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  1. I have literally never seen a single instance of someone requesting "no tells" for hunting a Giant Monster. Like... not even *rarely*. Just plain *never*. For hunting a Giant Monster, or for going on an Incarnate trial, or any ingame activity, for that matter... This forum topic is literally the first instance of that rule for me. And I have clocked way too many hours in this game. On the other hand, it is the most common sight to watch someone say... "Kraken is up in Perez Park, pst if you want to join". "Magi Trial about to start. Come to PD and send a tell for invite".
  2. "Arbitrary" can also mean "based on personal whim". Even if you think you have reasons, if your reasons differ significantly from the social norm, they are arbitrary to the consensus. And in a sense, arbitrary does mean "rules I don't agree with", provided you are part of a sizeable enough group disagreeing with a single person...
  3. No matter how sound your logic sounds to you, when you go out of your way to do things different than most people, it's reasonable to expect some people won't play nice with these arbitrary rules. Given that it's easier to change your actions than the actions of everyone else, if *I* were to insist on a "no tell" policy, I'd just make a separate chat tab without tells, and use that one exclusively. So people could send me tells all they want, I just wouldn't be notified nor read them.
  4. The proposed Gravity Distortion -> Lift -> Power Blast -> Propel deals about 130 DPS in the Mids attack chain calculator. Power Blast seems to be the weak link in that chain. Going with just Lift -> Gravity Distortion -> Lift -> Propel would bump up DPS to 160+.
  5. Nothing to add to the topic, but I love your combo choice and hope you keep us updated on your AV soloing feats! 😄
  6. I have, but on a Tanker. The Scrapper version should be decent enough. SR is all passive, Staff hungers for all the animation time you can give it. It's a good match. I have some pet peeves with Staff in general. There's still no redraw option, compared to every other set. As mentioned, the animation times are long. The damage is roughly medium. The Stalker version is also arguably the best version of Staff. - you lose the stances, but you get the best stance as a passive, AND Build Up on top - you still have your 10 feet PBAoE (Eye of the Storm) - you lose Inn
  7. Also less base defense on /nin. /nin needs set bonuses to softcap whereas /SR can get there with just Weave/CJ/Maneuvers + the 2 3% def uniques.
  8. I do it somewhat frequently at level 1. Or whatever level you end up at when you face that first AV, anyway. No specific AT required. For low level AV soloing, it's worth noting: - the "enemy health" vs "player damage" equations are extremely favorable to players, the lower level you go. This is why bosses drop very fast. - AT modifiers aren't in effect yet, so even low damage ATs deal near full damage. The best level 1 AV soloer is likely a Brute. Origin attacks do great damage at low level, and they get a full boost from Fury. You can outpace AV regen with ease at le
  9. Without glitches/tricks, I find 300+ DPS as a flier is enough for the final fight on +4/x8, and 400-600 DPS in melee (the lower your defense the more DPS needed, due to Nictus and Romulus heals). Flying is the most accessible option, because you can also easily add ranged Lore pets to your DPS here. Provided you attack frequently enough aggro doesn't peel off you! On +0, you can probably slash these numbers by a third if not more.
  10. Rad/Inv and Rad/Elec are both excellent picks in their own right. I'll also third the suggestion to look at Tankers. Elec/Rad and Inv/Rad Tankers are probably stronger overall than their Brute counterparts.
  11. A fairly silent majority, then, or I must be blind (which is entirely possible). Over the years I've seen many, many people praise Scrappers for, say, being crazy blenders of murderfest who can go off on their own in who-needs-a-team, I'm-the-team fashion, or "you guys take that one group, and I'll take the other group". I've seen people express their love for the damage, coupled with decent sturdiness. And occasionally, I've even seen people name a cool Scrapper moment as landing a Critical on Eagle's Claw, for example. But I have never seen (before you) someone claim Criticals as
  12. My general CoH thesis is that just about every character can have sufficient AoE damage with about 2 standard great AoEs, given that boss HP is so far and beyond minion and even lieutenant HP. Ideal attack chains end up with the 2 bosses per x8 group dying at the same time as minions/lieutenants, and generally having more AoEs is overkill than that. I'm betting this perspective is 99% responsible for our different opinions. 😉 In detail: - Thunderstrike has a slow animation even post buff, which gives it a medium DPA at best. - I don't use Rain of Fire, I don't find it a c
  13. This thread is from April 2020. Post rework, I'd say /ninja is the ideal glass cannon thanks to the buffed sword attacks (single target). Fire/Ninja in melee pushes more damage than just about anything except Fire/Fire. And it does that with 2 -RES procs, too, which is always nice for pets and teammates.
  14. Is that Mids proc rate for Acid Arrow accurate ingame? I'm always confused by which things are pseudopets and which things aren't, when it comes to arrows. i.e. according to Mids, Glue Arrow from Blaster Tactical Arrow should be an absolute powerhouse taking 4 damage procs reliably proccing at 95% chance, and damage enhancements for a total of over 400 damage. However, ingame the proc rate is actually abysmal. I guess it would make sense for Acid Arrow to proc well because it's a regular Targeted AoE while Glue Arrow is a Location AoE, right? That's the relevant difference I ass
  15. Full tray of purple insps (even if your full tray is just 10 at level 15) + eating 1-2 purples at a time will tend to do the trick on any character, in my experience. Even with a strict no P2W rule. Brawl is your friend. It deals damage and costs no endurance. So by inserting Brawl between every attack, or spamming Brawl when you're low, you can keep going forever.
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