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  1. To be honest, I'm not sure you even understand what it is you are trying to say. Absolutely cell phones are designed to take advantage of the user to get them addicted. This should not come as a surprise to anyone. Just do some very simple Google searching and you'll quickly find a wealth of information about how cell phone makers, social media and app makers hire "attention engineers" who use methods right out of Las Vegas casinos to make their products as addictive as possible. In the example I provided, every lootbox in STO has a reward of value. It may or may not be the one you wanted, but you did get something of value.
  2. Not everyone in the community visits or posts to the forums though.
  3. To be fair, that applies to you as well, just as it applies to everyone else. There is nothing wrong with opposing points of view.
  4. Just about every single product on the market is trying to coerce people into spending money they don't need to. You can apply this to cell phones, social media apps, cracker jacks, Kinder eggs, trading cards, blind box toys and collectibles... the list goes on. It also proceeds from the very false assumption everyone opening a box is doing so solely for a top-tier item. Over in STO, opening a box is the way to get Lobi crystals (which every box drops) to spend in the Lobi store for various things. You also get other items of value you can use for crafting and such or sell on the exchange.
  5. This would assume that the older content isn't rewarding or interesting. That's entirely subjective to the player.
  6. Not to mention that - at least to me - if the XP on missions were boosted to the extent the OP suggests, they'd be getting to 50 much faster and then wind up being bored all over again. Not to mention you'll outlevel quite a lot of the story content, so the suggestion of adding "10 elite bosses worth of XP" isn't really solving the perceived problem.
  7. Love this idea! I'll toss the Everlasting Community Base into the ring. Everlasting Server Passcode is EVERLASTING-8756 In game handle is @Shard Warrior
  8. Very cool! Will check this out tonight and looking forward to visiting. 😀
  9. This very same thing happens to me as well.
  10. Have you followed any of the threads, in particular the actual CoC update thread? GMs have said they have a private database where they will be able to flag characters that are deemed "ok".
  11. This depends on who you ask. Quite a lot of people here who believe even close approximation is a no no and will report it on sight. Just look at how quickly the Comic Con farms in AE were auto-closed due to player reports for infringements. And how exactly are "tribute", "parody" and "direct copy" defined? The costume creator doesn't have many of the unique costume pieces or logos etc. to even make a close replica for any number of copyrighted characters, so it is more than clear direct copies cannot be created of all characters. Final say on what is / is not acceptable here is with the HC folk. From their various posts in these threads, they seem more than willing to help with any questions, so best to ask them if you are not sure.
  12. I never really got into fully pimping out all my characters with purples either. I did one or two of them, but that was about it. The game is already easy mode as it is even with basic IOs, not to mention incarnates. Purpling out just exacerbates that even more.
  13. The event is fine as it is. Please don't change it.
  14. The event is fine as is. Please don't change it.
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