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Frozen Fists


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Hey all.


I was playing my Ice/Shield, it's really fun to play. I was looking through my ice abilities and I noticed something--Frozen Fists have -resist. So, I looked over in detailed info, it doesn't say anything about -resist. My question is, does anyone know the actual numbers on -resists Frozen Fists provide? Or did they make a mistake when proliferated from tankers to scrappers/stalkers?


Many thanks!

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Probably an accident when they proliferated the set from Tankers, since -resistance isn't a "thematic" effect for Ice sets and -res on Frozen Fists is exactly what tankers have because of bruising. It's probably an oversight that happened when someone was checking the tooltip info or something along those lines.


...If it actually does apply bruising, though, that'd be hilarious. And probably in dire need of fixing.

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