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  1. Would be spiffy to mix in an animation or two from the staff fighting set into this to give it a mix of range/melee.
  2. A good place to start is the Base Builders Cheat Sheet in the Base Building sub-forum. The answer to your question is in there.
  3. You are assuming grinding for unlocks is the only means for the game to grow. More actual content, especially for level 50+, is going to do more for longevity than anything else in my opinion.
  4. In a live game that relies on players playing and more importantly paying longer, yes. Here, no.
  5. @Jimmy I know I have given you all a hard time over the base teleport stuff, but let me say these are freaking awesome! I am loving Athletic Run! Loved the power Ninja Run, but always hated the Naruto pose, so thank you! Question about the Stances - are there any plans to add other stances to the customization? Like Villain Pose 1/2, Hero Stance 1/2 etc. Thanks.
  6. You are assuming they did not know that already. They asked to hear from more people on this subject, so let the people provide feedback.
  7. I do not disagree with you. Again, this is something a GM would be able to answer. This sounds right. I want to say that I recall this discussion coming up when the game was live and the answer was something to the effect of with the amount of work required, it would be easier to create a whole new engine. This is what Cryptic did, hence what exists in CO, STO, NW and so on. No doubt, however I personally think this is the minority of cases. Most names would get released by freeing up those on accounts not logged in in over a year.
  8. For sure people name sitting is a part of the problem, but again with those you can still get in contact with the owner of the name you are after to negotiate with them for releasing it. There are several threads already on the forums for name releases. People are willing to give them up. Personally, I would bet the bulk of names to get released would be from accounts that are no longer active. @Greycat brings up some good points too. This did not work as well as intended back in the day.
  9. I think it safe to say most of us are the same. However, in this case, any names you may have had here would get released and you were still given the opportunity to come back and chose not to. Fair for all.
  10. If they are sitting on character names but playing other characters, the owner is still active and you still have the opportunity to contact them negotiate with them to release it. Again, I am not sure whether or not people are allowed per the rules to have others log in for them as I think it may fall under the account sharing rule. A GM would be able to clarify. Fair enough to say that courtesy emails is extra work, albeit really not all that much. Personally, I think going with accounts not logged in over a year will free up the bulk of any names. This game simply does not
  11. I do not think it would need to pull individual character names, just accounts that have not been logged into at all in more than a year.
  12. Well no, you are just upset that someone disagrees with a proposed policy as it is written. Again, I have no issue releasing names for those accounts that are gone and have no intention of coming back and see no harm in at least reaching out to ask.
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