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  1. Having Rage (as a toggle, like you suggest) seems super silly on a stealthy kinda AT, especially since every other melee set stalkers get comes with vanilla Build Up.
  2. So? Its ALSO a set that just got changed and looked at. Doesn't mean it couldnt use other tweaks.
  3. Very true. And I hate it as well. I reckon the damage buff should be normalised on all of those combo BU powers too.
  4. I tested the new Energy melee on the beta server, and found it is now awesome! But..I used the automagic boosts to get right to 50, before testing. Now the update is Live, and I am playing a scrapper up, I did notice a lack of combos in the early game. Scrappers get Total Focus at 26..so for half the game (sorta), you have NO way to actually take advantage of the combo buffs to PC and EP. That just feels wrong, and a bit sad to me, as every other set with combos (TW, StJ, WB) can at least get one 'special' effect going by level 10 or earlier. Dual Blades is different of course, and I cant recall when the earliest combo is possible for that set. I get why TF comes in at 26, as it is your second best attack, and if it was moved down the order..what would go at 26? Part of the issue is COnfront being shitty (how many scrappers take it, from the data mining?) and using up a low level power pick (which is silly, cause a lowbie scrapper wants to kill things..but makes even less sense if confront was moved to 26). With Scrappers being the 'incomparable' (according to the AT desc) melee, not being able to actually use the defining mechanic of a set, until 26 just feels wrong. How about giving BuildUp the 'energy stored; buff, so scrappers can at least use EP or PC with the extra effects?
  5. No. We didn't. Past Tense. Cause of the base TP. I saw up thread someone got ALL the LRT badges unlocked on a level 1 toon, in 90 mins. Granted, he wasnt trying to rush it. But at LEAST 30 mins, per alt? As people have said, if they are not a badge hunter, this is just awful. Over a year we had it. A YEAR. Ok, ok, you didnt want to stop people having easy access to other bases but..why couldn't have you 'black stamped' and removed the exploit within a WEEK and simply told people to access bases the usual way. Pretty sure more people were using the Base TP to get around annoying and drawn out content, than to check out random bases. Or simple create a Dev-Base per server with All the tps, that everyone had access to from level one. Rest of the issue seems totally awesome but this change? I really dont wanna do numi or citadel ever again (more than usual).
  6. So wait, you are in a situation VS a super powerful bad guy..and YOU want the ability to hit them..100% of the time? Yeah, that makes sense. Why shouldn't you be able to always hit something so powerful.
  7. I also HATE how Pets can magically target spawning enemies waaaay before you can (even with spamming Tab). If you dont have pets, it can lead to you basically never getting to attack (unless it is a pbaoe) for the whole time.
  8. Because super heroes miss. Duh. Hard concept. Or maybe it is missing due to 'extra' factors. Obviously these are unseen, but HOW hard is it to think of a miss as the bad guy dodging, your hand slipping, a gust of wind, a team mate blocking line of sight? Missing at the to hit cap just means..it is a miss. Which CAN happen due to the cap being 95%. Since auto hitting, again, is a really silly idea.
  9. Way to pull your own meaning from what I said. Especially since your first post was basically "I cant handle missing, FIX it now, wah.' Key word Sir 'certain aspects'..you know, the difference between auto hitting everything and team mates hitting you with their own (auto hit) aoes. Yeah, right. A;most like people have different ideas about what is fun. I mean, Vanden never wants to miss, cause that is 'fun.' How about we just hand out Incarnates at level 1? That way we can always be super powerful!
  10. You complain about how hard a not very hard badge is..then go on about how hard it still is AFTER some helpful (and super obvious) suggestions? How about just forming the DFB yourself,, and explaining it? If you cant even be bothered to do that, how can you moan about how tough teh badge is? Even IF someone screws it up (through not listening or accident), just run the trail again (more xp, oh no!) and have another crack. If the same person screws it again, kick them.
  11. Hmmm Ever take your own advice? The badge is 'tough'..til a team member takes that whole 10 seconds to say 'no aoes, only hit the boss.' Just because teh badge is low level, does not mean it should be easy. And again..discuss a plan? Seems kinda obvious.
  12. Yeah, cause TW needs MORE help, right? It was already one of teh best (the best on scrappers when tricked out) melee sets in game. This is a super hero game..logic and physics do not (and should not) apply realistically to every single power or mechanic in the game. Or would things like the following happen: Flying makes your costume burn up due to friction, same with SUper Speed Using SUper Strength and foot stomp damages you, unless you are Invul Fire aoes burn team mates Hell, EVERY aoe hurts team mates (cause HOW are team mates ducking that swinging titan weapon?) Aoe Debuffs now hit everyone too The list goes on. All mechanics like that would make the game way more realistic and logical..and always make it utterly shite. For example.. AoE atatcks having a bonus sorta makes sense..until you consider they are often less accurate, to counter balance the ability to hit way more targets (can you imagine SPines with +acc, and ALL those aoes?). How do you know you are looking right at the target? Unless you are playing in FPS mode. Even then, you may as well say that since LBE cant miss, why should any other attack, since we are looking at the target? A miss could also represent the chance of a baddie ducking, moving, wind, a team mate blocking your view. Mob Density...yeah, cause encouraging herding should totally help teams..since ever team should p[lay the same way. Right? (especially since the main winners from this would be AE farmers, with massive mobs around). Range and Movement affecting to hit? LOL. That would make PvP utterly worthless. And in PvE, range (and to a lesser extent) moving is the main tactic/mitigation of half the ATs in the game. And you want to remove that? Does that mean every range blaster gets an acc penalty? What about SNipes. Huge range..huge penalty, right?? And you can only fire them when not moving? Awesome idea! Apart from..you know, the devs making Fast Snipes a thing (a good thing). Which plays into your logic about Laser Eyes..since the ONLY snipes that should get an acc bonus, ever, are Assault Rifle (scopes) and Archery (scopes, kinda)...every other snipes is magically fired from teh hand..how are those people seeing the guy downrange? hence, huge acc penalty! What fun for those players.
  13. Comparing scrapper and blaster clear times does not work that well. The scrapper has teh advantage of running into a mob and ALL of said mob piling around him, meaning Aoe's are nearly always hitting max targets. The blaster cant do that, since most Blast sets have one AoE and a cone (and a nukce that is on a MUCH slower recharge than scrapper aoes). Some aoes make mobs scatter too, meaning even less aoe killing. Regardless, the issue here was Mez Prot, and the blaster (especially if they have an aoe immob, kb, or ku) can STAY out of range of every single melee mez a mob has. Every single one. Of course, if the blaster wants to melee..then they should be expecting that extra danger.
  14. A REALLY bad way to draw aggro on an AV. She falls over, and takes time to get up then come forward, while the zombies have already swamped you. Use Blackwand (or any ranged attack) instead.
  15. I'd prefer those kinda toggles (like aoe debuff toggles) get a much shorter recharge. Having them just suppress instead of detoggle (although nice) would just make things too easy.
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