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Oct. 25th Halloween Party on Mystery Island! (Everlasting Server)


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Flyers are hung through out the city of Paragon, as well as the Rogue Isles and Pocket D! 







Rumors are in uproar of this island! Is it haunted? Where is it? Will my nemesis be there? Is it a trap? Will heroes and villains get along for one night to party?



Written on the back of the flyers:

The Boat leaves at 6:30pm from Talos Island. 

The Boat leaves at 6:45pm from Sharkhead Isle.

 (For RP purposes only, you don't have to stand waiting there for me to invite you in!)




((OOC Info)):
What: Halloween Party on Mystery Island!
When: Friday,  October 25th,  4 pm Pacific / 7 PM Eastern
Where: Estrada Carma (Karma-508 base code)

Who: Heroes, Villians and all those in-between!




There will be two costume contests:

7:30pm Est / 4:30pm Pst -Monster Themed - Dress up as any classic or new age monster! 

9:00pm Est / 6:00pm Pst -Mimicry Costume Contest - Dress up as your favorite hero or villain from Paragon, the Isles or the big screen! (With of course your character's own spin on it.) Example: (Ghost Widow Ferret):


(Yes this is from a long time ago, old tail!)


1st Prizes: A piece of character art done by a commissioned artist. I will request a reference of the character you want.

2nd Prizes: 500mil influence 

3rd Prizes: 250mil influence 



There will also be trivia in between for some influence and fun! 




Hope to see you there! 





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