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  1. ...or a zombie MM 😄
  2. For a while I thought it was great fun to keep a tally on my dA profile about the total amount of money spent on CoH art. I uh....stopped that when I got a job making double what I had been and realized that while I had kept the max spendage per piece the same I had increased the frequency enough that my tally also doubled in a year... >.>
  3. Just twist that arm harder.... Expect a note about a duo commission at the end of the weekish @MysteryMouse 🙂
  4. Oh that's so tempting when I have money again! Thanks for the link!
  5. Sorry, not terribly inspired by the color/theme this time around 🙂
  6. It was time for a character and unused name purge. Released: Atmosphear D3sync Patty Powers Hexecute Wulfenite Zirconium Sync'd Subnet Mask
  7. I can tell you you can't have Parabellem because one day I will get back to my gun toting half angel dual pistol/empathy southern belle defender, but one of the other options was Pairabellum if that works for you 🙂
  8. Grats DJFM! And like I said earlier to CR, the concept for Toxifaed struck me to make, but I don't need any more redsiders or any fae, so if anyone want that costume please have at and enjoy!
  9. Level 10 achieved! When are you guys around to run an old school Positron? 🙂
  10. Oh, hah, she isn't a pre-existing character so I forgot to add that! Toxifaed 🙂 (who I am not making, so no idea if that name would be free, in fact the concept and costume are free to anyone who wants it)
  11. Honestly I won't get a character with the restrictions to 38 anytime soon, I mean my CHC character is a whole 7, so if I eventually meander my way into level range I'll see if you all are still playing 🙂
  12. The cesspool of Mercy Island doesn't just affect humans, occasionally other creatures emerge changed from falling into its depths, even fae...
  13. Snagged Pscythe because its too good a vigi/villain name
  14. Wait...lemme find it.... Petless MM time, right?! It was a terrible idea then, it'd be an even more terrible idea now, hah, but seriously, it sounds cool but I play late PST and don't know as anyone would ever be around?
  15. "Look, everyone else gets their own BCUs, so we knocked one together with what's around here, gave it a uniform, we'll get to painting it later." (For the non US people, Pull-A-Part is an auto junkyard chain whose logo is bright yellow, and car primer comes mostly in two colors, gray and red)
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