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  1. It should also be noted that according to the text on one of those history plaques, the Might for Right act was overturned and is presumably no longer in force. Looking through some of the other history badges, what I assume is the current law heroes operate under is the Citizen Crime Fighting Act, explained by the Student badge and referenced as being expanded to included officially sanctioned super groups in the Authority badge. As mentioned in one of the backstory articles on the old official site, registered superheroes have the same powers as normal police officers as far as investigating and arresting and such go, and are expected to operate under the same standards. See here: http://web.archive.org/web/20121025125053/http://na.cityofheroes.com/en/game_info/history/paragon_city_founding_and_the.php. As for specifc registration requirements and procedures, other than that it's done at City Hall I don't believe any specifics have ever been defined. Also worth mentioning is that the United Nations has a Special Council of Super Human Activities, as told by the Historian badge. If I remember rightly Vanguard is also overseen by the UN, possibly by that council but I'm not sure.
  2. I like the idea of leaving it as +2 combo when used out of hide, but +3 combo if used from hide. Gives the whole BU -> AS -> Best attack thing that every other set can do, but doesn't change the in combat balance of the set unless you take the time to placate and the chance of getting hit and interrupted for it. As for the other changes, Sweeping Cross as a builder might get me to actually take it at all ever so that's got my vote. The combo level from buildup though might be more debatable. On scrappers, Combat Readiness gives a lower damage buff than other buildup powers to account for the free combo levels. Stalkers specifically get normal Build Up instead precisely for the same reasons of having the same potential alpha strike other sets get. So that's likely a case of pick one, because the same logic that says +3 combos on stealthed AS also says keep full strength Build Up.
  3. Why must you post those when I'm not at home to go make any of the alt ideas I just got. 😛
  4. If you happen to have the global message of the day window open when you go into the enhancement screen, you're stuck in there. The window resizes and relocates and ends up both covering the exit button and putting its own ok button off the bottom of the screen, which as far as I could tell when it just happened to me there's no way of activating other than clicking on it so you're trapped and have to close the game. For reference, I run at 1680x1050. On higher resolutions this may not be an issue, I'm not sure.
  5. If nothing else, I'd love to see the path auras split off into their own slot rather than having to choose between a path aura and a normal aura. I'd love having two or three slots for normal auras too though. However, a clientside option to disable multiple auras on other players' costumes may be necessary if this goes ahead. Some people do still play this game on toasters after all, and might not appreciate having to render 50 extra auras on screen during a mothership or Hamidon raid. Theoretically it shouldn't be hard to get it to only show, say, the first aura slot if the option is enabled, though standard code rant definitely applies there.
  6. Not specifically mercs, but one change made on another server I'd love to see here is making all the mastermind upgrade powers automatic - instead of having to upgrade every time you resummon pets for any reason, it's just an auto power that upgrades any nearby pet every few seconds if it's not already upgraded. The only downside is it takes away the option of not upgrading specific pets, though I'd argue that was already done when the upgrades became AoE given how finicky it is to exclude a single pet from being upgraded as is.
  7. For a while on live the standard strategy for the Recluse Strikeforce was to bring a sufficiently IOed mind control dominator to put the whole Freedom Phalanx to sleep so they could be easily woken up and fought one at a time. So it's definitely possible.
  8. Widows with not widow claws would be great, yes. Even if it's limited to only the non uniform costume slots.
  9. This, plus being universally mag 4 for tanks and brutes, 3.5 for kheldians and 3 for scrappers. One question though, what defines the difference between a good aura and a weak aura?
  10. The ingame info is wrong for it then, because it definitely does have a taunt component just like all similar powers with buffs that scale on the number of nearby foes do. Either that or the power is broken because if it doesn't have a taunt, it should have one.
  11. Knockback with magnitude lower than 1 is knockdown. The only times you'll see sweeping cross or spinning strike do knockback instead is if you use them on enemies I think two or more levels below you, in which case the level difference results in the magnitude being higher and thus enough to do knockback, or if you put a knockdown proc in them and both the proc and the power's normal effect trigger on the same enemy, in which case the two effects combine to produce a magnitude high enough for knockback instead. Similarly, other powers meant to do knockback can end up doing knockdown on higher level enemies for the same reason of being scaled down by the level difference. If you look at other powers that do knockdown, you'll see they all actually do 0.67 magnitude knockback. Knockdown as a seperate explicit effect does not actually exist, though I'll admit the power descriptions could be clearer on that. Regardless, none of this is a bug.
  12. So I finally got around to downloading the new version of this and I have one likely not so small request. Can the colours used for the power list be customisable? Because the old one had green for powers you have, yellow for available and blue-grey for unavailable while this one uses blue for powers you have and grey for unavailable and my brain finds that extremely jarring. Also being able to change the yellow now used for the toggle buttons and current level back to the green it used to be (Or to any other colour) would also be nice. Additionally, in the configuration the size option for stats/powers doesn't appear to change anything while in the old one it changes the size of the text for powers in the primary/secondary/pool lists.
  13. This is not a bug. The rarity in packs indicates your chance of getting that particular drop from the pack, not the quality of the ATO you'll receive. All ATOs from super packs are at the normal orange quality and require enhancement catalysts to become purple.
  14. A slightly more silly suggestion but I always thought the best new Judgement power idea I ever saw was Fleet Judgement - just an oversized version of Propel that throws an aircraft carrier at someone. Also yes please on the orbital cannon. So perfect for so many characters where having an enormous energy blast they fire themselves makes no conceptual sense.
  15. The same thing happens with Katana and Ninja Blade. If the sword isn't already drawn, you get the sound effect but no animation on the first power you use. Notably those two do have redraw options - if you use them, the first power activated will play the draw animation but still not play the power's animation. And then there's the other bug where your sword is only visible to other players when a power is animating. The moment you're idle again it vanishes on other players' screens even though you can see it on yours. Both of these bugs only happen with sets that use the katana, as far as I'm aware.
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