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  1. Thank you all for coming out! We had eight participants aside from me, and in honor of Pride, costumes had to have a minimum of four colors! Look at these awesome colors, and great bios as well! We'll do this again next month!
  2. Short notice, I know, I thought I had another June weekend! Do you have some names that you really wish you had a concept for? Do you have fun seeing what you can do with a name? Welcome to Iron Character! This is a (now monthly)contest I will be running for the fourth time on Sunday 6/28 for fun, names, and prizes! You'll come in with a name and walk away with a different name and possibly some winnings! How this Works You bring a good one or two word name that's languishing in your roster, don't post the name publicly though! I arrange to get them from you and store those on my contest account and give you a number(Don't have to transfer them until the day of, but you *can* transfer it earlier if you like) Sunday at 4pm, I draw numbers and pass out all the names to all those who entered You have one hour from when I finish to make a costume and a backstory for the name you now have I, and maybe some volunteer judges, will check out what you all made, and award 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place influence awards from the entry pot! Location will be in Kallisti Wharf AE building, head to Statesman Plaza, go around the building to the backside, and click the doors. When we're done, I'll post the resulting characters costumes and bios here 🙂 Hit me up here, in PM, or in game or on Homecoming or City of Roleplay's Discord where I am @Kai !
  3. The Port Oakes hot dog stand! ...I mean you have to bring your own friends to RP with but its a fun spot 🙂
  4. I know we made Cape Radio DJ trading cards for the Hero Cons but I didn't know there were cardmaker sites!
  5. A much more concise story. It was a college summer, we had all stayed for jobs on campus and split an apartment to save money. We were cheap, we didn't have any friends local, we watched anime and played games. And when I say 'we', I mean one of us played a game and the others watched from the couch and helped, or sometimes 'helped'. One of those games was Final Fantasy 7. It was early one Friday, we expected a long night of spectator gaming, and Cloud and company were on their way to the Temple of the Ancients. And then we ended up in quiet shock, unable to believe that Aeris was actually dead, like...the game actually had permanent not plot pretend dead.
  6. Right after the contest, I ran another round of Iron Character, and these were the awesome people that came and the characters they created! Impact Zone and Baccarat took honorable mentions from TwoDee, Power Sink and Chromed got them from me. Third was Aperature in all his creepiness, Second was Deviation with a great hook, and First was Blowout with some sweet costume/bio/name synergy
  7. We had more names than people for today's Iron Character, so some newly released names into the wild! Baron Birdlegs Troll Queen Demented Sibyl Phantom Crusader Crimson Sentai Incensetive Transverse
  8. It will be Praetorian themed, yep! Should be a good time 😄
  9. I think there were some Freedom Phalanx originally, but the majority was custom commissions people got from a player who made them...I want to say Layla? They were kinda UFO Catcher styled.
  10. Thanks for the help in replies! Its kind of like Iron Chef, you get a name you've never seen and an hour to come up with a backstory and costume! Ideally you contribute a good one or two word name that you have that just isn't working for you and I shuffle them around and hand them back out, but I will have a limited number of names I grabbed specifically for this contest. The twist for this round is, on theme, the character has to be Praetorian!
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