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  1. It is very easy to out level entire story arcs and contacts without PLing yourself. This would be the main reason I see why this would not get done.
  2. To me, it is irrelevant whether someone can solo the mission or not. The issue is the placement of the spawn point inside the mission and that more often than not, players can consistently get spawn camped because of it. That is indicative of a bad design in my opinion. Other maps which have the hospital in the mission allow the player to collect themselves in safety.
  3. Yes, I understand all of this. I understand Superman is not intended to be as flawed as your average human. Trust me, I get it. However, by magical means or some other outside influence, Superman can be forced to do something against his will. Or are you suggesting he can be forced to sneeze only?
  4. Yes he is, which means it could happen due to "magical" means.
  5. My memory is just fine, thanks. 😉
  6. I would hardly call jumping around and using taunt a lot of effort. People would herd and dumpster dive, then go AFK.
  7. AFK farming was around since the game launched. There were several portal maps with Freakshow and Council that were farmed long before AE came into the picture.
  8. Someone can use magic sneezing powder on him. I am sure someone can feed him a magic bowl of beans too.
  9. First part I agree with, however the second part is where I take exception. You are making an assumption without any evidence. Have you tried locating and contacting any of the owners of the name(s) you were after?
  10. I can only speak from personal experience, I have never once seen this happen in CO, STO or Neverwinter. Even if it were, people can send in petitions and have the matter resolved by GMs, just as they do here.
  11. NPCs ignore it. They will refer to you by your character name only, or in the case of STO, sometimes rank and name. They ignore the global handle part entirely. Team invites are not difficult either as you can click on the player name in chat to invite them.
  12. What are the names you are looking for? And how exactly do you know they are "sitting on unplayed characters who have only been logged in long enough to log right back out"?
  13. Not sure if you play Champions or STO, but you only see the global handle in global chat and as I recall, you have to enable seeing the global name in options. You do not see it above the character avatar. The game already has this to an extent with the global friends window.
  14. Honestly, I think it is fair to point out there is no perfect solution. As we have said before, someone gets the short end of the stick, careful metrics used or not. This is a circular argument. At least to me, it seems more worthwhile to discuss how to go about getting the code reworked to allow names to be stored so that they can be stored as the name/global combo.
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