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  1. Agreed. For the damage LS does..the end cost is insane. Even more considering it is static. VS an AV, its nice, but a normal mod that will die in 5-15 secs..not so much.
  2. Do the FF prics in LS and Nado even give you + rech, sicne they are pseudo pets?
  3. My Ill/Storm troller, for one. I dont have the slots for it, and I have perma PA anyway.
  4. Really? With their single BIG damage attack, the nuke? Which trades damage for the slow? And Forts dont even get the +rech power. In no way at all do Forts have huge burst damage. Or you may as well say that every corr and fender can do massive bursts, since they have a nuke. I wouldnt call a 'once every 30-45 secs (at BEST) power giving said AT 'massive burst damage.' ASsuming you are basing that on actual numbers, which is fine. I think giving Banes a proper AoE (crowd control is awesome, but its no PBAoe) like WHirling Mace (which bane spider bosses use!) would help a lo
  5. Yeah, no. If farming keeps your attention now, the exra aggro cap isnt needed. Tell that to a fire kin with 12 imps. You have a very odd definition of Overpowered.
  6. I like the names and power descriptions..but the seems basically an SR clone, just with some other stuff and changes.
  7. Eye of the Fuck Staff, a great name indeed! It already IS both a single target and ao buff, but only the actual target gets the -stun and kb resist (or some combo of that).
  8. Have suggested this myself in other threads. I'd like an indicator of this on the character selection screen, so when you are alting specifically to find a toon for the WTF, you can quickly tell.
  9. God yes. Not just fitness, but increase the run speed. I get they are slow so you read the text, but who wants to read the text over and over and OVER again when you do them on an alt? Case in point, the Sister Solaris personal one..takes like 5 days to waddle through the huuuge cavern. Honestly, after doing that one once, I wait 3 days and just auto in, every time.
  10. Just testing the SS mechanic. The 'super jump' after running a bit is SO awesome. But there is no visual indicator to show when I have the momentum built up. Wasn't there meant to be a yellow ring on the SS icon? Oh duh. Nevermind, now I see it. The yellow ring around a yellow icon (that also has the usual circling toggle animation) is not really obvious. I was looking for it, and missed it at first! Perhaps it should be a ring on contrasting color? Bright red or orange maybe.
  11. The set was an utter pile of shite before the changes. It made a gutter set into one of the best. Cumbersome? By making powers better, and the best attack into nearly ALWAYS insta cast? Say what? And how does it punish you exactly?
  12. I think that would be cool. Maybe if mission dialogue popped up as a comic style speech bubble? Or at least SOME of it..since there is a lot.
  13. Much better! Perfect in fact Sir! 🙂 I mean, I am not demanding it get fixed this instant or anything, and if that was implied, I am sorry! Thank you for a response worthy of a GM!
  14. Wait, THAT is the response..from a GM? Two TFs out of however many, having a really annoying and easy to miss 'mechanic'...and your response is..'oh sure, it is what it is.' May as well not fix, tweak or update anything in the game anymore..cause, ya know, it is what is it.
  15. Oh that's a good point. Two redside TFs with the same broken mechanic? Gotta love the Live Dev favoritism.
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