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  1. So the sad thing? I was sure there would have to be a duck in between the two faces of that sign, I think I spent like 15min on the day off looking in every nook and cranny and if I had only panned out slightly I might have caught it much earlier! 🤣 Despite the frustration it was super, super fun and Upside will get some use by my alts for sure! Thanks for the base and the contest @Wravis!
  2. Wravis told me to post the screenshot here and be official, so there's the elusive and evil yellow duckie 🙂 My global is @Kai
  3. ...okay vindication for breaking the game a bit and giving myself a timeout, I found the yellow duckie and THAT IS EVIL! EDIT: I'm not posting the screenshot here because I found a bonus/extra thing before Wravis was ready, so in case they want the yellow duckie award go to someone else for more graffiti not spoiling it 🙂
  4. It's all good to get into the deep nitty gritty of why, how much, and should its of heroes vs villains, but the actual fundamental issue of lack of RP conflict is that everyone wants to be the protagonist. Forget the labels of 'hero' or 'villain' or 'moral' or 'psychopath' or 'mercenary', in the end everyone who wants to tell a story want to be that story's protagonist and desires other people to be antagonists. Antagonists, to make the story work, have to lose in the end, for whatever value of 'lose' the protagonist wants. You are, by definition, not the star of the show, you ar
  5. I love this garden! I admit I'm mostly here for the home neighborhood love(Brickstown represent) and can see so many cool options for RP already!
  6. More art! These from RaoNoir on deviantArt, Lithium from here and one of my FF14 characters I'sobe (why yes I do like playing catboys, why do you ask...)
  7. Virtueverse is very much in the state it was in when Live shutdown, with some people adding new pages/content and deleting old characters, and some leaving them there, so its a questionably working site with eight years of content that hasn't been touched in ten years and a small fraction of relevant 'current' stuff so it definitely would feel weird to someone who just got into it with Homecoming. I don't posts 'lists of characters' here or elsewhere because frankly that sort of thing is overwhelming, a firehose of information often way, way too detailed for anyone curious enough t
  8. I have to admit that aside from an existing player within a social group alting over to play villain to the rest of the group as part of a plot, I have never once had a good experience with villains and heroes trying to organically just 'do' conflict in all the years of Live, or on HC. When no one really gets to know each other as players first, its very very easy to people to assume certain 'rules' or expectations and get upset or disappointed or hurt when the RP is based around one person/group antagonizing another. It's not even power or winning, it could be as little as someone expects a s
  9. So, the Big Ugly Secret is that there is no 'general community', there are just many little pocket communities of SGs, or global channels, or type of roleplayers that hang out together and/or agree with each other on forums, any occasionally you can get a majority of them to agree to a thing, but 'which ones' and 'what thing' varies widely. I mean I can 100% guarantee someone read that you have one IC character with multiple ATs and rolled their eyes, muttered 'godmodder' and left the thread, for instance 🙂 I will say Pocket D has the most extremes going on, so you will find less 'out ther
  10. It was an extreme example, but it's less 'some bad apples' and 'lots of well intentioned enthusiastic apples that don't talk to each other and get mad when someone else does/writes/says something that contradicts/negates/makes useless what their own character did/planned/wanted to do' 🙂 Ultimately it does the opposite of providing opportunity, namely that sides are taken, people are excluded, people's feelings are hurt, etc and they choose to disengage and warn away others from engaging, and stories grind to a halt. That's not to say that doesn't happen when someone is directing t
  11. And if the second person says 'I called the PPD, and together we arrested them all and saved the city!' then everyone who wanted to participate is left going 'well I guess that's over' or forced to contradict that other person, which, is very uncomfortable for a lot of people, and now that story is dead. That's why generally someone or ones has to be 'in charge' of the story to keep it open and fun for everyone 🙂
  12. We have these in an SG I'm part of, and with less than 10 active participants, it takes, on average 5-8 months to go through a plot. I cannot imagine trying to scale that up to anything bigger personally, because you wouldn't be able to give people options for meaningful contributions by their character. I am in the process of getting one of those plots written up in a way that someone can pick it up and run it for a group, though, hopefully be done this month? We'll see.
  13. Is it there? Yes. Is it easy? Harder than seeing it in the name, and definitely beyond a reasonable doubt someone is doing it on purpose if you petition the GMs for harassment. But I really am not going to argue the point to people who clearly already have made up their mind, it was just something I felt needed to be added as a reason that a fair number of people don't want their global extremely visible by default to everyone on the server.
  14. Likewise, hence the pinned channel, I have too many other commitments I'm in charge of to volunteer for more 🙂
  15. Oh it shows when a message was last edited which is why I thought it would be fine 🙂 A 'curated' list has the same issue of 'is it valid' though on a forum, as literally what would have to happen is 1 - make a thread to get info from people 2 - Post a second topic with a list 3 - Periodically message every single person in the second topic and go 'is this still good?' and then make a call on what happens if there is no response, plus check the first topic for more responses 4 - Make a new post in the second topic and edit the previous post to be empty (Edit for the sa
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