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Hi! Im new, never played COH


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Currently downloading. I see some servers are EU/US etc.  The pvp server sounds good to me, am I making a mistake being a noob and going there.  I also notice the population seems to be skewed toward heroes.  I was planning on making a villain, will I be in serious trouble there?


Thanks in advance.

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Since the PVP in the game is in a special zone, no matter what server you are on, you can do it when you want, and avoid it when you don't.  Villains has their own story arc, and you should be able to play through just fine.  If the Villain pop is lower the only problem would be finding enough people for groups, but my hunch is it's not that much lower.


Also, I'd recommend experimenting with toons in all three settings, just to see what you like best, or as something to change to on a day you feel like not being a villain.


Don't worry about noobishness, the game is scaled anyway, and there is no permadeath, just pride hurt if you happen to get owned. 


(take all this with a fairly large grain of salt, because I'm just getting back into the game after a six year hiatus.  Some of my recollections may be less than accurate, as I haven't even gotten to the level of PVP possibility yet this time around.  Spending too much time enjoying teams and re-learning how to use the powersets.


Glad to have you aboard!  Hope you have a great time.  Don't be afraid to ask peeps for tips in-game either, COH players tended to be a pretty helpful group back in the day.

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No worries being a noob on the PvP server, though you might want to avoid the PvP zones for a bit on that server as it's the most likely you'll get smacked by someone serious about things.  Though whenever you get to it, understand that... CoX PvP is a little different.  Some of the rules are different from PvE and most powers work differently (you can see this by right clicking a power, get info, and then toggle the radio to show PvP effects). 


Also worth noting that PvP is a bit different in all instances.  Lowbie PvP in Bloody Bay is quite different from low-mid PvP in Sirens, which is different from middle-high in Warburg and max level in Recluse's Victory.  Those are also all different from Arena PvP as well.  You'd probably want to pick one to focus on.  You'll probably also want to use your second build for PvP when you get serious about it since your PvE set won't be so hot.  You'll also want to invest in set IOs to make a good build for whatever type of PvP you're looking to do.


I'd recommend asking the PvP forum for help and maybe trying to find a noob-friendly PvP Super Group.  And expect to die and get your butt whooped a lot as you learn things.  You'll quickly learn to tell the difference between the guy who's there to fight and the guy who's just trying to do some PvP zone quests.


Beyond that, I'm not much of a help.  I used to PvP long ago back on live in RV and the Arena, but that was before Incarnate abilities and a lot of other junk, and I was not on a PvP-dedicated server.  I could only really recount my memories and experiences, but I only played a couple of rather unusual AT/Power set combos in PvP (Rad/Sonic Defender and a Grav/Trick Arrow (con)Troller and wasn't super serious about it all.



As for villains, if you end up struggling to find groups, you can always shift alignment to Rogue to get access to both red and blue side while staying villain-ey.  You'll probably want to expect to be outnumbered in open world PvP zones, except Warburg which is a FFA.

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