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  1. This was quite true. I would be all for turning IH back into a toggle. Regen is much, much, much too clicky a set for a melee class now IMO. P.S. Thread title should be "Undo the Regen Nerfs (plural)" there were quite a lot of them lol.
  2. ^ Definitely worth a visit! I loved the theme of this base. Some truly exceptional design work. I wish it could be ported over to use as a real map in game!
  3. This would be my vote for worst of the worst as well. Truly horrible combination - so much so they should not be allowed.
  4. Just me personally, but I don't feel simply adding +5 and up does anything to help the situation in the long term. It might work as a sort of band-aid in the interim, however I feel that content (iTrials, story arcs etc.) designed specifically with fully decked out incarnates in mind to challenge them is the better solution.
  5. You're very welcome! I think I may have run into you while you were there. The handle name sounds familiar.
  6. Thanks! Feel free to use anytime and be sure to share the code!
  7. All of Penelope Yin's TF missions are in IP.
  8. Rotating the plot won't change the orientation of the rooms - if I am understanding your question, you're looking to change the position of the room itself. To do that, click on the room(s) you want to move while in edit mode. You should see a button for "Move Room". Use that to drag them where you want. That button allows you to reposition the room(s) to whatever orientation you want.
  9. I don't think these are accurate or fair generalizations. People (such as myself and many online friends) who don't PL to 50 and use TFs for levelling generally skip everything we can as well. Not because we are in a race to 50, rather older TFs like Citadel and Synapse are a boring slog. I also know of people who farm PL alts to 50, yet still enjoy playing these older TFs without skipping/stealthing anything. For me personally, if Synapse or Citadel were "updated" to make everything all in one zone, that would be a big help.
  10. Regardless of when they were released, they're still different systems in how they work and what they do.
  11. Yes. Right click while in Upgrade Plot view.
  12. You can substitute those with any other AT and still come to the same conclusion.
  13. Why wouldn't we? Level Pacts can allow those who are offline to earn XP if the other in the pact is online playing. It keeps everyone the same level, including powers/slots etc. If I'm 50 and sidekicking my son on his level 5 toon, he doesn't have access to the slots, powers, enhancements etc. Same for exemplaring down to him. Were we able to level pact, he would be at equal performance level.
  14. The level pact system was/is entirely different than the exemplar/sidekicking system.
  15. If you're going to require being near an already existing mode of transit, there is no reason to keep a command of some kind. Just use the portal. The nice feature of the code (and temp power at the P2W store) is it can be used from anywhere. I like the idea proposed in the threads about this topic where it could have a brief customizable animation (to prevent if from being abused as escape from death in PvP and on MOTF runs) and keeping a pre-programmed base code. @Mnemnosyne thanks for making this! Will definitely give it a try.
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