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  1. Yes I think it safe to say oil changing the car perhaps is more an American thing. 😁
  2. Yes, that is it essentially. I think you are overthinking the issue as the answer is quite simple. Changing the oil in a car is easy, yet people bring it to a quick lube shop and pay someone else to do it for them because either they do not have the time or desire to do it themselves. Supermarkets around where I live are hiring personal shoppers like mad. Surely most people can push a cart around the isles and grab the things they need, yet quite a lot of people pay a small fee to have someone do it for them.
  3. Yes there are, however if there are people like those commenting in this thread ostracizing and berating them about using the LFG channel to find a farm, what else would you like them to do other than hang out in AE? Seems to me that is where a select few here would like to relegate them for not playing a way they like.
  4. Your first two examples do not hold up to your own definition of what an exploit is as both have to be done via the trade window.
  5. I have an alt named Arachnos Deathicus 😁
  6. This is a movie screaming for a sequel!
  7. How is pointing out what should be very obvious to anyone inflammatory?
  8. And you are always making presumptions that supposedly work for the majority when they do not.
  9. I did not know where Peregrine Island was when I first started playing the game. There are many reasons why someone may not know it and it is a bit of a presumption to assume someone who does not know where a particular zone is automatically means they are a bad player.
  10. Like I said, believe whatever you want to believe.
  11. I was not being passive aggressive nor am I trying to change anyone's mind - just adding my own personal view. It seems to me that you have your mind made up in that the big evil corporation stole the idea from the little guy, so no point in continuing the discussion. Being similar does not mean there was anything nefarious going on, and having only part of the information from a few articles here and there is not the whole picture. I do not know if the records of the case are sealed or part of the public record. If the latter, perhaps doing the research and looking at all the information and facts provided in the court proceedings may answer your question. As I said earlier, believe whatever you want to believe.
  12. Pointing out how your position does not make any rational sense is not trolling, nor does insulting others add anything valuable to the discussion.
  13. You are missing a very glaringly obvious part of the game - in game commerce. This is a staple of many MMOs. Following this logic, anyone crafting IOs and selling them on the exchange for profit should be banned too because they are asking for compensation for something they spent their time and earned resources on.
  14. In the eyes of the law, yes it does. No one here was in the courtroom and has read all of the documents or listened to the arguments made. We are only seeing part of what went on because it makes it a more interesting news story. You are again assuming they even knew about it to buy the idea in the first place. Keep in mind this is the same studio who for decades never once cared about fan films being made using their property - even encouraged them - until an idiot took advantage of that and essentially tried to steal from them, ruining fan productions forever. That door swings both ways. Anyway, I can see it is pointless to attempt to have a discussion on this.
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