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  1. Perhaps worth noting this also fixes the few powers (the ones added when all epic pools got a 5th power) that always used ranged modifiers and thus did terrible damage. It may also have changed the damage on Arcane Bolt in the Sorcery pool too but i havent gotten onto the beta server myself to check that yet.
  2. The powers the Resistance enemies themselves use with it function more like Assault Rifle, too. And given the two sets already share some weapon models I don't see why it couldn't happen.
  3. Can this change be applied to Willpower's Rise to the Challenge power as well? Currently it applies a 1.25 second Mag 3 taunt, which makes it rather easy to lose aggro as a Willpower tank when there's other taunt auras around. Additionally, could that duraction be changed to the standard 13.6 seconds? Every other taunt aura, on tanks at least, has at least that duration. The only other outliers are higher duration, not lower. I never understood why Willpower arbitrarily has a so much lower duratiion on its taunt aura - if there's an actual reason for that, I'd love to know what it is.
  4. If it really does apply to any power that takes accuracy enhancements, as was said, it should logically also be affecting pool powers.
  5. Can confirm, for Mu Mastery at least the lightning fires the moment you hit the button. It should, presumably, fire when the character's arm jerks back a half second or so later. The slow version of the power animates correctly, but the fast version reliably has this problem every time it is used. Edit: Nevermind! I just noticed there's a new patch on the beta server which among other things includes a fix for Zapp's timing. Whether the same issue affects other snipes in epic pools or otherwise and whether the fix is for them as well if it does, I am not sure.
  6. Assassin Strike (When used while hidden) is also interruptible, so that's one more. If it were me and I was going to change interrupts at all, in addition to fixing the endurance cost so it gets refunded if interrupted, I would rather give all interruptible powers a different effect in combat as was done with Assassin Strike and as is being done with all snipes in the patch currently on the test server. Interruptible powers have a reason for being interruptible - so that you can't reliably use them in combat. Not being able to is irritating at times but it's the whole reason they are. It also means something like Aid Self can have a good heal attached to it, instead of having the nerf the heal amount on it so it's not better than equivalent powers in primary or secondary sets. Compare Aid Self, a 20% heal on a 20 second cooldown, with a power like Reconstruction, a 25% heal on a 60 second cooldown. Without the interrupt, it's hard to argue in favor of Reconstruction with three times the cooldown for only slightly more healing. If it wasn't interruptible, both the healing and the cooldown of it would probably have to be nerfed significantly or it'd be too powerful for a pool power, especially given it also has the endurance recovery effect if you have Aid Other as well.
  7. If changes to the existing base teleporter powers are on the radar at all my biggest request would be not putting the power on cooldown until you've actually gone into a base with it. Which may be difficult, I know, but currently it's quite easy to accidentally close the menu it summons and waste the power for no effect. Or to mistype the password for the base you want, get denied entry and again, waste the power. That plus a lower cooldown and maybe a shorter or just non interruptible animation would make the slash command all but irrelevent to me. Again I'd argue for the same five minute cooldown Long Range Teleport has, personally. Some would say that'd make Long Range Teleport a wasted power pick but I would point out it still has the advantage of being enhanceable for lower cooldown plus being only one loading screen to get to another zone. And if we're worried about speed task forces, a five minute base teleporter is still slower than what's possible on a full team with team transporters given only one needs to be used at a time and they go direct from one mission to the next with zero travel time through a base or from the base teleport point to the mission door.
  8. That's very disappointing to hear. Is there any chance it might be reconsidered? Perhaps disable it in combat only to fix the actually definitely an exploit uses of it to escape death in pvp or master challenges or whatever else, while leaving it usable for the useful social functions that provide no particular gameplay advantage? Admittedly I have no idea how simple or not so it would be to disable a specific slash command in combat, but I and a great many others will be very sad to see it go if it does. Alternately, a buff to the existing base teleport power if the slash command goes would be a nice compromise. Either not taking thirty minutes to cool down (Which is a real pain if you accidentally click the wrong base, which isn't an issue at all with the slash command) or not taking fifteen seconds to animate or both - I'd make it five minutes and five seconds personally. And probably add bases as an option to Long Range teleport too, if that's possible.
  9. Really, if we wanted to give Banes more AoE at all, my vote would be for giving them Whirling Mace. The NPC Bane Spider Executioners already use it, so conceptually it makes sense for it to also be available to player Banes. That said, given the grenade powers are already available to them, animations already exist for firing grenades from the Arachnos mace, and supposedly redraw doesn't affect animation times anyway, I see no problem with giving Banes a mechanically identical version of a power they already have access to that just doesn't force redraw.
  10. There were originally planned to be five new power pools coming, one for each origin. The only one that was actually finished is Sorcery, and even that's debatable if it was really 'finished' given it likely would've been rebalanced a little before Issue 24 went live had the game not been shut down. The other four (Experimentation, Utility Belt, Gadgetry and Force of Will) exist in the game data but only as basic definitions, no animations or anything properly exist for them. Thus they remain unavailable. They exist in some versions of Pines more out of optimism than anything, I think.
  11. Regarding Gadgetry, I too was looking forward to it as originally conceptualised. I was imagining something like having either of the drone powers would give you a passive drone hovering around you like the devices targeting drone, possibly even using that exact graphic. (Mechanically, this could work similar to how Mystic Flight already works in getting multiple powers for one pick - taking the drone powers would also grant you an unenhanceable passive power that does nothing except summon the drone VFX) Then using either of them would make it shoot lasers like the ones the robot drone lore pets have. The hard part would be syncing the emission point for the lasers to the current location of the drone so you don't have lasers firing from thin air while the drone is on the other side of your head. Alternately, one could outright make it a summoned pet instead of a power you activate. It'd give it something very unique, for a power pool. Also offer something for all those buff set defenders to do with their buffs when soloing, help close the gap between them and debuff sets in solo ability just a little. Also anyone can buy a jetpack, if they want to be stuck with the ugly sky raider one. Enhanceable jetpack toggle, ideally letting me pick between any of the jetpack models that currently exist for the FX (Plus a none option if you want to use a costume one, which a lot of people will) would be amazing and something I'd totally pick over regular flight on some of my characters. That said, personally I think there's concept space available for a Cybernetic Enhancements pool as well. And there's no reason (Other than limited available development reasources, of course) why we couldn't have two tech themed pools other than that the other origins only have one each.
  12. In my experience when this happens it's a registry problem. I didn't have this problem with the current version of Mids but I did have it with the previous versions and I had to do a registry modification to fix it. DISCLAIMER: Mucking with your registry is dangerous. If you don't know what you're doing please wait for an official fix. I am not responsible if you fuck up your computer. So basically the issue is that the open command doesn't always get properly set in the registry. The registry entry you need to modify is: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\Applications\Hero Designer.exe\shell\open\command If that either doesn't have a value or is set to the wrong value change it to the correct path and then try again. Alternatively you can modif the file association directly using the registry key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\mxd_auto_file\shell\open\command I tried this and the value in the registry appeared to be set to an old install of Pine's which no longer exists on my computer rather than the correct location of the current install. After changing it to the correct location I am able to set the association as intended, but when opening a build I get an error message saying 'Exception of type 'System.Exception' was thrown.' followed by a windows message saying Pines' Hero Designer has stopped working. This error appears to be from within Pines itself rather than a system related error, as the first error message has the Pines icon in the taskbar. From my own limited programming knowledge I would suspect the error is somewhere in whatever code translates the command line argument into opening a file, as opening a file from within the application works fine. I could be entirely wrong on that, of course. But at least there's an exception to catch now rather than just silently failing.
  13. Is there any specific reason why I wouldn't be able to associate .mxd files with Pine's? One would think it should be as simple as rightclick->Open With and then locate the Pine's .exe. But when I select it, it just goes back to the open with dialog as if I'd hit cancel without selecting anything. Choosing other random programs adds them to the list in the aforementioned dialog and I could set those just fine, but Pine's refuses to be selected. Is this something that I can fix, or is it a bug in the program and/or the installer? For reference, I'm using the web-based installer linked in the first post of the thread and have whatever version that installs. 2.23 I think. It's installed in the gibberish named folder under AppData that I can't change, but I also had the same problem with the older version of Pine's that still had the stand alone installer.
  14. Names are server specific, so if making a post like this in the general forum instead of the server forums you might want to specify which server the names are being released on.
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