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  1. Really the physics effects came later, the 'oomph' of CoX combat is that the devs took time to animate a variety of hit reactions so you feel like your character is connecting in a pretty visceral way with their attacks. It's not something later MMOs really did much of because its time consuming and requires more complicated NPCs. Pugilist/Monk in FF14 can feel that way, but its not as satisfying as like say Broadsword. A really cool screenshot I got that captures that NPC hit reaction action, an an example. What sells it is reaction, not the punch alone.
  2. Yeeeeeah.... I remember in the beginning of October when I said 'I'm going to draw my characters in these outfits I bought, there's only 3 of them.' Looks at the one finished one ...yeeeeah...
  3. More art! This one is quite random, I click the home button on deviantArt after looking at my watchlist just to see if it recommends/links anything fun, and the 'your character here' sketch of it came up, and I thought it would be quite sweet. I had this idea in my head that one day I would commission a set of pictures of my CoH characters years later as a sort of roll credits voiceover since of 'X went on to be...' but it never really got too far, so I guess this is #1 of an 'Ever After' set, Jimmy and Lina McCallister(Yellowjacket X and Dark-wave) and their kids, the artist is Sis-chan on dA.
  4. Hey Cashoo, welcome back! It's not as popular a place as it used to be, but some of us still hold down the fort and share stuff 😄 Since you're working in monochrome, here's Blackstar Radiant if you want to doodle her, in whites or blacks 🙂
  5. My first saved screenshot, 11/6/2005. We had no idea what it was, but it was purple in Kings Row and were like 'what does it do?' 'I don't know...' 'Should we attack it?' '...you first'
  6. @TheGentlemanGhostronaut I have seen that person post in the HC discord, send them a PM in game about it!
  7. For me its way more I feared the social isolation aspect, but with Teams for work, Discord available to talk to friends I don't feel isolated. That might change once, well, everyone isn't doing social isolation, but for now it's alright.
  8. I really thought I was going to hate working from home but it turns out I'm surprisingly better at it than I thought I would be!
  9. I second Herman Miller Aeron if you are okay spending a chunk of change. I used Aerons at work a couple jobs ago and just bit the bullet and bought a refurb one just last month now that my job has decided to transition to permanent remote. They are very much not cheap but absolutely worth it.
  10. Other new art! This one has been cooking for a while, but supremely responsive artist who was super great to work with, feedback every step of the way https://www.deviantart.com/fdzahabitcaf
  11. Actually, its exactly what I asked for 😉 It's the cybertech tanktop in game, which is overly form fitting, and I specified it was casual wear, which should be form fitting on top and a little loose in the waist.
  12. Now new artwork! Lithium, out of costume by KatheRead on deviantArt https://www.deviantart.com/katheread
  13. No new artwork to post(yet!) but making sure everyone knows about a GREAT opportunity! Claparo-sans doesn't do affordable commissions very often, but you can see why with his normal stuff. Jump on this if you dig his style! Also hey look I'm an example! 😄 (That was back from the last time he did them in 2017...) https://www.deviantart.com/claparo-sans/commission/Black-and-White-Ink-Headshots-1397115
  14. I managed to grab Psychoactive on Everlasting a month or two ago, that was rather surprising!
  15. A reminder that if you are looking for a specific name, use /getglobalname NameYouWant in game to see the global attached to that name, then you can message them directly!
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