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  1. Aeon Zero achieved Hover tonight, whoo.
  2. Sadly not times I can make, but hopefully some other people can!
  3. You might want to add some info like timezone or days @QuillReaver! I think a lot of us find that idea appealing but its finding people who have the same time, heh
  4. Adding another to the cause on Everlasting!
  5. Another arts, this one was a Your Character Here pose I caught on dA and thought would be fun, a little crossover between my CoH character Lithium who is a technopath, and a character from an old sci-fi RP setting Exogene whose a digital intelligence(basically she evolved in The Network, a kind of augmented reality that people plug into, from fragmented data)
  6. Gorgeous! As always, his effects are just brilliantly done. Congrats on an awesome piece!
  7. It's kind of a 'when there's time and a break and/or something different' so its best to go with the idea that its not so much expected as might be a nice bonus someday 🙂
  8. Hmm...I think it covers it? I only really have two true magical characters, Claudia was chosen by a magical artifact, and Blake is a Boyfriend From Hell who is really considerate, cute, and very domestic that a Crey researcher summoned after a rough breakup so innately magical. The other magic-ish character I have is Zero Four and she's a daemon whose running a spell matrix OS on a runed magical substance chassis and eats magic so uh....god knows how to classify that 😄
  9. Right now I'm running my SG though a post canon storyline Malta plot that has been great fun, but I'm not going to get into detail of, as I intend to leave the AE missions for it and etc up and package it up as something someone else can GM for their groups, or something anyone can individually play through the interactive parts and read a summary of pertinent info between them 🙂
  10. Yeah....I need to go find that.... 😄 But bonus time, I unexpectedly won a Your Character Here auction that I thought was going on longer than it was, and I didn't have the ref I thought I had from the Way Back Art, so here's a 'crap I have like 4 hours in which to throw some color on and halfway fix up a drawing that's like 20 years old'
  11. ...so uh. I literally forgot I started this thread. I may have also forgotten to ever finish that drawing of Flow >.> <.< So here have the thing I posted over in art sharing that was me drawing a character over an outfit base as a distraction!
  12. So...a long long time go there was a crazy guy who played a villain named Dr. Crom, when he wasn't running around Paragon as Ascendant, and he made this hysterical machinama video one year for Christmas. At the time I think maybe I was in an SG he was in, or it was a HeroCon year, or there was a CoH meetup at Gencon, I'm not really sure, but I ended up with a copy of it, and put it on Youtube back in 2013 when I was switching webhosts for my yearly enjoyment. Some people from Massively stumbled across it in 2017 and a bunch of old CoXers got to enjoy it all over again, but here we are in December of 2020 and we all need some warm fuzzies, so enjoy and share 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ycf1dHRgPfU
  13. Really the physics effects came later, the 'oomph' of CoX combat is that the devs took time to animate a variety of hit reactions so you feel like your character is connecting in a pretty visceral way with their attacks. It's not something later MMOs really did much of because its time consuming and requires more complicated NPCs. Pugilist/Monk in FF14 can feel that way, but its not as satisfying as like say Broadsword. A really cool screenshot I got that captures that NPC hit reaction action, an an example. What sells it is reaction, not the punch alone.
  14. Yeeeeeah.... I remember in the beginning of October when I said 'I'm going to draw my characters in these outfits I bought, there's only 3 of them.' Looks at the one finished one ...yeeeeah...
  15. More art! This one is quite random, I click the home button on deviantArt after looking at my watchlist just to see if it recommends/links anything fun, and the 'your character here' sketch of it came up, and I thought it would be quite sweet. I had this idea in my head that one day I would commission a set of pictures of my CoH characters years later as a sort of roll credits voiceover since of 'X went on to be...' but it never really got too far, so I guess this is #1 of an 'Ever After' set, Jimmy and Lina McCallister(Yellowjacket X and Dark-wave) and their kids, the artist is Sis-chan on dA.
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