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  1. I like Street Justice, but MA is still my favorite for single target melee.
  2. I just leveled a Ninja/Dark MM to 50 and cannot say I am crazy about that combo. The Genin are way, way, way too squishy for melee.
  3. Spot on. Threads like this seem to ignore the fact that everyone has equal opportunity to amass in game wealth in favor for looking at ways to guarantee equal outcome despite a difference in level of effort.
  4. This is correct. People who still have more available free time to play are going to still have more wealth than those with limited playtime.
  5. Income inequality is self inflicted. People who have more time to invest in play or are more knowledgeable/savvy on how to work the market are always going to have more wealth than those who can not or do not play a lot. Everyone has the same opportunity and access to obtain in-game wealth - what they do with that opportunity is entirely up to the individual.
  6. I've seen this with Shield Charge several times myself. I am inclined to agree with @Redlynne in that it seems to be a weird invisible geometry issue.
  7. To be honest, I do not see this as being a high priority.
  8. Really wish the naming convention thing could be redone. It is my understanding that it would be a monumental effort to do so, however I feel it would be beneficial going forward.
  9. Absolutely, and the trend is definitely continuing with the modern Trek films and series.
  10. In order to have the entrance below and the base above, you would need to set up a teleport point to take them outside. Please do check out the videos @Dacy made that I linked to above. Your answers to how do to this are in there.
  11. At least to me, Star Trek should reflect the brighter future that Roddenberry wanted to portray.
  12. I agree. It is pretty much in-your-face obvious that is what they are going for. But at least to me, that is not the Federation or Starfleet as Roddenberry envisioned. By the 25th century, humanity has moved beyond that. Every time this trope has come up on Trek over the years, it has turned out to be some rogue element and any loss of faith in Starfleet or the Federation was restored.
  13. Increasing the aggro cap will not alleviate this. I cannot speak for everyone, however my /SR scrapper I was running last night was not getting hit in any of the missions I was playing. It would not matter if the aggro cap was 10 or 20 or 100. She still would not be getting hit often enough to make a difference. Any tanker worth their salt is going to have similar results.
  14. The suggested change does not solve this "problem." It just makes the (same) outcome come quicker/more efficiently.
  15. That's fair. Just seems to me it is much more overt in modern incarnations than it was back then. I am really not digging how the Federation and Starleet are portrayed on Picard.
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