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  1. A reminder that if you are looking for a specific name, use /getglobalname NameYouWant in game to see the global attached to that name, then you can message them directly!
  2. I'm gonna have to be the dissenting voice in 'use all the slots', minimalist looks are solid fun, especially when you use glove and boot options that have texture. I kinda have to say half my costumes are just two color as well but they achieve what I wanted, so eye of the beholder! I will say though, have fun with the baked in blending! It can make cool things!
  3. ....I'm sorry? Like the cognitive dissonance of suggesting that your own experience of what's appropriate is worthy while bemoaning others experiences as inappropriate in the same post? I mean its absolutely perfectly fine to think its not a good idea, not like the guy, think its in bad taste, whatever. But to categorize the people who thought 'hey, this is a really cool guy wouldn't it be neat to have something' as 'genuinely disgusting' is disingenuous. I'd bet half of Everlasting don't even know who Ascendant was, you can't disrespect something you know nothing about. Heck I've used the Luna NPC in Ouro tons and never knew she was a memorial until just last month. Let's be perfectly, absolutely blunt. While I did happen to know Ascendant and thought it was really amazing to see the NPC, the memorials in game aside from Coyote are there soley because they were people SCORE knew or knew about and respected and passed. There was no bar or qualifications that meant any character that met them got an NPC. They are not the only players who were pillars of the community who passed away, and not the one ones worthy. HC team could turn around tomorrow and say 'hey we put a NPC named Bree at X in honor of the Massively reporter' and the 'justification' would be the same as what people are saying now, regardless of why, the state of the game is such that in game things *do* exist to honor players. I, personally, wouldn't want to see anything added that was not a memorial for someone who has passed. But maybe give people the benefit of the doubt of just trying to do something cool for someone they think has been a pillar of the community now without really knowing why the ones that exist were done. And if you have any cool Ascendant stories maybe add them to the HC wiki so people who have never heard of him can enjoy, I know there is one script up there and I have Dr. Crom's 12 Days of Christmas, but that's all. 🙂
  4. 'Cult' or 'popularity contest' is a bit of a stretch, honestly. In my SG alone there are 2, possibly 3, people who never played on Live, whose only server has been Everlasting. There are a good number more who only played after it went Free to Play and never did any high level content. For us old originals, sure, we remember many SGs, community leaders, cliques, groups, inspirations, but for a not insignificant portion of the current player base, this is all there ever was and so they *do* see Veracor as someone special and deserving of recognition. I can guarantee if anyone looked back to the old forum archive every server had a thread like this at some point, for someone/some group who was/were a prominent community leader/organizer. Just cause we're all been there, done that, and don't have our own plaques doesn't mean the intention here is bad or cultish, just that its come around again as a topic is all, and people's intents are to acknowledge outstandingness in their experience of people and the game. I think there are already some good answers as to why adding things about/for real people in game is rarely a good idea while acknowledging the slippery slope that SCORE initiated by adding the memorial NPCs though, so won't get into that.
  5. I don't know how many there are in total, I just remembered looking Ascendant up at some point and those 5 were listed in the Issue 25 information of 'things added', 🙂 so there may be a whole lot more I'm not aware of!
  6. Somewhat notable, SCORE actually added five. Luna, Ascendant, Curupira, NorseWind, and Todogut. I only know of Ascendant, but I think half or more of CoH knew who Ascendant was by the end of the game, not just Virtue.
  7. ((I always interpreted it as 'need to know', like....the upper management of the Zig was told 'power suppression happens, just walk em past here' and they did so, and it worked, and then someone had the thought 'wait...if the prisoners ever figure out its just this spot we'll have trouble' and so did an employee shake up and told the new guards 'everyone gets one of these inhibitor pills/shots' and explained that's what makes everything not work. Pills/shots are total placebo, but have like trace amounts of drugs to cause nausea and taste awful to reinforce the belief that they are doing something, so until COs reach a certain level, they and the prisoners believe its all because of a horrible drug. Also good to point out that by the time that SSA came out, Breakout was no longer the active tutorial, so there was no lore conflict for newer players))
  8. I was using Ground Dust 3 very effectively as fog and now without changing anything on my part, its only visible when underneath it, never from above. Did someone flip the axis on it accidentally? No matter how you place it or flip it, it never renders if your camera is above the anchor anymore.
  9. The tl;dr: anime/manga style has drawn muscular (NOT bodybuilder) women well price points of $60 and under So I am in the market for a commission, but my usual sources are failing me. None of them have any good examples of drawing a muscular but not bodybuilder looking woman in my preferred anime/manga style. I have sent some dA notes, and inquiries that have had no response yet, so thought I might as well ask the commissioning public here. For some examples of what I'm looking for, two of the artists whose pieces I liked but haven't responded to my notes yet. https://www.deviantart.com/ebr-kii/art/Long-time-no-draw-805373075 https://www.artstation.com/artwork/J3bPa Do you do work that fits that? Have commissioned or know artists I should check out? Thanks for any suggestions in advance!
  10. Thank you all for coming out! We had eight participants aside from me, and in honor of Pride, costumes had to have a minimum of four colors! Look at these awesome colors, and great bios as well! We'll do this again next month!
  11. Short notice, I know, I thought I had another June weekend! Do you have some names that you really wish you had a concept for? Do you have fun seeing what you can do with a name? Welcome to Iron Character! This is a (now monthly)contest I will be running for the fourth time on Sunday 6/28 for fun, names, and prizes! You'll come in with a name and walk away with a different name and possibly some winnings! How this Works You bring a good one or two word name that's languishing in your roster, don't post the name publicly though! I arrange to get them from you and store those on my contest account and give you a number(Don't have to transfer them until the day of, but you *can* transfer it earlier if you like) Sunday at 4pm, I draw numbers and pass out all the names to all those who entered You have one hour from when I finish to make a costume and a backstory for the name you now have I, and maybe some volunteer judges, will check out what you all made, and award 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place influence awards from the entry pot! Location will be in Kallisti Wharf AE building, head to Statesman Plaza, go around the building to the backside, and click the doors. When we're done, I'll post the resulting characters costumes and bios here 🙂 Hit me up here, in PM, or in game or on Homecoming or City of Roleplay's Discord where I am @Kai !
  12. The Port Oakes hot dog stand! ...I mean you have to bring your own friends to RP with but its a fun spot 🙂
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