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  1. Way too many of these just give iconic powers from certain sets to basically everyone. WOuld they be handy/useful/awesome? Sure. Are they needed? No way. Even with the adjusted AT mods for all the stuff, it is just TOO much. Let there be at least some unique powers for teh different ATs and sets.
  2. Do they work? I mean..they do, cause I can seen the yellow circle..and the animation IS faster than the normal one (talknig Moonbeam here), but it is still a FAR cry from the almost insta cast Moonbeam on my blaster (which uses the alt one hand animation..maybe that is why the stalker feels slower). Do the Snipes in other stalker epics fell a bit slower than they should be?
  3. Hey Frosti? Does the proc potential go down, when said powers are slotted for Rech? Like would an alpha giving my rech, make them fire less often?
  4. I dont think the set needs a snipe. You get 2 good, high damage attacks, which are admittedly, slow animation. I'd prefer teh set to ditch Swap Ammo as a power pick, making that automatically come up on picking the set, and give it an AIm type power. The fact you can aim with a fireball but NOT a pistol (or gun) is just stupid. ALso, making Swap AMmo inherent would make sense. Look at all the melee gimmick sets, which just 'get' combo abilities inherently. ALso water blast!
  5. Trouble with that..if AT's have different versions, you know some powers are gonna be flat out WAY better on whatever AT. Which just makes it unfair. Unless we got to pick between a few options, which has been said to be a lot of effort to get going.
  6. It just seems totally..arbitrary. Sure, its a unique power and stuff, but with such a low recharge, and how good it is.. I also agree about the ability to use it when Mezzed. That just makes it too good.
  7. Had a play with teh set tonight. Seems pretty good. Thoughts: Faraday Cage with a FOUR MINUTE rech? WHy? It is a seriously awesome power, just for the status res alone. The other buffs are gravy, and the constant +static kicks ass. But 4 mins? When the rech is so low anyway? Shock and the other end drainer seem decent enough..but maaybe a lil damage or -res on shock?
  8. Yeah thats what I mean. I assume it is because stalkers are meant to be a 'burst' damage AT..and thus normal BU comes into savage, staff and street. But it also means those sets get screwed (SM and StJ) get screwed out of the boost up/big attack instant combo that the other versions can do. Agreed. I have made a elec stalker and brute..and LR just kicks butt. Like as soon as you get it, let alone once slotted. Still not sure how mobs dont notice a lightning strike either..
  9. Also..WHY oh why does Build Up not give 5 stacks of BF? The same happens in stalker Street Justice. Here, you get 3 from the AS, meaning you need another 2 attacks at least to get to 5, and use Rending/Hem with % stacks AND BU. Which is pretty unlikely. At least at a lower level.
  10. that is a neat idea! Will totally try it out! Really just talking to you in general Frosti. I went to test last night and played with a savage/bio stalker, using some of your slotting on the savage/shield. Hem was hitting an even lvl Lt for..750 damage, around about.That is all procced out. I just cant help but feeling its somehow..cheating. And bullshit. Almost NO other attack in the game will hit a Lt for that much, barring maybe blaster snipes with aim/bu, built up crushing impact, etc. I still stand by the statement that if an attack NEEDS to be slotted in such an unconventional way (at least for me) to move from average up to stupidly awesome..something is just wrong. Same for Savage Leap. Not being great at point blank range..for a PBAoe? Wtf is that? Also, there were a few threads about proc changes recently, but I cant recall if they were in Test forums or just suggestions. Do you think any changes will hit procs?
  11. So my first toon when I got back was a sm/bio scrapper..cause they were both new sets. I got him to 28 and sheleved him for a bit, only recently breaking him back out. Now I am 38 and just..curious what people think of the set. Savage Melee that is. Bio I am all good with, and any interactiosn between the two. I have also looked at Frosticus' savage guides and threads. My thoughts so far.. For a start..the Blood Frenzy mechanic. Its nice, and can certainly notice the end reduction and rech. What I dont like is the Exhaustion thing. Other 'gimmick' sets like StJ and Staff have similar stacking buffs, which then get used via your finisher type powers. Which is all good. But savage..you get penalised for waiting to use powers at the 'best' time? I guess Psi melee is the only set thats similar, and the Insight buff was just damage, so you dont notice a sudden lack of +rech and end red. Onto the attacks.. They all look really cool. The power info is utterly shite, as others have pointed out. The actual damage values NEED to be shown in the description and just in the enhancement slotting screen. Mostly, I like the attacks, the odd ones out are Hemorrhage and Savage Leap. Hem just feels...odd? I like it, but I feel if the damage was more front loaded it would be much more useful. Especially since the set does NOT have a 'proper' superior/extreme damage attack (and most other sets have at least 1, if not 1 of each)> I know SL IS superior but.. Savage Leap. Cool and all. But do I really have to be at max range (range indicator PLEASE) for it to actually DO anything? It just seems so weak unless I make sure I am at teh range limit, and even then..the up front damage just isnt there for a supposed superior attack. And the superior portion is meant to be the first whack, from the power info. Now I know other threads talk about making Hem and SavL proc monsters, and then they are super awesome sauce. But...if a power needs a load of procs to actuallly be decent (we are talking about the last 2 attacks in teh set..usually the best, or very good at least)..I think it is a bit of a fail. So basically..is it worth using both powers without a stack of procs? Is it worth taking Hem at all, or using it with less than 5 stacks?
  12. I think the wrist mounted type would work almost perfect for Dual Pistol. Aside from ExeSHoit and PiercingROunds.
  13. Really grippy tires. Tire.
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