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Can we tweak the damage/activity/distance requiements for Banner badges?

Razor Cure

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With all the SUpernatural events going on, I have formed and joined quite a few banner leagues. In quite a few cases, in has just been a few teams (maybe 10 people) plus a few unteamed randoms, in a zone. So at MOST 3-4 at a banner. Then, when they become vulnerable, we all (aside from some stubborn people) rush one banner, kill it and repeat. WHich usually works fine! Usually.

Then it doesn't. Twice today, I was in small leagues, and didnt get credit on some banners (and the GM in one case) despite the fact I was clearly IN the leagues, and doing my bit. In those cases, there was no possible way that some other league came by, and did 90% of teh damage.

I know that the GM participation got tweaked recently, and something similar for this event would be great. Sure, I can just do them again, but why should I have too? It's like if any other badges in teh game just randomly..didnt award, even after doing the requirements! Likewise, the Distance requirements could use a tweak. Quite a lot of times, I see people missing the Greater Aspect badge, because they are too slow to get to him, or get lost.

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