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  1. You can also make a macro button to port to your base anytime from anywhere. Just type this into the chat; /macro <shortword> enterbasefrompasscode <yourpasswordhere> Example; /macro TBCB enterbasefrompasscode TORCHCS-5949 That's the one I use for the Community Base on Torchbearer.
  2. Look for it in the system chat. It should show up there once you set your passcode.
  3. I think you're not looking at this in the correct context in order to avoid admitting you yourself have admittedly done illegal things in the past. For you to sit here and say it is perfectly fine for you to be doing something wrong yet other people shouldn't do something you have done yourself is in fact hypocritical.
  4. I think what they meant was that people who break the rules themselves shouldn't cast stones at others. At least that is how I understood it.
  5. LMAO! What a load of complete and utter nonsense.
  6. This is the crux of it right here - "play as I want you to, or else". People who don't share a certain viewpoint are not tolerated. I find it fascinating that you're perfectly ok playing a for all intents and purposes illegal copy of a game, but I get that is tolerated because you don't like NCSoft or whatever. I guess it is only illegal and stealing if it is something you don't like. Anyhoo, this is probably a separate thread at this point. We've pretty much derailed this one.
  7. What about the people you don't know whose feelings are going to get hurt? They don't count. No need to respond. I already know the answer 🙂
  8. Who did I call a name? Show me the post where I mention any by name specifically. You're ascribing the phrase as a negative when it really isn't.
  9. If you told someone you are playing a male Mutant superhero with claws and regeneration powers, what/who do you think is the first thing that comes to mind?
  10. Depends on the intent, doesn't it? Sometimes the shoe fits and the truth hurts, but it is still the truth. Some folk are more community minded than whereas others are more self centered egoists. There is nothing wrong with differing opinions. At least to me, the best is to agree to disagree and let others play the way they want.
  11. Nor should you. Absolutely nothing wrong with healthy debate! 🙂
  12. @jubakumbi - these are the same kind of people who tell others they "aren't playing right" when they don't do stuff the way they think it should be done.
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