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  1. Maybe they should..but CAN they? Someone always exits right away, and others stay, to kill mobs or because they click slower. While someone is still on the mission map, the map still exists, and the mission will read as Mission Completed. But it still cant auto advance until everyone exits. It would make more sense to auto remove everyone from said complete mission, as soon as the team leader calls the contact.
  2. Not sure about the OP idea..but I reckon it would be cool and helpful if levels that awarded a new power came WITH the CHOICE of an additional slot, for that new power only. It is really annoying (well kinda annoying) to think 'Oh yay, lvl X finally! I can get power Y and it will be awesome!' Then you get said awesome power..and it is a PoS (relatively) because it only has one slot. If you hit the level, picked the power (coming with teh first basic slot) AND also got an extra one (only for said new power), that would help by at least being able to slot an attack power for 1 acc + 1
  3. Well..dont they? I mean EVERY other AT before VEATs had one. Admittedly those have been tweaked, but they have mostly always been there. AN inherent is a chance to make the AT unique and characterful (is that a word? it is now!) and do or get access to something no other AT can. Exactly. Hence my very first comment in the thread, saying EVERY single AT should get a bit of an end/rec boost. It seems unfair that one single AT just..never (well mostly) has end problems, on the AT with the least amount of toggles no less! CHampions had an Energy Building mechanic built i
  4. What attitude? Honestly confused since in an early pose you talk about their Inherent, and now you are calling it their base stats. The inherent for all ATs are not base stats, or Doms would have perma dom from level one, scrappers always critting etc etc. Even if the regen/rec 'boost' was their base, it is apparently so low as to be basically worthless.
  5. What? That is their Inherent. It isn't their base regen or rec at all. If it was their base (ie, without ANY other factors), then wouldn't (or shouldn't) their actual Inherent be something else?
  6. Max End seems like a neat idea. Since no other AT gets it. Also, I always felt it was totally stupid that things like health and power damage get better as you level higher, but we NEVER get more endurance. Never. Surely a level 50 of anything would have gained a somewhat larger pool of endurance along the way.
  7. I see what you are saying. I do. And I totally AGREE that blasters all getting a Sustain was stupid. But...it happened. Also your argument that Ice Armour low DDR being offset be Ageless hardly means anything, since the game still is not balanced around IOs, let alone Incarnate powers. So Ice getting low ddr was just the old devs having NFI. ANd the fact that Ice has got a bit more DDR since Homecoming is sad..but hopefully its on the list. Talkgni of Nerfs in trade for buffs..please, please point out where the blaster nerfs were, when every set got a sustain. Hone
  8. As an aside, I reckon ALL melee ATs should have a +recovery boost somewhere in their powersets. The difference between those with and without is night and day. That is (at least for me) leveling up with Basic lvl 25 IOs, the +recovery uniques slotted asap and end red in powers. The +rec powers make playing up to 50 SO much better (like bio armour, with quite a few toggles, vs fire armour with 3, but no recovery boost). Yes, VEATs get +recovery, but it is apparently almost so little as to be pointless. Look at the sustain powers for blasters. Blasters usually have minimal toggl
  9. Maybe because regen was not very common on Brutes, and the larger hp caps help somewhat. I was just trying to see if Regen actually has any RDR in mids, but it isnt shown. However..i know Rad Armour has both regen and rech defuff resistance. Nearly everyone here is agreeing that regen's problems come from -rech (among others), so give the set some regen and rech resistance would help.
  10. Are there any plans to tweak T9 crashes in PvE too?
  11. Fair point. No idea how to 'fix' it either. But RDR cant hurt, and its arguably something Regen should have some (if not a shit ton) of.
  12. Why? Elec is basically immun to end debuffs. True. BUT the only tools SR actually needs is Def and Def debuff resist..thats ALL it takes to make the set awesome. As you say, regen has way more tools...and isnt awesome at all.
  13. Elec armour says HI to end draid. Fire arm says HI to fire damage. Sr says Hi to def debuffs. And those are sets that are seen as very good. The fact a set named Regen gets utterly stomped BY -regen (when other sets have protection from it) makes zero sense.
  14. Oh it would. I just didnt have the power then! Those both seem like..'lucky' outcomes to making a power unique, rather than actual intended effets. I mean..NOTHING should be interacting with anything while you are phased, thats the entire point.
  15. Ooh! Maybe thats why. I dont think I had the pet to hit going. It all just seems like a weird way to overly complicate or change a power type (damage aura) that really had zero need for changing. One thing I just noticed, runnnig SIlver Mantis. With a 'normal' damage aura (hell, even an aura like RTTC), those persky Engineers get tagged out of their FFG summoning. But with IrrGround? Uh huh, cause it somehow vanishes and resets when moving. Thanks! Another thing..RadTherapy actually works with no targets around you at all. So, as you said..fucked if I know WHY it even has a
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