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  1. I am not sure about this. Is there really any advantage to these powers not needing a target selected? They are all combat openers, as I see it, and as such, your just need to hit Tab once on approach, and bam. A much much better addition would be a cone range marker of some kind. Also.. I MUCH prefer cones with a target. Any power that needs a target, as soon as you are in range, you hit the power, and it will go off, hitting that target 100% of the time (unless you miss, naturally). On teh other hand, the nature heal, I find it quite easy to 'miss' healing a team mate with, because they may move, I may move, lag, etc etc. As you sat Oed, all these cones have huge radii...so is it really that much of a hassle to target one guy and hit the entire mob, WITHOUT having to worry about lag or toon facing?
  2. Kinda agree. I had a NB Stalker waaay back when I started playing on CoX (I had vills, and not CoH, back when they were seperate purchases). Granted, that was a long time ago, before the ATOs and stalker buffs, but I did IO my stalker (not with super max purp sets or procs, more mid rangeish), but from what I remember..NB was not really good damage at all. Granted, this is playing redside (longbow, archnos) but it really felt weak, even more so when compared to my Kat scrapper (also before ATOs, but he had normal IOs too). Obviously all teh new stuff will help there, especially the stalker changes. Would it be possible to make GD 100%crit on the FIRST target hit, and less on any others? In a similar way to how some toggles get the big % from target one, and then less?
  3. I assume he means like Loot Boxes in a heap of other games. Paying (usually real money) for a random chance (like 0.00001%) at some super awesome amazing bit of kit. Which technically we already kinda have in SUper Packs.
  4. I think both sides (for and against new IOs) have valid points. Sure, 'no' IOs are expensive..if you play a lot/farm. For a more casual player, 500mil is still a lot. Not to mention how desirable certain ones could be, like a status prot IO. Obviously we already have Incarnate powers, which are awesome but also functionally identical to another players incarnate powers (besides the color). Instead of simply more enhancments with flat bonus effects (a 10% acc legenendary, when SO many normal sets give acc?) I reckon ones that give special powers could be more fun. Like signature attacks (state's lightning etc), nothing super crazy like Judgement, just decent, flashy, special melee or ranged attacks, that are more fancy than the patron/epic ones.
  5. Actually I prefer the displayed Tics. The sentinel fire armour, has a power with NO tic (even though the power info literally says..a tick of xx heal per 5 secs or whatever), and I find that really annoying, because the power becomes basically just +regen instead (you cant actually see teh health bar move up in strict increaments).
  6. I'd like teh search function to have a button, clickable even if you are NOT the team leader.
  7. Oh yeah, I know its easy to get around the single mission options..but it should not even happen! Would be a good blueside motto.
  8. This would be awesome! Had a lot of fun with that feature in XCOM. Even if we got lil comic style load/end screens, like the SigArcs, that would be cool. There are a few missions (Posi1 and Morty Kal) that snap to in game cutscenes of teh players/baddies, which would be a lot easier (i assume) than a big posing system kinda thing!
  9. I don't see these ideas actually helping much. +dam in DOminate mode only? That is far far less useful, especially when leveling up. +control duration in Dom? Dom already gives a big boost! I like the +dam proc. The Fiery orb is a PoS and hardly every seems to go off.
  10. That seems..excessive. Not saying it is wrong, but 3 new power sets? Take 3 new Blast power sets, 27 powers, 3 of which are Aim (or clones of), 3 are nukes, leaving 21 new powers. COmpared to one MM set (as others haev said, from existing stuff, not brand new). 3 Personal attacks taken from powers we have. 2 pet upgrades. 1 'special' buff. 3 pets, that have 3-4 attacks recycled from enemies in game already. That is literally just one 'new' power and the rest pulled from assets, and given a balance pass based on similar MM and pet attacks.
  11. I dont like how Crabs have no decent ST attack chain. Sure, you can take teh Wolf Spider ones but..those arent great either, and I WANT to just use the crab attacks. But there is only 2! It is really noticeable, especially compared to a Fort, who gets 3 decent single attacks.
  12. (skip to the end for suggestions) There are (for those who don't know) special contacts in SteelC and PortO, from which you can get any safeguard or mayhem mission, after earning either the Hero or Villain slayer badge. Which IS totally awesome! However.. The earning of said badge and actually running those missions is kinda unbalanced, towards the Hero side (shock horror, I know). Now, that could be because Redside has an accolade tier to the mayhem expo badges (and another tier to defeats within mayhems), so there needs to be some element of 'work' involved. I will buy that. But then..WHY give us a way to get these contacts anyway? Obviously because it was a complete pain to accidently miss a Mayhem mission, and be unable (till you find someone with the mission) to get the accolade. Back to earning the badge for teh conact..25 Hero or Villain (NPC) kills. Seems legit. Till you realise how the amount of AVs in content is way way beyond the amount of Heroes. Content-wise, Blueside has basically no enemy heroes to go up against (since you are a hero yourself), meaning you will be killing AVs (even if you want to level of blueside then change aligment) while redside..also has a larger balance of AVs to kill. Which..does not help one bit! I think all the StrikeForces are fighting Archvills (maybe besides Numi in Barracuda) and only a few arcs in GV have a decent amount of Heroes to beat up. Another peeve..the 'heroes' in the 1st sig story arc do NOT count for HeroSlayer..and yet the blueside Villains do count for Villain Slayer. Because of course they do. Onto the missions themselves. AGain, it is awesome to be able to do them this way. But WHY can't we just have the list of 8 missions ALL the time to pick from? WHy does it randomly offer us just one specific one? Sure, you can drop these, and repick..but again..why? The entire point of these contacts is to make getting the missions easier..but then add (or it was just a hiccup in the old coding, I'll buy that) a mechanic that makes the process a bit longer! Again on the missions. Blueside guy stands RIGHT by the truck, leading to teh SC safeguard. And EVERY SINGLE other safeguard you get from him. They are all in that truck. You know, for speed and convenience. 10/10. Redside. Oh look, the contact is up in a nook above the sub, that the first PO Mayhem resides in. Not a huge deal...but still..why wasn't he put on the docks? And of course the same utterly stupid random 'set' mission, instead of the simple list of 8 choices. Oh and, wait and see WHERE each mission is. Cause it sure as hell is not like blueside, and kindly placed all in the same spot, right next to you. Because running across a zone 8 times is a great way to make something added to speed up a task, take longer. Sarcasm aside. Make Sig Arc 'heroes' count for the Hero Slayer Badge. Move the redside to the docks. Make every single mayhem door be IN the sub. Get rid of that stupid random set mission option.
  13. I'd really like ALL pets to have the pet window, all the time. Especially summoned ones like SNowmen, or SHivens. The shivens in particular, are SOOO damn stupid, and often will run off and attack a minion in teh next mob, instead of the tough eb/av you want them to beat up. I don't know if that is just their AI (or lack of)..but in any case, they should get an AI upgrade (to what Lore pets have) and actually respond to pet window commands.
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