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Costume fun with The Midnight Oil - Tuesday October 29th


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It's Halloween and amongst the witches, pumpkins and vampires, you've gotten a lot of costumes. What are you supposed to do with them? Bring them to The Midnight Oil for a night of games and costume fun!


Tuesday, October 29th, 9pm Pacific(that's Midnight Eastern) until Midnight(that's 3am Eastern) come to the rooftop at MIDNIGHT-8903


For those looking for a place to design, offer alternate costumes for our volunteers for prize money, they will give 3 keywords for you to use and the other volunteers will be the judges(one round per hour)


For those looking to have some fun out in the city, each half hour will have a 'scene' like 'rescue gone wrong' and its up to your team(hopefully enough attendees to get a handful of 2 or 3 person teams) to use those temporary costume powers to stage your best attempt at it and return back to see who won(best scene each round gets inf!)


For those looking for a place to chill, come join a game of Salvage to Apples, where the host will giving a prompt, like 'worst pizza topping', and the players will trade a piece of salvage to try and get the best match, save the one whose turn it is. The host will offer the names of the salvage offered, the player whose turn it is picks the best match and the winner gets all the pieces of salvage offered, play will go as long as there is interest!


((There will be at least 25mil in prizes, subject to increase! Screenshots will be accepted for the costume entries as well as used for the scenes, info about how and where to tag up photos will be announced at the event!))

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