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Blaster Archery/Ninja Training

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Edit: the animations only work after the sword is drawn. Example. if you click on Sting of the wasp without a target or out of range of a target. then the animation would go through once you find something to hit. However if you just use Lotus Drops the AoE attack with the sword drawn first from Sting of the wasp; No animation will be played.

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The same thing happens with Katana and Ninja Blade. If the sword isn't already drawn, you get the sound effect but no animation on the first power you use.


Notably those two do have redraw options - if you use them, the first power activated will play the draw animation but still not play the power's animation.


And then there's the other bug where your sword is only visible to other players when a power is animating. The moment you're idle again it vanishes on other players' screens even though you can see it on yours. Both of these bugs only happen with sets that use the katana, as far as I'm aware.

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