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  1. Reading this I think I can still see people spamming requests for Oro portals in the starting zones lol 😁
  2. Why should they have to explain themselves? This is how they play. Let them play how they like.
  3. Given the currently obscene recharge time on the P2W base teleport portal, this is not an acceptable option in my opinion.
  4. As noted above, Number Six already answered this question.
  5. Well, I do not think I would go quite that far, but from what I can see it is a workable solution.
  6. @Number Sixalready answered this, but thank you!
  7. Does the Rapid Response Portal need to be recharged or do you unlock it permanently once you have unlocked the day job badge? EDIT: Ok so I see Rapid Response Portal comes with limited charges. Not sure why it is necessary to limit the charges? A little insight into the reasoning for this would be appreciated, thanks. The recharge time on Super Group Portal is obscenely long. I am not sure why this needs to be as long as Team Teleport as it is different in that it will not drop you directly at the mission door. To be honest, this power is a total waste of inf. You are much better off using Rapid Response. Rapid Response seems like a decent compromise as the macros we have now will work with them. I like that we can customize the colors. Down the road, it would be super if we could customize the animation as well to pick something like the one used for Team Teleport or even pull from a costume change emote.
  8. Thank you. Will these work next to the summonable portals as well? Or just the existing in-zone ones?
  9. Yes we know. However, we were given several possible ideas and the community shared quite a lot of feedback as well. From the sound of it, we did not get what was discussed entirely.
  10. Yes, I am aware. However, if there is no simple way to store multiple base pass codes easily instead of needing to cut-paste codes into the portal again, this is a non-starter.
  11. Ugh. Totally not what I had hoped for.
  12. So I take it the base macros will all be broken now? And we will have to be next to a portal for them to work?
  13. As a builder myself, I would like to be able to export bases as a means to create templates I could sell on the auction house.
  14. I do not think anyone suggested that it never takes place anywhere in the daylight. I am sure we can all find a lot of photos of trick or treating in the dark as well. Some people are more accustomed to this being a night time thing. Hopefully it is still ok for people to express their opinions here and share their ideas without others jumping all over them.
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