're barely above the softcap (~49% def), even stacked on 90% S/L res, 3k hp and 500% regen... - in contrast, the dwarfs and novas were no trouble whatsoever. Stone is equally sturdy to anything except psi, so exotic damage without debuffs is so much easier to handle than S/L with def debuffs. - it took me ages to kill the beast group in M3, maybe 6-8 minutes. I think this is because Minotaurs throw a -damage debuff on you sometimes, which, again, compounds with Granite and the challenge debuff. - Requiem/Romulus/Nictus Romulus weren't a threat. Passive mitigation + Earth's Embrace were enough to keep up most of the time. I am a dumb person and screwed myself spectacularly in M4, as is often the case, by failing to pull Romulus properly and then attacking the worst Nictus first (the summoning one). Then the second worst (the healing one). In truth, I should have killed the autohit nictus first, because even though I wasn't in danger, Sunless Mire has a recharge debuff. Not only my attack chain is "just in time" as is, I have some downtime on Ageless and Hasten. Said downtime bumped from a few seconds to 20-30s with enough recharge debuffs. Ugly. The entire fight took over 30 minutes. Incarnates were Musc T3, Void T3, Degen T3, Ageless T4, Banished Pantheon T3, Assault Radial T4. Attack chain was TF -> ET -> EP -> Gloom -> BS -> EP. Against crowds, BS and EP were replaced by Whirling Hands. When low on end, I would add an additional ET at the end of the chain. I'm thinking there's some upside for this character still, getting T4 everywhere, the accolades, and smarter tactical choices. Build: When I ran the ITF, I had a full set of Might of the Tanker in Mud Pots. Today I realised those 2 final slots are doing very little for me, so switched these to Fury of the Gladiator -RES and Gauntleted +Absorb.
  8. Sign me up as yet another person who misses the change dearly. It made MA competitive with the best powersets in ST, thanks to the ability of slotting AoE procs, the almighty purple Arma fire and Fury of Glad -res, into Eagle's Claw. I guess we should have made more of an effort to be openly positive. The naysayers got their way instead. Well... I think there is a consensus from both lovers and haters of this change it doesn't make SENSE thematically, and that consensus was probably the reason for the reversal. But damn if it wasn't fun in performance. Besides, there's many other things who don't quite make sense in the game. Now to hope the future MA tweaks will be even better. 😉
  9. I want to say they debuff all the time but that would require me to log in a KM character and check. Who wants to do that when there's more EM to play? ... 🙂
  10. This, a billion time. I'm willing to bet decreasing Power Siphon's cast to 0.83s and making it not root your character, just like regular Build Up, would boost KM's performance and fun factor significantly on its own. We can also address the glaring issues, like Quick Strike having 0.70 magnitude KB which knockbacks blue stuff where every other melee attack in the game does 0.67 magnitude KB = knockdown everywhere. Concentrated Strike not benefitting from +crit procs whereas Energy Transfer gets a higher chance to heal from +crit procs. Then there's all the balance stuff. Focused Burst as a 8s recharge power probably should animate faster than 2 seconds. Concentrated Strike could get the Total Focus treatment, half a second shaved off its lengthy animation. Finally, perhaps throw a bone to Brutes, because +dam disproportionately favors Scrappers and to a lesser extent Tankers. A set heavily balanced around constant stacks of +dam leaves Brutes in the cold, as their relative increase is less due to Fury. I'd love to see Brutes get the Claws treatment: when Claws was ported from Scrappers to Brutes, recharge on all powers was increased with damage to match.
  11. I am. Rad Melee is currently probably top3, or at least top5, for ST damage amongst meleers. You have to play to the strengthes of the powerset. Build proc heavy, forgo local recharge slotting entirely. Make good use of IG's special nature as a double ticking patch aura - it should have both Fury -RES and Achilles -RES, as well as 4 damage procs. Dip into your epics for Gloom/Moonbeam/Zapp. Rad Melee is pretty interesting in that it has a low floor on a "naive" build with 5 or 6 slot sets, and a high ceiling on a build following the above philosophy. I understand where anyone who struggles with Rad Melee ST damage is coming from. I used to be there, dealing ~200 DPS with it. Then it skyrocketed with successive build changes and deeper understanding. All in all, the set is chock-full of utility. Oozes of passive AoE damage as you deal ST, through Irradiated Ground and Contamination. A reliable self-heal as part of your attack chain with Radiation Siphon. Tons of room for procs. And a plain great direct AoE attack, if all of the above wasn't enough. You've got to pay a price for all these goodies, and it's sensible to have slow, ponderous attacks that initially don't deal impressive DPA, else there would be no reason to ever pick anything else. I truly think it would. The powerset is already overplayed by farmers. It is top tier in the regular game and top tier for farming. Now that Titan Weapons got brought back to reality, Rad Melee is really, really good. Any sort of buff would bring it firmly in the realm of overpowered. Count your blessings as it is. I hope the Great Proc Change sometimes alluded to will never come to fruition, but if it does, Radiation Melee might be hit proportionally harder than other powersets. Then might be the time to ask for buffs.
  12. You can definitely hold >100 emails in character items. There's space for one email of every item kind, as far as I can tell. On individual items themselves I think there's a cap at 9999, but never hit it myself.
  13. One week in, I can say I've been slowed down exactly two times by the removal of the command. And I am one of these people who has everything in their base and makes frequent trips to it. How frequent do you need frequent to be, is the question. Between base TP and supergroup portal, there's enough ways. Basically the situation it gets slightly annoying compared to the convenience of before is when you're doing something in your base, you get out, and then you realise "oh wait I forgot to grab this IO in my chest", and once this happens twice in a row, on the third go you have to wait or run to the base portal. But even then, because exiting the base plops you out at a portal now, it also requires for you to have been moving to somewhere else before you realise your previous mistake and for it to become a problem. Twice! That's how it goes for me at least. Perhaps I'm oblivious to other situations. I make it a point to use mission TP / team TP first if I'm traveling to a mission, rather than base -> teleporter. And I will on occasion use the good old Ouroboros portal in situations where I used /enterbasefrompasscode from laziness/convenience; i.e., going to the P2W guy in Atlas. Having the fast travel menu open Ouroboros without having to aim reticle basically makes it as easy as base teleporters for any zone listed in Ouro anyway.
  14. Definitely. In every powerset, snipes are now either the best ST attack or the second best ST attack.
  15. Personal wishlist for Regen: - 0.83s animation on MoG. 20s duration (+5s) - turn Revive into Second Wind (Sentinel, a rez you can also use as a heal). make Second Wind work similar to the Preventive Medicine proc. The lower your health goes, the higher chance Second Wind activates on its own, up to 100% when you're really low on health. Also call it Second Chance because "wind" tends to mean endurance in this game, so this gets confusing - double Quick Recovery's buff. Once upon a time this was the elite recovery power that made Regen go forever when others had to pause. Now there's so many other powersets with QR clones or even better versions (bio gets a passive with as much recovery, AND regen, AND +HP). An outright x2 may seem outlandish but I think Regen ought to be, again, THAT particular powerset that takes care of both your blue and green bars. - for that matter, go x2 on Fast Healing and Integration as well. This is the age of Rebirth +regen, bio armor, rad armor... Regen NEEDS to be on top on that front, by a margin. - rework Instant Healing similar to what ThunderSpy did. A click heal with instant recharge you can use again and again at a high end cost. I've never played on TSpy but I love the idea...
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