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Sprint and Universal Travel Enhancement Sets


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The other day one of my toons found a low level Blessing Of The Zephyr enhancement and converted it to the kb enhancement of the set. But he found he couldn't use it because his only travel power is Ninja Run and UT doesn't go into Sprint. I often wondered why the devs had made this decision but a forum post about Prestige Sprints got me thinking it was easier to keep UT sets out of all Sprints rather than change basic Sprint. Having kb protection in all those Prestige Sprints may have seemed OP.


I think the Hc devs should relook at this issue.  UT enhancements fit in all slot-able  travel powers. Two travel power enhancement sets (Leaping and Running) can be used in Sprint. I propose that the Sprint power be modified to allow UT  sets. This would allow greater flexibility in character builds.


Blessing Of The Zephyr enhancements {or just the set's knockback enhancement} could be given the "unique" qualifier like those in Winter's Gift thus limiting the number that can be slotted.

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