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  1. I suspect the actual code is trying to pull them to your exact location, and letting the game's collision detection arrange them wherever from there which doesn't consistently put them in any particular spot. To get it to stack things consistently in one spot or relative to their former position would thus require new code to be written that could end up being quite complex. Which is not to say it's impossible, just that getting consistent positioning out of it may be a lot more effort than you're possibly assuming.
  2. As will Hover or Combat Jumping, or any other power that gives air control.
  3. The main problem with a psychic armor set is how do you differentiate it from Willpower, which is pretty much already that concept in a lot of ways. Even this suggestion has two powers that are barely renamed copies of powers from Willpower. Mechanically the other seven powers have different effects, sure, but they're all pulling from the same conceptual space - the whole mind over matter bit that we already have a set for. On a more practical note - having melee and ranged defense but no AoE is extremely bad when almost every mob has an aoe of some kind. Having psi defense explici
  4. Gaining a new stack should reset the duration on existing stacks, yeah. So, so many times I've gotten a third stack and gone to use AS only to have one fall off just as I hit the button.
  5. See I always wanted the opposite - taking Mace Mastery should unlock the Arachnos maces for use with War Mace as well, so you can set both to the same and ideally then have no redraw between them. Having some extra mace options for Mace Mastery isn't mutually exclusive with that though and very much would be appreciated as well.
  6. One thing I could see them doing is increasing the limit on pool powers by one, and making epic pools count toward the limit. So if you choose to not take an epic pool, you can take one extra normal pool instead. I'm not sure what effect that would have on overall balance though, some ATs care more for their epic pools than others.
  7. Not long after Homecoming started I saw a really good suggestion for a hellfire assault set using the whip animations for ranged powers and fire swords for melee powers.
  8. CoH spaghetti code strikes again I suppose. Good to hear it's on the to do list already though.
  9. So I just picked up Infiltration on my Ninjitsu scrapper and discovered it can't be active at the same time as Shinobi-Iri. That I didn't assume that was the case is on me I suppose given that's how stealth powers have always worked and also it's in the description of both powers, but. It leaves me with the option of having my travel power active or having a significant chunk of my defense active. And more annoyingly, it means every time I swap between the two I get the loud and after a while rather annoying sound effect from one or the other. Thus, I'm wondering. Instead of having
  10. If I remember rightly there's a Gadgetry pool in the game files somewhere which was a technology themed pool along similar lines to Sorcery for magic and Experimentation for science. That had a Jetpack power as its travel power, which I'd like to think they still plan to add along with the other origin pools eventually. One could suspect the reason it's not been added just yet is possibly due to them knowing people will want to customise the jetpack and needing to put in the work to make that doable.
  11. The d&d nerd in me wants seismic sense renamed to tremorsense. That is all.
  12. Does this also fix the long-standing bug in the ID editor where it will occasionally insert extra characters that don't render in the text window but still take up space? Cause half of my characters if I try to edit their bio it suddenly sprouts a hundred or more phantom characters and having to strip them out every time is a frequent annoyance. More specifically what it's doing behind the scenes is usually inserting ' ' instead of a space which renders the same but takes up five characters instead of one. If this change doesn't fix that, I'd love to see it looked into.
  13. I mean, Hawkeye could harm Superman. All he needs is a Kryptonite arrow. And to not be in a completely different universe made by a different publisher but still. ...Green Arrow on the other hand, he just needs the fancy arrows. I think some versions of him even keep a few around just in case.
  14. Pretty much this. While I like the idea, changing Stalkers to be it at this point would achieve little other than irritating every person who enjoys Stalkers as they are. It'd be better as a completely new AT, being as different as it is.
  15. My preference would also be for such a concept to have powers that work both in and out of the vehicle. Additionally to keep the vehicle relevent even when you're on foot, have some of the heavier powers have VFX that appear to fire from offscreen or above, to give the impression of the vehicle on remote control providing support while lighter powers fire from the character's handheld weapon or similar. Either that or just make the vehicle a controllable pet when you're not in it. Sky Raiders get their skiffs into office buildings, why can't we.
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