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  1. The extent of my thought here is that the heavy proc approach (by which I mean breaking sets up) might make you go from, say, 400 DPS to 500 DPS on some scrapper combos. As scrapper attacks tend to have lower base recharge, they get great results out of forgoing recharge and improving proc rate. Whereas with TW, you're already going to be at ~700 DPS with conventional slotting. Even if procs brought you to ~800 DPS, even if the absolute increase was the same (which I'm not sure of), the relative boost isn't as meaningful. Going from 400 to 500 DPS might be the difference between whether a character can solo Tin Mage (War Walkers specifically), going from 700 to 800 (?) would also be nice but mostly just mean being an even faster murder machine. When it comes to FF, I already have enough recharge to stuff 2 FTs per Momentum. To be sure, I would not recommend anyone use my build! I include it as an easier way to list the various procs and such.
  2. The disparity between blaster Fire Blast and the second choice is >222%. The disparity between sentinel Fire Blast and the second choice is <130%. If we assume we can derive anything at all from that data, it seems obvious rebalancing Fire Blast has encouraged diversity in Sentinels, without hurting its appeal, hitting just the right balance. If we assume we can't conclude anything from that data, then the point is moot and there's not really a case to be made for buffing Fire Blast here. Surely nobody would try to argue Sentinel Fire Blast underperforms compared to other Sentinel primaries.
  3. TW/bio scrapper T4 Musculature Core, T4 Degen Core, T4 Assault Radial, T4 Ageless Rend Armor -> Follow Through -> Arc of Destruction -> Crushing Blow -> Follow Through when BU is up, FT -> RA -> CB -> FT -> AoD -> CB -> FT Hybrid ON 1:03 = 736 DPS 0:51 = 879 DPS 0:59 = 777 DPS 1:06 = 708 DPS 1:11 = 667 DPS 1:04 = 726 DPS Hybrid OFF 1:08 = 708 DPS 1:05 = 691 DPS 1:06 = 717 DPS 1:02 = 746 DPS 1:04 = 726 DPS 1:24 = 584 DPS Now that we know TW is getting changes, I wanted to proc out my scrapper and see where it would get me. TW probably benefits less from the heavy proc approach than everything else, having such high damage to start with and being constricted by Momentum for attack chains; I was already at ~700 DPS with a "naive" build 5-slotting purples and 6-slotting ATOs. But then again, those previous numbers could have been lucky runs. At the time I only whacked a couple Pylons before I decided I might just get depressed about every other set if I kept going. This was one year ago, with less knowledge of procs and instasnipes and whatnot, so my other scrappers were in the 400 DPS range rather than the 500-600 DPS range. I'm not a fan of prepulls, yet it starts to make sense when damage gets to this point. I can lose 1-3 seconds on execution based on how efficiently I click Hasten, Hybrid, Build Up and then jump in, and 3 seconds might mean +/- 40 DPS. Regardless of what the actual numbers might look like in a better test, I find it similarly amazing and saddening save for the 1:24 run, every other run tops the best times of all my other characters combined. Including a Demon/Cold for that matter, which might be me being bad at MMs; but at the same time one does not have to be "good at" TW/bio, just mash hotkeys in the right order and enjoy great survivability to go with your ludicrous damage. Granted, there's more work in maintaining that attack chain than on the average meleer, but the damage more than compensates for it because when things are dead, they can't hit you back. Uh. Also probably why I shouldn't post about TW/bio in any context, it's hard not to sound like a rant. I try to respect everyone's opinions, but the combo feels so blatantly broken to me I end up sounding like a zealot nerfherder anyway. Well... I'm curious to see what the changes will be. If the extra formula breaking damage is removed but Momentum is reworked and/or a "no redraw" option comes with the package, it could be we see interesting chains to be made using Moonbeam/Zapp like almost every other high DPS scrapper these days. I even wonder if the new TW, minmaxed, could turn out stronger than the old TW? -- Edit: forgot to include build
  4. I feel the rebalance (arguably nerf) of Fire Blast's secondary effects on Sentinels was a good thing, and encourages primary diversity. Going back to the blaster Fire Blast situation wouldn't be desirable. Secondary effects in general are actually in a pretty good spot on Sentinels, mostly thanks to their mininuke balance. i.e. Blackstar's -tohit, which is a novelty on regular blast ATs, becomes a reliable and massive -35% tohit debuff that is up every 25 seconds. Elec Blast Sentinels laugh at the complaint "end drain is useless" as they open every new fight with Thunderous Blast (90s base recharge down from 170s on other ATs). Disorients/holds on T9s are up more often, etc..
  5. My group of friends was in the same situation. A solution we explored was to create personal SGs that were in a coalition with the main SG. Coupled with enterfrompasscode mainSG as default, and you only use your own personal base to store stuff. It adds overhead, and it makes passively sharing stuff more complicated. Would be nice to see limits raised, if it doesn't cause instability. I'd happily pay for it - give us inf sinks we can sink our teeth into.
  6. This is the way. Also the way. One does not have to chase maximum DPS and 100% slow resist... but once you get hooked on the stuff, it's hard not to.
  7. I suppose it depends if you have a specific AT in mind, but AE doesn't necessarily involve dualboxing. In fact, I have yet to be able to level a /fire character *without* AE. Inevitably, the easy pull of early 90% fire res pushes me to jump in an asteroid map. You start soloing it at +0/x8 lieuts, then bump it up to bosses by level ~16, +1/x8 by level ~22, and so on. For normal content, I'd guess if you're dedicated, you're likely looking at under 10 hours on most ATs. x8 is available to every character and for every mission, and luck insps are there to let you handle the incoming damage. Heck, I think my pure solo street sweeping Sentinel, no teaming and no indoor missions ever, got to 50 in about 12 hours. Insps, and amplifiers! The latter are cheap at level 1, cram 8 hours of all 3 and you will only have to replenish them once in your journey - or at least, they'll have carried you to lvl 30+.
  8. Yes, because it combines top tier ST damage with top tier AoE damage and top tier force multiplying (-RES). And top tier survivability, because it does this DPS on the three "heavy" melee ATs. And, in the case of TW/bio scrappers, aggro control as well. StJ/SR stalker barely scrapes behind on one metric, ST DPS. It's behind on AoE (StJ is notoriously bad there). It's behind on aggro (has none of it). It's behind on force multiplying (none of it either). It's behind on survivability (not by much these days, but still). This is not a new point... TW discussions have gone on for months. Maybe some people are just new to them. But TW isn't defensible as balanced, with an objective look. It's overpowered in every possible metric, even at low level. Defensive Sweep is Divine Avalanche on steroids, as a cone - and yet top tier builds respec it out because TW is so powerful you don't even need a Divine Avalanche cone. TW does bonus damage according to the game formulas. TW is *more endurance efficient than just about every other primary*, but it also does SO MUCH DAMAGE that some players end up believing it is end hungry, because they think in terms of endurance-consumed-over-time rather than damage-done-per-endurance. The whole "X is only OP in pylon testings" is also another argument I wish we collectively agreed has been debunked enough. There are some builds that look especially OP against pylons, demon/cold MMs for example. Storm. Basically anything where you want a static target and you don't fully control your damage output. But TW isn't one such build. You struggle a bit against fliers and it's not as flexible as others due to Momentum, OK. But in 95% of situations this is moot. TW overperforms if you want to solo a +4/x8 MoITF, or a RSF/STF, or a Khan, or a Lambda trial. TW overperforms on regular teams. TW deals stellar ST damage and does so through an attack chain that does respectable AoE as well (and "respectable" becomes "fantastic" on scrappers with Critical Strikes). About the only argument against TW you might be able to make is that maybe, in the context of full teams of experienced players speedrunning content, you might be better off playing some other characters because managing Momentum isn't so easy and you might as well play a Fire blaster/corr with ~1s animations. Even then, that argument seems to pop up from players who, surprisingly, still play TW themselves, and still bring TW to highend content...
  9. I'm hoping changes to PPM will aim to make the system more intuitive rather than scrap it back to what we had before. IMHO, intended or not and fully balanced or not, PPM has been the best change. It multiplied the number of decisions one makes with a build. Instead of sticking 5-piece and 6-piece sets in attacks, optimization now comes through careful mix-and-matching to fit as much procs as sensible while retaining appropriate % enhancements. Even previously nigh useless set bonuses like Accuracy have found a new worth, as proc loaded attacks can leverage underslotting with accuracy thanks to these set bonuses. The one arguable flaw of PPM might be the arbitrary nature of slotted recharge hurting your rate but not global recharge - especially because popular alphas boost recharge. Even then, even this aspect creates very interesting build tradeoffs, encouraging the use of a more diverse attack chain as opposed to just cramming as much recharge as possible in your best hitters. PvE builds used to be 100% about maximum defense and recharge, with every other aspect taken care of passively while pursuing these goals. Now we've got interesting choices to make about the damage output we want to reach and the sacrifices we're willing to make. 1 year and a half in of way too many hours toying with Mids, I still find new routes to explore every day for my characters. It would probably be fair to exclude alpha slot from the PPM calculation, if only to challenge Musculature supremacy ever so slightly. Beyond that, I'm not sure changes truly need to happen, beyond UI/UX design making the system more clear to players.
  10. I'm playing this Rad/Bio at level 50 right now. AE baby all the way, so I'm discovering everything now. Superior Critical Strikes proc in Devastating Blow. Recharge is set up so it goes off almost every cast. I have the other superior ATO for passive +crit. So I should have about 2 chances out of 3 to crit on my ~2 attacks after the Critical Strikes proc goes off, right? 10% base against lieuts, +6% from Superior ATO, +50% from Critical Strikes = 66%. But it just never happens. Devas -> Radiation Siphon -> Radioactive Smash, and I never get any crit. I fooled myself for a long time into not seeing the problem, because Irradiated Ground (the patch aura) does crit. Plus, with the flurry of numbers between the Rad Melee stuff and /bio, it's sometimes hard to see if a crit goes off or not. It seems highly improbable I can get the Critical Strikes proc to go off 10 times in a row and get NO crit with Radiation Siphon and Radioactive Smash, though. I'm puzzled by the whole thing. Do you have a Rad Melee scrapper? Do they crit (outside of Irradiated Ground)? -- Update: I am crazy. Sort of. Rad Melee attacks crit, only they don't show Critical when they do. Not above enemy heads, not in the combat log. Makes it hard to spot when you're running /bio and all sorts of damage procs.
  11. The difference between OP sets and non-OP sets isn't nearly as huge as it could be. A TW/bio scrapper is maybe worth 2 normal non-TW and non-bio scrappers. That's big but not to the point the concept player is useless. If there was truly no balance and the ratio would be 10 to 1 rather than 2 to 1, I'd wager you would not find much diversity in scrappers. Case in point: AE farming. While there is a variety of power builds even in that scenario for good players (i.e. blasters, doms...), the difference between a /fire brute and a random build for your average player once you factor both power and ease of use is probably somewhere close to that 10:1 ratio. Sure enough, /fire brutes outnumber just about anything else in AE. So the normal game, being more balanced, sees some variety of builds. And AE, being less balanced, see much less variety of builds. To me this is conclusive evidence balance matters. There's yet another issue: absence of evidence isn't evidence of absence. The number of players who quit the game because they're bored is invisible. There is one thing that is sure, player activity has been down compared to one year ago. Which can be for a number of reasons that aren't necessarily (and indeed, likely aren't, at least not solely) "boredom with build diversity". But still, extrapolating from the subset of players who still play the game is a bit like polling your current repeat customers for problems in your store. They might have something to say, but there's probably more info still in all the people who stopped coming.
  12. Very few people actually enjoy unbalanced games. Think of how long you can play a video game with invulnerability cheats before you get bored. Challenge, or the illusion thereof, makes the virtual worlds go around.
  13. I beg to differ on that one. For me, Energy Assault now feels like a set you have to micromanage in a specific manner in order to get best results. It doesn't help that Energy Focus is somewhat bugged and has odd quirks like the hidden timer on how often it can happen. But for the sake of this argument, even if Energy Focus was fixed, it would remain different. Same difference as between a scrapper and a stalker. One gets to hit, hit, hit, and always has the same reliable performance. The other is more conditional. In damage, most stalker primaries outperform most scrapper primaries nowadays, provided the scrapper isn't /bio. Performance isn't an issue. Playstyle is. It's one of these things you cannot understand if you don't mind the playstyle change or if it happens to fit within your own desired playstyle. But there's a very distinctive difference of feel for some people here. No need to shackle Energy Focus on EM when 1) Energy Assault exists for people who like that 2) very simple number tweaks can fix EM. Energy Focus would fix EM for a subset of the playerbase and involve a level X of development/testing effort, plain number tweaks would fix EM for the whole playerbase and require a level <X of dev/test. This makes the latter solution clearly superior to me.
  14. I finely tune Mids builds days in advance, often while the character is still level 1. I go through leveling and/or a final respec. Then, once every power is picked, every slot set, all the hotkey trays filled... I notice there's a couple optimizations I forgot. Moving 1 or 2 slots in the entire build. And I ALWAYS notice this before trying out the build at all. Not in the many hours/days where I could have thought about the build further, but right after the process of setting everything up. Drives me nuts.
  15. Bring back the old ET animation. Port the Dominator Total Focus change (faster animation, still looks nice) to TF. Done. This is all EM needs. EM does not need an AoE buff or any fancy new mechanic that would distract from restoring/improving the original feel of the set, which, I think EVERYONE who got to play with old ET, would agree was awesome. I don't mean to poo poo on anyone's suggestions here; but there was something that was beautiful, and it would be better to make that beautiful thing available again. New mechanics can be used on new stuff or on stuff that was never fun to start with.
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