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  1. Hopefully, with more time to look at it again, they'll also have time to implement something a little less harmful to people's enjoyment that still accomplishes whatever it was they were trying to achieve. To the devs, though: Thank you for listening.
  2. And has attracted almost universally negative feedback to boot. I very much hope they're just taking time to decide on another way to accomplish whatever mysterious and still entirely unexplained thing they were trying to achieve with this rather than hard commiting to it. Outside of PvP (where movement control matters a little more) there's literally no conceivable reason I can think of why this has to be changed other than some nebulous idea of consistency applied so thoroughly that what's actually fun to play isn't even being considered. And if it is really only PvP that's the reason this has to change? Please consider making this change only apply in PvP. Let me be very clear: this is a change that actively harms the gameplay experience of every player with the affected power sets. That alone should be reason to reconsider it, and that by all appearances it doesn't seem to be is very concerning. What's even more baffling is they gave the movement buff to the blaster version of Shinobi-Iri in the same patch they neutered its usefulness by having it no longer stack with movement powers. Why not just not give it the buff in the first place?
  3. So I'm looking for a name for a new fire scrapper and coming up blank. I found 'Everflame' in one of the lists posted a page or so back but that's been taken already. I'd like something along that line but I'm not coming up with anything. Anyone able to suggest something, maybe?
  4. When you say they don't show in any of your other powers, do you mean you're looking in the enhancement screen? Because set bonuses aren't enhancements, they won't show up in there. If you check combat attributes you should be able to find the 5% range and 7% accuracy buffs listed under the respective stats in there.
  5. I have to wonder at the logic behind making pool powers suppress primary/secondary powers, here. Especially the relatively small jump buff from Combat Jumping removing the much larger buff from Shinobi-Iri. Especially since so many people take combat jumping for the defense buff or to slot various IO procs in, that one in particular is going to annoy almost everyone wth Ninjitsu I'd bet. If nothing else, it should at least preserve whichever buff is larger. Was stacking Ninja Run and Shinobi-Iri really that overpowered that it needed nerfing though? I can see maybe in PvP specifically (I know the movement control in Gymnastics not suppressing with travel powers was a distinct advantage for some there and nerfing that I fully understand), but seriously do the devs just have a grudge against people getting around quickly without travel powers now? Cause as much as I doubt it's that simple, between this and the teleport powers and the passcode stuff it's really starting to feel like it. I too would really like an explanation of why this change was made.
  6. For a random powers AT to work there'd need to be some kind of logic applied to how it chooses the powers for it, to prevent the already mentioned awful unplayable combinations from happening. You'd need stuff like at least X powers must be damaging attacks of some kind, powers probably weighted toward what the chosen AT scales are better at, and specific things like if given Mastermind pets must also be given upgrade powers and if given something that builds combo points must also have something that spends combo points, etc etc. Done like that it could work but it'd be a lot more effort than it sounds like at first glance. A full random selection though just has too high a potential of producing completely unusable characters.
  7. Crey's Folly (5725.5 -21.0 1381.5) - The sloped surfaces at the edge of the water just end with visible holes to the north and south of this point.
  8. And the peasants rejoiced! Finally I'll be able to tell if the character list not loading is my internet dying or the game cause it wont be the game.
  9. Super pack is the more generic term for all three varieties of them. It was almost certainly the same bug, especially if you'd been opening a large number of them.
  10. That happens a lot to me as well, though the packs themselves refusing to open for up to 20 minutes at a time after the first batch is more common. It comes right in the end but it's infuriating standing there trying every few minutes to open packs and getting 'Please wait a moment' in the chat window like I haven't been waiting several minutes already. Honestly of late I'm wondering if the account server is on a seperate VM that just hasn't been given enough resources and is running extremely slowly at times. But that seems like something that would've been noticed long ago.
  11. The issue with shield on Sentinels is none of the animations for using ranged powers with a shield actually exist. On the melee sets, every single power animation, even the ones that look exactly the same, when used with a shield is a different unique animation from the one used without the shield. All the movement animations and the basic combat stance and such could be reused but aside from the powers that already exist in melee AT epic pools, new animations would need to be created for potentially every other ranged primary power, plus some of the support powers in Sentinel epic pools that aren't already in melee ones. Not saying it's impossible for sentinels to get shields, just that it's vastly more work than just proliferating the set because as it stands, if you just straight ported it over it'd try to call animations that don't exist. And that's before considering what adjustments would need to be made to the set itself - Against All Odds would definitely need changed, if nothing else.
  12. I also want a way to obtain super packs through gameplay. Personally rather than sticking them on the hardest badges in the game (Though a gauranteed reward of one for such badges is certainly an additional possibility) I'd tie them to something less super difficult and/or time consuming but make it something higher level so there's a time investment to encourage not just making infinite alts and grabbing packs, and add an enforced cooldown on getting them like Catalysts have. If nothing else I'd make it all master badges rather than just the ones you define as harder than the others. Or alternately, add them as a reward choice for taskforces where you can pick the normal merit reward OR a random super pack, possibly only for TFs above a certain length, level and/or difficulty and subject to the same once every 20 hours rule that other rewards are. (Not serious suggestion for laughs, make the winter ones only available from the Shadow Shard TFs and watch people tear their hair out over it.) Just give them something other than 'drop 10 million inf on the auction house' cause having that as the only way of obtaining them is kinda boring. ...also unrelated but Vanden that avatar is mesmerising.
  13. And that's fine too, play the game how you want to play it, Personally I like being able to just press one button without having to worry about what my current target is. Since I posted it last year I've also taken to using a similar bind for Vengeance on the characters who have it, which is possibly even more useful with how quickly most people mash their self rez button the moment they die.
  14. Yeah, that happens to me a lot as well but that's more likely just lag more than anything. What sets this apart for me is no matter when I do it, how well the rest of the game is or isn't running at the time, it's always the second lot of packs I buy that makes me wait minutes at a time for them to open while the first lot works fine.
  15. Before anyone says it, no I'm pretty sure this isn't actual network lag on my end. Recently I've found a weirdly consistent lag when opening super packs. I log in, collect my sold auctions and buy a bunch of packs to open. The first time, they open fine. But if I then sell stuff from those and buy a second lot with the proceeds, that second lot will consistently take ages to respond when I try to open them. They open eventually, but sometimes only after upwards of ten minutes waiting for it. And it's always the second lot I open, the first is always fine. If not for that consistency I'd blame it on my poor connection and move on, but it's too consistent to be just my connection. It feels more like whatever subsystem handles the packs is getting overloaded somehow, especially when the entire rest of the game runs fine with no lag in the meantime and I can keep playing normally while waiting. To reproduce, assuming it's actually a bug or some problem with the server and not some weirdness on my specific setup: - Buy a stack of super packs (How many seems to be irrelevent in my experience, but usually I buy 10 at a time) - Open all of then, they should open normally or maybe a couple of seconds delay if you're lagging a bit. - Collect all the rewards from your character items, place them all on the auction house. Specifically I tend to place ATOs for reasonable prices to sell overnight, and everything else (boosters, converters, unslotters etc) goes up for 1 inf to sell immediately for whatever the standing bids are at. I don't know if the auctioning in between is relevent or not, it might also be worth testing just waiting five minutes or so. - Buy another stack of super packs. - Try to open the second stack, they should take an unreasonably long time to open. - Repeated attempts to open the second stack should produce a 'Please wait a moment' message in the chat window, followed some time later by the results of several packs at once being spammed in chat while only one actually comes up in the proper window. Has anyone else observed similar behavior?
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