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  1. I love it! Beautiful work. 😀
  2. This is just my own personal experience here, but getting rid of Null the Gull would still not entice me into playing villain side. Increased rewards would not entice me to do it either. I play this game to be the hero, not the villain. That is something which nothing suggested thus far will correct. It is not that the story content is horrible or the rewards not sufficient. I just do not want to play the villain. Most everyone I team with regularly feels the same to my knowledge. People seem to forget this was the case back when the game was live as well. Apart from launch of CoV, villain side was always far less in population.
  3. If I could upvote this a thousand times, I would.
  4. Coordinated teams can do multiple Kronos Titan spawns at the same time. As I heard it, there were 30 something of them in Boomtown at once last week.
  5. This, coupled with a Wind Control powerset would make my Le Petomane homage character truly complete.
  6. I like this idea! I would love to see epic Godzilla sized monsters to fight as well.
  7. Removing it does not accomplish any of those things either.
  8. No thank you. We do not need to give the few bad apples out there yet another tool to grief others.
  9. I can only speak for myself here, but making generic bosses into AVs for radio missions is not what I would consider a challenge either. I can already defeat EBs and some AVs solo with little to no chance of being defeated. That is not "challenging", just tedious.
  10. Actually, yes offering the opinion that the suggestion is not necessary as the information can be found online is an opinion.
  11. None of these make the game more of a challenge, just more tedious.
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