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The Labyrinth Is Open For All on Torchbearer!


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The Labyrinth is open to all Till Halloween Event Ends!

Server: Torchbearer

Pass: LABYRINTH-5186


It is dark and hazy, unusual sounds echo from the myriad doors lining a central core room.   Beyond that lies the Labyrinth, a twisted confusing maze with no clear goal or rational purpose.  Random items, when touched, can whisk you to another place within the maze, or even to the abandoned summer camp in the haunted forest near the cemetery... But beware the smoke when outdoors, as many who have traveled into its mists have been lost to the void. 


There is an end point to this maze though, as somewhere within lies a portal that  will deposit you into the highest suspended cage in the dungeon area of the main room.  This cage is sealed, but you can teleport or be teleported out of it by someone else.  otherwise... Well, you beat the Labyrinth at its own game, so be proud of that.   Good Luck and Enjoy!

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Dooh! Forgot the server.
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