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  1. I'd also love a toggle to turn team mates kb OFF. Some people are just beyond clueless with it, and it makes teaming with those types very painful!
  2. I assume for people buying inspirations in while in teh zone.
  3. That is what Clarion is for. Sure, it is at lvl 50, but the a patron power version would be at level 44ish anyway. Not too mention full mez prot for ALL your pets, especially kb immunity, is just awesome.
  4. Only had a WS on Live and a baby PB, but getting rid of that awful KB would be awesome. Everytime I am on a team with a PB, i want to murder them within 5 seconds. I cant recall the rech an GranEm..45? But having SOlar Flare down to 20, base, seems stupidly good. Thanks like sub 10, with IOs, which is crazy. Perhaps some of the blasts or melees could have a stun tacked on too. Also..from building my own WS way back when, teh amount of slots is just..painful. Sure, IOs and hamis are a godsend, but considering the Form powers themself NEED slotting, then the attacks do..it seems a bit unfair. What if the Form attack powers start with teh amount of slots you put in said form. SO..Dwarf Form..give it 3 slots (that is default slot +2extra from teh 'slot pool'), then those dwarf attacks START with 3, and adding more 'costs' slots as normal. No idea if that would explode the game though.
  5. I found NG to be..well..noxious to use on my Necro/Posion MM. Sure, the vaules are nice, but the rech is stupidly long, and as SOON as I threw it on a pet, he would instantly become the center of all aggro, and live about 5 seconds, if not less.
  6. I was going to do this a a Bug Report, but it technically isn't one. Every week I run the first Signature arc on toons, as it is a super quick 20 merits. I did it today and discovered some odd things. On a Vigilante, killing Echnida at the end (who is a safeeguard 'villain') awards progress on the Villain Disrupter badge. The badge text for which clearly states; Defeat 25 Generic or Sig villains is safeguard missions to earn this badge. I had never noticed this before, but got the badge today. Nice! You get the badge even though it is totally NOT a safeguard mission. Naturally, I then wanted to see if doing the same on a Rogue would give progress to hero Slayer (as that is arguably more important, as you can unlock the Mayhems, and hence an accolade). So I jumped on a rogue, ran the arc, killing SNowmaiden and Strongheart (BOTH of whom appear as mayhem heroes). And yet...no progress on the Hero Slayer. Looking at the badge text, that DOES say '25 Signature Heroes' so I can see why it doesn't count. But it totally should! Or make the Villain badge only sig heroes. Having them different, for essentially the same task, is just silly and unfair.
  7. Agreed. Let Bane's fire venom from the mace. Not having a whole second of redraw (or whatever) is hardly going to suddenly make Banes super over powered, and it would look so much cooler.
  8. Totally. Especially for cones. It is awful to use one and it just tickles the front few in a mob and no others.
  9. On a dom. The Fire Imp power is only spawning 2 imps for me, lvl 35. A guy at 43 only has 2 as well. Yet a lvl 36 guy says he is getting 3!
  10. That poor, poor dead horse. Another thread about tweaking EM. The set is awful, I cringe every time I see someone using it.
  11. Oh yes, I get that. But not everything should be super quick. Marias arc is one of the coolest in the game anyway!
  12. I know, I know, it is so easy to come up with cool MM sets, but after doing Dean's (i think its from Dean, in sharkhead) mission, with the clones..I couldn't help think how awesome this set would be. It would be like the cloning guys in comics etc, and totally fit the MM AT, being personally weak, but having the clones to swamp enemies. There is another thread talknig about letting MMs pick which personal attacks they take, which is a neat idea. but going with the Cloning idea, i thought the attacks would be single pistol based, sorta like a ray/magic gun, with selectable extra damage types. Obviously this has the Demon icons but you get teh idea. I thought that just by taking a Personal Attack, you get a 'swap ammo' kinda power, called Desired Attributes, that lets you select Fire/Cold/Negative damage types, which alter the special damage on your own attacks. Also, when the clones spawn, that damage type is applied to their own attacks, which a high chance of using teh selected type, but some change of getting another, as cloning is not a precise science! CLone War would be like a Gang War type power, a ton of minions, but each one that dies provides a small buff to all 'normal' clones, and the MM as well. The clones themselves would 'borrow' from your own Secondary set. No idea how..it just does. For example..a Thermal MM..the clones would have fire based attacks, resist, and heals/buffs debuffs. Same for cold/sonic etc. Traps would be lethal. The costumes of teh clones would be based on your own too, with zombie/repltile/beat parts added to Unstable ones, minor changes for Stable, and the Perfect CLone having an aura, perhaps inverted colors. Snap Shot 1 Ranged, Minor DMG(Nrg, Foe Knockdown. Foe DoT(Special), -Res Summon Unstable Clones 1 Summon 1-3 Unstable CLones(depending on your lvl) Aimed Shot 2 Close, High DMG(Nrg), Foe Stun -def, Minor DoT(Special) Improvement 6 Ranged, Enchant Clones Rapid Fire 8 Short Ranged (Cone), High DMG(Nrg), , Knockdown, DoT(Special) Summon Stable Clones 12 Summon 1-2 Stable Clones(depending on your lvl The Clone War 18 Ranged, Summon Clone Horde Summon Perfect Clone 26 Summon Perfect Clone Breakthrough 32 Ranged, Empower CLones
  13. More damage to their attacks would be nice..but not for that reason, about Petless MMs! Blasters can blap, and are totally meant to, as shown by Melee attacks within a lot of the sets. A Petless MM, while possible, is going against the very idea of the AT itself.
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