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Take down Veles


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Apologies in advance that I did not take screenshots.  I beat up Veles and listened to his speech.  When I had to rescue the facility manager and get him out before the building burned down, I ran out of time and got booted from the mission, but it didn't give me a "mission failed" advisory.  When I re-entered, thinking I had to try again, the building was still on fire, but there was no timer and the only mobs that attacked me were Veles' henchman (Veles himself was just standing mid-air where I'd defeated prior) and the skulls guarding the facility manager.


**Edit: added lack of timer upon re-entry.

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Same. Just did this and should have failed — ran out of the building with the manager in tow, but lost him, and there was no mission fail. Went back in, got the manager with no time limit, completed mission. Veles in midair like the OP said.

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