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"Official Monthly Tournament" Ideas- based on podcast


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In the Clear Minds Podcast there was talk of making some sort of official pvp thing so people don't just scrim every week with no actual purpose.  One suggestion was to make a official monthly tourney so people could say "x supergroup were the October champions etc."  These are some of my ideas on how that would work.



Last Saturday of every month during kickball times (9pm est).  Or some other time when its most convenient.



  • Even months:
    • Standard 8v8 format
    • Standard rules (3 of the same archetype limit, 1 poision, alpha only)
  • Odd months:
    • 5v5 format
    • 1 archetype limit per team (maybe no recurring powersets)
    • Sg's must field two distinct teams.


First format is the traditional way.


Second format I hope would open up new ideas, strategies, team makeup diversity and melee.


Just some thoughts.  I'd really like to watch something actually official as well as interesting.  Standard jump teams are pretty boring tbh.

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