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  1. I believe the HP cap is ~3600ish (?). Pick your poison between inv and stone to get there (basically, you want Dull Pain/Earth Embrace, accolades, then get to the cap through HP set bonuses).
  2. Getting Hibernate and Icy Bastion on the same character... what a cool idea. Tempted to steal this 😄
  3. Rumors of /elec sucking are greatly exaggerated. Well, after level 40+ anyway. This is the era of fast snipes, crashless nukes, procs, and Short Circuit got a DoT speed buff in Homecoming too. So: - Short Circuit + Ball Lightning take care of your AoE needs - Thunderous Blast adds some burst AoE every now and then (and if you want end drain, does it provide!) - Zapp gives you extra ST punch (and you don't need that much extra, because you've got Tornado and Lightning Storm providing for you) - optionally, a damage procced out Tesla Cage could round up your mid-level ST damage, if you feel the need for it. You could also grab Dominate at level 35
  4. For some quick and dirty numbers, my sentinel hopped in Atlas Park right now to get amplifiers. Ablative Carapace in Offensive Adaptation at lvl 50 with 88% heal enhancement and 1900hp: +1072 Absorbpbp Same setup, with survival amplifiers (+15% base hp, bringing us to 2081hp): +1174 Absorpbpb
  5. Sorry, I'm being confusing - I meant Absorb% increases with your current max HP. (Probably a bug, because it makes no sense and isn't explained anywhere.) I'm not sure how much it changes, nor how it relates to heal enhancements, as I've never bothered to test it nor seen it mentioned on the boards. All I can say is I've noticed the difference when my max HP increased; through accolades or amplifiers, for example. Re: tank max HP, they got a buff at some point to distinguish them from brutes. It was raised to 3600ish or so.
  6. Hear, hear. I kinda feel like there's some nostalgia for the good old days at play. It was fun to feel buffs/debuffs really helping, yes. At the same time, it led to LRSF/STF runs stacking corruptors/defenders/controllers as the automatic "I Win" answer to anything. There wasn't much endgame content to tackle either. And you had no carrot to keep you running on the treadmill. Your build was pretty much done with HOs, and you'd reroll just to have something new to play/do. The only thing that's missing from the game is IMHO a more comprehensive reward system. AE seemed like a strong attempt in the right direction, with player-built missions you could have theoretically infinite content. Trying to build rigid rules for rewards doesn't work so well because players will find ways to exploit things, but a self-balancing system tied to datamining completion times could have worked, perhaps (not unlike what they've done with merit rewards).
  7. Absorb is capped to the base max HP for your class. So on your tank, you can have up to ~3600 hp and stack 1874 absorb on top of that. Tangentially, Absorb% increases with your current HP. As in, the more HP you have, the more Absorb you get from any of your Absorb powers.
  8. It's so easy to earn influence as a level 50 I have no concern whatsoever people paying to be powerleveled might be in trouble later. There's no gatekeeping to learning anything in this game; nor does the leveling process act as a particularly good guide, for that matter. Only time teaches you how to play. Someone who played 50 hours starting at level 50 is likely as competent as someone who played 50 hours, period. They might even be *more* competent in the specific range of level 50, because the new player going through the leveling process might not know as much about level 50 play yet (if they even reached it).
  9. I'm with Troo. Let's take the old ET animation for a spin on Test. No other change needed just yet. I bet everyone will end up loving it, and that it won't be overpowered.
  10. It's absolutely insane how gamechanging the defense amplifier can be, for squishie ATs. I'd rather use it than Clarion in most cases. For starters it lets you stack another Destiny option, either Barrier/Rebirth for impressive survivability or Ageless to push out maximum damage. And then, it's available as soon as level 1 and doesn't force you into a long cast every 2 minutes. Mag4 protection carries you through so much. I guess because we start at Mag2, which adds up to 6, which means 3 similar mez effects are required to overcome that. Right? It can be heavy on your finances at level 50, but as price scales with level there's no reason not to snatch 8 hours of all 3 amplifiers on a new alt. Carries you through the early game, if nothing else.
  11. Gotcha. Yeah, this is a long-standing debate and I guess we sit at opposite ends of the spectrum. I believe in determinism and not in free will, which doesn't help. 😉 Still, I find it easier to stomach pseudo randomness than dynamic stat changes. "Enemy may hit or miss" is easy to justify as the simulation limitations in CoH, as we don't target enemies manually. It can even be satisfying as a mechanic. "Your stats go up and down in a predictable manner according to the number of foes you're facing" kind of takes you on a longer loop for the system to make sense. Are we being flanked? Is this supposed to reflect the increasing chaos of combat as headcount goes up? Why are *our* stats debuffed and not the mobs buffed? I think that last one is a sticking point, too, if psychological. Turn player -def/-res into enemy +tohit/+dam and it doesn't seem so bad. 🤔
  12. As a deterministic scaling -def -res per added mob, you should have perfect predictability on what happens to you according to the size of the encounter. Hence the Excel spreadsheet in my perspective, you're down to minmaxing the number of mobs you want to engage. In a larger sense, if you meant to argue unpredictability makes for difficulty, I can't disagree with that. But getting oneshot also makes for difficulty. Having 19 chances out of 20 to miss also makes for difficulty. Difficulty in itself isn't inherently interesting. It's no surprise computer RPGs eventually moved away from their dice roll tabletop roots. Winning through random events (whether true randomness or something you can't control in practical terms) just isn't as satisfying as winning through deliberate choices. Global mob buff through dynamic stat change is likely to result in everyone sticking to the same fire farms or council radio missions, maybe taking a little more pain, probably bitching at other players more often. The game used to be harder by virtue of player characters being weaker, and that didn't encourage better behavior. If anything, we had more healbots and tauntbots then than we do now. Enhancing rewards for harder mob groups stands a greater chance to push players towards harder content. TFs are highly popular thanks to the merit system. Mothership raids went bananas when Homecoming had fantastic Vanguard Merits -> Merits conversion rates. Even with say, -20% def and -30% res, a Council map isn't remotely as threatening as an Awakened or Praetorian mission.
  13. Honestly, this is a pretty important consideration. I build all my characters for ST damage with a couple AoEs, and in my experience lieutenants and minions die as a side effect while I focus on bosses. Numbers tend to support that experience, too. A standard x8 group has 2 bosses. A level 54 boss has 2730 HP. A level 54 lieutenant has 870 HP (that's less than a third of boss HP). Given that AoEing 2 bosses to death isn't so efficient, intuitively you should need at most a third and at least a sixth of your ST damage in AoE damage to defeat lieuts and minions while you focus on the bosses. It's not always so clear cut because mobs aren't neatly packed for you to hit them all from start to finish, so having some AoE overkill can be useful. But I think people build for a LOT of AoE overkill (outside of an AE farm; it's absolutely justified to go full AoE if your focus is on farming AE). Something like Titan Weapons, which does great AoE damage as a side effect of running its ST chain, has an obvious advantage in that regard. Traditional AoE combos on Stalkers are also good candidates because fast AS pushes any combo in 400+ DPS territory. But Stalkers don't have aggro auras to keep everything nice and tight, which is an added factor.
  14. I kinda want this just for the challenge of starting as a level 1 and immediately streetsweeping in Dark Astoria.
  15. I think Lore pets are going to be better than most characters, in ideal damage situations. The Pylon thread is skewed with people specifically building high ST DPS builds. Plus, a 8:20 time means ~200 DPS, while a 2:20 time means ~400 DPS. Because of regeneration (as you've seen with your envenomed dagger), the difference isn't as large as looking at times alone might suggest. With your current DPS, you should be able to take down most level 50 AVs; and close to all of them if you're willing to use Lore and/or Envenomed Daggers. GMs are trickier with their humongous regen, but once again using Daggers and if you have the incarnate materials to spare, getting the Longbow robot for its significant -regen, might carry you through them. That being said, no question some builds could work better than MA/SR. TW/bio is obviously two notches above anything else.
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